Matthew Weiner Denies Sexual Harassment Allegations But Says on ‘Mad Men’ He was ‘Angry a Lot of the Time’

“Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner is denying the sexual harassment allegations made against him by writer Kater Gordon who worked for him on the AMC series. While appearing at Chevalier’s Books in Los Angeles, Calif. on Friday to promote his new book “Heather: The Totality,” Weiner sat down with fellow television writer and producer Jenji […]



Have We Become An Angry Dating Culture?

I’m seeing a really disturbing trend out there.

I want you to take this time right now to read every single word that I’m writing.

I don’t want you to glance through this article, because if you’re single, this is by far the most important thing you've ever read in your life.

I’m going to start off with this:

How frustrated are you now in your dating life?

If you can write that down right now, write the one word that describes how you feel in your dating life right now.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve noticed a really disturbing trend when it comes down to dating.

The word that we used to have a long time ago, before the flood of Internet dating sites and dating apps and social media validation.

And all these ridiculous ways to get lost in cyber world.

The word that people used to use in dating was a magical word, it was called hope.

People got excited about finding a new mate.

People got excited about finding a new partner.

People went out and actually talked to one another.

If you’re a woman reading this article right now, I want you to think, when was the last time a man came over and approached you and flirted with you?

If you’re a man reading this, I want you to think, when was the last time you actually walked over and actually took a dare and flirted with a woman?

I want you to also ask yourself this question: when you're out in public, how often do you look at your cell phone?

Everybody is angry right now because everybody is escaping.

We’ve become a dating culture – especially in the western world – of people who are swiping and hoping that they’ll stumble across the right photo, the right picture, the perfect person.

Dating has become a paradoxic choice. It’s almost like shopping on for stereo equipment.

You take a look, you read the reviews and you see if – after reading reviews from random strangers – this is the perfect thing for you. And don’t even get me started on how dating is only a review away. Pretty soon there’s going to be a review site, a major one, a major breakthrough where people will post about their exes, and then you’re going to find out the truth about everybody and the next thing you know, it’s going to feed this dating anger even more.

Let’s even get more honest with today. When was the last time you went out on a date with somebody and didn’t Google them ahead of time so you can have a preconceived story about what you think they are due to somebody else’s opinion of them on Google?

Or maybe an article they wrote because well, in today’s neurotic world, we can go deeper and deeper into the void.

It used to be this magical moment: boy meets girl.

Boy asks girl out, actually calls her on a thing called the telephone, not a texting device. Your iPhone is a phone, people, not an iText.

There would be this anticipation. There would be nerves.

At the end of the date, you’d wonder if you liked each other, you’d do a post-date re-cap with your friends and you’d give that person another chance.

Now, there’s no post-date re-cap anymore. It’s either a yes or a no immediately. You don’t think about it because when you do. You go back into the illusional, delusional world of swipe dating.

Because we always know there’s going to be something better, because that’s the way we’ve been programmed.

And this is why people are so frustrated. People are frustrated and angry. Women are angrier than ever before.

I know this factually. I’ve been coaching women for a long time and as the years go by, women get more and more angry.

They feel like they are running out of time.

I'm in my 30's, when am I going to have my children, when am I going to meet that guy?

I'm in my 40's, I haven't met him yet. When am I going to find the man that I'm supposed to marry and live happily ever after.

I'm in my 50's and I'm running out of time. I'm not going to be pretty for a long time and all men want is younger women.

It just goes on and on and on. Women have this accelerator down they feel like they have no time left in the world, that they are just aging at 100 miles per hour and they get angry and pissed off that nobody is seeing their beauty, so they are forced to date the men they don’t want to date.

People are angry out there.

If you ask people how they feel about dating, most people will say they hate it.

To me, I’d ask why do you hate dating? It’s an opportunity to meet someone you’ve never met before. It’s so amazing because it gives you an opportunity to have the relationship you’ve never had.

If you’re not open, how do you expect to even meet somebody? And yet, we do all of these ridiculous things, pretending we’re open.

