Meet the Stars Who Are First-Time PCAs Nominees: Brie Larson, Jonas Brothers, Keanu Reeves and More

Jonas Brothers, Happiness Begins TourSome of your favorite celebrities are finally nominated for a People’s Choice Award!
This November marks the 45th year of the iconic award show and the second time it will be hosted…

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“I Don’t Want to Sell People Things!” See Daniel Bryan’s Reaction When Brie Bella Surprises Him With a Brand Manager

Daniel Bryan Total Bellas 404Surprise!
In this clip from Sunday’s brand-new Total Bellas, Brie Bella is trying to encourage her husband Daniel Bryan to focus on ramping up his personal brand. It turns out to be…

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Single Nikki Bella Claims Buying a Ferrari Is “Healing”–But Brie Thinks It’s More Like “a Mid-Life Crisis”

Nikki Bella, Total Bellas 403Is Nikki Bella having a “mid-life crisis”?
In this clip from Sunday’s all-new Total Bellas, Brie Bella expresses concern after her sister rolls up in a flashy…

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Brie Bella Wants to Make Her “Saggy Boobs Look Perky” Again With Breast Implants: See Bryan’s Reaction!

Daniel Bryan, Brie Bella, Total Bellas 402To get a boob job, or not to get a boob job? That is the question.
In this clip from Sunday’s all-new episode of Total Bellas, Bryan Danielson (known professionally as Daniel Bryan)…

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Nikki Bella Jokes That Twin Sister Brie Should Have Broken Up with John Cena in Her Place

Nikki Bella has a sense of humor about her relationship drama with John Cena.

In an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon with her twin sister Brie Bella, the wrestler, 34, quipped about the romance.

When Fallon asked about the advantages of having an identical twin, Nikki replied, “When we were young, we’d break up with boyfriends for each other.”

Brie chimed in, “We never had to go through the emotions of a breakup because I was like, ‘You wanna dump the guy? Cool.’ I’d be like, ‘Hello? Yeah, not into you. Sorry.’ And then I would just go on with my day, no hard feelings, and she’d be like, ‘Did you do it?’ And I’d be like, ‘Yeah, you’re good.’”

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Then Nikki got in a burn: “So where were you a few months ago? Just kidding.”

“Sorry,” she said as the audience gasped.

“That would’ve been a hard phone call,” Brie replied.

Nikki was cheekily alluding to her rocky road with Cena, 41. The longtime loves got engaged in April 2017 after dating for five years. A year later, Nikki broke off the engagement three weeks before their May 5 wedding date.

“He was making it abundantly clear that he was going into this gritting his teeth the whole way,” a source told PEOPLE at the time. “Nikki is an amazing, talented, strong, one-of-a-kind woman. Anyone would be lucky to have her in their life — yet John acted more and more like he was doing her a favor by somehow conceding to go ahead and marry her.”

On The Tonight Show, Nikki opened up about how difficult it is to watch the moments play out on TV.

“This season’s been really painful for me,” she said. “To just relive, it’s been super tough.”

When Fallon mentioned that the Total Bellas season finale is “emotional,” Nikki explained, “Brie and I, we’re just beyond open books. But we feel like if you want to have a reality show, you can’t have the fake stuff. You really have to let people into your life, and that’s how you connect with people.”

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The split also stemmed from their differing thoughts on having children.

“I do want to be a mom,” Nikki said on Total Divas in 2013. “I feel like I’d be missing out.”

“I’m going to choose my words carefully,” Cena answered. “I can’t give you that.”

On a recent episode of Total Bellas, Nikki got nervous about marrying Cena because of this difference of opinion. “I just know deep down I want a baby,” she said. “I want to be a mom, and I feel like I can’t live the rest of my life not having one.”

Then, Cena agreed to have his vasectomy reversed.

On Total Bellas, the Blockers star told Nikki about his change of heart. “I physically can’t have kids,” he said. “So I’m also telling you that I’m willing to have surgery and then still go through with being a dad.”

