Browns Hosts Dinner to Mark Fantastic Man’s Book About Men’s Dressing

LIGHT FANTASTIC: What’s the opposite of hi-tech? The new book by Fantastic Man magazine, “What Men Wear and Why.” A soft cover printed on recycled paper, it includes lots of charming interviews with men about how they dress themselves every day. The interviews are long — no social media-sized commentary here — and, crucially, there are no illustrations or images. Readers — refreshingly — are forced to use their mind’s eye.
Browns hosted a cocktail and dinner on Saturday night during Paris Men’s Fashion Week to mark the book’s publication, and its collaboration with Fantastic Man. The retailer has given over the windows of its store on South Molton Street to different quotes and themes from the book. The event took place at Brasserie Vaudeville, across from the Bourse, with guests including Stefano Pilati, Martine Rose, Liam Hodges, Raf Simons, Benjamin Alexander Huseby, Serhat Isik, Lucie and Luke Meier, Charles Jeffrey and Lou Dalton.

The scene at the dinner 
Stephane Feugere/WWD

Pilati was looking natty in a white, illustrated Comme des Garcons shirt and a jacket of his own design, part of his newest clothing drop, set for Feb. 7. He said there’s a lot more tailoring in the upcoming delivery, and smiled as

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Cannes 2018: Model Petra Nemcova Makes the Case for Sustainable Red-Carpet Dressing With Chopard, Livia Firth

NEW APPROACH: Model and philanthropist Petra Nemcova has spent two weeks in Cannes attending red-carpet events and premieres in sustainably made gowns and accessories.
As the festival comes to a close, Nemcova said she has seen the message of sustainability grow stronger than ever on the Cannes red carpet and that a shift in mind-set has been brewing throughout the film festival, on the part of celebrities, designers and stylists alike.
“I’ve been seeing things change in the last two weeks, more than ever. Just before the festival, there was also the Met Gala, where models like Gisele Bündchen wore sustainable gowns, so everything is coming together,” said Nemcova, who teamed with Chopard and eco-campaigner Livia Firth on the project to encourage designers to rethink the ways they design for the red carpet, as part of Firth’s ongoing “Green Carpet Challenge” initiative.
“It might not be for everyone but the last weeks were so important for this movement and it’s inevitable that more and more stylists will now start looking for sustainable choices,” added Nemcova, who was joined by the likes of Cate Blanchett and Penélope Cruz in her mission to promote sustainable red-carpet dressing.

Petra Nemcova in Ronald van der Kemp. 
Courtesy Photo

Blanchett attended

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Jet-a-porter Puts the Focus on Dressing for Holiday, Adventures

HOLIDAY READY: Net-a-porter is putting more focus on holiday wear as it looks to answer to the needs of an increasingly global and mobile consumer who is big on experiences, travel and her social media image.
The e-tailer has launched a new category, Jet-a-porter, offering a curated selection of resort, swimwear and ski clothing. According to the company, skiwear has increased by more than half since last year. Given its significant growth trajectory, it made up almost three-quarters of Net’s Cruise 2017 buy.
“We’ve seen major growth year-on-year since launching the sports category, Net-a-sporter, in 2014 and we don’t see this slowing down any time soon,” said Elizabeth von der Goltz, Net’s global buying director.
She said that among the best-selling brands were Fendi, Perfect Moment, best known for their onesies, Moncler Grenoble and the knitwear label Chinti and Parker, which recently created an exclusive capsule for the retailer.

The latest Jet-a-porter ski campaign. 
Courtesy Photo

She also noted a shift in consumer behavior and the increased importance of experiences as drivers of the new trend.
“As experiences have become increasingly important in consumers’ lives, so has travel and adventure. Being up in the mountains in the snow isn’t just for skiers, but for people looking for

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Meet the Young French Designer Dressing the Hôtel de Crillon

