‘More than 7,000’ still watching black and white TV

It has been half a century since the dawn of colour television, but more than 7,000 people across the UK are still watching in black and white, according to TV Licensing.
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These are the young Brit actors you need to be watching now

Paapa Essiedu, Jessica Barden, Chris Walley and Ria Zmitrowicz – remember those names, these faces, as you are likely to be seeing a lot more of them in the future.
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Keira Knightley bans daughter from watching some Disney films

The actress told Ellen DeGeneres she bans Cinderella and The Little Mermaid due to their portrayal of women.
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Teenagers watching an hour of YouTube every day

Teenagers are now watching around an hour of YouTube every day, according to a new report which reveals a dramatic change in people’s TV viewing habits.
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Kevin Hart Dares You ‘Not to Laugh’ Watching His New Obstacle-Course Show TKO: Total Knock Out

Kevin Hart has made a name for himself by making other people laugh, so it’s fitting that the actor and comedian is hosting a show full of laughter.

Hart, 39, takes on the role of emcee for the first time in his career with TKO: Total Knock Out, the new one-hour obstacle course competition series on CBS.

The 10 episodes will feature a contestant racing through difficult obstacles while four other competitors control battle stations along the course with the goal of knocking off the solo runner, who hopes to take home a cash prize.

“First and foremost the host of the show is amazing. So personable, likable, takes any situation and knows how to make the best of it,” Hart jokingly tells PEOPLE about what to expect from TKO.

“Outside of him, expect a lot of fun and funny. I really, really credit the producers for creating a platform where anybody was welcome. This is something where they wanted to give a person who may or may not consider themselves to be an athlete the opportunity at success,” he says.

“By doing an obstacle course and having fun and being able to compete with other people with the same goal and agenda at hand, it makes for great TV. There’s nothing like it on television, it separates itself from other things including the host that elevates it that much more.”

Though Hart explains how the “best thing” about the show is how people take on the obstacle course, ultimately the hilarious failed attempts are what make the series.

“I hate to say it, but watching people fall is funny,” he says. “Falling is funny. You can try not to laugh all you want. You can have a moment to be sincere, but you always turn around and in private you laugh. A fall equals funny, and there’s a lot of falling on this show, so I think we have a lot of funny coming for quite some time.”

Though the inaugural season of TKO features everyday people, Hart would love to see his celebrity friends as contestants, specifically Jumanji costar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

“He would suck. He would suck and not be able to get through the first zone. That’s a 100 percent correct,” Hart says.

Win or lose, Hart emphasizes that TKO is all heart.

“It’s making the people feel like they did not waste their time, showing them that their effort was the most valuable thing that they can ever put on display. And to simply not quit, not give up,” he says. “ leave inspired, they leave like they have a major accomplishment under their belt. Win or lose, they go home with something.”

TKO: Total Knock Out premieres Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.


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Chrissy Teigen Laughs while Watching John Legend Pull Double Daddy Duty: ‘The Eyes Say Help’

John Legend certainly has his hands full taking care of his two children!

In a hilarious video shared by the 39-year-old singer’s wife Chrissy Teigen on Friday, Legend patiently tries to burp the couple’s 6-week-old son Miles Theodore as their daughter Luna Simone, 2, loses her balance while sitting on her father’s shoulders — and grabs onto his face so she doesn’t slip any further.

“Ahh, good burp, good burp,” Legend says while all of this action is taking place around him, as Teigen can be heard laughing in the background.

“Bahahahahaha,” she captioned the sweet video.

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The mother of two went on to share an image from Legend’s double daddy duty experience on her Instagram Story, captioning it: “The eyes say ‘help.’ “

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Teigen also poked fun at herself while documenting another parenting moment this week.

Alongside a photo of herself holding her two children, the 32-year-old cookbook author joked about the struggle that comes with having two children under the age of three and trying to get the perfect family Instagram photograph.

“Should I post the one where his head looks unsupported but my face looks good and Luna is over it, the one where his head is supported but my face is just okay and Luna is over it, or him crying and my face looks okay and luna is over it?” she wrote in the caption.

RELATED: Chrissy Teigen Shares the Sweet Photo of Son Miles — and Tells Fans ‘I’m All for Talking About IVF’

Since welcoming the couple’s second child in May, both Legend and his wife have been taking some time off from work in order to spend more time with their family.

