Alife Talks 20 Years, Lee Jeans Collab and Future

Alife is hitting the reset button in its 20th year in business. Since Rob Cristofaro founded the brand in 1999, Alife has been a popular name among New York City’s skaters, ball players and the streetwear community. The brand was one of the first in that market to introduce collaborations and a footwear collection and now, Alife is ringing in 20 years with renewed energy. “We haven’t ever done an anniversary or really put much energy behind any of the anniversaries that we’ve had,” said Cristofaro. “What you’ll start seeing from the 20th anniversary onward is the culmination of consistent releases, launches, projects and executions.” The New York City-based brand last year launched collaboration footwear with Crocs and this year released a capsule collection with the Brooklyn Museum and artist Faith Ringgold. The company is relaunching footwear in October, and also this fall will offer a new collaboration with Lee Jeans, extend its partnership with Adidas, and work with the Bronx Museum of the Arts for its upcoming exhibition on photographer Henry Chalfant titled “Henry Chalfant: Art vs. Transit, 1977-1987.” “People know Alife for footwear, it was one of the first things that we got into,” said Alife general manager Treis Hill. The brand’s original partner

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