PARIS — One evening in 2015, Hugo Matha was having a drink at a café, telling a friend that he wanted to design uniforms. A man sitting nearby overheard the conversation and came over to ask him who he was.
They exchanged details — the other man, Jacques Oudinot, was already tapped to be the director in charge of operations of the Hôtel de Crillon, owned by the Rosewood hotelier group, whose renovation was well under way but many months away from completion. The deal was sealed not long after.
At the time, Matha was already making a name for himself in accessories, thanks to his treatment of the clutch as an objet d’art, mixing Plexiglas with exotic leathers, flexible stone or precious woods. The son of winemakers from the Aveyron region in central France, he studied women’s wear design at the Duperré school in Paris before friends convinced him to launch a brand based on the accessories he’d presented alongside his graduate collection.
Soon, a cadre of influential wearers were carrying them. Retailers were supportive: Colette stocked him from his first season and Moda Operandi selected him for a trunk show. Matha was nominated for the ANDAM awards in 2015 and 2016,

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Nick Graham Dressing Bill Nye for Netflix Series

Nick Graham has expanded his relationship with Bill Nye and is dressing the scientist and educator for his new Netflix series, “Bill Nye Saves the World.”
The 13-episode show started on Friday.
“Bill is one of those rare personalities that combines a strong compassionate message with his slightly irreverent, but always brilliant observations of the world,” Graham said. “Besides that, he has always had an enormous sense of style that he has made his own, and so all I had to do was take a bit further.”
Nye said: “Nick is incredibly creative and it’s reflected in his clothes. I love wearing his suits. And besides, they fit me right off the rack.”
On each episode of the Netflix show, Nye will take on a specific science-related topic or concept with panel discussions and correspondent reports. The set, which is designed as a modern science lab, is an extension of his popular series in the Nineties, “Bill Nye the Science Guy.”
Nye also walked in Nick Graham’s fall men’s show, titled “Life on Mars,” in January, which garnered over 1 billion impressions and 385,000 likes for Nye on Instagram, according to Graham.
The designer collaborated with Nye on a limited-edition collection of quirky, science-themed bow ties in November of 2015,

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The Dressing Room Challenge Encourages Women To Stop Criticizing Their Bodies While Shopping

Psychologist Susan Albers created the ‘dressing room challenge,’ which asks women to stop criticizing their bodies while shopping.
In the April issue of ‘Allure,’ Meghan Markle opens up about her experiences with colorism and being labeled “ethnically ambiguous” in castings.
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Michelle Obama Exhibits Excellence In Holiday Party Dressing

All hail Michelle Obama, who must understand just how tightly we’re holding on to every last appearance she makes as first lady.

FLOTUS continued her streak of style hits over the past few months on Tuesday, wearing a perfectly festive look at a holiday event hosted for military families at the White House

Wearing a three-quarter sleeve boat neck navy dress with red and cream embellishments, a full skirt and a bow to tie it all together, the always elegant first lady finished off the look with a pair of silver pumps. 

Of course, it’s the selfies, arts and crafts and joy she served up while in the dress that really count, but let’s all applaud her for providing us with the ultimate holiday party style inspo, too. 

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Summer Office Dressing 101: The Dos and Don’ts of Appropriate Work Looks

By Jane Keltner de Valle, Glamour

(Photo: James Ryang)

Lifeguards have it easy, but what should the rest of us wear to work all summer long? Glamour’s Jane Keltner de Valle lays down the new rules.

Fact: Dressing for the office in my hometown of New York City in the height of summer is an Olympian fashion feat. There’s the 100-degree communal steam bath that is the subway platform, the high-humidity concrete jungle, and the punishing arctic blast that greets you as you come through the revolving doors of an office skyscraper. Like everyone else, I struggle to dress appropriately under such bipolar conditions, but I have learned a few tricks over my decade-plus career in fashion — and can always call on the best-dressed women in the world in the name of research. So with a season of escalating temps on the horizon, I rang up a few of the chicest career girls I know. Consider the following your cheat sheet:

If you’d wear it to the beach, file it under ‘no.’
When I was an editor at Teen Vogue, an assistant once arrived wearing a strapless cocktail dress to a midsummer meeting with our editor-in-chief. Which brings us to lesson one: Resist the temptation to go too bare. “Summer is like a disaster zone,” real estate scion and lifestyle entrepreneur Ivanka Trump told me over breakfast recently. “Hemlines go up, and there are so many minefields for women! Men can wear khakis and a polo shirt on casual Fridays. If I ever walked into the office wearing that?” (One shudders to think what The Donald might say.) Her advice: “Look at the environment you’re working in, and stay within the boundaries of that.” For Trump that means polished dresses, or a blazer and silk tank paired with relaxed pants (she’s loving this season’s culottes and wide-leg styles).

