In Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Sisters Sadistically Slaughter the SS

It’s the 1980s, and twin sisters Sophia and Jessica Blazkowicz aren’t used to war. They haven’t seen the horrors that their parents, B.J. and Anya, have lived with during the two decades since the Nazis won World War II. And B.J. is not exactly the most mentally healthy of people, though it’s hard to blame him. He sits completely silent for long stretches of time, clearly still wrestling with what he’s seen and experienced. B.J. and Anya have lovingly raised their daughters, and they’ve trained them well, too. So when Wolfenstein: Youngblood (out July 26) opens with B.J. going missing on a secret government trip to Nazi-occupied Paris, Soph and Jess take it upon themselves to go find their missing dad and bring them home.

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