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E3 Preview: What to expect from 2017's marquee video game expo

E3 Preview: What to expect from 2017's marquee video game expoHope you like video games, because your social networks are about to get flooded with countless tweets, posts, pics, hot takes, snarky asides and full-on rants about interactive entertainment. E3, otherwise known as the Electronic Entertainment Expo. You’ve likely heard of E3 — it’s in its 24th consecutive year — but you might not know why the annual video game industry convention/circus is such a big deal.

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Tracee Ellis Ross Shares a Childhood Photo Backstage With Mom Diana Ross and It’s Just as Glamorous as You’d Expect

Diana Ross, Tracee Ellis RossAdorable and glamorous.
It’s no mystery Tracee Ellis Ross hails from Hollywood great Diana Ross. Like her famous mother, the Golden Globe winner shares an affinity for the screen and…

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All the news we expect from Apple's huge developers conference

All the news we expect from Apple's huge developers conferenceApple CEO Tim Cook will be on hand for the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference on June 5. Apple is known for using WWDC to showcase its newest software updates. Apple should also announce improvements to its watchOS and tvOS systems, and could even roll out its very own Siri speaker to compete with the likes of Amazon’s (AMZN) Echo and Google’s (GOOGL, GOOG) Home.

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This Is Why You Meet Someone When You Least Expect It (And How To Make It Happen)

Most single people can attest to hearing this advice at least once in their relationship-free lives: “You’ll meet someone when you least expect it.” 

Common? Yes. Totally unhelpful? Also yes. For people who are interested in coupling up, “not expecting” to find someone can feel like a seemingly impossible feat. 

But why do people say it? According to matchmakers and relationship experts, it’s because it’s true. 

“When you’re focused on meeting someone, that stress can be seen from a mile away,” Kelli Fisher, certified life and relationship coach and one half of “The Matchmaking Duo,” told The Huffington Post. “When you don’t have that at the top of your mind and are just enjoying yourself in the moment without any preconceived notions, things can progress organically.”

Instead of actively looking, experts say to focus on these things instead.

1. Pursue your interests and hobbies.

“Get more involved in things that will bring you happiness or peace like hobbies, connecting with friends, family, traveling or reconnecting with your faith. When you’re more fulfilled, the law of attraction kicks in, so people see you with that joy and want that for themselves,” Fisher said.

2. Reconnect with old friends.

“We always see people reconnecting with faith, joining travel or sporting groups, learning something but also being around people with similar values and hobbies as you and also reconnecting with old friends,” Fisher said. There are always “friend-troductions” to be made when you surround yourself with different circles of friends ― you end up meeting people without really even thinking about it. 

3. Rethink what you want in a relationship.

Taking a break from actively seeking a partner also gives you the opportunity to figure out exactly what you want from your next relationship, Tana Gilmore, a life and relationship coach (and Fisher’s matchmaking partner), explained. “You can course correct issues and challenges you’ve had in the past with making bad relationship decisions and in turn, attract the kind of mate you deserve and want.”

4. Abandon your checklist.

“I’d tweak the sentence to ‘You find love where you least expect it’ ― in this case, with someone who may not be ‘your type’ or who you were looking for,” Andrea Syrtash, the author of “He’s Just Not Your Type (And That’s a Good Thing”), said. “So many of us get tied to our paper checklists and sometimes overlook great matches who don’t add up on them. But then, you don’t marry a piece of paper.”

5. Look around you.

“In some cases, [the women I interviewed] realized they had chemistry with a friend or officemate they didn’t originally consider romantically, but who made them happy,” Syrtash said. “In other cases, some of these people found love when they took the pressure off of themselves to meet a ‘perfect match.’ They were more present and it made organic connections with people when they weren’t overthinking it.”

6. Don’t deactivate your online dating profile just yet.

Fisher and Gilmore said it’s good to “periodically check” your accounts in the event that while you’re off doing things that make you happy, “someone may be looking for you.” 

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These Shell Cordovan Boots Cost a Lot Less Than You’d Expect

The high-end leather finds its way onto some impressively priced footwear.