Swiping. Social media posting. We have this illusion of a social life. No wonder people hate dating, because we’re not getting anywhere!

We’re like bald snow tires in a snow storm. We just spin and spin and spin and get nowhere, and then when we finally do find somebody…

We try to hit the accelerator button down and try to get to a relationship as quickly as possible so we can avoid the thing that we truly hate: dating.

Folks, you’ve got to lose the anger to find love. Period. End of story. End of rant.

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Taye Diggs To Star In Lead Role In Broadway’s ‘Hedwig And The Angry Inch’

LOS ANGELES ( – Taye Diggs will return to Broadway for the first time in a decade in “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” stepping into the musical’s lead role after current star Darren Criss exits in July.

The revival, which launched last year with Neil Patrick Harris and walked away with four Tony Awards, has maintained a rotating roster of stars since Harris left, bringing in actors including Andrew Rannells, Michael C. Hall, original star John Cameron Mitchell and Criss for stints in the show. No actor has since yielded the high box office that Harris brought to the show.

Diggs’ turn in the musical will mark the first time the role has been played in a major New York production by African-American actor; prior performers to play the part in the show’s Off Broadway incarnation included current Tony nominee Michael Cerveris and Ally Sheedy. Diggs, who launched his career in the original Broadway production of “Rent” and has also appeared on Broadway in “Chicago” and “Wicked,” last appeared on a New York stage in a 2005 Off Broadway production of “A Soldier’s Play.”

Also the star of TNT drama “Murder in the First,” Diggs will star opposite Rebecca Naomi Jones in “Hedwig.” He begins his 12-week run in the production July 22 after Criss wraps up his engagement July 19.

“Hedwig” will also take the spotlight at the Tony Awards next month when Mitchell, the co-creator of the show, wins a special Tony Award for his performance in the show earlier this year.

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Warning: Try This and You May Never Go to Bed Angry Again

“What are three things you appreciate about me?” my partner cheekily whispered to me.

“Why you little…!”

I couldn’t believe it.

My partner and I had been engaged in a rare but nevertheless very heated argument that evening, which we hadn’t managed to resolve prior to retiring to bed.

Now I was lying there, absolutely steaming with my back turned to him, and he had the nerve to try to pull our regular bedtime gratitude routine? Ugh, what nerve!

For those who read my previous post, you know I’ve been on my own personal gratitude journey for some time now. I’ve experimented with all sorts of different gratitude practices over the years, and upon reading an article warning against the relationship dangers of taking one’s partner for granted, I decided to implement a nightly ritual with my own partner, declaring three things that we appreciated about each other each day.

We’d been engaging in the practice for months and found it a wonderful way to connect as well as calm and refocus our minds on positive thoughts before drifting off to sleep.

But now, in this moment when I was steeped in anger directed squarely at my partner, feeling gratitude towards him was the furthest thing from my mind.

​When he posed that cheeky question to me though, it abruptly stopped me in my mental tracks.

Previously my mind had been spinning with thoughts of “How could he this” and “How dare he that,” while I stewed away in my state of anger. Suddenly, through his question, he caused my mind to shift gears and broaden my focus away from my narrow self-pity to consider the bigger picture.

And oh boy did I feel the internal conflict. Part of me clenched ever more tightly to that self-righteous feeling of “I’ve been wronged.” But there was also an almost instinctive reaction from the gratitude habit I’d created to scan my memory of the day for all the positive interactions we’d had: the long hug we’d had before I left for work in the morning, the hot chocolate he’d made for me… that even when we didn’t see eye-to-eye he still stayed by my side.

Guess which reaction won out?

In that moment I discovered that I wasn’t able to simultaneously hold onto my anger and feel gratitude toward my partner. It was almost as though his cheekiness in asking what I appreciated about him flipped a switch in my mind that sent me down a different track.

Things weren’t all rosy and perfect immediately after that of course, but my mind calmed down significantly and we were able to return to civil discourse. I (admittedly a bit reluctantly) shared what I appreciated about him and felt validated when he did the same for me. So much easier to fall asleep after that.

