The Rockstar Effect: How Mega-Budget Games Change Release Dates For Everyone Else

The fall video game release schedule is usually a non-stop sprint from late August until the first week in December. Titles large and small crowd into the busy holiday shopping season, fighting for a piece of the pie. According to market research firm NPD, an average 55 percent of United States video game hardware and […]



Dierks Bentley’s Dishes on Upcoming Seven Peaks Music Festival: ‘If Nobody Else Comes I’m Going to Have Fun’

For Dierks Bentley, all the magic is in the small details. So when planning his upcoming Seven Peaks music festival, he wanted authenticity in every component.

“If nobody else comes, I’m going to have fun,” Bentley tells PEOPLE. “That’s the goal — just me having fun and doing something really personal that has meaning for me.”

That’s why the “Burning Man” singer decided to return to Colorado — where he recorded his last studio album The Mountain — and host a music festival in the middle of the Rockies. “Selfishly, I set it there just because it gives me another excuse to go back to one of my favorite states in the country,” he admits.

However, in planning the inaugural festival, Bentley was everything but selfish. His fans were the priority when he was considering a campground that could fit his fans’ campers and cars (“some of these fans are going to drive the biggest vehicle they can find”), the stage design, and the musical lineup, which includes a kickoff ’90s night featuring headliner Clint Black and a special performance from Bentley’s cover band Hot Country Knights.

“When you’re making a festival that has your name on it you definitely want to include all those elements that make it your own, so having a ’90s night is right up my alley—very me, very my band,” Bentley says. “It’s wild what’s going on with that genre of music. We’ll throw a few of those songs into our set and you’ve got kids — 16, 17 year-olds — that are singing along to these songs that were made before they were born. There’s definitely a resurgence in that area of country music and we’re really excited to be the only festival that has a designated night for that genre.”

Alongside ’90s night on Friday, Aug. 31, Miranda Lambert‘s scheduled headlining performance on Saturday with Brothers Osborne among the openers, and Bentley’s closeout show on Sunday night, he also wanted to give fans multiple stages where they could enjoy music. The beach stage (complete with a lifeguard chair, sand and a lake in the middle of the campground) will be manned by a DJ and references the summertime vibes that go hand-in-hand with country music. The Whiskey Row stage, named after his franchise bar and restaurant, will feature upcoming artists and bluegrass musicians, which Bentley exclusively tells PEOPLE is the “lifeblood of the genre.”

That stage will feature acts Abby Anderson, Boy Named Banjo, Brown & Gray, Cody Canada, Dillon Carmichael, Travis Denning, Walker McGuire, Mipso and Rapidgrass.

WATCH THIS: Dierks Bentley Launches Clothing Line with Flag & Anthem

Bentley was so invested in the fan experience of the festival he wanted to make sure there was easy access to sunblock, water and ice, and even went so far as to make sure there were more female port-a-potties than men’s because he “didn’t want to see girls waiting in line.”

“When you make a record your attention to detail isn’t so much for the fans sometimes as it’s more for you, just so you can sleep at night knowing that you gave it all you had,” Bentley says. “Whether that’s the type of fonts you’re using on your credits, the way you say thank you, how you list your name as a songwriter on a song. I list my name last—just these little details matter to me. It’s the same with this festival.”

Even though choosing a venue in Buena Vista, Colorado, held a personal tie, Bentley admits he also made the decision with the fans in mind because there are so many activities people can enjoy during the day, including biking, hiking and rafting.

“If I had to describe my best day it would be being outside,” Bentley says. “I’m curious to see how I’m going to hold up because I’m planning on doing all the stuff during the day and then jumping up on a lot of the stages, including the Whiskey Row stage. I also wanna jam and hang out with the campers at the campground and try to get some sort of festival jam session tradition started.”

But Bentley is no stranger to making the most of his life on the road. In late July, he went mountain climbing in Wyoming the same day he had a show in Boise, Idaho, and then flew to Palm Springs, California after his performance.

“It’s going to be an adventure for me on many levels — a marathon of sorts — but you know, I am not afraid to pack it all in,” Bentley tells PEOPLE.

As for what to bring to Seven Peaks over Labor Day weekend? All Bentley suggests is “positive vibes and an attitude where you’re open to having a lot of fun. Oh, and beer and ice are essential items.”

“This isn’t about making money,” Bentley says. “This is about trying to create a really genuine, authentic, awesome experience for the fans.”

Tickets for the Seven Peaks music festival are available here.

