Film ratings updated to reflect views on sexual violence

Film classifications are due to be overhauled to reflect a media world that has “changed beyond all recognition”.
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Gary Lineker criticised for voicing political views

Jonathan Agnew advises Gary Lineker on Twitter to remain impartial.
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Swift breaks silence and reveals her political views

Breaking a long-standing refusal to discuss anything political, Taylor Swift has announced who she will be voting for in the midterm elections.
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Facebook’s Zuckerberg Tells Employees to Respect Diverse Views

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told employees the company should embrace diverse views, but expressed frustration a senior executive attended the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing last week, said a person familiar with the remarks. WSJD


Musk Views SEC Allegation as Flawed

Tesla CEO Elon Musk believes he had a verbal agreement in place with Saudi Arabia’s sovereign-wealth fund to help finance a plan to take the auto maker private, according to a person familiar with the matter. WSJD


YouTube nursery-rhyme channel with billions of views sold

The Little Baby Bum channel has racked up more than 17.5 billion views.
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Nonfiction: Two Views of Flint’s Water Troubles: One a Close-Up and One With a Wide-Angle Lens

Mona Hanna-Attisha’s “What the Eyes Don’t See” traces her role in proving Flint had a crisis. Anna Clark’s “The Poisoned City” takes a broader, historical view. Both books are damning.
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Books of The Times: Three Views of the Crisis in Women’s Health

Three new books — Maya Dusenbery’s “Doing Harm,” Abby Norman’s “Ask Me About My Uterus” and Michele Lent Hirsch’s “Invisible” — investigate gender bias in medical treatment.
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Jessica Chastain Donates $2,000 to Woman Who Criticized Her Feminist Views

Jessica ChastainJessica Chastain is a girls’ girl, through and through.
On International Women’s Day, hairstylist Renato Campora took a photo of the X-Men: Dark Phoenix actress with the message…

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Fact-Checking The View’s Wildest Rumors: Which Behind-the-Scenes Hot Topics Were So True or So False

The View, Sara Haines, Jedediah Bila, Whoopi Goldberg, Paula Faris, Joy Behar, Sunny HostinFor a show that reports the news, The View also knows how to make some news.
During the 20 seasons ABC’s daytime talk show has been on the air, a group of ladies haven’t been shy…

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This Luxury Sleeper Train Shows You the Americas’ Most Beautiful Views

You’re going to want to add this to your bucket list.

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Harvey’s Views on the Use of the Circulation of the Blood

Harvey’s Views on the Use of the Circulation of the Blood

Example in this ebook CHAPTER I HARVEY’S ATTITUDE TOWARD THE QUESTION OF THE USE OF THE CIRCULATION It is a happy moment for a physiologist when the train which is bearing him across the luxuriant plain of Venetia stops at the cry of “Padova!” If he have not informed himself too thoroughly about the sights which he will see at the Paduan University, he will enjoy his own surprise when he is ushered into the Anatomical Theater of Fabricius ab Aquapendente-a room in which standing-places rise steeply, tier above tier, entirely around a small central oval pit. Looking down into this, as he leans upon the rail, the traveler will realize with sudden pleasure that William Harvey, when a medical student, may often have leaned upon the self-same rail to see Fabricius demonstrate the anatomy of man. The place looks fit to have been a nursery of object-teachers, for it is too small to hold a pompous cathedra; and the veteran to whose Latin the young Englishman listened must have stood directly beside the dead body. To an American, musing there alone, the closing years of the sixteenth century, the last years of Queen Elizabeth of England, which seem so remote to him when at home, are but as yesterday. Recent, indeed, in the history of medicine is the year 1602, when Harvey received his doctor’s degree at Padua and returned to London; but for all that we are right in feeling that our day is far removed from his. The tireless progress of modern times has swept on at the charging pace; but in Harvey’s time books were still a living force which had been written in days five and six times as far removed from the student of Padua as he from us. Galen, the Greek who practised medicine at imperial Rome in the second century of the Christian era; Aristotle, who had been the tutor of Alexander the Great five hundred years before Galen, when Rome was but a petty state warring with her Italian neighbors;-these ancients were still great working authorities in Harvey’s day. It is against t

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Facebook, Twitter Come Under Scrutiny in Shaping Election Views

Facebook and Twitter were central in shaping voters’ perceptions of the U.S. political climate and the two presidential candidates, a mixed blessing for both companies. WSJD


Amoral Science: Brainless Religion: Two World Views

Amoral Science: Brainless Religion: Two World Views

The quality of the ideas and beliefs held by an individual or organization can best be judged by their willingness to be exposed to alternative ideas and beliefs, competently and forcefully presented. Only after such a fair hearing can an informed decision be made about their relative merit. So argued John Stuart Mill in his short book, On Liberty. In that spirit, this paper considers the strengths and weaknesses of the two great interpreters of reality in our culture, science and religion. An honest dialogue has often been made toxic by too many people among such groups as secular humanists and fundamentalist Christians who cherry pick history, straw man the other side, and indulge in sad, mean-spirited ad-hominem attacks. For instance, secular humanists I have known greatly enjoy making fun of and trivializing religion. Along with the hopelessly irrational literal interpretations of the bible, the horrors perpetrated by religion in the name of love are pictured in detail and living color. The politics of the far right is seen as an attempt to return to the good old days, when rack and stake will once again put the fear of Almighty God in the hearts of Satan and his minions, and anyone else who doesn’t grovel low enough. And the examination of religion is usually left there, with a fervent commitment to the fight for rationality and freedom wherever ignorance and superstition are found. Such fine words indeed stir the soul. And I have known fundamentalists who do much the same. They point out science has no morality, and the tools of destruction created by godless, atheistic scientists have caused more suffering and death than all of the religious wars put together. The picture of amoral scientists spreading terror and pain, and threatening all life on this beautiful planet is not pretty. And imagine the terrified last moments of all those millions and millions of innocent, little babies dying in horrible agony, killed by doctors trained in the scientific tradition w

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Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ hits 1 billion views

Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ music video has delivered more than one billion views, officially making it 10X Certified. RSS feed
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Voters’ Views on Obamacare Split Along Party Lines

Health care is third most important issue to Americans in fall elections, according to polls Daily News
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Nostalgic Views of Hawaii 2014 Easel Desk Calendar: 809742028484

Nostalgic Views of Hawaii 2014 Easel Desk Calendar: 809742028484

Take a trip back in time to the tropical wonderland of Hawaii, circa 1910 – 1960. This easel desk calendar features vintage images of classic Hawaiian icons-outrigger canoes, surfers, palm trees, island beauties. The calendar measures 6″ x 6.75″ x 3″ when expanded and is printed on acid-free, natura
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