Divisions in Writers Guild Stir as the Battle With Agents Drags on

The Writers Guild of America has flexed its considerable muscle in mounting the campaign to ban talent agencies from collecting packaging fees and expanding corporately into the production-distribution arena. But in doing so, the WGA has exacerbated long-simmering tensions among its members that could handicap future efforts to rally the scribe tribe around guild priorities, […]



Changing Markets Foundation Drags Viscose Into Sustainability Spotlight

Fashion has a dirty secret and its name is viscose, according to a new report by Changing Markets Foundation, an organization that campaigns for better corporate practice in the clothing industry.
In its latest report, issued this week, the group outlined viscose’s damage to the eco-system, and the fashion industry’s failure to address the problem.
According to the report, the global viscose market is worth $ 12 billion dollars and is set to reach $ 15.9 billion by 2021.
Following investigations into viscose’s supply chain, Changing Markets Foundation found that factories, with the majority located in China, were dumping untreated wastewater into nearby bodies of water, while toxic runoff destroyed local agriculture.
As a result of the investigations, Changing Markets has released Roadmap, a set of guidelines for brands to clean up viscose’s damage. Seven retailers have endorsed the Roadmap, including Inditex, Asos, Marks & Spencer, H&M, Tesco, Esprit and C&A.
Campaign director Nusa Urbancic said while major high-street retailers who command a large share of the market are working toward sourcing responsible viscose, the industry still needs to address this key issue.
“It’s time for luxury brands, high-street retailers and online stores to wake up and ingrain responsible sourcing into their policies. It’s a shame that most brands have so

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