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Was Fred Rogers a Navy SEAL? Plus What Else We Learned from New Mr. Rogers Documentary

Long before the cacophony of today’s TV with its thousands of channels, squabbling housewives and violent games of thrones, an unlikely icon emerged with an unpopular idea — quality educational programming for very young kids. With Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, Fred McFeely Rogers left an indelible mark on millions with his quiet sincerity and life lessons. The Pennsylvania-born Presbyterian minister “just wanted to make people feel good,” says his friend and the show’s floor manager Nick Tallo.

50 years after the show began and 15 years after Rogers’s death at 74, a new documentary, Won’t You Be My Neighbor?, explores the life and legacy of the man inside those iconic sweaters. “His decision to level with kids in a very sensitive way was his greatest accomplishment,” says director Morgan Neville. “Spending time with him today is like revisiting a part of yourself.” Here are five things we learned about TV’s king of kindness from Neville’s documentary.

He had a difficult childhood

Born in 1928 to parents James and Nancy, Rogers was shy and sickly as a boy—“I had every imaginable childhood disease, even scarlet fever,” he recalls in the film—and therefore spent much of his time alone in his room crafting elaborate stories with puppets and writing music. After earning a divinity degree and a master’s degree in child development, Rogers worked for NBC in New York City before developing his own show at Pittsburgh’s public-TV station WQED. “People thought about toddlers very differently 50 years ago,” says Neville. “He was so far ahead of the curve.”

He fought racism on-air

Despite the show’s calm atmosphere, Rogers didn’t shy away from controversial issues. During his first season in 1968, he produced a special to help kids cope after Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination. The next year he tackled racial tensions when he invited black costar François Clemmons, as the neighborhood police officer, to join him in a kiddie pool and helped dry Clemmons’s feet with a towel. “At that time in the nation, white people in urban settings were putting acid in swimming pools to keep black people out of the pools,” recalls Clemmons. “He was very much aware of what was happening in America. He didn’t put his head in the sand. I’ve had countless people over the years tell me how deeply, deeply meaningful it was.”

For much more on Fred Rogers and his untold story, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE now on newsstands

The Land of Make Believe occasionally followed him home

“He used puppet voices at the dinner table with his children when he wanted to express different facets of his personality,” says Neville. Which, according to his wife of 50 years, Joanne, 90, was the same on TV and at home. “He was to me and to the family who he is to everybody else,” she says. The couple met while studying music at Rollins College and married in1952 (Rogers proposed in a letter). They have two sons, James, 58, and John, 57, who spent much of their younger years visiting the set. “We all came to an understanding of this is who he was, and this is what life was going to be,” Joanne, a professional pianist, says of navigating Rogers’s fame and work commitments. “Over the years we learned that maybe we needed our own lives too, so that’s how we dealt with that.”

No, he wasn’t a Navy SEAL

With the rise of the Internet, outlandish urban legends emerged—including that Rogers had secretly been a Navy SEAL or wore long sleeves to cover tattoos. “People have an idea of what they want him to be, so they create a legend,” says Clemmons of the rumors—including those questioning his sexuality. “Fred was nurturing, loving, gentle and very much heterosexual,” says Clemmons, who came out as gay himself decades later and says Rogers became a surrogate father to him.

He’s missed more than ever

Joanne says that her husband’s lasting legacy is his clarity about what he stood for—kindness, goodness and neighborliness. “He did in his life what he said was so important, which is to give the gift of his honest self,” she says. Adds Tallo: “It’s sad to know that there aren’t very many people as nice as Fred anymore. No matter what, he could make you say to yourself, ‘It’s okay.’ ”

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? is now playing in select theaters.

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Kim Kardashian Jets Out of Tokyo in — What Else? — Super Fancy Cream Sweatpants

Sayōnara, Kim Kardashian West!

On Saturday, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was spotted at Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport, wrapping up a trip to Japan with sisters Kourtney Kardashian, and Khloé Kardashian.

For her airplane outfit, Kim, 37, rocked a monochromatic look with a cream-colored sweatsuit under brown shearling suede jacket. The pink-haired, KKW Beauty mogul accessorized her look with snakeskin heels as she strutted across the terminal.

It was a stark change from the blue spandex number Kim wore on Friday when she, Kourtney, and Khloé were photographed at Tokyo Station — a railway station in the Chiyoda City.