“There’s a lot of family days,” Legend told PEOPLE last month. “We’ve been home a lot. We haven’t been working much at all. I’ve barely been working and Chrissy hasn’t really been working at all, and so we spend a lot of time at home. We just enjoy each other’s company.”

“A lot of it’s just the nuts and bolts of making sure Miles is fed. Making sure he sleeps well. Making sure we burp him. Making sure we change his diaper. It’s just the practical everyday things of being a parent, and so we’re immersed in that time in his life right now,” he added.

RELATED VIDEO: John Legend Leaves BBMAs Early & Assures Chrissy Teigen He’ll Be Home for Dinner After She Hilariously Roasts Him on Twitter

Legend also added that Luna is really taking to her role as a big sister.

“She tries to play with him. She takes care of him too. She’ll feed him. She’ll pat his little head. She’s very loving with him,” he remarked.


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Stage actors rage at audience members watching World Cup on phones

Two women cheer from the front row of a play as they watch England’s penalty win on their phones.
BBC News – Entertainment & Arts


Arizona Uber crash driver was ‘watching TV’

The police report suggests the safety operator was streaming The Voice just before a fatal collision.
BBC News – Technology


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Lowe: Love and Korver aren’t just watching LeBron

Zach Lowe highlights the dynamic two-man game from Kevin Love and Kyle Korver that is flummoxing playoff opponents.
www.espn.com – NBA

Trevor Noah: Watching Rudy Giuliani Is Like Smoking Weed Through The TV

“The Daily Show” host was baffled by Giuliani’s many explanations for revealing the president’s actions in the Stormy Daniels case.
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‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Is A Horror Movie Women Can’t Stop Watching

Let’s break down the show’s eerie parallels to our current news cycle. And attempt to avoid having a panic attack.
Culture and Arts
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Kirk Cousins is finally free, and the world is watching

It has been clear for several seasons that the QB and Washington had a marriage that needed to dissolve. Now Cousins apparently will get the chance for a fresh start — and potentially even more scrutiny.
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Me Time: She Missed Watching the Wheels Go Round and Round

Drawn to the idea of working up a sweat every day, our columnist got a Flywheel bike to try spinning at home.
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Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc.

As the Winter Classic turns 10, here’s why we’re still watching

The novelty of watching professional hockey outdoors — it might be snowing! — hasn’t worn off. But that’s not the only reason we’re hyped for another edition of the NHL’s New Year’s Day showcase.
www.espn.com – NHL

An Ode to the Fact That I Literally Can’t Stop Watching Grey’s Anatomy

Grey's AnatomyI have a problem.
It’s a problem that has affected my life for the past two weeks, causing me to lose sleep and even appetite, taking over the dreams I have when I do sleep,…

E! Online (US) – TV News


Jessie Gets Riled Up Watching Eric Do Yard Work

Jessie James Decker gets super side tracked coyly watching her hunky hubby break a sweat while landscaping. Take a look on "Eric & Jessie"!
E! Online Videos


Watching Sunglasses Being Made Is as Cool as the Sunglasses Themselves

Lowercase NYC crafts their shades in Brooklyn.

Style – Esquire


Watching the Best Lumberjack in America Chop Wood is Mesmerizing

Behind the scenes with Matt Cogar, one of the world’s most dominant athlete’s.

Lifestyle – Esquire


Congrats, Game of Thrones Fans: You Stopped Watching Porn for an Hour

Well, some of you.

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Watching Donald Trump Sing ‘Despacito’ Is Weirdly Mesmerizing

This will get you feeling some kind of way.
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Wimbledon: The stars spotted watching the tennis

Wimbledon has begun, which means stars are out watching the tennis – wearing a mixture of smiles, sunglasses and serious looks on their faces.
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Orange Is the New Black Recap: Your Guide to Season 4’s Key Moments Before Watching Season 5

Orange Is the New BlackA lot can happen in the span of the year that’s in between seasons of Orange Is the New Black, so it’s completely understandable if you’re a little foggy on the details. However,…

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Big Brother: Who is still watching it?

The show still has a loyal fanbase, with 1.2 million tuning in to this year’s series launch – but who are they?
BBC News – Entertainment & Arts


A New Study Suggests Watching Porn Before a First Date Might Help You Get a Second

So there’s that.

