Fake Orgasms, On-Set Romances and Princess Diana’s Reaction: 30 Secrets You Might Not Know About When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally30 years later and we’ll still have what she’s having.
When Harry Met Sally, one of the most beloved romantic comedy of all-time, debuted 30 years ago on July 21, 1989, asking…

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Facebook still hasn’t fixed this loophole for fake accounts

Facebook still hasn’t fixed this loophole for fake accountsFacebook has been vocal about tamping down on fake news and ‘inauthentic’ user behavior, but there’s still a glaring loophole in its attempts. After years of pledges by Facebook (FB) to quash “inauthentic” behavior on the social network, Facebook Pages still don’t come close to being an open book. The ownership of these Pages — which anyone can set up on Facebook to highlight businesses, communities or public figures — continues to be a mystery.

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Vetements’ Guram Gvasalia, Buyers Say Highsnobiety Story is Fake News

According to buyers and Guram Gvasalia, Vetements’ chief executive officer, the idea that the brand’s popularity is waning is, well, fake news.
On Thursday, Highsnobiety published a piece with multiple unnamed sources claiming that the brand, which is designed by Demna Gvasalia, who is also the creative director at Balenciaga, is losing favor with consumers and retailers. The variety of unnamed sources, who were identified with nebulous descriptions such as “one buyer” or a “former shop manager,” contributed the lack of sales to Vetements moving its headquarters to Zurich, lack of newness and inflated pricing.
In a statement sent to WWD, Guram Gvasalia said the independent company is actually outperforming market expectations and showing over 50 percent growth in comparison to the previous year.
“It is sad to see the state of journalism today. In the era of click-baits, using the name of our company in the article is a click-bait itself, and even more so when it’s mentioned in a negative headline,” he wrote. “To the disappointment of all the haters, we would like to declare that Vetements is in the strongest creative and financial state it has ever been. We are definitely not going out of business and the speculations about

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Fall 2018 Trend: Fake News

The truth is that fake fur was all over the runways for fall as designers eschewed the real stuff in favor of the man-made. The debate continues to rage over which is better for the environment, but the proliferation of faux represented a cultural tipping point of sorts as brands such as Michael Kors and Gucci switched camps — and it became increasingly difficult to tell real from fake.

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Lisa Kudrow: The Friends Cast Knows About Fake Movie Trailer, But I Don’t Know What to Do With It

Courteney Cox, Lisa KudrowFriends fans are still clinging on to hope for a reunion, despite dozens of comments from producers and the stars of the hit series saying it’s never going to happen, so much so that many fell…

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Ivanka Trump Is a Fake Feminist, Which Makes Her Father Proud

The Daily Show’s Michelle Wolf calls bullshit.

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Woman Wants Botched Doctors to Give Her “Fake, Unnatural Looking” Boobs to Make Her More Successful in Cosplay World

Bunny, Botched, Botched 402Bunny knows what she wants!
During Sunday’s Botched episode, doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif meet (purple) Bunny, who wants to achieve a specific look in order to be successful…

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These Art Dealers Got Busted Trying to Sell $400,000 of Fake Art

Three men have been indicted of attempting to sell forged Damien Hirst prints.

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Dascha Polanco Says Hollywood Wants ‘Fake Latinas’

Dascha Polanco of the prison drama “Orange Is the New Black” says she’s been confined off-screen by Hollywood’s attitude toward Latina actresses.

In an interview with Vivala posted this week, the Dominican-American said she has felt expectations to conceal her Afro-Latina features and was even told she looked “too Latina” for a Latina role.

“We have to be ‘fake Latinas,’” Polanco said. “And here’s the thing about ‘fake Latinas’ – when you look at Latinas who are succeeding in Hollywood, they’re super thin and you really can’t tell if she’s Latina or not.”

Polanco, 34, told the outlet that genetics testing determined that some of her roots originate from the Iberian Peninsula and 31 percent from the African nation of Mali ― and they are apparent, she said. 

She said she used to wonder if having lighter eyes and a thinner body would land her more roles. But she doesn’t appear to be hurting for work now.

Polanco has played inmate Dayanara Diaz on “OITNB” since 2013 (Season 5 is now available on Netflix) and wrapped shooting on what Deadline billed as her first starring role in a film in the dark comedy “iCreep.”

“Every day, I am learning how to love myself more,” Polanco told Vivala.

For the complete interview, visit Vivala.

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Don’t Believe These Fake News Stories About The Ariana Grande Concert Attack

Fake news swept across the internet in the aftermath of a deadly explosion at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, on Monday night.

An attacker killed 22 people and injured dozens more, police say. Many used social media to offer and appeal for help, others used it as an opportunity to troll and put out false information.

Reports that a gunman was on the loose at a nearby hospital, that Grande had been injured in the blast and that she had immediately retired from music all circulated within hours of the explosion which British police are treating as a terrorist incident.

