2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS: A Move Toward Electrification

The third-generation CLS has the strong lines, powerful engine and luxury flair you’ve come to expect. But with its EQ Boost, Mercedes finally takes a small step toward electrification. Dan Neil reports
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LeBron James and some of the NBA’s biggest stars reportedly have ‘disdain’ toward Stephen Curry that he doesn’t understand

Stephen Curry is one of the best, most well-respected, and most popular players in the NBA, but his quick rise in the league reportedly rubbed some of his peers the wrong way. In 2017, Marcus Thompson of The Athletic, author of the book "Golden: The Miraculous Rise of Steph Curry," explained to "The Big Lead with Jason McIntyre" that Curry is not all that popular with some of the league's biggest stars, including LeBron James. "There's this thing there with he and LeBron that's a little weird," Thompson said. According to Thompson, James and Curry were close from Curry's days at Davidson to his early years in the league. Thompson said James was "like a mentor" to Curry, but as Curry's game improved,

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Modern Love: Motherless, but Growing Toward the Light

Abandoned by her parents as a child, a woman finds an unlikely candidate to help fill the “mother-shaped hole” in her heart.
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Big Tobacco Has a Lot Riding on FDA’s Stance Toward the Latest Cigarette Alternative

A Food and Drug Administration advisory committee is expected to vote Thursday on whether Philip Morris International has made a convincing case that its IQOS tobacco heating device is less harmful than cigarettes. A decision in its favor could have enormous implications for tobacco regulation and U.S. public health.
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Crispr Patent-Holders Move Toward Easing Access to Gene-Editing Technology

Four patent holders for Crispr gene-editing technology in the U.S. signaled they are willing to join a world-wide patent pool—a move that could standardize licensing of the technology for developing new therapies.


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Here’s an Easy Trick to Motivate Yourself Toward Regular Exercise

Your friends are good for something.

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A Step Toward Making Breast-Cancer Surgery More Effective

Surgeons say a device called the MarginProbe shows promise in reducing the number of repeat breast-cancer surgeries.
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Rounding the Curve: Where We Are Now on the Slow Journey Toward Embracing Body Diversity

Body Diversity, Hot Bodies WeekWhat 2016 lacked in happiness and civility, it made up for with heated emotions and a still-ongoing war of words.
Social media really seemed to come into its miserable own in 2016,…

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Rounding the Curve: Where We Are Now on the Slow Journey Toward Embracing Body Diversity

Body Diversity, Hot Bodies WeekWhat 2016 lacked in happiness and civility, it made up for with heated emotions and a still-ongoing war of words.
Social media really seemed to come into its miserable own in 2016,…

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Wisdom From World Religions (cd): Pathways Toward Heaven On Earth

Wisdom From World Religions (cd): Pathways Toward Heaven On Earth

The cutting-edge, enhanced features of these audio books deliver much more to readers than traditional audio books. Enhanced audio book features include: – Audio book as CD and MP3 with music- Interactive, multi-media interface with web browser- E-book in Adobe PDF Format- Videos and photo scrapbooks
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Wallace: Are Grizzlies grinding toward top seed?

The Grizzlies are rolling since acquiring forward Jeff Green from Boston, writes Michael Wallace.
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Steps Toward a Year of Happiness


The new year has arrived! It’s a perfect time to make a habit of the practices that will bring you the greatest amounts of happiness and contentment.