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Pregnancy: What to Expect When You are Planning for a Baby- Women – Birth – Baby Books – New Born Babies – New Born Baby – Baby Care – Child Care – Kids – Parenting – Parents – Accessories

Pregnancy: What to Expect When You are Planning for a Baby- Women – Birth – Baby Books – New Born Babies – New Born Baby – Baby Care – Child Care – Kids – Parenting – Parents – Accessories

Pregnancy – Pregnant – Women – Babies: Are you Interested In Pregnancy & Childbirth? Are you Pregnant? Would you like to prepare yourself for Motherhood? If so you are about to discover and learn the fundamental points in becoming a mother and what to expect whilst you are in pregnancy! *Learn about a new born baby’s mood swings and sleep patterns *Learn the different cry sounds babies make to communicate with their parents *Discover what types of foods to serve your new born child *Find out what is the best baby clothes required for your newborns first few months *Also learn about what baby bottles are needed and much more All over the world Medical groups and doctors are recommending that all hopeful parents to be plan for their baby-giving at least a two or three month time period before they even attempt to try. In our top baby book (Pregnancy: What to Expect whilst you’re Pregnant) we guide want-to-be mums and dads step-by-step through the preconception (and conception) process. Everything you need to know is all here. All the important things couples need to know before a sperm and egg connect. Our eBook guide is packed with reassuring practical and empathic information & advice that all readers should come to expect but only much earlier. What to Expect When You are Planning for a Baby is the ideal and easiest to follow baby book for parents who wish to plan and have a new baby and we suggest it is the type of book that every expecting parents should have in their book collection.

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What To Expect From The Oscars Tonight

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Oscar movies this year may be small, but they’re packing a lot of drama.

When the 87th Academy Awards kick off Sunday night at 8:30 EST, the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles will be buzzing with something the Oscars haven’t always had in recent years: genuine intrigue at who the night’s biggest winners will be.

The Oscars may also have another sight unusual to Southern California: rain. Light afternoon showers are expected, which could dampen red-carpet arrivals (though the carpet itself is under a glass tent).

With a co-leading nine nominations, Alejandro Inarritu’s backstage comedy “Birdman (or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)” flies in with the strongest wind at its back. It topped the acting, directing and producing guild awards, which are often strong predictors of what the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences will vote for.

“Birdman” also won best feature at Saturday’s Independent Film Spirit Awards, further boosting its momentum. At the pre-Oscars beachside bash, star Michael Keaton, who won best actor, proclaimed the film “bold cinema” and “a game changer,” a judgment shared by many in Hollywood who no doubt recognize something in Keaton’s character’s out-of-control ego.

But the coronation of “Birdman” is far from assured. Many believe the landmark of Richard Linklater 12-years-in-the-making “Boyhood” will ultimately prove irresistible to academy members. Best director also appears to be a toss-up between Inarritu and Linklater.

Three of the acting winners — Julianne Moore (“Still Alice”), J.K. Simmons (“Whiplash”) and Patricia Arquette (“Boyhood”) — are virtual locks going into Sunday’s show, but best actor will be a nail biter. It could be the young British star Eddie Redmayne for his technically nuanced performance as Stephen Hawking in “The Theory of Everything,” or it could be Keaton’s career-topper in “Birdman,” as an actor trying to flee his superhero past.

But whether suspense will be enough to pull viewers to the telecast on ABC remains to be seen. Host Neil Patrick Harris will hope to continue the recent ratings upswing for the Oscars, which last year drew 43 million viewers, making it the most-watched entertainment telecast in a decade.

This year’s crop of nominees, however, is notably light on box-office smashes. Clint Eastwood’s “American Sniper” (six nominations including best picture) is the only best-picture candidate to gross more than $ 100 million domestically. (A runaway hit, it recently surpassed $ 300 million.)

Possibly worse for the Oscars is that the lack of diversity in the nominees this year (all 20 nominated actors are white) turned off many potential viewers and led some to call for a boycott of the broadcast. Producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron are likely to aim for a telecast more inclusive than the nominees.