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Emma Watson Can’t Help But Cringe While Watching Harry Potter Outtakes: ‘I Was Such a Loser!’

Emma Watson came to set prepared while filming Harry Potter — maybe a little too prepared.

The Beauty and the Beast actress, 26, stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday where she couldn’t help but cringe while watching an outtake clip from her early days on Harry Potter.

In the clip, Watson is seen mouthing Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint‘s lines during a take from Sorcerer’s Stone.

“This is actually quite traumatic for me,” she said as she burrowed her face in her hands. “I would ruin takes.”

She said she would learn everyone’s lines in a scene and accidentally catch herself saying their lines under her breath.

“ Chris  would be like, ‘Cut! Emma, you’re doing it again,’ ” Watson recalled. “I couldn’t help myself. I was such a loser.”

Watson said she was so was so obsessed with the Harry Potter growing up, that she inadvertently memorized nearly every line from the books.

“I really love those books,” she said. “I really wanted to do my job well and I kind of over did it.”

Watch the hilarious clip above!


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Here’s Why Donald Trump Won’t Be Watching The Oscars

President Donald Trump likely won’t be watching the Academy Awards on Sunday night because, duh.

But we’ll let White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer share the official reason why:

I think Hollywood is known for being rather far to the left in its opinions, and I’ve got to be honest with you, I think the president will be hosting the Governors’ Ball that night. Mrs. Trump looks forward to putting on a phenomenal event. And the first lady’s put a lot of time into this event, in welcoming our nation’s governors to the capital, and I have a feeling that’s where the president and first lady are going to be focused on Sunday night.

The former reality star has fired up feuds with the likes of Meryl Streep (who’s nominated) and has also gotten roasted at previous award shows, so he probably isn’t feeling chummy with show business right about now. Plus, given the anti-administration yuks that will likely spill forth at the Oscars, perhaps Trump wants to spare his ego.

While he may not tune in, we have a sneaking suspicion that the commander-in-chief won’t tune out what transpires on Oscar night. Got that, Twitter?

He apparently hasn’t been such a fan of the ceremony anyway, tweeting in 2014 that it was “amateur night” and “bullshit.” In 2015, he issued this politicized critique: 

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Britney Ever After Viewers’ Reactions: The Internet Just Can’t Even While Watching the Britney Spears Lifetime Movie

Natasha Bassett, Britney SpearsAs Britney Ever After aired on Lifetime, some people laughed, some laughed even harder and some reiterated that famous line from Chris Crocker’s 10-year-old viral video.

E! Online (US) – TV News


Britney Ever After Viewers’ Reactions: The Internet Just Can’t Even While Watching the Britney Spears Lifetime Movie

Natasha Bassett, Britney SpearsAs Britney Ever After aired on Lifetime, some people laughed, some laughed even harder and some reiterated that famous line from Chris Crocker’s 10-year-old viral video.

E! Online (US) – Top Stories

Special Entertainment News Bulletin:

Check Groupon First

Brandon Maxwell on Gaga at the Super Bowl, Family Values and Fear of Watching His Runway Show

Anyone who was at Brandon Maxwell’s spring 2017 show at the Russian Tea Room remembers Riley Montana, the model who gleefully shimmied and twirled down his runway. If she caught the audience’s eye, she made a big impression on Maxwell, too, who refuses to watch his own runway show out of “panic.” “I knew she did it to make me smile,” he said.
In conceptualizing his second campaign, he wanted to capture the spirit of family and how important it is to stay close to your roots, even when your life changes significantly — like Maxwell, who’s from a small town in Texas. He chose to shoot Montana in her childhood home in Detroit with members of her family, including her aunt who raised her and her sister who had just had a baby. In one shot, she’s sitting on the sofa next to a TV that’s playing her runway moment in Maxwell’s last show. In another shot, she’s sashaying through the living room while her family looks on. “They’re so proud of her,” Maxwell said.

Lady Gaga in Brandon Maxwell at the AMAs. 
Chelsea Lauren/REX/Shutterstock

He shot the campaign himself, as he did his first last season. “I’m finally putting my college degree

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Why Couples Should Try Watching Porn Together

And how to make it work, according to sexologist Shan Boody.