Kate Davidson Hudson, the cofounder of the accessory site Editorialist, adheres to another wise dictate: “I heard this rule once that you’re not going to wear a pantsuit and heels to the beach, so don’t wear something you’d wear to the beach to the office.” She recalls a young colleague at a former job who “wore cut-off booty shorts with pink flip-flops. We had to take her aside and explain what proper work attire entails. You have to be conscious of not letting your professionalism be undermined by your clothes.” Unless your job is lifeguard or swimsuit model (in which case, party on!), rule out cutoffs, flip-flops, sports bras, and anything you’d wear to a pool or a gym.

Find a uniform and go from there.
Last May, when I joined Glamour, I was immediately struck by fashion director Jillian Davison’s unerring ability to be both work- and weather-appropriate. Full disclosure: She is Australian, so she’s been dressing for the heat from birth. But still! Day after day Davison breezed into the office wearing a crisp men’s oxford, sleeves artfully rolled up; a pencil skirt or loose pants; and a flash of gold jewelry. Chic, polished, comfortable. What’s her secret? “A level of tailoring is always going to look professional,” she says. “That’s why I’m a fan of the button-down shirt. Natural fabrics like cotton and linen breathe, and looser fits that sit away from the body feel less restrictive.” (In other words, store your leathers, suedes, and clingy knits until fall; ventilation is key in hot weather.)

Davidson Hudson has a summer uniform too: “I love a suit with a sleeveless jacket or tailored, long city shorts,” she says. Yes, shorts can be appropriate; just keep the fabric structured and the length modest.

My personal go-to is the one-and-done dress (I just ordered a crisp Rosie Assoulin version). Ivanka Trump agrees: “In the summer you can wear a simple sheath, and in the fall you put a blazer on top.”

Know how short is too short.
As temperatures rise, so too do hemlines. So what’s acceptable in terms of length? The general consensus is no more than a couple of inches above the knee; short shorts, miniskirts, and clingy fabrics aren’t appropriate. For her part, Davidson Hudson advocates a “sit test” in front of a mirror before leaving the house. “If the skin of your legs is hitting the chair,” she says, “that’s too short.” Thankfully, fashion designers seem to have gotten the memo; the season’s of-the-moment silhouette is the midi skirt, which hits midcalf.

Embrace the light.
If New Yorkers (myself included) are guilty of one thing, it’s wearing too much black. Not a problem in the winter, but come summer, light colors look and feel cooler. Davison advises replacing your blacks with whites during the warmer months. “White near your face is very flattering,” she says. “It’s a great canvas to add color to.” Pair with navy and gold for a nautical-inspired look, or channel the spring runways and go all white. “I love mixing whites with beiges and blushes for summer,” says Davidson Hudson. Khaki safari-inspired looks are another perennial favorite; I count a sleeveless trench dress as one of my summer mainstays. It reminds me of Yves Saint Laurent’s iconic safari dress. Going strong since 1968…and all the rage right now!

And don’t forget these Dos & Don’ts.

Do layer. I know going from an overheated street to an over-air-conditioned office may be a true #firstworldproblem, but it is tricky. The solution? I keep a cardigan or a blazer permanently draped over my office chair.

Don’t do too-bare shoes. Flats are fantastic, and this season offers a plethora of chic choices, from the gladiator to the mule. But when doing an open toe, consider coverage: “I’m going to sound really finicky,” says Davison, “but looking at the whole foot can be not that attractive. I opt for clever styles, like a d’Orsay, where your foot isn’t entirely exposed.”

Do groom. With bare shoes, consider these three C’s: clean, clipped, and chip-free. My personal go-to pedicure shade is a nude (the Essie classic Ballet Slippers); it’s pretty without being distracting and has the added benefit of being leg-lengthening. Not to mention the fact that nude goes with everything–who has time to change polish every time you change outfits? You might think twice about getting a pedicure during working hours, though. “I see people coming back from the spa during their lunch break with the toe separators still on,” says Trump, tsk-tsk-ing. On that same note, she advises against leaving the house with wet hair. “Tempting,” she acknowledges, but just not professional. Bottom line? Even in summer, “dress for the role you want to assume in your life,” Trump suggests. “It sends a message to people: You care about taking care of yourself. It’s important to feel like you have executive presence.”

