From Adam Rippon to Zazie Beetz: The A-Z Guide to Everyone and Everything We Discovered in 2018

The Year In... A-Z Guide to Everyone and Everything We Discovered in 2018Pop culture is all about the joy of the discovery.
Think about it. There’s nothing better than unearthing something new, something fresh, something you’ve literally never seen or…

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Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC Roster Discovered by Dataminers

Dragon Ball FighterZ was released last week, but it’s already been datamined, revealing what appears to be the full list of DLC characters to come.

ResetEra member TDLink shared the list, which featured eight additional fighters as well as two modes, called Z Union and Z League.

These entries appear to be for in-game avatars, rather than fully playable characters, but TDLink points out that these are the only 8 avatars not currently in the game, making them a good guide for who will be released later.

Here’s the list of additional avatars that have been datamined:

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Discovered Men’s Spring 2018

Tatsuya Kimura and Sanae Yoshida went grungy for spring, layering hooded sweatshirts, coats and loose-fitting pants in mixed plaids, denim, tie-dye and patchwork. Interspersed were a few more elegant looks of tailored black pants and jackets with flame motifs embroidered above the hems. And — likely due to the brand winning last season’s DHL Designer Award — there were also DHL branded T-shirts and bandages worn over nose bridges, which felt forced and over the top.

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This Man Discovered a 300-Year-Old Log House Underneath Stucco Facade of Pennsylvania Home

Talk about a fixer upper.

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The Agent Who Discovered J.K. Rowling Explains Why Her Stories Are Magical

More so than a collection of stories, the “Harry Potter” series can be characterized by its most devoted fans as a hobby, or a lifestyle. The increasingly voluminous installments were hefty enough to get lost in, and they managed to create not only a convincing world, but lovable characters, too.

It’s hard to imagine a world in which the books (and films, and video games, and personality quizzes) might not have been published. But, according to J.K. Rowling’s first agent Christopher Little, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was not an easy sell. 

Little told HuffPost over email that Rowling selected him as her agent in part due to his name, which she liked. He was, in turn, enamored of her story, believing after reading it that it was ready to be sent out to publishers, requiring few big changes. (The rules of Quidditch, however, were altered.)

Below, Little describes the experience of trying to sell a book he believed in ― in spite of publishers’ protestations that it was too long or too “exclusive.”

When Rowling first found an agent, he compared her world-building talent to Tolkien’s.

“When I received the submission from Joanne (as she was known at the time) Rowling, it just came in as an unsolicited submission (of the first three chapters) and was picked up by our then office manager who was looking through the slush pile,” he said. “She liked it and bought it to my attention. Once I read it, I had no reservations whatsoever and in fact felt very excited about it. 

“It was clearly presented as a fully realized world […] I don’t think I recall reading anything so immersive since The Lord of the Rings many years earlier. We quickly wrote back to Jo asking to see the rest of the manuscript as soon as I had finished those initial chapters.”

Rowling chose to write under the name “J.K.” in order to appeal to young boy readers.

“The suggestion to use initials instead of J.K. Rowling’s given name, Joanne, came from discussion with Bloomsbury. It’s notoriously harder to get boys to read in comparison with girls, as many parents will know, and an author being obviously female was more likely to be off-putting to boys. Joanne selected the ‘K’ after her paternal grandmother.”

Rowling only made a few changes before sending it out to publishers.

“There were very minor differences in the full manuscript that was received and that which was sent to the publishers — I do recall that the Quidditch rules were tweaked a bit!”

The book was rejected over and over again before it found a home.

 “Over a period of nigh on a year, the book was turned down by more or less every major publishing house in the U.K. Various reasons were given including the story being too long, the fact that a story set in a children’s boarding school might feel too ‘exclusive’ to many readers, etc.

