Hollywood Stylist Karla Welch Designs Summer Collection for Express

Super-stylist Karla Welch is bringing her Hollywood magic to the masses once again, this time at Express.
The celebrity wardrobe architect for Tracee Ellis Ross, Busy Phillips, Elisabeth Moss, Cleo Wade, Justin Bieber and more is teaming with the retailer on a 20-piece capsule collection of everyday summer basics with a twist in neutral hues, including oversize linen boyfriend blazers (“shoulder pads are back” she says); mechanic’s jumpsuits; tie-dye cropped Ts; men’s wear-inspired shirts; clear sequin-coated boxing shorts; off-shoulder eyelet lace shifts, and high-waist Latex miniskirts. Launching July 17 in sizes 00 to 18, the Express x Karla collection is priced $ 19.90 to $ 128, and will be sold at select stores and online.
“I actually hate summer dressing, that’s how I went into this. But this is who I am and what I want to wear. I wanted to keep it really limited and small and just what you need,” said Welch, an L.A. fashion fixture known as much for her tomboyish personal style and democratic-leaning political Instagram posts as for her red-carpet finesse.
[In Hollywood], “red carpets are massive fashion moments. But for every woman out there and every guy, every day is a fashion moment and it feels great to like

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Sweet Home’s Jennifer Welch Would ‘Never Hire’ BFF Angie ‘Pumps’ Sullivan: ‘She’d Be a Nightmare’

Jennifer Welch gets by with a little help from her friends — but she knows where to draw the line.

The interior designer and star of Bravo’s Sweet Home Oklahoma is back with a new series, Sweet Home, which follows the Oklahoma City business owner and the employees at her company, Jennifer Welch Designs, as they navigate the ups and downs (and literal tornadoes!) of transforming lackluster homes and offices into luxurious new spaces.

PEOPLE has an exclusive clip from the show ahead of its debut on Nov. 2.

This time around, Welsh has brought on a trio of millennial women to work alongside her, including office manager Sabah Khan, interior design associate Sarah Moll, and project manager Alex Hodges. And while her staff has changed, her closest companions have not: quirky best friend (and fellow Bravo star) Angie “Pumps” Sullivan is back with her signature humor, as well as Welsh’s ex-husband Josh, with whom she lives and co-parents their two sons.

“Pumps is still Pumps,” the design guru says affectionately of her longtime best friend in the clip. “We are like sisters.”

Despite their close bond and the design jargon that Pumps has proudly picked up, Welch, who has 20 years of experience in the field, is determined to keep her bestie separate from her business.

“I would never hire Pumps,” she swears. “She would take her bra off in client meetings, she would have to go out and have 95,000 smokes… she’d be a nightmare,” Welsh deadpans, as Pumps nods her head in agreement beside her.

“I think it’s better that we have our separate careers,” Pumps chimes in. “I agree,” Welsh adds.

With her ride-or-die on board for moral support and comic relief, Welch continues to tackle “bigger and better projects,” ranging from mansions to law firms to oil companies. Each episode centers on a unique space, which Welch and her team reimagine and revitalize.

Sweet Home is one of three new design shows Bravo is launching this fall. All will air on their new Friday block of shows.

Buying it Blind follows six couples who buy and renovate their new home without ever setting foot inside with help from a team of experts, and Get a Room with Carson & Thom is a makeover series lead by Queer Eye for the Straight Guy alums Carson Kressley and Thom Filicia.

Sweet Home premieres Friday, Nov. 2 (10 p.m. ET) on Bravo.


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Why Sweet Home Oklahoma’s Jennifer Welch Reconciled with Her Ex-Husband After His Drug Relapse ‘Leveled’ Her

Sweet Home Oklahoma star Jennifer Welch‘s 17-year relationship with her ex-husband has been far from easy.

The commercial and residential interior designer got together with Josh Welch, a former criminal defense attorney, in 2000 and had their first child, Dylan, in 2002. In 2005, the couple wed in Santa Fe and in 2006 welcomed their second son, Roman.