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Dressing 9 to 5–What the Most Stylish Women Wear to Work: Steven Alan Creative Director Aï Bihr


Photo: Cedric Bihr

When it comes to building her wardrobe, Aï Bihr certainly has a lot of options. As Steven Alan’s creative director, Bihr has a whole store’s worth of goodies right at her fingertips — and is in the enviable position of being able to actually create exactly the kind of garment she’d like to wear. And if that wasn’t enough to make you wish you were in her shoes, Bihr speaks multiple languages, has lived in Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles, and New York, holds degrees in both neuroscience and pattern-making. Here, she gives us the scoop on what she wears to work.

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Test Market

On a work day, I try to wear mostly Steven Alan because it’s good for me to wear what we’ve made; if we need to improve something or if something’s not working great, then I know it. I love to wear a big Steven Alan shirt — I usually get something a bit oversize. So I’ll wear a men’s extra-large reverse seam in white, with a pair of jeans we’ve made. I also have a lot of old Levi’s because I collect a lot of denim. I love a 501, but I like to buy a big men’s size and then cut the legs so they’re kind of wide and cropped. I go to a lot of vintage stores to hunt for them; when I lived in Paris I went every weekend to look at the flea markets. I’m also a big vintage eyewear collector and have really loved designing the Steven Alan Optical collection.

Rag & Bone Clara denim bucket hat, $ 39;; Steven Alan Optical Wentworth glasses in light stripe tortoise, $ 195;; Levi’s 501 CT jeans, $ 80;; Steven Alan x Beauty & Youth Loose Turkey cotton crewneck tee, $ 98;
Photo: (Clockwise from top left) Courtesy of Intermixo; Courtesy of; Courtesy of; Courtesy of

Photo: Courtesy of Aï Bihr

On my feet, I usually have sneakers or oxfords. Or like, a penny loafer. My whole team knows I’m addicted to these Japanese high tops called Shoes Like Pottery. I wear them constantly, year round. I don’t want to be boring, but I always look the same! Even if there’s a corporate event or I have to make a presentation, I always look the same. I try to stay very consistent and have been very consistent for a long time. I’ve always worn a lot of jumpsuits–whatever brand I go to, I make jumpsuits for them. They’re kind of great because they’re so versatile. You can even tie the sleeves at the waist and they make really great pants that way. I have a nice collection of vintage jumpsuits, some from the Yves Saint Laurent Safari collection, and I’ll wear those tied at the waist or zip them up and belt them. And if I’m wearing a jumpsuit like that I might add a little heeled sandal. Maryam Nassir Zadeh makes beautiful shoes. If I do go to a party and I feel like wearing something a little bit different I’ll put on sandals from Maryam. One of my best friends, Mona, designs A Détacher and she makes really beautiful skirts and dresses. I recently bought an indigo skirt/culotte thing from her. It’s the perfect length and so good for summer parties.

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Steven Alan sleeveless crossover shirt, $ 178;; Acne Studios Avon drawstring safari jacket, $ 354;; Maryam Nassir Zadeh Sophie suede sandal, $ 368;; A Détacher Sissy shorts, $ 450;

Photo: (Clockwise from top left) Courtesy of; Courtesy of; Courtesy of; Courtesy of


Dress for the Seasons

When the weather is this hot and humid, I love to wear linen and cotton poplin. We have these really great cotton poplin wide trousers from Steven Alan called the Picnic Pant. When you wear a wide-leg trouser like that, it’s nice to wear something small on top. You can’t wear something too big, or else you look like a tent. It’s also a great pant to wear with a linen T-shirt.