Planned performers include Lady Gaga, Jack Black, Jennifer Hudson and Anna Kendrick, as well as Oscar-nominated original songs: Common and John Legend (“Glory” from “Selma”), Maroon 5 (“Lost Stars” from “Begin Again”), Tim McGraw (“I’m Not Gonna Miss You” from “Glen Campbell . I’ll Be Me”), Rita Ora (“Grateful” from “Beyond the Lights”) and Tegan and Sara with the Lonely Island (“Everything Is Awesome” from “The Lego Movie”).

Oprah Winfrey (a co-star in “Selma”) will be among the presenters, as will Eddie Murphy, Chris Pratt, Kevin Hart, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett Johansson, Cate Blanchett, Channing Tatum and John Travolta.

Increasingly, ratings are driven by moments that spark social media frenzy, like when Travolta famously mispronounced the name of singer Idina Menzel as “Adele Dazeem” at last year’s show. Sunday night, he gets a chance for redemption.


Follow AP Film Writer Jake Coyle on Twitter at:

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Plus-Size Woman Had Editors Photoshop Her Picture To Make Her ‘Beautiful’ — She Did Not Expect This

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Marie Southard Ospina, an associate fashion and beauty editor with Bustle, decided to put beauty in the hand of the beholder, asking photo editors from around the world to Photoshop her profile picture and make her “beautiful.” Ospina was inspired by journalists Esther Honig and Priscilla Yuki Wilson, both of whom conducted similar experiments earlier this year. While Honig focused on how culture and beauty pertain to women, Wilson examined how culture and beauty pertain to race; but Ospina, a 23-year-old, plus-size woman, focused on the cultural relationship between weight and beauty.

In her Bustle piece, Ospina writes:

Having grown up predominantly in the first world, I’m aware that in countries like the U.S. or the U.K. being fat is (although quite common) perceived as an inherently negative thing. Stereotypes include, but are not limited to: laziness, selfishness, stupidity, naiveté and even a lower socioeconomic class. But I’m also aware that the notion of “thin is the only beautiful” doesn’t permeate the entirety of the world.

Editors from 17 countries, of varying skill levels, were paid between $ 5 and $ 30 to “make me look beautiful, whilst keeping in mind the looks they see in the fashion/beauty mags of their countries.”

(Story continues below.)

The results from her experiment proved surprising. Though Ospina thought most editors would digitally alter her bone structure and weight to make her look thinner, only three out of the 21 did just that.

“I was extremely positive about the results in the sense that I felt they showed just how different we all, as individuals, define and perceive beauty,” she wrote in an email to The Huffington Post on Thursday. “The reality is that the ‘beautiful’ we’re often taught to aspire to is quite linear, and rooted in being thin. But that’s just one type of beauty. I don’t think the experiment served to show that all of a sudden we, as a species, fat shame any less. Or that all of a sudden we are perfectly accepting of diversity in size. But it did show that defining this six-letter word is nearly impossible. And that’s kind of as it should be. We should all be entitled to our perceptions and our attractions. I don’t ever expect everyone in the world to look a plus-size body and think, ‘My god, he/she is stunning.’ But I hope for a day when the fact that a lot of people do find that larger body attractive isn’t met with such surprise, shock and sometimes anger.”

She said the response she has received from her experiment has been overwhelmingly positive, and she believes that is because people are “tired of being told there is only one kind of beauty.”

“I want women to know that they don’t have to be thin to be beautiful or worthwhile or important or good,” she wrote to HuffPost.

“We need to remember that beauty exists in all forms, styles, shapes, sizes, colors,” she added. “We need to remember that the fact that beauty is actually undefinable is, in of itself, a beautiful thing.”

Head over to Bustle to read more about Ospina’s Photoshop experiment.

Style – The Huffington Post
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Expect The Unexpected

Like many people, I look forward to certain consistencies in life. Since moving to San Francisco in 1972, certain culinary treats became such personal favorites that I inevitably ordered them whenever I visited the restaurant where they were served.

