All Elite Wrestling Scores TV Deal, Promises “Less Scripted Soapy Drama”

For the first time in almost two decades, wrestling is back on Turner Networks.

All Elite Wrestling, the new promotion founded by Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson), will begin airing weekly later this year on TNT.

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The Look: Inside the Ring of Underground Wrestling

A community of New Yorkers has formed around controlled, costumed combat.
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WWE: Wrestling world mourns death of three stars

Brian Lawler, Nikolai Volkoff and Brickhouse Brown all passed away on Sunday aged 46, 70 and 57 respectively.
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Brie Bella Tells Nikki Not to Talk to Daniel Bryan About Wrestling Amidst Depression Battle: ”You’re Being Overprotective!”

Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Daniel BryanNikki Bella wants Daniel Bryan to be her WWE coach, but Brie Bella isn’t into the idea.
On tonight’s episode of Total Divas, Nikki attempts to ask her brother-in-law to help her…

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WWE Wrestling Sheamus Apptivity Mini Figure

WWE Wrestling Sheamus Apptivity Mini Figure

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WWE Wrestling Basic Series 15 Wade Barrett Action Figure

WWE Wrestling Basic Series 15 Wade Barrett Action Figure

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Pro Wrestling Faq: All That's Left To Know About The World's Most Entertaining Spectacle

Pro Wrestling Faq: All That's Left To Know About The World's Most Entertaining Spectacle

(FAQ Pop Culture). Sport? Entertainment? Art form? Perhaps a bit of all three, with a certain intangible extra something thrown in for good measure, making professional wrestling a truly unique entity unto itself. From its origins in carnivals and sideshow attractions of the 19th century, right up to the multimillion-dollar, multimedia industry of the present day, and all the bizarre, wild, and woolly points in between, Pro Wrestling FAQ delves into the entire history and broad scope of one of popular culture''s most enduring yet ever-changing spectacles. With chapters devoted to the many fascinating eras in the history of the business, as well as capsule biographies of some its most memorable and important figures, this book will serve as the ultimate one-volume reference guide for both long-time wrestling nuts and initiates to the grappling phenomenon. Revisit the legendary 1911 "Match of the Century" pitting World Champion Frank Gotch against archrival George Hackenschmidt, "the Russian Lion"; experience wrestling''s TV golden age in the 1950s, a time of such colorful personages as Gorgeous George and Antonino Rocca; relive the glory days of Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant, when WWF impresario Vince McMahon took the business mainstream; and get the lowdown on recent favorites, such as John Cena, CM Punk, and others who have taken the business boldly into the 21st century.
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Huber Hype Bring Attitude Back to Wrestling

Huber Hype - Bring Attitude Back to Wrestling - YT Thum

Huber gets Stone Cold as he calls for the return of hardcore matches, backstage brawls and mayhem to wrestling games. Videos Hub

Wrestling baby Bib

Wrestling baby Bib

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Wrestling baby Infant Creeper

Wrestling baby Infant Creeper

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Watch Disney’s Gaston Lose Arm Wrestling Contest To Girl Half His Size

With his brawny physique and ruthless attitude, you’d think there would be no way Gaston would lose a contest of strength.

Well this video uploaded to YouTube shows otherwise. Watch an 11-year-old girl take him on in an arm wrestling contest and wipe the floor with him. Sure, she pulls a fast one at the 1:14 mark but we say her victory stands.

We’d have thought his last encounter with a witty young girl, would have taught him a lesson or two.

Watch the contest in the video above.

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How to Break Into Pro Wrestling

How to Break Into Pro Wrestling

This is a discontinued title offered at over 75% off the regular price. Buy now while supplies last. So you want to be a pro wrestler. Well, take it from “Judo” Gene LeBell, it can be a rough business. The son of a wrestling and boxing promoter, “Judo” Gene grew up in the biz, gaining an insider’s understanding of the wild world of pro wrestling from the perspective of both promoter and wrestler. A former pro himself, he knows firsthand what it takes to enter the ring, and he’s here to tell you, you’d better be prepared to work, sweat and bleed, because beyond all of the glamour you see on TV, it’s damn hard work! If you think you’ve got what it takes, then you can take your pick from one of the professional schools listed in the book and go for it. But first, “Judo” Gene gives you a taste of the blood, sweat and tears you will leave on the mat along the way, schooling you in the basic techniques you’ll need to know to make the big time: classic holds like the full nelson and the Boston crab, powerful pins like the reverse cradle, illegal moves like elbow grinds and fishhooks, aerial maneuvers like flipping off the top rope and much, much more! Closeout item – Reduced price while supplies last. Order NOW!
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Wrestling With the Wrath of Writer’s Block