This blog post is part of a series for HuffPost Gratitude, entitled ‘The Moment Gratitude Changed My Perspective.’ To see all the other posts in the series, click here.

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Want a Great Relationship? Don’t Go to Bed Angry

The first time I got married, I was young, naïve and foolish. I didn’t genuinely understand what it meant to share a life with another person even though I was absolutely convinced I did. I also wanted to do my marriage differently than what I’d seen my parents do.

I’d witnessed the hostility, frustration and dysfunction first hand. Instead, I wanted a healthy, loving relationship. But because my mom, dad and stepdad were my role models, I ended up re-enacting what I’d experienced even when it was the last thing I’d planned.

Meanwhile, my heart craved something else entirely, something other than what I was creating. It longed for intimacy, love, connection, to feel understood. These sounded romantic and simple but eluded me.

What I had and what I wanted were miles apart only I pretended that wasn’t the case and acted as if everything was perfect. Until it all came apart.

Looking back I see that the main challenge, the thing that successfully unraveled my relationship, wasn’t one singular event. It was the opposite. It was the small, every day, ordinary moments that poked the holes.

What am I talking about?

Here’s a scenario:

It’s a Friday night and we’re watching a movie, one of those heart wrenching, soul mate tearjerkers. Naturally, I start crying. My husband rolls his eyes and snorts, implying that I’m pathetic.

I instantly feel hurt and reject him back, turning away from him in bed, holding my wounded-ness like a cloak around me.

I could have told him how I felt. Instead, I justified my silence with thoughts like: He doesn’t understand or care. Rationalizations that were probably untrue but re-enforced my pain and hurt.

These moments seemed trite and inconsequential when they occurred but added up over time, they eroded trust until one day, a decade later, I looked up and realized I was standing on the opposite bank of an emotional gulf from my partner.

How did that happen?

From all the little hurts — me nagging about the laundry, him disappointing me by working Saturdays, me criticizing him about a monthly gym membership he’d never use, him not getting me a card for my birthday… and on and on. We didn’t talk about these little upsets and chose to go to bed feeling hurt and angry.

Needless to say, our relationship splintered and I decided that I was done. Done with power and control masquerading as love. No more partners.

Instead, I’d take care of myself and my girls. I wasn’t ready for another relationship and I certainly didn’t want one that wasn’t really about love.

It was time for me to learn how to be loving which began with me learning how to love myself. I also had to understand how to make room for other people and that meant surrendering my need for control. And most importantly, giving up criticism.

It took awhile and frankly, I was skeptical that real love even existed.

Then I got surprised. Love came to me, as it usually does, when I least expected it.

This time my partner and I agreed to do things differently. Consequently, he and I talk about everything. We’re open about our feelings and even about how we want to be with each other. This led us to creating agreements that govern our relationship.

One of these is to not go to bed angry. I’ll admit that sometimes this is really hard to do. Especially when I feel hurt or wronged.

In those moments it’s hard to be emotionally vulnerable. It’s much easier to fall into blame or feel like a victim. But I value what we have together and I remember how going to bed angry whittled away my previous relationship.

I know it’s worth speaking up because then those little things won’t accumulate. They won’t slowly push me away emotionally so I stop opening up and sharing.

Instead, when I do finally speak my words of upset, those words of truth, the opposite occurs.

I feel even more seen, heard and loved. I am honored and taken care of because I choose to share my vulnerability instead of holding in the hurt.

It’s been 11 years and I can honestly say that my current husband and I are even closer today than we were all those years ago. A big reason why is because we consistently try to honor this agreement and not go to bed angry.

So the next time you feel hurt, disappointed or upset with your partner, try talking about it.

Tell him or her how you feel. See if your partner can understand your point of view and perhaps offer some insight into theirs. It may bring you to a new level of intimacy with one another and deepen the bond you have.

Shakti Sutriasa is the Founder of, a personal development company offering life coaching, counseling and workshops. Her unique approach combines modern psychology and spirituality to support people seeking positive change and self-transformation. Shakti is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and has an MA in Education. Learn more at

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