  • The cheese calzone at Marcello’s?
  • The enchiladas suizas at Los Cazos?
  • The chicken yakitori at Jun-Jun’s?
  • The sweet and sour liver at the Neon Chicken?


As Sarah Palin would say, “You bet’cha!”

Some of my favorite restaurants disappeared years ago, leaving me to relish the memory of their beloved specialties while searching out new delights. The same rule pretty much applies to my experience in the arts. One can always anticipate and enjoy returning to a beloved opera like Lohengrin or Madama Butterfly while relishing the opportunity to attend a provocative new production or find something radically different to delight one’s palate.

Some people expect that arts reviewers will only want to see certain works performed the same way they’ve always been done — or that certain types of stories will adhere to traditional, formulaic structures. Such an artistic diet can be as frustrating as the dilemma faced by the Duke in Gilbert & Sullivan’s 1881 comic opera, Patience, or Bunthorne’s Bride. The following clip includes a radically updated set of lyrics for “If You Want A Receipt For That Popular Mystery Known To The World as a Heavy Dragoon” followed (at the 4:10 mark) by the Duke’s poignant observations about toffee.

Four shorts screened during the 2014 Frameline Film Festival deftly deviated from cinematic standards. Each offered a new twist on a cinematic cliché, occasionally delivering a punch in the gut to viewers.

* * * * * * * * * *

In the Spring of 1968, when I was summoned to Fort Hamilton for my draft physical, I remember worrying what would happen during the process. This was at a time when the mere thought of showing up for one’s draft physical filled many a young man with the fear that he could soon find himself being shipped off to Vietnam.

At one point that morning, about 50 of us were seated in a classroom as a very macho Sergeant briefed us on how to fill out a military questionnaire. He obviously relished the opportunity to strike terror into the hearts of impressionable young men. As he explained:

“I’m sure there are one or two of you who’ve given some thought to checking off the box that indicates homosexual tendencies. If you do, you’ll be taken to a room where a psychiatrist will interview you to determine whether or not you’re really a queer. It’ll just be the two of you alone in that room, and that psychiatrist is a really nice man (if you know what I mean). But at the end of the interview, he’s going to whip it out and put it on the edge of his desk. If you go down on it, you are. And if you don’t, you ain’t.”

I was dying to ask the man if what he was describing qualified as soliciting on Army grounds but decided to keep my mouth shut. To my utter surprise, the psychiatrist turned out to be a little old lady with white hair who was not much taller than Dr. Ruth Westheimer. I left Fort Hamilton a free man, confident that I had tickets to a performance of Handel’s Giulio Cesare at the New York City Opera that night.


Firat Erol gets interrogated by Czech military
personnel in a scene from Das Phallometer

Interrogation scenes are a key plot point in many war films and episodes of police procedurals like Law & Order. Written and directed by Tor Iben, Das Phallometer was inspired by a true story. For many years, refugees who sought asylum in the Czech Republic and claimed they were persecuted in their homeland for being homosexual were subjected to a bizarre entrance exam.

In Das Phallometer, Firat Erol plays an Iranian refugee who has been on the run. When he is captured by military guards near the Czech border, he is taken to an interrogation room where he must prove his sexual orientation. The Czechs apply electrodes to his genitals and start to screen gay porn in front of him. His reliably turgid response is met with nods and sounds of approval from his interrogators.

* * * * * * * * * *

Written and directed by Dennis Shinners, Barrio Boy is set in a barber shop in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn. When a handsome hipster named Kevin (Dan Leonard) enters the shop looking for a haircut, he immediately gets the once-over from Cuz (Peter Olivera) and Rafa (Andrew Flores), two unemployed macho Latino men who hang out there.

Cuz and Rafa are completely unaware of the thoughts racing through the head of their friendly barber, Quique (Dennis Garcia), who is still in the closet. Quique’s good looks and attentive scissor work are nothing compared to the erotic thoughts he’s having about what he’d like to do to Kevin, thoughts that make his voice-over sound like it’s being performed at a poetry slam.