Lifestyle – Esquire


Watching Al Gore’s New Climate Change Doc Before Trump’s Inauguration Was Eerie

When I first realized Donald Trump’s inauguration would occur on the second day of the Sundance Film Festival, I felt relief. Instead of being glued to the inevitable Twitter meltdown as our nation plunges into an alarming new era, I could embrace toasty theaters at an event where art prevails. Phew. 

Upon arriving in snowy Park City on Thursday, the rose-color glasses I’d donned felt a bit more pallid. Reality had sunk in, and suddenly I wondered whether it was even appropriate to spend the weekend seeing movies while a new political order emerges in real time. Then I sat down for my first screening, “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power,” and those glasses lost their focus altogether. 

“An Inconvenient Sequel” is Al Gore’s follow-up to “An Inconvenient Truth,” the Oscar-winning documentary that in 2006 electrified the debate surrounding climate change. “Truth,” a showcase for Gore’s PowerPoint lectures about the horrors of global warming, was an exercise in apprehension. “Fix this now, or we are doomed,” the movie screamed. Many, thankfully, listened. So many, in fact, that “An Inconvenient Sequel” is brimming with hope, sort of.

Now, listen. I’m a movie journalist. I can’t pretend to write this as a climate-change sage of any kind. But, as science-y as these documentaries are, they are surprisingly easy to understand, especially in tone. (Credit this time around is owed to directors Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk, whose film reveals more about Gore than Davis Guggenheim managed in “An Inconvenient Truth.”) Yes, weather-related catastrophes have continued at frightening rates; just look at the recent floodings in Florida and Louisiana, or the shrinking Manhattan coastline predicted in “Truth.” But the sequel praises the world’s remarkable strides over the past 11 years, chiefly 2015’s United Nations conference in Paris, which resulted in a wide-ranging agreement to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and prevent Earth’s temperatures from continuing to rise.

A sense of achievement pervades the movie ― and then, right as promise for the health of our planet swells, Trump gets elected. In the final scene, Gore sits at his laptop, watching the president-elect call climate change an “expensive hoax” and vow to withdraw from the Paris accord

When I checked my phone after “An Inconvenient Sequel” ended, another New York Times push notification about Trump’s links to Russian president Vladimir Putin had come though. More of the same. The next morning, after the former reality TV star was inaugurated, Twitter informed me that the Obama administration’s climate-change page had been removed from the White House website.

Suddenly the outcomes Gore and his allies had effected seemed lost to what we call the “transition of power.” What a way to begin Sundance, usually a joyful occasion about celebrating creativity.

At Thursday night’s premiere of the aptly titled Netflix dark comedy “I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore,” Park City mayor Jack Thomas spoke of his town’s own efforts to combat climate change. Watching Thomas speak, it was hard to believe so much of the world beyond this little festival bubble would aggressively protest. 

On Friday morning, as journalists poured out of a press screening of “The Incredible Jessica James,” talk turned to Trump. I congregated outside the theater with a cabal of journalists, many of whom adored the movie (myself included), particularly because it offered comforting counter-programming to the inaugural speech we’d just avoided.

Starring Jessica Williams, “Jessica James” borrows familiar post-breakup romantic-comedy beats, but its voice is distinctly modern. Fictional Jessica is an aspiring New York playwright with a progressive worldview that implicitly opposes much of Trump’s rhetoric. At her younger sister’s baby shower, for example, the titular marriage-averse millennial gifts a self-illustrated picture book called Subverting the ABCs of the Patriarchal Paradigm.

The movie provided a charming 85-minute reminder of the inclusive landscape we assume Hillary Clinton’s presidency would have fostered. And then, as we stragglers went our separate ways, it was back to reality. The bubble had burst. Trump was our president. (Jessica Williams 2020.)

Less than 24 hours after the festival’s start, Sundance is in a weird mood. Yet, just like most of this fearful country, those of us in Park City must decide how to move forward. In “An Inconvenient Sequel,” Gore recalls having to do the same when the Supreme Court decided George W. Bush would be our president, and look how much progress Gore encouraged in the years since. If there’s relief from the chaos in these Utah mountains, maybe that’s OK. 

“An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power” opens in theaters June 28. “I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore” hits Netflix on Feb. 24. “The Incredible Jessica James” is hoping to secure theatrical distribution at Sundance.