Steven Alan Picnic pant, $ 255;; Mango cropped linen top, $ 50; for information:; Manolo Blahnik Vazca penny loafers, $ 745;

Photo: (Clockwise from left) Courtesy of Steven Alan; Courtesy of Mango; Courtesy of Barneys

In the fall, I’m usually in a suit. I’ll wear a suit jacket and a pair of trousers, with a T-shirt and sneakers. I have a few different jacket styles that I really like–one is a schoolboy that’s a bit smaller; The Row makes a really nice one every year. And then I like a boyfriend notched lapel in tropical wool; it’s actually the first jacket I made for Steven Alan when I joined the company and it’s still my go-to. I also always love to have a peak lapel double-breasted blazer. I think the key to pulling off a suit is–well, first of all you just really have to find the right suit for you. But then you also have to have a more casual element in your accessories or what you’re wearing the suit with, like a T-shirt and sneakers.


The Row Maguire double-breasted shantung blazer, $ 1,554;; Isabel Marant Étoile Kiliann Lima tee, price upon request;; Reed Krakoff cotton-blend tapered pants, $ 483;; Shoes Like Pottery low-top canvas shoe, $ 155;

Photo: (Clockwise from top left) Courtesy of; Courtesy of; Courtesy of; Courtesy of Steven Alan

Quality Control

When I’m shopping for myself, I always look at the finishing of the garment. I’m looking on the inside, not just the outside, examining the fabric, rubbing it on my neck and doing all the crazy things that designers do. You want to make sure there’s a clean finish–basically, that you don’t see all this thread wrapped around the seam–so that it doesn’t look like things are going to snag. It’s good to pay attention to these kinds of things, because they’re going to dictate the longevity of the garment. And really touch the fabric. Customers aren’t stupid, they know when they’re feeling good fabric. This is why we choose to use really good fabric at Steven Alan, because our customers are smart. They know they’re not getting garbage from us. That’s one thing I’m really proud of: There’s no room for poor quality. I’m really proud to say that more than 90 percent of the things I make are made in New York. And if it’s not made here, it’s made at the best factory in Japan.


Photo: Courtesy of Aï Bihr

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10 Commandments for Stylish Dressing in Corporate Offices

To all the women who earn their paychecks in corporate offices where matching separates are the norm: Dressing for work doesn’t have to be a boring exercise of taking plain item A and mixing it with basic piece B.

“When it comes to great work wear, it’s all about subtle details that break from the norm ever so slightly,” Miyako Nakamura, cofounder and creative director of MM.LaFleur, told Glamour.

“Mix up colors and fabrics to keep your look from feeling cookie-cutter corporate,” cofounder and CEO Sarah LaFleur added. “Even in very formal offices, you can play without looking out of place as long as you choose pieces that are beautifully constructed.”


MM. LaFleur shirt, $ 110, and blazer, $ 195

1. Play with proportion. The standard suit is pretty easy to sketch in your mind: a classic blazer with straight-leg trousers or a pencil skirt that hits right at the knee. Shaking things up makes everything more interesting while still staying within the safe harbors of accepted office style. Amanda Kraemer, style director at Loft, suggested wearing a cropped jacket over a dress or reversing the equation by pairing a relaxed-fit jacket with a slim, mid-calf skirt.

2. Look for little differences. Some of the strongest ways to add a dose of style are actually the littlest tweaks, according to Nakamura. She suggested trying bracelet-length or wide sleeves, high-waisted bottoms, and center seams that run down the front of dresses and blouses. “Longer skirts aren’t typical office attire, but you can pull them off, especially on a summer Friday. Try pairing one with a high-necked blouse or a super-tailored blazer.”

3. Keep an eye out for familiar pieces with modern silhouettes. “I love the idea of choosing classic pieces that have an easy, modern cut, like a dress with a dropped shoulder or a tailored skirt that hits at midcalf, not at the knee,” LaFleur said. Take a sheath dress, that professional style building block, and then let designers color outside the box just a bit, whether that means a cowl neck or layered cap sleeves.

4. Prints are totally fine. You aren’t destined to a solid-color closet, but there are some Dos and Don’ts of introducing pattern. “Leave the wild florals at home and opt for prints that are small, graphic, and repeat in an organized way,” Nakamura said.


Loft high-waisted skirt, $ 60

5. Add an extra layer. If work requires a jacket, don’t stress about figuring out ways to ditch it—make it part of a bigger style statement. “I love the look of adding a longer boyfriend cardigan under a more serious structured blazer,” Kraemer told us, pointing out that the additional layer comes in handy when office managers get overzealous with the air conditioner in the summer months.