While Cuz and Rafa don’t hesitate to telegraph their scorn for the white boy, the fact that Kevin has accidentally left his hat in the barber shop leaves hope springing eternal — and in Quique’s pants — that the two men might meet again. Here’s the teaser.

* * * * * * * * * *

It’s easy to watch the following trailer for Mexican filmmaker Julián Hernández’s short, Wandering Clouds, and think it was all about underwater ballet. But so much more happens in the full version.

Ignacio Pereda, Alan Ramirez, and Mauricio Rico portray three athletes practicing their dives and swimming routines in a campus pool.

  • One is a bully.
  • One is the target of his homophobic taunts.
  • The third shows up suddenly and takes sides (but not in a way the bully ever anticipated).

Hernández (who also directed I Am Happiness On Earth) finds just the right touch with which to take the bully down and surprise his audience with a delicious turn of events that adds power to the youthful eye candy in his short film.

* * * * * * * * * *

Based on what happened to director Carl Byrd on his 41st birthday, one of the bitchiest shorts to come along in several years features a winning cast with vocals by Klea Blackhurst and a guest appearance by none other than Lady Bunny. Writer Peter Macklin (who also appears as The Waiter) serves up some choice one-liners.


Chuck (Sean Dugan) and Cody (Rich Ceraulo) try
to celebrate Chuck’s 40th birthday in Dinner at 40

Chuck (Sean Dugan) is the nervous birthday boy whose lover, Cody (Rich Ceraulo), has obviously grown accustomed to weathering Chuck’s frequent meltdowns. Abby (Joanna P. Adler) is a close friend (and fag hag) while another friend, Nick (Craig Baldwin), has shown up with his newest flame – a young gym bunny named Duane (Marcus Callender).

To add insult to injury, Flynn (Wilson Cruz) appears at a neighboring table bearing lots of emotional baggage. How so? Flynn was formerly Cody’s boyfriend and Chuck’s best friend.


Poster art for Dinner at 40

What should have been an intimate birthday party where two gay men had hoped to propose to each other is quickly derailed by added guests, unexpected faces from the past, and the kind of gay panic attack that rapidly spins out of control. Carl Byrd and Peter Macklin are obviously on familiar ground as they showcase the crushing insecurity of a handsome gay man who has a good job, a devoted lover, and loving friends but is nevertheless terrified at the prospect of turning 40.


Lady Bunny provides some questionable entertainment
for Chuck’s birthday party in Dinner at 40

Despite Chuck’s severely wounded ego, a ruined birthday party, and a drag queen performing a mock abortion with a plastic doll, it’s refreshing to note that this gay nightmare has a happy ending. Here’s the teaser:

* * * * * * * * * *

Shakespeare’s works often bear the brunt of a director’s need to mark his territory (like a wild cat spraying the perimeter of its turf). The Onion recently published a delightfully snarky piece entitled Unconventional Director Sets Shakespeare Play In Time, Place Shakespeare Intended.

Because every attempt to update, reinterpret, or bastardize one of Shakespeare’s plays does not necessarily score a hit, it’s foolish to insist that All’s Well That Ends Well. Some productions are monstrously misconceived, others are filled with numerous ideas that don’t always succeed but deserve credit for their creative insights.

Bay area audiences who have followed Jon Tracy’s rising star as a writer and stage director have grown to trust the man’s ability to mine his abundant imagination in order to create an evening of engaging (if not always perfect) theatre. Working over a wide range of repertoire, Tracy has shown a remarkable ability to inspire and free up actors to take risks while contributing to the creative process.


Ben Euphrat as Orsino n Twelfth Night (Photo by: Pak Han)

Last year, Tracy was scheduled to work on a new production of Twelfth Night when he and his actors were stopped dead in their tracks. They decided to attempt an Indiegogo crowdsourcing appeal which laid out the goals of Shakedown 12th Night in no uncertain terms:

“Our developmental production of a musical Twelfth Night has lost its home and needs your help to find a new one! We are an ensemble of eleven theatre artists who want to revive a cancelled dream project: a musical production of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. Our collective skill set contains (but is certainly not limited to) juggling, acrobatics, hand springs, hand-balancing, guitar, mandolin, violin, banjo, bouzouki, didgeridoo, ukulele, drums, tambourine, percussion, piano, accordion, and vocals that’ll make your mama cry. Also, we’re pretty into the language of Shakespeare. Which is a musical instrument in and of itself. BAM.