RELATED: ‘Konnichiwa,’ Kardashians! All the Photos from Kim, Kourtney and Khloé’s Tokyo Trip So Far

The Kardashian sisters have been sharing nearly every moment of their trip to Japan with fans on social media. That’s included trips to local sightseeing spots and various delicacies they’ve eaten.

And of course, what’s a trip to Japan without a visit to Hello Kitty? The reality stars popped by the famous cartoon character’s stomping grounds before hitting up a stand selling treats like matcha cheesecake and Harajuku crepes.

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Not coming along for the getaway? Kim’s husband Kanye West and their three kids.

“Kim is only in Tokyo for several days while filming her TV show,” a source previously told PEOPLE of the reality star and beauty guru. “She didn’t want to disrupt her children’s schedule and will be back by the end of the week.”

A second insider explained why West, 40, and Kim’s mom Kris Jenner are taking on childcare duties for Chicago, 6 weeks, Saint, 2, and North, 4½.

“Kim is a working mom. She has work obligations like working moms do,” the source said. “The Tokyo trip is a working trip and not kid-friendly.”

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Black Friday Special – 82% off premium canvas prints PLUS 60% off everything else! Code: BlackFridayDealAff
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Canvas On Demand – Black Friday Special – 82% off premium canvas prints PLUS 60% off everything else! Code: BlackFridayDealAff

Black Friday Special – 82% off premium canvas prints PLUS 60% off everything else! Code: BlackFridayDealAff
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Expire: 2017-11-25 23:00:00
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Canvas On Demand – Black Friday Special – 82% off premium canvas prints PLUS 60% off everything else! Code: BlackFridayDealAff

Black Friday Special – 82% off premium canvas prints PLUS 60% off everything else! Code: BlackFridayDealAff
Code: BlackFridayDealAff
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Expire: 2017-11-25 23:00:00
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Here’s A Toad Wearing A Top Hat, Because What Else Do You Have Going On?

Chris Newsome, a 43-year-old from Alabama, knows how to make an amphibian feel fancy.

This past summer, a toad took up residence in Newsome’s flowerbed and would visit his porch every night.

Not only did Newsome decide to give his guest a proper name — Mr. Toad — he also decided to start making hats for the little critter in the hopes of making another small fry happy.

“I made hats to cheer up a friend’s son after his pet toad died,” Newsome told The Huffington Post. “He asked if my porch toad was still around, so I put some pictures of the toad with hats on Facebook to make him laugh.”

Newsome fashioned the hats out of foam paper, which he said seemed like “toad-friendly material.”

They’re also pretty small — perfect for a toad, but quite silly-looking on Newsome’s dog, Daisy, who is wearing the hat below for scale:

Newsome also told HuffPost that it seemed Mr. Toad wasn’t bothered by modeling the hats, either.

“Even after many hats and pictures, he still returned,” Newsome said. “Either he liked the hats or he couldn’t be fazed.”

Recently, Newsome decided to post the pictures of Mr. Toad working it in his fab hats on Reddit and the pictures soon went viral, receiving more than 1.1 million views.

“Hopefully, it or another toad will visit once the weather warms up,” Newsome said.

Here’s hopping that happens!

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Is It Angels Who Protect Social Entrepreneurs? Because Nobody Else Does…..

“Four corners to my bed

Four Angels round my head

One to watch, one to pray,

And two to take all fears away!”

When I was a child I would recite this rhyme before going to bed. Those were the days when we would sleep beneath the stars. Sometimes clouds and trees would take menacing shapes in the dark. I would shut my eyes tightly and think of the Angels protecting me and be comforted and drift into sleep.

Now it seems the Angels are back again.

Life was tough indeed when I took a conscious decision to establish Operation ASHA. My aim was clear- that of providing health solutions to the poorest of the poor. Suddenly life changed. From a successful doctor in an upscale fancy private hospital I became a foot soldier trudging long miles in shanty towns and villages. My appearance changed. I went from stiletto heels to sturdy walking shoes. I started looking unkempt and shabby, initially a deliberately cultivated look to be accepted by those whom I serve, and later a natural consequence of the kind of work I was doing.

People around me changed too. Many laughed. All were contemptuous. Most couldn’t understand why I would throw away a good income to start an NGO. Others accused me of exactly the opposite thing- of being desperate to make easy money, for isn’t that the reason why one starts an NGO in the first place? With two conflicting accusations being hurled at me at the same time, I wouldn’t know whether I was standing on my head or my heels.