6. Consider “slightly-off” colors. All the experts we spoke to insisted that you can go beyond black and navy, although staying in the neutral family is wise. “There’s a huge spectrum that looks both beautiful and polished,” Nakamura mused, listing plum, burgundy, olive, and emerald as personal favorites. “Even within those shades there’s so much nuance. Instead of a true gray, I love a lilac-gray or a bluish slate. Slightly ‘off’ shades feel free fresh without being out of bounds.”

7. Make your own suiting. “Don’t be afraid to wear a non-suit as a suit!” Kraemer insisted. Her guidelines for crafting your own look are to pick complementary colors that are still clearly different (i.e., avoid a navy jacket with a skirt that’s a slightly different dark blue hue) and mix fabrics. “Try a textured jacket with a floaty skirt.”

8. Finish with playful flats. Many corporate spots will let you slide with shoes that are spunkier than basic pumps. Embrace it, but heed suggestions that brights or prints work better as flats, not heels, and shop for pointy-toe styles in a stripe or bold color.

9. Experiment with monochrome looks. Nakamura shared her favorite stylish office look with us: going monochrome. “It creates a sense of fluidity that can make you look taller and is so much more interesting than the traditional white-shirt-black-skirt look.”

10. Embrace a powerful accessory.Accessories are always a safe bet that can add instant interest to an outfit while still maintaining professional style,” Kraemer said. It’s an easy spot to show personality or a knowledge of trends: Add on bright earrings or a necklace in a favorite color (or Marsala, the official shade for 2015).

As you start injecting some style into your work wardrobe, know there are a few cardinal rules not to be broken in a conservative field. “Stay away from deep V-necks, stick with a jacket or a blazer, and if you experiment with color, make sure that the overall look is still grounded in a neutral,” Kraemer told Glamour.

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Plus, secrets of success from some of the most amazing women we know (think Diane von Furstenberg and Annie Leibovitz):

Shop Women’s Sales & Values at

Dressing Dangerously By Jonathan Faiers (Hardback)

Dressing Dangerously By Jonathan Faiers (Hardback)

Overview When Marlene Dietrich makes her entrance in Alfred Hitchcock’s Stage Fright, the Dior dress she wears immediately draws the viewer’s attention-not because of its designer label, but owing to the dramatic blood stains ruining its stylish surface. Fashion in film goes far beyond glamorous costumes on glamorous stars, as Jonathan Faiers proves in Dressing Dangerously, a pioneering study of the “cinematic negative wardrobe” revealed in mainstream movies. The book emphasizes how problematic, even shocking depictions of dress, until now largely overlooked, play pivotal roles in shaping film narrative. Integrating fashion theory, film analysis, and literature, the insightful text investigates the ways cinema influences fashion and, conversely, how fashion speaks to film. The book also reveals how clothing, imbued with its own symbolic meaning, can be read much like a text; when used to provocative effect, for example, in films such as Villain, Leave Her to Heaven, and Casino, the stars’ costumes as well as their actions elicit a complex set of emotional responses. Dressing Dangerously brings together a wealth of illustrations, from glossy publicity photos featuring immaculately dressed stars to film stills that capture “dangerously” fashionable moments. Product details Isbn-13: 9780300184389, 978-0300184389 Author: Jonathan Faiers Publisher: Yale University Press Publication date: 2013-11-05 About Wordery Wordery is one of the UK’s largest online booksellers. With millions of satisfied customers who enjoy low prices on a huge range of books, we offer a reliable and trusted service and consistently receive excellent feedback. We offer a huge range of over 8 million books; bestsellers, children’s books, cheap paperbacks, baby books, special edition hardbacks and textbooks. All our books are dispatched from the UK. Wordery offers Free Delivery on all UK orders, and competitively priced international delivery. #HappyReading

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Cross Dressing Between the Wars: Selections from London Life 1923-1933

Cross Dressing Between the Wars: Selections from London Life 1923-1933

New – A work on patterns of cross dressing from the 1920s and 30s. The book draws mainly upon letters, articles and stories published in “London Life”, a magazine which changed character in October 1941, and has obtained cult status for its earlier issues among devotees of cross dressing and other fads. Topics include masquerades past and present, female impersonation, corsets for men, men’s dress reform, the coming dominance of women, male maids, the discipline of girls’ clothes for the unruly

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Confirmation: Dressing Kate Middleton is Absolutely as Amazing as You’d Think

When I got to sneak backstage after Friday’s Zimmermann show to talk to the designer, you know what I had on my must-ask-about list: Kate Middleton. The duchess put the Australian label firmly on the map when she wore its crisp white eyelet dress Down Under last April.