As artists, we are always trying to envision the best way to tell a story, but how do you tell one of the best stories ever? Jon has looked towards ritual as inspiration. From that kernel came a landscape of musical narrative, powerful physical storytelling and a heightened realism; a dark, turbulent world which blurs the line between the figurative and the literal.”


Jon Tracy (Photo by: Nina Ball)

“In Shakedown, the events of the classic story have already passed but every year the people that lived through it commemorate their shared experience with a ritualized retelling. Each character relives their story, but also serves as the audience, the chorus, and the band for the others; each a part of this community bound together by the events of the play. Our best shot is getting a proper workshop, culminating in a showcase to woo interested theatre companies.

Not everyone can throw cash monies at us and our Shakedown dream, but fear not! Your love is powerful stuff. Sharing this post on your Facebook page or Twitter feed (or just good old-fashioned telling someone about it) will help bring our campaign to more folks’ attention. Even dropping us a line or giving us a call to convey your support would be downright awesome. If you’re especially swamped, telepathy is totally cool, too..i’faith, we can feel it now…To put on said workshop we need $ 3,000. Give us a hand, won’t you?”

Shakedown’s fundraising appeal netted 17% more than their goal and succeeded in attracting the interest of Berkeley’s Shotgun Players (which, over the years, has collaborated with Tracy and many of the artists in Shakedown’s ensemble). Working on a unit set that was intelligently and most economically designed by Nina Ball, the Shotgun Players production offered a fascinating case study in how a community of artists can use crowdsourcing and social media to help their dreams come true. As Tracy notes:

“This production has been alive in workshops, showcases, and Hail Mary passes for some time. The way you tell the story can also be the story itself. At this juncture, looking ahead and behind, it has become a story of perseverance. Twelfth Night’s other title (What You Will) has a different meaning to us here than intended. It has become a sort of mantra about what can be accomplished with collective strength. Play on.”

Although Tracy’s approach to Twelfth Night may not be the stuff of which a traditionalist’s dreams are made, it scores strongly on many fronts (partly because there may be a greater sense of ownership for the actors who participated in the development of this production). With Ben Euphrat doubling as music director and Orsino, there were times when the number of actors playing guitars, ukuleles, and banjo onstage made me wonder why no one had insisted on including a balalaika (certain moments in the show also make one wonder if this could be the Shakespearean answer to the recent musical adaptation of Once).


Viola (Rebecca Pingree) and Feste (Jeremy Vik) in
a scene from Twelfth Night (Photo by: Pak Han)

As with any of Tracy’s theatrical adventures, the energy level is extremely high with especially hyper performances coming from Nick Medina as Aguecheek, Rebecca Pingree as Viola, Billy Raphael as Sir Toby Belch, and Jeremy Vik as Feste. One of the strongest performances came from Sarah Mitchell (a superb actor whose fine work is often underappreciated).


Sebastian (Will Hand) and Linda Antonio (Sarah Mitchell)
in a scene from Twelfth Night (Photo by: Pak Han)

Will Hand’s appealing Sebastian indulged in some carefully disguised (and fully appropriate) moments of nudity onstage (“Off, off, damned sheet!”) while the heavily tattooed Cory Sands brought a level of hipster chic to the production.


Malvolio (Terry Rucker) soliloquizes while Aguecheek (Nick Medina) hides
beneath a set of couch cushions in Twelfth Night (Photo by: Pak Han)

Twelfth Night’s first act often tends to get dragged down in exposition, with the second act generating more physical comedy to entertain an audience. If there is one weak point in this production, it centers around Terry Rucker’s characterization of Malvolio. Still, that’s a small price to pay for such an enthusiastic evening of theatre which, for the most part, is literally bursting with creativity.