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The TV Shows You Need to Be Watching That Might Be Missing on Your Radar

We know good great television isn't limited to the network and cable mainstays any longer—Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc. are all proof of that. But there's also a lot of must-watch TV cropping up on channels…

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This Video of a Sweet Elderly Couple Is More Romantic Than Watching The Notebook

If you thought Noah and Allie's love story in The Notebook was romantic, just wait until you see this real-life reunion play out. In a Facebook video that's gone viral, a user named Chris GQ…

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The 8 Stages Of Watching ‘Batman & Robin’ On Netflix

For whatever masochistic reason, the film “Batman & Robin” is trending on Netflix, and has been for a few weeks or so. Helmed and steered clear off a cliff by Joel Schumacher, “Batman & Robin” stars George Clooney as the caped crusader with nipples on his batsuit.

One of the plot points is that Bruce Wayne’s butler Alfred is dying, and you see him in various scenes privately wincing from some unknown pain. Well, it’s clear now that just being in this movie was probably physically paining the actor who played Alfred, Michael Gough.

It’s an awful movie. And I fell for watching it.

It began like any other Saturday: no pants, a vague sense that I had embarrassed myself the night before, and the urge to drown my brain in some mindless Netflix viewing.

Thus began the eight stages of watching “Batman & Robin” on Netflix.


STAGE 1 – Optimistic Amnesia

Maybe it wasn’t as bad as I remember! I mean, it was goofy, I remember that much, but maybe it’s goofy in a “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” kind of way.


STAGE 2 - Regret

I’ve made a huge mistake.


STAGE 3 – Confusion

Who green-lit this? OMG, they just go-go-gadgeted ice skates from their boots. And now they’re fighting hockey team henchmen. Did Robin just pull out a laser gun? This feels wrong …


STAGE 4 – Uncomfortable Laughter

The only entertaining thing is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ice puns, because by comparison to the rest of the so-bad-it’s-funny film, those are high quality hilarity.


STAGE 5 – Pun Delirium

You no longer have a reasonable grasp on reality and your brain is quickly liquifying. 


STAGE 6 – Full-On Joker Dementia 

You’re a zombie. A jolly, smiling zombie.


 STAGE  7 – Discombobulation

The standard notions of direction and position have lost all meaning. You are lost in a multi-dimensional spacial hellscape for which there is no escape.


STAGE 8 - Death

There’s no chance of resuscitation at this point. Like telling your friends you’ll stop out for “just one beer.” Once you’ve begun, it’s already too late.



Anyway, hello from heaven! It’s pretty nice up here! It’s all the Arnie puns you can handle, you get to watch Joel Schumacher try to direct his way out of a paper bag for all eternity, and the batsuits don’t have nipples! 



Huge thanks to fellow lover of puns Kate Bratskier for taking a flurry of photos for me and being so … cool.  She snows what’s up. (Also, apologies to Kate Bratskier for the previous sentence.)



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10 Crazy Thoughts From Watching Perfect High With Bella Thorne

Let's start with the positive: Bella Thorne is beautiful, talented, and way more coordinated at dance than I'll ever be. She also was the only positive in Lifetime's gag-worthy Perfect High—that for better or for…

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41 Thoughts You Have Watching ‘Say Yes To The Dress’

1. How do I always get suckered into watching this show on Friday nights?

2. I can tell if we’re in New York or Atlanta mostly by whether it’s Randy or Fake Southern Randy.

3. Judging by the morning staff meetings, this place will only see brides on a given day if they fit into that day’s easily digestible category, like “brides who brought their fathers” or “brides who want a weird-colored dress” or “brides with horribly judgmental friends who probably shouldn’t be there.”

4. Who are all these other staff members? They’re at the morning meeting, then they disappear. Where do they go after this? Are they magical, ephemeral dress fairies? That would actually explain a lot.

— This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

Weddings – The Huffington Post
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Men’s Who’s Watching You Flip T-Shirt

Men’s Who’s Watching You Flip T-Shirt

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8 Songs on Empire Worth Downloading Even If You’re Not Watching the Show

Six weeks in, Empire's ratings rose again last night, which never happens on TV these days. It seems like everyone's watching the show and for good reason—mainly anything and everything to do with Cookie, from…

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50 Questions We Had While Watching ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’

Watching “Fifty Shades of Grey” in a massive theater surrounded by 100-plus New York media types was An Experience.