“That definitely would have been one of the biggest things that’s happened to us in 20 years of business,” designer Nicky Zimmermann told me with a grin. “It affected our parents, our family. Everybody loved it! If you’re Australian, British royalty is a big deal and it meant a lot to a lot of people. She’s the epitome of a sophisticated, beautiful young woman, and we are massive fans.”

Nicky was on holiday with her fam when Kate decided to wear the frock (typically designers and brands have no idea that a major celeb is going to wear a piece until they’re out and being photographed).

“I was walking through caves with my children with no communication,” she said when I asked when and where she found out. “I got back to the house and every person that I was with, their phones were going berserk. We flipped on the news and ‘Kate Middleton Wears Zimmermann on Manly Beach’ was the title.”

Ahh! I can’t even imagine how thrilling that moment must have been.

If you’re wondering what Kate could wear from the just-debuted fall collection, I’m one step ahead of you.

I’d love to see her in this multi-colored gown. The ruffles at the shoulders and voluminous skirt moved so beautifully on the runway, I’m sure the magic would be repeated on a red carpet or stepping out of one of the monarchy’s cars.

The neckline of this suede beauty is a little too low for Kate, but I think she’d look fantastic in it.

Could you see Kate in either of these fall designs? Ever wondered how crazy exciting it must be to realize that someone so famous is wearing something you created?

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Used – This is the reissue of a classic baby board book to celebrate Helen Oxenbury’s great contribution to children’s books. Babies wear all sorts of clothes – nappies, T-shirts, socks, trousers and hats. Helen Oxenbury’s gorgeous illustrations capture the fun of getting dressed and babies’ delight in everything they put on. No one draws babies like Helen Oxenbury. Her warm, affectionate depictions have been loved and cherished by children and adults around the world for over 30 years. In 1981,

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Real-Time Fashion: Dressing for the Holidays

The holidays are here, which means it’s time to up the ante when it comes to your wardrobe. “The clothing you choose for the holiday season can really put you in that festive spirit,” says Dana Avidan-Cohn, InStyle’s senior market editor and digital correspondent. Look for dressy fabrics like brocade, metallics, and embellishments when shopping […]
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Graco Hayden Dressing Table, Choose Your Finish

Graco Hayden Dressing Table, Choose Your Finish

Graco Hayden Dressing Table: This Graco Dressing Table coordinates with the matching Graco Hayden Convertible Crib 2 generous storage shelves Durable construction with a non-toxic finish Safe and convenient place to change your baby Classic white dressing table overall dimensions: 39.875″W x 18.125″D x 37.375″H JPMA, ASTM and CPSC safety certified Assembly required Questions about product recalls? Items that are a part of a recall are removed from the site, and are no longer available for purchase. These items include items only, not those of Marketplace sellers. Customers who have purchased a recalled item will be notified by email or by letter sent to the address given at the time of purchase. For complete recall information, go to Walmart Recalls.

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How to Dress an Hourglass Figure Tips and Techniques for Dressing

How to Dress an Hourglass Figure Tips and Techniques for Dressing

Many women get hung up on the parts of their bodies or the features that they don’t like. Women who are apple shaped are insecure about their belly. Women who are pear shaped are always thinking disparagingly about their hips and thighs. And a woman who is hourglass shaped will tend to wish she was skinnier – like a model.This book is about how to wear clothing that highlights the best parts of your body. Hourglass shaped women have a lot of advantages and plenty of options when it comes to looking great. But you have to start by appreciating what you’ve got. It’s time to stop worrying about the things that make you feel insecure.This ebook on How to Dress An Hourglass Shaped Figure covers1) Am I an Hourglass?2) Start with that Incredible Waist3) Pants, Shorts and Skirts for Every Occasion including jeans for hourglass figure4) Dresses are Your Friends and Other Foolproof Details5) Basics for Your ClosetAnd Much More! like how to dress petite hourglass figure and the how to dress tall hourglass figure