But throughout their marriage, Josh struggled with addiction, which caused him to resign from practicing law. And according to Jennifer, the main reason for the couple’s split in 2013 after almost a decade of marriage was because of Josh’s relapse.

“It’s just been a lifelong struggle with addiction for him. He relapsed, and I suspected he had. I really probed him to get sober,” Jennifer tells PEOPLE. “If you marry an addict, you know it’s possible, so that’s a risk that you take going into that marriage that there is no guarantee that this person can be sober. There’s no guarantee of that. He relapsed and we had a really candid conversation. ‘Do you want to go back to rehab? Do you want to start therapy again?’ And he didn’t — he didn’t want to.”

At that point in their marriage, Jennifer decided to divorce Josh. “I was heartbroken. I was devastated, but I knew I had to protect as much as I could: the children, our finances, our home,” she says.

“It was the breakup of our family. It leveled me,” adds Jennifer.

After the couple’s divorce was finalized, Jennifer had “really firm boundaries” with Josh and required that he pass drug tests in order to see their children — “which he couldn’t,” according to the mother of two. But in the summer of 2015, Josh did two back-to-back rehab stints at facilities in California, and he returned home a changed, sober man.

“When he came home, I could just tell he was sober. And I was like, ‘There you are!’ And what’s so interesting about it was when I divorced Josh, I was sober and consciously aware of what I was doing — he wasn’t. And so I never really had closure because I divorced this version of Josh that — nobody hates that version as much as Josh does. So when he came back from rehab and I could tell that he was sober again and I could see the light in him, I could see his soul again, I missed him. I missed that guy,” she tells PEOPLE.

Not only did Jennifer want to “give it another try” with Josh for herself, but she desired that her sons know their father. “There’s that gravitation, especially at the age that my boys are right now, to have that father figure around. … He was tired of disappointing himself, tired of disappointing his children and me,” she says.

While Jennifer, who now lives with Josh and their two sons in their family home in Oklahoma City, isn’t yet ready to tie the knot again, she’s enjoying the season that the couple is in — specifically having “normal people problems.”

“I’m not in the trenches taking grenades anymore. I can get pissed off about the dishwasher not getting unloaded and things like that,” she says. “It’s not lost on me how fantastic that is to just be pissed off about stupid things. That really does bring me serenity.”

But according to the Bravo personality, Josh needed his family just as much as they wanted him back in their lives. “For Josh, after our divorce and really not seeing the kids very much for well over a year — a year-and-a-half pushing on two — for him, he wanted to be a father more than he wanted to use drugs. … His recovery has been his family,” she says. “Having lost it and getting it back again and getting his relationship restored with his children, that has really, really helped his recovery and his sobriety immensely.”

In signing up for the new reality series, the couple was prepared to tell their story and “address addiction … head on.”

“I remember just feeling so alone when he was out using drugs, that there is another side to the rainbow. It’s hard to get there, but you can get there,” she encourages viewers whose family members or friends battle addiction.

Although Jennifer and her sons have endured years of pain as a result of Josh’s addiction, they aren’t ashamed of his past.

“The worst thing an addict can feel is shame and that’s what keeps everybody in the closet about it and we’re not ashamed. The boys are not ashamed. They know that their father was a drug addict, is a drug addict, will always be a drug addict, and we want to — if we can — help other people remove that stigma that there’s shame associated with it,” she says. “And it is a disease that people do not choose to have. Those are the things that have helped me forgive him, knowing those things.”

In addition to Josh being sober, Jennifer is happy that her family is a unit again.

“I cannot tell you how happy we are that he is doing so well with his sobriety and in his recovery,” she says, and adds, “It’s awesome for me, for him and for our kids to see that life isn’t perfect, dad has these struggles, but as a family, we can come back together.”

Sweet Home Oklahoma airs Mondays (10 p.m. ET) on Bravo.


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