But in the latest episode of Total Bellas, Nikki decided to cancel the wedding again. “It’s tough because he’s, like, fighting really hard for me,” she said, going on to add that “there’s something that is making me not feel like I can walk down the aisle right now.”

The season finale of Total Bellas airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on E!

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Charlize Theron, Brie Larson Attend Porter’s Incredible Women Gala 2017

Porter, Net-a-porter’s print magazine, on Wednesday held its second annual Incredible Women Gala at NeueHouse West Hollywood, in association with Estée Lauder. Hosted by editor in chief Lucy Yeomans and Universal chairman Donna Langley, the event drew Charlize Theron, Brie Larson, Elizabeth Banks, Mary J. Blige, Melanie Griffith, Raquel Welch, Kate Bosworth and more.
The Incredible Women list, now in its third year, grew out of a cover line on Porter’s first issue. It has since spawned a talk series that began with Christy Turlington Burns in 2014 and has included American Ballet Theater principal dancer Misty Copeland, film director Sofia Coppola and Serpentine chief executive officer Yana Peel. The first gala was held last year in London at the V&A Museum.
Partnering with Langley, who was profiled in the magazine in the past, made sense since this year’s list of 50 women was focused on the entertainment industry. The timing of this year’s gala comes when women in the industry have banded together in support of speaking out against sexual harassment. The magazine commissioned women including Copeland, Larson and the organizers of the Women’s March, Tamika Mallory and Bob Bland, to write open letters touching upon crucial issues facing women in

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Brie Bella and Nikki Bella’s Mom Gets Pissed Off During Family Dinner: “Nothing Has Ever Been Good Enough for You Guys!”

Brie Bella, Total Bellas 205Don’t mess with mama Bella!
The Bella Twins disrespected their mom big time on this week’s episode of Total Bellas, and she was not afraid to put her foot down. Nikki Bella and…

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“So Not Cool!” Nikki Bella Is Mad at Brie for Not Naming Her & John Cena Baby Birdie’s Legal Guardians on Total Bellas

Total Divas, Brie Bella, Nikki BellaThe Bella Twins have an issue over baby Birdie.
On tonight’s new episode of Total Bellas, Brie Bella is getting her affairs in order before the birth of little Birdie Joe Danielson….

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Nikki Bella Is Furious After Brie Misses a Major Business Call on Total Divas: “I Don’t Know What’s Going on With Her”

Nikki Bella, Total Divas, Total Divas 612Brie Bella is in trouble with Nikki Bella on Wednesday’s Total Divas!
In this clip from the episode, Nikki and Brie are supposed to call in for an important meeting with their agents,…

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Brie Larson To Play First Woman To Run For President

Brie Larson is making history.

The Oscar-winning actress will reportedly play Victoria Woodhull, the United States’ first female presidential candidate, in a biopic of the same name.

Amazon Studios acquired the film project on which Larson will also serve as a producer, Deadline reported Wednesday.

Woodhull ran for presidency on the Equal Rights Party ticket in 1872, decades before women could even vote, according to A suffragette who fought for women’s rights on many fronts, Woodhull also published a journal with her sister to promote social reform and founded the first woman-run stock brokerage.

Larson, 27, has publicly advocated for women’s rights as her film career has blossomed.

She previously portrayed female empowerment in a different mode as a kidnapping and rape survivor in 2015’s “Room,” which won her a best actress Academy Award. She enjoyed box office success this year in “Kong: Skull Island.”

The Hollywood Reporter noted that Larson is also set to play Captain Marvel in a 2019 Disney and Marvel movie. 

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A Year After Winning For Portraying A Victim Of Abuse, Brie Larson Hands Casey Affleck An Oscar

At last year’s Academy Awards, Brie Larson took home the Best Actress award for her performance in “Room.” The film by Lenny Abrahamson told the story of a woman called Ma, who we eventually learn had been imprisoned in a small shed years before by a man called Old Nick. Although Nick is only briefly seen, his presence is known by the abuse, sexual and physical, he inflicts on Ma and her young son, Jack.