There was some titillation, a moderate amount of cringing and a surprising number of moments that elicited genuine laughter. In spite all of the warranted critique of the film’s theme, the terribly-written source material and its disappointingly male-gazey execution, “Fifty Shades” is actually pretty damn fun to watch.

More than anything, the film left us with quite a few burning questions (very few of which have anything to do with sex):

1. Why does Jamie Dornan look so bored the whole time?

2. Are pencils always phallic?

3. Is it really appropriate for a journalism student to make her roommate do an interview for her?

4. Couldn’t Ana’s roommate have just done a phone interview? Or Skyped?

5. Why do people keep taking Ana’s food?

6. Why do Ana and Christian leave the beautiful sushi that was served to them untouched?

7. What is on the “pre-approved list of foods” mentioned in Ana and Christian’s contract?

8. But, seriously, does anyone in this movie actually eat?

9. Is the real problem that they’re just “hangry”?

10. Can Ana name a Black Keys song, or does she just wear a Black Keys T-shirt for the street cred?

fifty shades of grey

11. How many graphic tees can one college girl own?

12. What was her thesis about?

13. Why does Ana have a flip phone?

14. Why won’t Christian buy Ana a better phone, but he’ll buy her a Macbook? (Like, seriously, girl needs some apps and some iMessage.)

15. Should we start using “Do you sell cable ties” as a pickup line?

16. Do you really need to tell someone “you’re not the woman for me” after having one cup of coffee?

17. How do Ana and her roommate afford such a nice apartment?

18. Do they have jobs?

19. Has anyone else in the history of the world been that excited to go to Seattle?

fifty shades of grey

20. Is the Seattle tourism bureau celebrating the sexy rep this movie has brought to their rainy city?

21. Why is Ana’s inbox completely empty except for three emails from Christian?

22. What actually comes up when you Google “submissive”? *Immediately googles “submissive.”*

23. Is saying “No escaping now,” supposed to be murdery or sexy?

24. Where is the line between “making love” and “f**king hard”?

25. Why would anyone have a business meeting in the dark? Editing contracts under mood lighting might seem sexier, but it would also make it impossible to read words.

26. How does Christian know what bar Ana is at with her friends — and which restaurant she’s at with her mom?

27. Is he telepathic?

28. Does Christian break into Ana’s apartment after she breaks up with him? (Because… creepy.)

29. Isn’t losing your virginity generally an awkward experience — especially when a man is ramming into you with disturbingly little foreplay?

fifty shades of grey

30. Why aren’t there more movies that show female pubic hair, leg hair and arm hair? (Spoiler alert: It exists! And we actually see a bit of it in “Fifty Shades.”)

31. Since when is it acceptable (or romantic) to surprise sell someone’s car?

32. Why are we allowed to see so much boob and so little dick in R-rated movies? Huh, MPAA? We’re lookin’ at you.

33. Is riding in a glider super fun… Or is it exactly how you die?

34. Can Marcia Gay Harden be our mom?

35. How much wine can one really baby-bird feed to another person? (Seems wasteful… and sticky.)

36. Should we insist on being carried out of the bedroom like a wounded animal and/or Ariana Grande after having sex?

37. Did Jamie Dornan have a butt double?

38. If so, can we have his number? If not… well done, sir.

39. Does anyone even drink Cosmos anymore? They’re oh-so “Sex and the City.”

fifty shades of grey

40. Is “Laters, baby” the world’s least sexy sign-off?

41. Has any real person ever said “Laters, baby”? (If so… never do it again.)

42. How exactly does one become “50 shades of f**ked up”?

43. Where did Christian learn to fishtail braid?

44. Which is a better arm workout: Blowdrying your hair or being cuffed to the ceiling?

45. Can being stroked with a riding crop really make someone cum?

46. Are we really supposed to believe that BDSM is only for people who have tragic backstories? Because that’s bullsh*t.

47. Can Beyoncé sing in the background every time we have sex from now on?

48. But, actually, where can we purchase the “Fifty Shades” soundtrack?

49. Just how awkward was it to film this movie?

50. And most importantly… Will Ana actually eat solid FOOD in the sequel?

fifty shades of grey

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Why I Won’t Be Watching American Sniper

Yes, it’s hard for me to admit, but I am an American Muslim. This is my identity, but it’s very difficult for me to say it out loud these days. I know it’s wrong of me and I constantly get lectured by my other Muslim friends about how I should take pride in my identity and who I am, yet my heart still struggles with it.