And as for the uncertainty! The less I write about it the better. Words are not enough to describe the trials and tribulations I went through. Starting a social venture is bad enough, starting it without a sound financial plan to ensure sustainability is the height of absurdity. And putting your own savings in a social enterprise is the biggest financial folly one could ever commit. I thought my savings would last 5 years. They finished in one, like water trickling from a hole in a bucket. I had plunged headlong into choppy waters without the fear of drowning. Each day I managed to stay afloat was a miracle.

When you are a social entrepreneur, life is all about extremes. You swing from one end on the pendulum to the other. From the depths of despair you go to such euphoria that you are walking with your head in the clouds. There are days when everything goes wrong. You get sleepless nights wondering where the next round of funding is coming from, your best guy has been offered twice the salary by a rival foundation, and some government officer somewhere has absolutely refused to let you work in his fiefdom. Other days- you wake up and find yourself on top of the world for someone somewhere has recognised your work and your worth. One day you are accused of being a crook and a thief, next day, blasphemously, you are feted by the media as the next Mother Teresa. In 2014, the Schwab Foundation and the World Economic Forum selected me as Social Entrepreneur of the Year. I found myself rubbing shoulders with the Who’s Who of society and the hoi-polloi at Davos. I haven’t looked back since then.

But at all times there is an all-pervading undercurrent of anxiety. Social entrepreneurs thrive on the adrenalin rush created by the see-saw that is life. You may be fully sustainable, yet you can’t get over the feeling that you are like the wandering mendicants of yesteryears with a staff in one hand and a begging bowl in the other.

In this topsy-turvy world, few things happen to keep you going. Patients recover. Results are there for you to see. Children get back to school. Treated TB patients get back their jobs, and there’s money for food and to spare. Miraculously, funds start coming in time. Those that scoffed at you and laughed with derision give tolerant smiles. There’s an occasional pat on the back, a kind word. You go to bed happy and contented and you sleep well, for the Angels are back and hovering over you. And you know they are there for you and will protect you as they have done since childhood. For nobody else will.

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What Else is in the Teaches of Peaches

What Else is in the Teaches of Peaches

15 years ago, peaches exploded onto the scene with the single ‘Fuck the Pain Away.’ Since 2000, Peaches has become a symbol of progressive (and transgressive) pop culture, shattering gender stereotypes, promoting sex positivity and constantly pushing through boundaries of art and performance. WHAT ELSE IS IN THE TEACHES OF PEACHES presents a mesmerising collection of Holger Talinski’s evocative and sometimes erotic photos of transgressive musical icon Peaches, on and off stage, with accompanying commentary from Michael Stipe, Yoko Ono and Ellen Page.

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Planner First, Everything Else Second

This past weekend was a perfect example of why I prefer to be the first person hired during the planning process, and also why it’s the best decision for a couple to make. The details for the wedding this weekend all fell together, and there wasn’t a single moment where I was worried about the professionals working that day. And while I offer “Month Of/Day Of” and Partial Coordination services, Full Coordination & Planning is the best option offered to couples, by far.

For instance, when a couple gets engaged, there is an overwhelming sense of “what do I do first?”, which is almost always followed by a panic to do everything at the same time. Countless hours are spent flipping through magazines for inspiration and looking at websites for reviews of vendors that the couple has never even heard of.

When you begin with a planner, everything starts to calm down. There are no reality TV-worthy meltdowns about the budget and how you don’t know if you should pick a destination wedding or stay close to home. It’s like walking into a little room of heaven where you can let go of that tight grip of control, speak your mind about your wishes, and have someone else do all of the leg work. You will get everything from budget assistance to venue and vendor recommendations. These will be real recommendations based on real experience, and not that star rating garbage system on the internet – when anyone could be writing those reviews.

But maybe you like a challenge. You want the drama. Well, if that’s the case, then jump in headfirst and pick up a planner along the way. Book the venue, stretch the budget, and when you’re really feeling the heat, hire a planner. Just know this: what you’ve already done, the planner might not be able to undo, and furthermore, the planner is not responsible for.

Want an example? I’ve got 400. How about when the couple has picked the venue, put down the deposit (non-refundable, by the way) and finds out 2 months prior to the wedding that their vendors only have one hour to set up? One hour for flowers, music, photobooth, linens… and everything else. They take that information back to their vendors and the florist points out that without at least 2 hours, there will be an additional fee. Then the 20-piece band chimes in with the fact that they have equipment that will take at least 3 hours for full set up. Uh-oh spaghetti-O’s. Now what? Your planner that you hired post-venue, post-florist and post-band, cannot really help you here. You signed contracts with everyone and when you booked the venue, you probably didn’t ask how long you would have for set up. Why would you? You’re not a planner and you don’t know to ask those questions.