“When I first spoke to Barry Cunningham, who had at that time recently been hired to run the new children’s department at Bloomsbury Publishing, the book was accepted and an offer was made. He saw the same potential as I did ― perhaps as we both came from a background other than publishing originally, so arguably thought slightly less conventionally and considered this well-characterized, unique story as one that clearly should be published despite such considerations.”

From June 1 to 30, HuffPost is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the very first “Harry Potter” book by reminiscing about all things Hogwarts. Accio childhood memories.

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Discovered RTW Fall 2017

Acid jazz. The future. Space. The armed forces. All of these elements came into play in Discovered’s latest offering for men. Tatsuya Kimura said he and his codesigner Sanae Yoshida were inspired by British rock band Primal Scream’s album “XTRMNTR,” which was released early in the year 2000. He said the album influenced them to create a softer, slightly feminine version of military style.
On a runway lined with dead leaves spray-painted silver, models strutted to fast-paced, thumping electronic music in chunky ribbed knits, nylon jackets, and updated versions of suits and tailored separates. Subtle military influences could be seen in slim cargo pants, toggle coats, combat boots, and the muted palette of gray, black, khaki, olive and navy.
The duo paired tailored coats and trousers with sporty sweatshirts, anorak jackets and quilted shorts. Puffer coats in blue and black were so thick and padded that they called to mind the Michelin Man, but were nonetheless striking in their sheer volume. Color was used sparingly, in the neon yellow lining of a gray nylon jacket, orange or purple prints on sweatshirt sleeves, and pink belts and neck warmers. But this was enough, as the wide variety of textures and shades of similar

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The World’s Second-Largest Diamond Was Just Discovered in Botswana

The 1,111-carat stone could be worth tens of millions of dollars.

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6 Most Embarrassing Historical Artifacts Ever Discovered (NSFW)

Explorers help increase the body of human knowledge, but some of their discoveries can be shocking.

Maybe that’s why the history books fail to mention that King Tut’s mummy was found with a raging hard-on.

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Discovered Men’s RTW Fall 2015

The runway was littered with stacks of pallets concealing fluorescent tube lights as models meandered between them wearing a fall collection of relaxed, street-ready looks with grunge and Southwestern influences. Discovered designers Sanae Yoshida and Tatsuya Kimura said they aimed to emulate casual American style while mixing it with luxurious materials.
Layering was key, with checked flannel button-downs styled over striped long-sleeve T-shirts, knit shorts worn over sweatpants, and different versions of crisp white shirts placed one on top of the other. Ombré checked shirts, work boots and shortalls harkened back to the Nineties grunge era but looked much more polished and modern. Southwestern influences came through in suede and shearling jackets, bandana-print shirts and banded, floppy hats. A black leather jacket looked slightly out of place, but a series of coats, pants and fringed ponchos in a Native American-inspired pattern tied the collection together.

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Rare Virus Discovered in Common Tick

Scientists not yet sure of risk to humans Daily News
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How Supermodel Lily Aldridge Discovered Her Mom Was A Playboy Playmate (VIDEO)

Supermodel Lily Aldridge isn’t the only famous face in her family. Her mother Laura was a Playboy Playmate in the 1970s, as Aldridge found out when rooting around her father’s studio as a child.

“I found out because my dad’s an artist,” she told HuffPost Live’s Josh Zepps on Monday. “So I was in his studio rifling around, causing trouble, and I come across a Playboy. And I’m like, ‘Oh my God, Dad is cheating on Mom. He’s got Playboy.'”

“So I run upstairs and I’m like, ‘Mom, Dad’s cheating on you! He has Playboy!’ And she [responded], ‘Well, I’m in it.'”

Aldridge said she was fascinated by her mother’s photos, which were for the magazine’s February 1976 issue.

“She showed me and I was like, ‘Wow, this is so cool.’ The next day I told all my friends and couldn’t have been more proud. My [older] brother was traumatized, but I thought it was awesome,” the Victoria’s Secret Angel said.

Watch the full conversation on HuffPost Live.

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