From Pratt Family Feuds to That “Sick Little Rumor”: Revisiting All of The Hills’ Most Dramatic Moments

The Hills CastThe Hills are alive…with the sound of drama.
We’re just two months out from the highly-anticipated debut of The Hills: New Beginnings, with the revival of MTV’s crown jewel…

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Girl, 16, Suffers Broken Ribs After Being Pushed Off Bridge in Dramatic Video

A 16-year-old girl sustained multiple injuries when she fell dozens of feet from a bridge after being unexpectedly pushed by a friend, and the incident has now sparked a police investigation, PEOPLE confirms.

In footage published by multiple outlets including KATU and Today, Jordan Holgerson is shown standing along a ledge of a bridge at Moulton Falls in Yacolt, Washington. The KATU video shows Jordan telling her group of friends, “No, I won’t go in,” as they pressure her to jump into the river nearly 60 feet below.

Yet, Jordan’s friends continue to press her in the video, and after she declines to jump once again, an unidentified woman is seen shoving Jordan while her back is turned. The push caused her to fall off the bridge.

A few seconds later, the high school student hit the water with a loud smack that can be heard in the video.

“I have five broken ribs, air bubbles in my chest, and I have a punctured lung,” Jordan told KGW8 from PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center in Vancouver, where she is recovering.

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Sgt. Brent Waddell, a spokesman for the Clark County Sheriff’s Department, tells PEOPLE there is an ongoing investigation into the incident.

Jordan told KGW8 that she likely lost consciousness for a moment before hitting the water.

“In midair, I think I might’ve blacked out,” she said. “I was awake and aware when I hit the water.”

After plunging into the river, Jordan said someone nearby jumped into the water to retrieve her, and she was then transported to the hospital.

The original video of the incident, which was posted to YouTube, was removed after it went viral.

Jordan’s mother, Genelle Holgerson, told the Thoroughbred Daily News that her daughter is still in pain and is “very tired,” and they don’t know how long she will remain in the hospital. But the family feels fortunate Jordan’s injuries weren’t as severe as they easily could have been.

“She is lucky she is not paralyzed or dead,” her mom added to Thoroughbred Daily. “We’re lucky she is going to recover and not have permanent injuries.”

“I’m in a lot of pain without medication,” Jordan told Today in an interview that aired Friday.

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Genelle said the family knows the identity of the friend who pushed Jordan, and is calling for her to turn herself in.

“I’m very upset with her,” she told Thoroughbred Daily. “She is an adult, and I’m sure she should have known better,” Genelle told the outlet. “She could have killed my daughter.”

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The Real Housewives of New York City’s Dorinda Medley: We Thought We’d Capsize During Dramatic Boat Trip

Real Housewives of New York City, RHONYIt’s coming. The infamous Real Housewives of New York City boat trip is coming. But first, Bravo’s ladies of the Big Apple make their way to Colombia, don Sofia Vergara-like wigs (OK,…

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The Real Housewives of New York City’s Dorinda Medley: We Thought We’d Capsize During Dramatic Boat Trip

Real Housewives of New York City, RHONYIt’s coming. The infamous Real Housewives of New York City boat trip is coming. But first, Bravo’s ladies of the Big Apple make their way to Colombia, don Sofia Vergara-like wigs (OK,…

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PopPolitics: Geena Davis Predicts ‘Dramatic Change’ for Women in Film (Listen)

Geena Davis has long cited statistics showing that the ratio of male to female characters in film hasn’t changed since the 1940s, but she does see signs that things are changing. Davis is the co-founder of the Bentonville Film Festival, taking place this week from May 2-7, which focuses on women, diversity and inclusion, and created… Read more »



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#TBT: Madonna, Age 20, Posing Completely Nude for a Dramatic Photo Shoot (NSFW)

The rare collection of images has just surfaced.

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“Nurse Jackie” Is At Its Most Dramatic This Season

TV Review Jackie K Cooper
“Nurse Jackie” (SHOWTIME)

“Nurse Jackie” is starting its sixth season and this year the drama is out in full force. At times it is almost operatic in its passion and its heartbreak. Edie Falco and Merritt Weaver continue to head a cast that brings every nuance of their characters’ personalities to the fore. This is certainly a season of change and with change comes complications. Viewers had best be ready for anything and everything to happen.

As the season opens Jackie Peyton (Falco) is still a nurse, still a divorced mother of two daughters, and still an addict. She has fallen off the wagon big time and she doesn’t have any intention of getting clean again anytime soon. Her ex-husband Kevin (Dominic Fusco), her new policeman boyfriend Frank (Adam Ferrara), and all of her co-workers think she is clean and sober. Jackie plans to keep them in the dark so she can have a respectful life and a high one too.

It is amazing to watch Falco in this role. She gives a variety of insights into Jackie. We see Jackie the loving mother, loyal friend, dedicated nurse and indulgent addict. All of these facets blend into who she is. Only an actress as talented as Falco could make it all believable. She works her magic in every scene and is not afraid to make Jackie quite unlikeable.

Working side by side with her is Weaver, an actress of high talent as well. Her character of Zoe is more subtle in her transformation. Over the years Weaver has worked diligently to make her a stronger person, one who has grown into her job and into her own personhood. Weaver portrays these strengths but also lets Zoe still have her moments of insecurity. This makes for a unique performance that perfectly supplements Falco’s.

There are so many stunning and emotional moments this season that you dare not miss a single episode. We get some of the series’ highest highs and lowest lows. This year it is all about the drama so forget any idea of this being a comedy. The comedy is incidental but the drama is everywhere you turn.

When Falco was finished with “The Sopranos” it was thought she could never find another role as good as Carmella. Well she did and to may viewers Jackie is a much more intriguing character than Carmella ever was. And this time the series is centered on Falco as the star.

“Nurse Jackie” airs on SHOWTIME every Sunday at 9PM. Mark it down on your calendars or set your Tivos. Whatever you have to do, don’t miss a single episode. This is television viewing of the highest caliber.

Jackie K Cooper
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