Then there is the issue of what a vendor promised you at a meeting you were at, which was never confirmed in writing, and is now being questioned. Did you have a planner at that time? No? Well, then it’s your word versus your vendor’s word. Odds are that if you had a planner they might have been at that meeting, and if not, they would have at least confirmed it all in writing so that there would be no confusion later. With a planner along for the whole ride, they can do all of your speaking for you, which means there’s no confusion and everyone is on the same page.

How about on the actual wedding day when the vendors that you secured are falling behind the timeline, while the vendors your planner brought in are doing their jobs? While your planner can guide your vendors along and try and keep things together, if you hired these people, you are basically responsible for that decision. Stylists taking longer than expected and thus, cutting into photography time? Much like if you use someone aside from someone that your planner recommends, if you booked this vendor pre-planner, you might just be stuck. Florist didn’t show up with the correct centerpieces? Maybe it’s a florist that your planner would’ve steered you away from way back when you started your planning process.

The bottom line is: Hire a planner from Day 1 and use them for everything they’re good at. This includes using their Rolodex, which can be worth the price of a full planning package alone. They can tell you which vendors are the real deal, and which ones are writing their own 5-star reviews. They can spot a problem with a vendor a mile away before you even know it will be an issue. They will ask the questions that need answers that you didn’t even think of. Most importantly, they can assemble a team that will work well together on your wedding day. Because when a hair stylist and a makeup artist clash, it’s pretty much like watching an asteroid hit the planet.

There are countless instances when a client comes to me with a problem and I think “if you had hired me first, this wouldn’t be an issue right now”. Don’t be that client. You wouldn’t hike Mt. Everest without a guide, get to the middle and then hire one, right? Your wedding is Mt. Everest. Bring a planner to avoid any and all avalanches.

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Weddings – The Huffington Post
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Rage Against the Machine, Your Boss, Your Bills, and Everything Else

Rage Against the Machine, Your Boss, Your Bills, and Everything Else

Tired of paying hundreds of dollars for a cell phone contract? Always end up with what seems like dozens of electrics accessories when all you wanted was a TV? Find yourself constantly stalked by telemarketers? Let this book teach you how to deal with all of those frustrations and more! A lot of people accept that these kinds of annoyances are just part of life, but what they don’t know is that there are ways to avoid them. Learn about the dozens of easy solutions that will help you: Take advantage of what your computer warranty actually promises you Avoid the pitfalls of travel websites Negotiate an expensive hospital bill Protect yourself from credit card or identity theft Navigate a customer service nightmare Use an entire printer cartridge It’s a tough world out there, but figuring out how to (legally and safely) rage against those who deserve it is more satisfying than you could ever imagine!
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The Everything Wedding Checklist: The Gown, the Guests, the Groom, and Everything Else You Shouldn't Forget

The Everything Wedding Checklist: The Gown, the Guests, the Groom, and Everything Else You Shouldn't Forget

With over 4 million sold, our Everything RM books are just too good to pass up. Each book in the Everything RM series is packed with clear, concise information that is written in a fun, engaging style. The large trim-size, bright colors, and great price attract readers, and over 300 pages of unparalled content and two-color illustrations keep them reading!
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Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’ Welcomed By Stephen Colbert, Tina Fey & Basically Everyone Else

For Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show” inauguration, over a dozen A-list celebrities showed up to pay homage to the newly minted host. And pay homage they did, with each giving him $ 100 — the sum that Fallon’s friends wagered that he would never host “The Tonight Show.”

Apparently, he had quite a number of “friends” who made that bet.

Robert De Niro threw down a bill, followed by a parade of celebrities, including of Fallon’s former Weekend Update co-anchor Tina Fey, Joe Namath, Rudy Giuliani, Mariah Carey, Tracy Morgan, Joan Rivers, Kim Kardashian, Seth Rogen, Lindsay Lohan, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mike Tyson, Lady Gaga and finally Fallon’s former Best Friend Forever For Six Months — and now timeslot rival — Stephen Colbert.

“Welcome to 11:30, bitch!” Colbert exclaimed after dumping a pile of coins on Fallon’s desk. Watch the video above.
Entertainment – The Huffington Post
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