I was born a Muslim in the U.S., as my parents had migrated to California in the early 1960s. Growing up I never felt that I was looked upon differently. I was me. This was my home and this is where I belonged. Religion has never been an outwardly beast for me; it was always an inner angel that lived within me and guided me towards kindness and gentleness.

But in the past few years after seeing what has been happening inside and outside of the Muslim world, I am torn. Many things have started to fall in place and make sense to me. This is not the first time in history where people have done crazy things in the name of religion. This is not the first time when wars were fought for political reasons and personal gains and they were covered with the cloak of religion — but why does it hurt more now? Why do I want to scream when I hear about people calling themselves Muslims and killing innocent humans.

But then why do I feel lost and unloved in this country, America, which is my home that I love so much? I am as American as the guy that lives next door to me, yet I am looked at with suspicion. I live a good, clean, ethical life, yet I am made to feel guilty. I am told through the media that I need to apologize and condemns attacks that crazy people around the world are doing. Of course I will — just the way I condemned the Columbine shooting, the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson or the torture chambers in Guantanamo Bay. I will always condemn the evil craziness of mankind wherever it happens not only if it’s done by people who say they are “Muslims.”

Already my progressive Muslim friends and I are feeling sad and upset, and then comes a string of hate tweets and comments all over the media. The release of Clint Eastwood’s movie American Sniper was a box office hit, but it created more hate towards peace-loving Muslims like myself. I will not watch the movie and give my $ 12 to something that promotes hate towards a certain people. Maybe my $ 12 won’t make any difference, but in my heart I will have a clear conscious about not watching a movie that encourages hate. I would watch the movie Selma 50 times if I had to because it carries a message of hope.

I will always be a peace promoter and a compassion warrior, no matter what color, religion and country I come from. So haters of the world, remember before generalizing a certain people of religion, be it Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindus, etc. You will be defeated one day by the peace-loving citizens of the world.
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Top 5 Things to Know Before Watching Mockingjay Part 1 (2014) – Hunger Games Recap HD

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Top 5 Things to Know Before Watching Mockingjay Part 1 (2014) – Hunger Games Recap HD

Meg gives you her top 5 things to know before watching the newest movie in the Hunger Games series, Mockingjay Part 1!

Watch clips from:

The Hunger Games – http://goo.gl/fnbJhx
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – http://goo.gl/t2g1Xn

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Roommate Dancing While He Thinks No One’s Watching Is AMAZING

They say you should dance like no one’s watching. But if you actually don’t want anyone watching, you should make sure that no one is.

That lesson was learned the hard way by this poor soul in the video above, who was cleaning up after a Halloween party whilst dancing to the Sheena Easton classic “9 to 5,” according to the video description.

The dancing is great and this guy has nothing to be ashamed of. See for yourself above.

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Here’s Why We’re Actually Still Watching Crime Shows

Since I write television, allow me to begin by stating the obvious: America has become more polarized than at any time since the 1960s. People on opposite sides of the partisan divide have not only ceased listening to each other, they are also looking to buy homes and rent apartments in politically homogenous neighborhoods (and cities!); so that the newspaper resting at the bottom of their cages won’t ruffle their ideological feathers; so they can tell birds singing different songs to flock off.

In another chapter from the hard to believe, crossing party lines has become a criminal offense, so that it’s impossible to get anything done without offering insult to one side or the other. And every action by moderately opposing forces is greeted with hysteria. Democrats adopt a Republican health care proposal from the 1990s, which was actually implemented by a Republican governor (and eventual Republican presidential nominee), and the rage on the right cannot be contained. Democrats furiously condemn a policy of fighting a war in Iraq and keeping prisoners in Guantanamo and the ethics of drone strikes and then, when they gain power…oh, the list is too long.

For better or worse, the justice system has become the last refuge for those of us looking for common ties with our fellow Americans. The need to arrest criminals and put them on trial transcends our petty differences, and allows varied communities to unite in common cause. Murder is terribly hard to politicize. As one of Henry the II’s sons says in The Lion in Winter, “I’ve never heard a corpse ask how it got so cold.”