The actress dove into the role, shutting herself away for a month and meeting with psychologists to understand the trauma of her character. She showed great empathy as she hugged each sexual assault survivor after Lady Gaga’s awareness anthem “Till It Happens to You” as they departed the stage at last year’s ceremony. 

During Sunday night’s Oscars, Larson took the stage again to announce 2017’s Best Actor winner. The honoree? Casey Affleck for his performance in “Manchester by the Sea.” The thing is, Affleck has been surrounded by controversy after 2010 sexual harassment allegations against him leapt back into headlines last fall.

The announcement made for one uncomfortable picture onstage. Although unlike the time she presented Affleck a Golden Globe in January, Larson chose to give the actor a quick hug as she handed over the gold statue.

Yes, Affleck took home an Oscar in spite of the allegations. (Sexual abuse allegations have squashed Oscar hopefuls in the past; “The Birth of a Nation” was pushed aside for its director’s controversy.) During the 2009 production of another film, Affleck allegedly made repeated sexual comments and unwanted sexual advances toward two women, a producer who he’d worked with him for 10 years and the film’s director of photography. They included the accusation that Affleck crawled into one woman’s bed as she slept.

The cases were settled out of court, and this awards season Affleck scored the BAFTA, Golden Globe, Critic’s Choice, Gotham and National Board of Review awards for the role as Hollywood seemed all too happy to overlook Ben Affleck’s brother’s transgressions. 

Then, at Hollywood’s most coveted event, an audience of millions watched a woman who made a wholehearted effort to become familiar with the experience of sexual abuse award a man who’s put all his effort into denying and brushing away accusations of sexual harassment.

It’s true that the allegations against Affleck are far from the scarring experience with which Larson became familiar. But still, although it’s customary for the year’s previous Best Actress winner to award the new Best Actor, the Academy chose to pair the two of them onstage instead of making an exception. In doing so, it sent a disturbing message.

In Hollywood, it seems, sexual harassment is not a serious matter.

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Brie Larson, Rowan Blanchard Turn Out for Liz Goldwyn’s Standing Rock Dinner

Brie Larson and Rowan Blanchard were among those invited by Liz Goldwyn and David de Rothschild for dinner at Alma at The Standard, Hollywood, to celebrate the recent victory at Standing Rock and bring awareness to the fight to protect natural resources. Miles Allard, cofounder of Sacred Stone Camp, and his wife Ladonna Brave Bull, who were the first to set up peaceful protests of the Dakota Access Pipeline on the site, were the guests of honor, along with DJ Two Bears of Standing Rock.

Brie Larson, Rowan Blanchard and Liz Goldwyn. 

“I curated the guest list to include people from different circles in Los Angeles who are activists with their own platforms,” Goldwyn said. “Brie is already very active with community service, and Rowan does incredible things for someone who’s just 15. She’s really motivating a new generation to make their voices heard.” Other guests included artists Doug Aitken and Rosson Crow, stylists B. Akerlund and Jessica de Ruiter, Dita Von Teese, Larson’s fiancé, musician Alex Greenwald, Alex Ashbaugh, Daniel Corrigan, Co designer Justin Kern, and singer Rainey Qualley and her sister Margaret Qualley.

Margaret and Rainey Qualley 

After a powwow dance performed by Trae Little Sky and Jocy Bird, guests enjoyed a

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Brie Bella Tells Nikki Not to Talk to Daniel Bryan About Wrestling Amidst Depression Battle: ”You’re Being Overprotective!”

Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Daniel BryanNikki Bella wants Daniel Bryan to be her WWE coach, but Brie Bella isn’t into the idea.
On tonight’s episode of Total Divas, Nikki attempts to ask her brother-in-law to help her…

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