Syndrome without a name: The boy who baffles doctors

Working out what makes Charlie Parkes ill is like fitting together “little pieces of a puzzle”, his mum says.
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Fultz diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome

Sixers guard Markelle Fultz, who has been diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome, is expected to miss three to six weeks as he rehabs his right shoulder, sources told ESPN. – TOP

Chronic fatigue syndrome treatment ‘should be withdrawn’

A leading expert on the illness says some people are being harmed by graded exercise therapy (GET).
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Strangers Come Together to Help Man With Down Syndrome Rebuild His Movie Collection After Fire

When a raging wildfire destroyed Mark Orsillo’s home and prized movie collection, strangers from around the country rallied together on Facebook to make sure that the 34-year-old man with Down Syndrome wouldn’t have to wait to begin rebuilding.

Orsillo and his parents only had about 20 minutes to evacuate their Oroville, California home as the fire approached on Saturday night. Danielle Devine, Orsillo’s sister, rushed to help her brother gather his belongings. Devine was able to fill two bags, but she knew she needed to rescue a portion of Orsillo’s collection of 300 movies. With time running out and no room to spare, she was only able to save about 20 DVDs. Her parents, Pastors Steve and Vicki Orsillo, saved what they were able to throw into their car.

When the family returned, they saw that the house they had lived in for 27 years—a house that Steve Orsillo built—was completely incinerated, and nothing was salvageable. “Mark’s apartment is attached to my parents’ house and both were just completely gone, just totally gone. That was our childhood home,” Devine tells PEOPLE. Her brother, meanwhile, was still reeling from the loss of his collection.

“DVDs for Mark are everything,” Devine says. “He watches them, talks about them, collects them and organizes them, they’re his hobby.”

On Monday, in an effort to help ease some of Orsillo’s pain, Devine posted to Facebook asking people to donate any unwanted DVDs to her brother. “He is an OCD movie collector and lost hundreds of movies,” she wrote in a Facebook post. “This is very hard for him.”

It didn’t take long for the movies to come rollin’ in.

Within hours, strangers from around the country left comments announcing the DVDs they were sending Orsillo’s way. They included movies and TV shows like Spider-Man, Kindergarten Cop, Harry Potter, and Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. “The response has been incredibly surprising,” Devine says.

As of Friday, Devine says her brother’s new collection has now reached close to 400 DVDs, and she thinks it may top a thousand in the coming weeks.

The family is doing well after the fire, Devine says, and Steve Orsillo plans to rebuild the house on the property. A donation page has been set up the assist the family and has already surpassed $ 12,000. And while it is wonderful her brother is getting attention, Devine wants to remind others that there were many families who lost their homes during the fire, and they need help, too. Today, the fire is 95-percent contained.

On Friday, Devine posted a heartwarming video of Orsillo seeing his new collection for the first time:

Devine, who played basketball at Arizona State, says her brother was always her biggest fan when she was on the court. “It’s really cool that I can return the favor now, because I am his biggest fan.”

“Mark is just the most loving person you’ll ever meet,” Devine continues. “He doesn’t have any bad days, he forgives everyone very easily and never gets offended. It’s almost like the love is being returned to him a million times over, and he deserves it more than anybody.”

“Yes I do!” Mark excitedly yells in the background.

Devine laughs. “Yes, you do,” she says.

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Man Proposes To Bride’s Sister With Down Syndrome: Will You Be My BFF?

The bride-to-be says she and her sister will both wear white.
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Teen With Down Syndrome Got Asked To Prom In The Sweetest Way

Sure, it’s a little cheesy but this just might be the most thoughtful prom proposal ever.

On Sunday, the Facebook page Love What Matters posted a heart-meltingly cute video of 18-year-old Shaedon Wedel asking his best friend’s little sister to the prom. 

Carlie Wittman, 15, has Down syndrome and her favorite chips are Doritos. Naturally, Shaedon tried to work some nacho cheese-inspired comedy into his prom invite.

“I decided on the Doritos theme because I have known her for seven years and there has not been a day that I have not seen her eat Doritos,” the high school senior told The Huffington Post. “She absolutely loves them!”

Here’s the truly inspired shirt he made:

“I know I’m NACHO typical Dorito,” the shirt reads. “But I’m going to be CHEESY and ask: WILL YOU GO TO PROM WITH ME?”

It’s fair to say Carlie was thrilled about the punny proposal. Just look at her reaction: 

The pair are scheduled to go to the senior prom on April 22. The sweet moment has garnered more than 108,000 “likes” and 32,000 shares on Facebook ― and that number keeps climbing. 

“We taped it because she loves to be on the camera; we didn’t expect this to go so viral,” Shaedon said. “It has been a very neat and exciting experience.”

Initially, Shaedon, Carlie, and Carlie’s brother Carson ― Shaedon’s best friend ― were going to go to prom as a group. But after Carson met his girlfriend during the school year, Shaedon moved forward with his plans to ask Carlie.

“She says she wants to be a princess like Cinderella and it would mean everything to make her feel that way,” he told HuffPost. “The Whitmans are basically my second family and have been so kind and nurturing to me. My main goal is to make Carlie’s prom as special as possible.”

Nacho about you, but we’d say Shaedon is well on his way to doing just that.

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Did Debbie Reynolds die of broken-heart syndrome?

FILE- In this Sept. 10, 2011, file photo, Debbie Reynolds, left, and Carrie Fisher arrive at the Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards in Los Angeles. Reynolds, star of the 1952 classic "Singin' in the Rain" died Wednesday, Dec. 28, 2016, according to her son Todd Fisher. She was 84. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello, File)LOS ANGELES (AP) — Dying of a broken heart is real.

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Health Tip: Exercising Despite Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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