Atelier Swarovski Sparkles in Milan

MILAN — The 10 Corso Como concept store in Milan will carry Atelier Swarovski’s fine jewelry collections until the end of May, a first in Italy. This includes three lines designed in collaboration with Penélope Cruz, Stephen Webster and Paige Novick.
The Atelier Swarovski fine jewelry collections are part of Swarovski’s drive toward luxury based on a combination of lab-grown diamonds and emeralds, fair-trade gold and sustainably sourced gemstones. The Atelier is a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, which sets standards for the jewelry supply chain, from mining to retail.
Last year, Nadja Swarovski, executive board member of Swarovski, said the family company started this initiative because it had “been dressing celebrities on the red carpet with crystal jewelry and crystal handbags and actually realized they prefer diamond jewelry versus crystal jewelry.”

Atelier Swarovski fine jewelry pieces 
Courtesy image/Chiara Gussoni

Swarovski Created Diamonds were developed through a 20-year laboratory research and “have the same optical, chemical and physical characteristics of mined diamonds,” claims the company. The project is part of Swarovski’s drive to offer “new conscious luxury embracing created stones made using responsible methods that respect human wellbeing and support the preservation of the planet.”
Seven pieces of the Penélope Cruz collection were unveiled on the

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