Adiff Founder Takes Her Designs to Refugees in Six Camps in Greece

Adiff founder Angela Luna recently returned from asking refugees in six camps in Greece to critique her protective, multipurpose designs.
Working with the nonprofit Carry the Future, which hand-delivers child carriers and baby boxes to refugee families, Luna visited about six refugee camps in Greece. Each varied in size from about 80 people to a few thousand, depending on the set up. In some locations, there were acres of land covered with tents that 10 people would huddle in. In another, there was an apartment building with 10 rooms, housing 10 people in each room.
Referring to Eftalou, an area known for mountains of life jackets, Luna said, “I thought I had an idea of what it would be like. It’s one thing to see the images on your computer and it’s another thing to stand there — the same thing for the camps. You can read interviews with refugees online or watch a documentary, but it’s a completely different thing and you’re able to physically and emotionally connect on a human level,” she said. “My main thing was I don’t understand how people can be afraid of refugees. The kids I was playing games with were exactly like the pre-schoolers I

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