Here’s a round up of the fake news stories to watch out for so far:

type=type=RelatedArticlesblockTitle=Related Coverage + articlesList=59235f47e4b034684b0f0573,5923bb52e4b094cdba56f410,5923a45de4b03b485cb460fb,592371f5e4b03b485cb45299

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Controversial Artist Stages A Fake Shipwreck, Sells ‘Treasures’ For Millions

Artist Damien Hirst always aims to shock.

Having already exhibited a dead shark in a vitrine of formaldehyde, a severed cow’s head on which live maggots feasted, and an 18th-century skull covered in platinum with over 8,000 diamonds, you might wonder just how, exactly, Hirst plans on living up to his own hype.

After a 10-year hiatus from making art, Hirst has made his best bid, in the form of an underwater art show depicting the remains of a fictional shipwreck. The show is called “Treasures From the Wreck of the Unbelievable,” and in typical Hirst fashion, it’s not cheap. According to The New York Times, “Treasures” cost the artist millions of dollars to produce and Parisian collector François Pinault millions to present. (Neither gave exact figures.) In turn, the cheaper works on view will cost potential buyers around $ 500,000 each, with the big-ticket items costing a cool $ 5 million.

The exhibition revolves around a mythical story of a shipwreck that, according to Hirst’s story, was discovered off the coast of eastern Africa in 2008. The wreckage allegedly contained a bounty of treasure once belonging to a freed Turkish slave who rose to riches during his lifetime between the first and second centuries. When his ship, the “Unbelievable,” went down, his trove of sculptural objects were lost for centuries. 

Until recently, that is, when divers salvaged some of the barnacle-encrusted pieces from the debris. To add to the mystique of his self-spun mythology, Hirst actually filmed people recovering the sunken goodies from the sea. The shipwrecked treasures ― now on view in Venice ― include massive, kitsch carvings depicting pharaohs, mythical figures, sea beasts and goddesses ― many of which curiously resemble contemporary pop figures like Rihanna and Pharrell.

For Hirst, who has long been obsessed with mythology, the exhibition is a very elaborate exercise in the importance of imagination.

“Believing, it’s different from religion,” the artist told the Times, reportedly over and over. “It’s what we need to do today. When you’re an artist, everything you do you think is about the world we are living in today. And now with all the liars running our governments, it’s far easier to believe in the past than it is in the future.”

For some, Hirst is the ultimate maximalist, his exorbitant visions transcending both good taste and bad in their sheer enormity. His work aims to literally take the viewer’s breath away, showing that art can be as spectacular as a blockbuster film, without the mediation of a screen.

As The Guardian put it: “It takes a kind of genius to push kitsch to the point where it becomes sublime.”

For others, however, Hirst’s show resembles nothing more than a shock artist’s attempt at a comeback, generated less through ingenuity than through obscene amounts of money. The Telegraph called the show “a spectacular, bloated folly, an enormity that may prove the shipwreck of Hirst’s career,” adding that it was “characterised by lifeless surfaces, lurid emotions, and vile, excessive details, such as a couple of toadstools growing on the base. Ugh.”

When overblown excess and unabashed grandiosity so viscerally conjure associations with the current U.S. president, Hirst’s longstanding eye for opulence feels, at best, tone deaf and, at worst, emetic. Although optimism and imagination are clearly the aims of Hirst’s under-the-sea adventure, the end result feels more like a last-gasp display of extravagance as gaudy as Trump Tower.

Hirst’s work will be on view at the Palazzo Grassi until Dec. 3.

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This ‘Addams Family’ Netflix Trailer Is Mysterious And Spooky (And Fake)

Tragically, we aren’t getting a Netflix remake of “The Addams Family” anytime soon. But a fan-made trailer posted to Facebook late last week is here to show us what we’re missing.

Cleverly combining clips from existing shows including “Penny Dreadful,” “Crimson Peak” and the 1991 “Addams Family” movie, the minds behind an unofficial news page for the streaming service crafted an all-together-ooky idea of what the revamped Addams household might look like.

An eerie dollhouse, a pale and dark-haired girl’s mischievous smile, an anonymous figure chopping buds off a bunch of roses ― they certainly nailed the tone of the original 1964 series. And, judging by the comments below, the trailer fooled a fair number of TV fans, if only for a single, blissful minute. (”This pulled straight at my heart,” wrote one.)

Commenters began throwing out spot-on casting suggestions ― Eva Green as Morticia, Oscar Isaac as Gomez ― that any future remake would now require.

We regret to report that the original episodes aren’t available to stream on Netflix, nor is the 1991 film. In their absence, we will have to settle for “titles related to” the kooky series.

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Guy Trolls Facebook with Series of Fake “Engagement Photos”

A guy’s Facebook feed goes viral after sharing a series of engagement photos — with multiple people.
The hair-care pioneer Vidal Sassoon wasn’t just an innovator in his industry. He actually spent his youth fighting fascism with Group 43 after World War II.
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The Fake Strongmen of Morning News Explain How They Get Away with It

A chat with Chop and Steele.