Not sure what to try first? See if something from this list helps you get started:

  • Start moving: Develop a fitness routine that is reasonable and sustainable. Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing. This is your time! Make sure to include components that will improve your flexibility and balance, as well as that cardio to get your heart pumping. And, good news! Everything you do for your physical health will also positively impact your brain health.
  • Turn off: Take some time every day to turn off technology. Give yourself a break from being tuned in and on call. Breathe deeply, clear your mind and just be.
  • Give yourself a break: Accept that neither you nor anyone else is perfect. Everyone has problems and insecurities, and everybody will make a mistake every now and then. Allow yourself to be less than perfect without beating yourself up over every little thing. And let those people around you, whether at home or work, know that you won’t explode every time they fall short of your expectations. You, and they, deserve a break. Make it a habit to cut everyone some slack.
  • Practice gratitude: Look around you and appreciate the beauty you see. Give thanks for all the gifts in your life. This of the people you are lucky to have supporting and caring about you. Appreciate that last meal you had, and that you were lucky enough to get it. Think about your home, nature, air and water. Do you take them for granted? Imagine if you didn’t have any of these things; I bet you’ll soon realize just how much they contribute to your happiness and well-being.
  • Give back: If you don’t already have a way to provide service in your community, find a way and be consistent in your participation. Giving to those who are less fortunate than you is a great way to get things in perspective. And, even better, you will soon spend more time trying to make the world a better place for others rather than moaning about whatever may be missing from your own life.
  • Practice your passions: What makes your heart sing? Give yourself time for your passion, and see if it’s possible to combine that activity with one of your other activities. Maybe it blends well with your exercise, healthy cooking, or getting back to your community. If not, it’s still well worth making time for whatever puts you in that zone.
  • Make time for mindfulness: It sounds so silly, but mindfulness is the easiest way to improve your life. In fact, it’s so easy that many feel it’s hard. It’s hard to turn off technology. It’s hard to take time away from work, television, reading, family, or anything else. It’s hard to stop thinking about whatever’s coming in the future, or what already took place. But focusing on the now, zeroing in on what’s happening in your life right this second, then the second is gone… lost forever. Lose not one second more. Learn how to practice mindfulness and reap the benefits every single day.

Now that you have some ideas, try to figure out how you’re going to put some of these ideas into practice.

And have a happy, fulfilling, wonderful year. It’s right there just waiting for you.

Dr. Wolbe can be reached via her website www.drsusiewolbe.com.
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Beacon’s ‘L1’ EP Gravitates Toward The Dance Floor As The Duo Redirects Their Orbit

Brooklyn-based duo Beacon — Thomas Mullarney III and Jacob Gossett — are preparing to release their fourth studio product and third EP, “L1,” next week, and The Huffington Post is pleased to premiere the exclusive stream of the record.

After several months of touring, Beacon decided to design their new EP with the live reinterpretation in mind, Gossett explained. Seeking out a more dance floor-friendly vibe, they started experimenting with new gear and considered expanding their live members — contemplating a drummer first — and reconstructed their sound from there. The result is a medley of minimal, hard-hitting beats and vaporous R&B that is as balancing as it is frantic.

The EP opens with some metallic clankering, gradually building up layer after layer of synth and skittering percussion until it swirls into a wall of noise at its end. The title track keeps things smooth with a more straightforward stream of shakes and snare snaps, while “Minor Structures” kicks things up a notch by offering the project’s most quick-paced drumbeat. “Better Love” slows things down before heading into the final track, “Only Us,” which carefully climaxes into the most uplifting moment on the EP.

Mullarney explained that he and Gossett felt a strong kinetic energy surrounding their new sonic space and how it helped lead to the thematic concept of “L1.” “L1 is a point in space that is part of the Lagrange points, which are these different points of space around two gravitational bodies that transfix and pull anything that’s caught in-between them in weird ways,” he said. “These Lagrange points have a history in science-fiction and sort of run the gamut in philosophical and scientific meaning.”

Mullarney continued: “Lyrically, I kind of always want this music to sit in a place where people can reveal their mysteries to others on their own terms. That’s why something like L1 is this perfect sort of place. It’s just enough where people can read into it and find their own meaning.”

“L1” will be available on Dec. 2 via Ghostly Internationl, and you can pre-order the EP.

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Before The Beat Drops is an artist introduction series dedicated to bringing you the rising acts before they make their break. Our unlimited access to music of all kinds is both amazing and overwhelming. Keeping your playlists fresh, we’ll be doing the leg work to help you discover your next favorite artist.
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