The cast of the Shotgun Players production of Twelfth Night
(Photo by: Pak Han)

To read more of George Heymont go to My Cultural Landscape
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Expect Plenty Of Death In The Season Finale of ‘Reign’

Prepare yourselves, Royals, more death is coming to French court.

This season on “Reign” there’ve been beheadings, battles and bedding ceremonies, but tonight’s final episode is upping the stakes for some of your favorite characters on the show. Adelaide Kane — who plays fledgling monarch Mary, Queen of Scots — spilled a few finale secrets to HuffPost TV, explaining that she’s very different from the character she plays:

Fans should be ready for a few things before tonight’s season finale airs.
Last week’s episode saw King Henry finally go full on crazy and Mary team up with Catherine to plan his imminent demise. Things didn’t work out too well for the scheming Queens and on tonight’s episode, Francis finds himself in danger and Mary might be his only hope. So what’s in store for our newlyweds?

“A couple of loose ends are going to be tied up,” Kane said. “We’re going to resolve some of the open plot threads.” And how does the show plan on doing that? Murder, of course. “There’s going to be some death, as there is in every episode,” she admitted. “Just a casual Thursday in the castle.”

But will Mary, who hasn’t been afraid to get her hands bloody this season, be involved in the action? Kane certainly hopes so. “I’d love to see her just stab somebody!” the actress joked.

Seriously though, fans should prepare for plenty of pomp and circumstance before the show says goodbye. A festival will be taking place, some jousting and oh yeah, a baby will be born. “Lola goes into labor,” Kane revealed. “But there’s no baby in the finale so you’re going to have to wait until the second season to find out about that.”

Don’t bother to ask Kane what fans can expect in Season 2.
“They don’t tell me anything,” the actress said. “I’ve been asking everybody. I have my little spy network that I bribe with baked goods and hugs, but it never works.”

One thing that does work on the show: the clothes.
Apparently, dressing the part of the queen has its perks. Since the pilot episode, critics and fans alike have agreed on one thing and that’s how damn good the cast looks while tromping all over the French castle. While we’re sure their good genes are to blame, it doesn’t hurt that Kane and company have had their choice of designer duds every episode. From Alexander McQueen ball gowns to Gucci mesh tops and everything in between, the costume department on the show deserves a round of applause for the all the hard work they do, and Kane agrees.

“I don’t even bother giving input,” Kane said. “They don’t ask me and they don’t need to. They know exactly what they’re doing.” And while donning couture sounds fun, Kane admits it’s one of the hardest parts of the job. “It’s very exciting but at the end of a 16 hour day, I want to rip them to shreds, douse them in gas and burn them,” the actress said. “You trip over your damn self all the time and going to the bathroom is so tricky.”

Since the show is taking a temporary leave of absence, Kane waxed nostalgic on the first season by revealing which scene was her favorite to film.
“I love anything with Megan (Follows) and anything with Toby (Regbo),” Kane said. “I love our fight scenes where we get to scream at each other. It’s very cathartic.”

Mary has no problem standing up for herself on the show, but Kane isn’t anything like her royal alter ego.
On the show, Kane totally embodies her strong and often stubborn character, but the actress want her fans to know, there’s a difference between who she plays on TV and who she is when the cameras aren’t rolling.

“I hate conflict,” Kane said. “I don’t like fighting people.” Thankfully, back-stabbings and assassination attempts are something the Australian actress doesn’t have to deal with in her personal life, but she says it’s always better to take the high road in any argument. “I’ve had my fair share of bullshit to deal with,” Kane said. “It’s always better to take the upper hand.”

The season finale of “Reign” airs Thursday, May 15, at 9 p.m. EDT on The CW.
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Zelda-Themed Wedding Is Exactly What You’d Expect (PHOTO)

There are themed weddings. And then there are themed weddings…

The photo below, posted by Reddit user AdamLax on Monday, depicts the nuptials of two Nintendo super fans who asked each member of their wedding party to dress in Zelda gear from head to toe.

It seems Link finally rescued Princess Zelda after all.

Now check out some more wacky ways couples got hitched.

Comedy – The Huffington Post
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