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Style & How To: Dressing for Wedding Season

Check out some of the looks from this video:

Steve Madden Stecy:
Kate Spade Small Square Studs:
Michael Kors Collection Miranda Zip Clutch:
Michael Kors Collection Matchstick Hinge Open Cuff:
Vince Camuto Scuba Fit & Flare Dress:

Robert Graham Firenze Shirt:
Calvin Klein Hot Grid Slim Tie:
Giorgio Brutini 65893 Wingtip:
Perry Ellis Slim Fit Suit Pant:
Perry Ellis Slim Fit Suit Jacket:

If you haven’t noticed from all of your newsfeeds, wedding season is in full swing! In this third installment of our Fashion How-To series, our stylist Brian lets you know how to look your best at every wedding/vow renewal/engagement party without stealing ALL of the shine from the happy couple. Ready, set, wed!

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On Making Mending And Dressing Dolls

On Making Mending And Dressing Dolls

On MAKING MENDING and DRESSING by CLARA HALLARD with illustrations by the author 1949 H. I, . LINDQUIST PUBLICATIONS Publisher 2 WEST 46th STREET NEW YORK 19, N. Y. A dolls hospital of 1878 from an old engraving Dedicated to my SISTER VIOLET CONTENTS Chapter Page 1. A SIMPLE DOLL FOR A SMALL CHILD THE RAG DOLL 1 2. CLOTH DOLLS FOR COLLECTORS 10 3. ON CARVING AND MODELING DOLLS 16 4. ON MENDING DOLLS, OLD AND NEW 23 5. THE STORY OF ALICE AND MABEL, OR THE RESTORATION OF A PARIAN BISQUE DOLL 34 6. THE STORY OF PRIVATE ROBERT EDWARD BALL OR THE RESTORATION OF A CHINA DOLL 44 7. SUGGESTIONS FOR NINETEENTH CENTURY DOLL COS TUMES 47 8. CHILDRENS CLOTHES IN THE NINETEENTH CENTURY 71 9. ON DRESSING THE PERIOD DOLL 95 10. ON MAKING DOLLS TO REPRESENT AMERICAS FIRST LADIES 109 11. SHOES 139 12. SOME RARE OLD DOLLS 145 13. REPRODUCTION DOLLS 154 ILLUSTRATIONS Illustration Page Number Number 1. SOCK DOLL 1-a 1-d Pattern for Making Sock Doll 2 2. BEAN BAG DOLL 2-a 2-d Patterns for Making and Dressing Bean Bag Doll 2 3. ANNE, A Simple Rag Doll 4 3-a 3-d Pattern for Making Anne 4 3-e 3-i Patterns for Clothing Anne 4 3-j 3-n Hair Styles 5 0-1 Q-3 Making a Wig 5 4. SUSIE, A Rag Doll Circa 1900 6 4-a 4-d Pattern for Making Susie 6 4-f Susie, Completed 7 A. A Dress for Susie 7 B. A Bonnet for Susie 7 C. Dress Pattern 8 D. Bonnet Pattern 8 E. Susies Cap 8 F. Pattern for Cap 8 G. A and B. Pattern for Cape and Hood 9 H. An Old Dress Prom Susies Wardrobe 9 5. GENEVIEVE, A Nineteenth Century Rag Doll 10 5-a 5-d Pattern for Making Genevieve 11 A-l A-2 A Basque for Genevieve 12 A-3 Pattern for Basque 13 A-7 Back of Basque 13 8. Shoe Upper 13 9. Sole of Shoe 13 10. Completed Shoe 13 C. A Skirt for Genevieve 13 11.Skirt Pattern 20 6. WINIFRED, A Wire-Framed Doll 14 6-a Wire Frame and Padding 14 6-b Slip Covering for Head 14 7. DOROTHY, A Doll Carved by Claire Fawcett 16 7-1 Carving Tools 16 7-a 7-c. Parts of Carved Doll 16 8. SU-SU, A Doll with Carved Head, Arms and Legs, Stuffed Body, by C…

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