And homicide investigations are largely successful. In most big cities, perhaps especially in Los Angeles and New York, every effort is made to comply with the law while hunting down those who have not. The LAPD polls regularly as the most respected municipal institution in Los Angeles. Our law enforcement agencies exist as working proof that government can move competently – even with bravery and selflessness – to do the right thing.

The unconscious fantasy element of procedural drama has evolved, from marveling at the intelligence of a particular detective, into a wistful desire that our entire body politic could put aside our mostly imaginary arguments long enough to focus on the crisis at hand: to drop our opinions in favor of the pattern of facts.

We love a good whodunit; bringing a murderer to heel satisfies our heroic impulses, and unites the audience with shared, public approval. If only we could figure out how to respect each other as well as we do the abstract principles of the justice system! That, ladies and gentlemen, is a mystery we ought to solve together.

In the meantime, procedural drama will have to do.
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Bird Watching for Dummies

Bird Watching for Dummies

Millions of people worldwide enjoy bird watching; it offers them a chance to get back to nature and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Bird Watching For Dummies covers all the basics of bird watching, leading you on a guided tour of the gorgeous world of birds. From identifying birds by sight and sound to making your own ‘life list,’ you’ll find all the tips and advice you need right here. Whether you’ve been bird watching for years or you’re just starting out, Bird Watching For Dummies has all your bases covered. It’s full of practical tips and proven advice to make your bird watching experiences as fun and rewarding as possible. It’s your first aid kit for finding, identifying, feeding, and even housing birds. Plus, there’s more: * Designing a bird-friendly backyard * Purchasing bird feeders, birdhouses, binoculars, clothing, and more * Keeping notes and records of the birds you spot * Joining bird clubs, taking field trips, and attending bird festivals * Booking bird watching tours that fit your budget and expertise * Choosing and using field guides You won’t find a more straightforward and reliable bird watching guide than this one.Written by Bill Thompson III, and the staff of Bird Watcher’s Digest, it covers everything from backyard bird watching to field trips across the globe. No matter what your level of experience, this guide offers everything you need for unforgettable bird watching: * Tackling pests and other feeder problems * Bird-friendly gardening tips * Optics and how to use them * Birding by habitat and hotspots * Songs, calls, and non-vocal identifying sounds * Attracting and spotting hummingbirds * Understanding the terminology * Dressing for success * And, 32 pages of full-color photos! If you need help getting started in your new hobby, or you’re an old hand who just wants a quick-and-easy reference, Bird Watching For Dummies is the fun and simple way to stay up on all the latest in the world of bird watching. With unbeatable advice and practi…

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Watching Giants: The Secret Lives of Whales

Watching Giants: The Secret Lives of Whales

Personal, anecdotal, and highly engaging, Watching Giants opens a window on a world that seems quite like our own, yet is so different that understanding it pushes the very limits of our senses. Elin Kelsey’s colorful first-person account, drawing from her rich, often humorous, everyday experiences as a mother, a woman, and a scientist, takes us to the incredibly productive waters of the Gulf of California and beyond, to oceans around the world. Kelsey brings us along as she talks to leading cetacean researchers and marine ecologists about their intriguing discoveries. We encounter humpback whales that build nets from bubbles, gain a disturbing maternal perspective on the dolphin-tuna issue, uncover intimate details about whale sex, and contemplate the meaning of the complex social networks that exist in the seas. What emerges alongside these fascinating snapshots of whale culture is a dizzying sense of the tremendous speed with which we are changing the oceans’ ecosystems-through overfishing, noise pollution, even real estate development. Watching Giants introduces a world of immense interconnectivity and beauty-one that is now facing imminent peril.

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Sometimes It’s The Hair And Makeup That Make The Golden Globes Worth Watching

Red carpet beauty can be pretty predictable. Leading ladies have been sporting retro waves, smokey eyes and red lips since the 1940s. However, the refreshingly modern hair and makeup from the 2013 Golden Globes are a sign of changing times. (Jessica Alba’s tangerine lipstick was daring.)

As our excitement mounts for the 71st Annual Golden Globes Awards this Sunday, we’ve put together a photo retrospective of the 55 most unforgettable Golden Globes hair and makeup looks over the years. Because let’s face it, this is what makes watching the awards show worth it. Here’s to more envelope-pushing beauty!

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