Staring at a blank page and not having the words flow the way they did last week, or even yesterday, is every writer’s nightmare. Writer’s block can feel paralyzing, especially with a deadline fast approaching, and it can often leave writers wondering if they should give up on their craft. Some would say it’s a rite of passage. Others would argue it just takes shaking things up.

To help out, I tracked down willing writers of various genres who have faced the plague of writer’s block, and who were willing to share their cures or tips for preventative maintenance.

Novelist: Hildie McQueen

Writer’s Block, or “Where was I going with this” syndrome affects all authors at some point. While working on my latest book The Rancher, I became so frustrated. My poor hero, Grant Gentry, sat on his horse without a clear destination and I thought, well crud, nobody wants to read this boring crap. So I did what I normally do, I walked away from the story.

That is my secret. When you hit a brick wall, turn around and walk away. For me there’s nothing like a drive down long country roads to clear the mind and get the story back on the right path. Sometimes I even invite the hero or heroine along.

It’s amazing what drives in rural Georgia does to the characters in my head. They loosen up and start talking. Maybe it’s the fresh air, or maybe they’re afraid I’m going to kill them off?

Playwright: Everett Robert

As a playwright, the most important thing for me to write is dialogue. When I’m struggling to hear a character’s voice, I’ll often stop whatever I’m doing, turn off the music or noise and go to a coffee shop, walk around a college campus, or go to a retail store. I find that writer’s block doesn’t come from a lack of “ideas,” but rather a lack of “voice.” Listening to other voices helps me tune in my muse to the character voices I’m struggling to hear.

Novelist: Julie Benson

When I wrote Bet On a Cowboy I suffered from writer’s block. The charismatic man I loved enough to give his own story clammed up on me. My heroine wouldn’t share her internal conflict with me. I feared I’d miss my deadline for my first book written under contract. At a workshop I attended with Jayne Ann Krentz and Susan Elizabeth Phillips, they said to keep writing until the story makes sense. Trusting them, that’s what I did. When I hit the major love scene on page 137, suddenly everything made sense. I knew the answer — my heroine wanted children but didn’t think she’d ever have a meaningful relationship. I added a scene at the beginning with her checking into having a child through artificial insemination. The rest of the book practically wrote itself from there. Now when writer’s block hits I know that as long as I keep writing, eventually everything will make sense.

Fiction Writer: Daniel Sherrier

Exercise is a wonderful remedy for writer’s block. Writing, obviously, is a sedentary activity, but being sedentary is how cobwebs form in your brain. That might help if you’re writing about cobwebs, but otherwise, they’ll just get you stuck. So, go out for a run, take a kickboxing class, or even just a brisk walk might do the trick. You’ll come back to your work feeling energized, and you’ll have done something your body needs anyway. Your entire self wins — and your book does, too.

Ghostwriter and Novelist: Heather Hummel

As a ghostwriter, my clients often provide me with the basic concepts for their books, sometimes even an outline and some material. However, it’s up to me to organize and write the rest of the material to complete their book for them. To do this, and to write my own novels, I’ve always had two effective muses that prevent writer’s block.

One is cycling, as I have been known to write entire chapters in my head while pedaling on long bike rides. I see my laptop as the tool for putting the words down, but much of my writing actually formulates in my head while riding. (The trick is remembering them later when I go to type the words on my laptop.) For this reason, I tend to ride alone, so I can quiet my mind with only the whirl of tires on the pavement beneath me.

My other muse is photography. Because I’m also a land and seascape photographer, I find the cross-creative roles feed on one another. If I’m feeling stuck with a chapter, I load up my car with my camera gear and my two dogs (they make great assistants) and head out to spend time photographing Mother Nature. By the time I return home, I am always refreshed and ready to write again. Having the mix of visual and written careers keeps me motivated on both fronts.

If you have a favorite muse, please share them in the comments below.
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