Lifestyle – Esquire


Mom’s Viral Video Shows ‘How To Fake Your Perfect Life On Social Media’

With the widespread illusion of perfection on social media, it’s common for parents to feel like they just don’t measure up. But this mom and vlogger says that doesn’t have to be the case. 

In “How to Fake Your Perfect Life on Social Media,” Kristina Kuzmic shares some simple hacks to help parents compete in the picture-perfect Instagram world. From quick decluttering tips to sneaky baking tricks, Kuzmic’s advice is hilariously spot-on.

Clearly it’s resonating with other parents. The video has reached more than 1.6 million views on Facebook. Watch it above for her social media hacks.

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‘The Arrangement’ Will Satisfy All Your Curiosities About Fake Celebrity Relationships

The first thing you need to know about “The Arrangement” ― E!’s new Hollywood-centric drama about a television actress who signs a contract to marry a movie star ― is that it’s definitely not, in no wayinspired by Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Scientology. At least that’s what the show’s cast and creators claim.

We’ve all heard the rumors that the Church of Scientology allegedly auditioned actresses to become Cruise’s girlfriend before Holmes snagged the “role” and married him. That’s why comparisons between the show’s Kyle West (Josh Henderson) and Megan Morrison (Christine Evangelista) — the aforementioned movie star who belongs to a suspicious organization called The Institute of the Higher Mind and the struggling actress who is contracted to play his girlfriend — and their suspected real-life counterparts are so hard to resist.

“The Arrangement” may seem very much inspired by Cruise and Holmes’ relationship on the surface, but the show is more about the machinations of the Hollywood PR machine and every over-the-top relationship rumor tabloid addicts read over the years.

The concept of the Hollywood contract relationship, otherwise known as a “fauxmance” or “promance,” dates back to the studio system of the early 20th century. Actor Rock Hudson’s 1955 marriage to secretary Phyllis Gates was famously arranged by the actor’s agent, Henry Wilson, in an effort to hide Hudson’s sexual orientation from the public. Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn had audiences convinced of their love both on- and off-screen, but a 2012 memoir by Hollywood fixer Scotty Bowers claims their 26-year relationship was a decoy to distract from the same-sex relationships they both reportedly enjoyed.

Today, while Hollywood has become a friendlier place to openly queer actors, it’s possible there are relationships that are arranged to conceal a star’s true sexual orientation; however, it’s far more plausible that a fauxmance might be concocted to promote a shared project or raise a couple’s collective profile.

Take Kaley Cuoco and Henry Cavill’s fleeting 12-day fling back in the summer of 2013, which was widely believed to be a fauxmance ― not that anyone could officially prove it, of course. There just seemed to be something curious about the fact that the two started dating right around the time Cavill was promoting “Man of Steel,” and that somehow the paparazzi seemed on-hand to document every single one of their dates. The fact that their “relationship” ended just as quickly as it started, combined with a suspiciously short timeline between Cuoco and Cavill’s breakup and her new romance with soon-to-be fiancé Ryan Sweeting, added to suspicions their romance was less than authentic. Their coupling reeked of a PR-set up. Cuoco even admitted to Cosmopolitan that it brought her more attention than she ever received before.

“I had no one following me until I met Superman. I’ve been in this business for 20 years, and my whole life, I could go anywhere, do anything. There had not been one paparazzi photo of me until like seven months ago. The recognition has been crazy,” she told the magazine in a 2014 cover story.  

The problem with Cuoco’s statement is that while it used to be commonplace for the paparazzi to be out in full force following celebrities around town, hunting for that perfect picture, that happens far less often today unless you occupy the A-list.

Thanks to the tabloid boom in the early 2000s, being a paparazzo was a lucrative job. There seemed to be a heightened interest in seeing celebs doing mundane things, sparked in part by Us Weekly’s “Stars — They’re Just Like Us!” feature. In the mid-2000s, the right photo could fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars, but that kind of payout has dried up since the introduction of social media, allowing celebrities more control over their own image.

And for someone like Cuoco, who was able to keep her relationship with her “Big Bang Theory” co-star Johnny Galecki secret for two years without anyone finding out, it’s difficult to believe the paparazzi were suddenly able to capture intimate moments of her 12-day romance with Cavill ― unless, of course, they were specifically tipped off.

For all we know, Cuoco and Cavill’s brief dalliance with one another could have been real, but it’s hard to deny the overwhelming professional benefits they both enjoyed from the blink-and-you-missed-it affair. Such is the case with what is probably the most-discussed alleged fauxmance in recent history ― Hiddleswift.

From their humble beginnings born out of totally not staged photos on the rocky shores of Rhode Island, Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s extremely camera-ready relationship simply did not ring true for many fans. Hiddleston has gone on record claiming that “of course [the relationship] was real,” but believing that means ignoring aspects of their relationship that feel orchestrated.  

The Hiddleswift relationship materialized seemingly out of nowhere, becoming public knowledge a mere day before Kim Kardashian accused Swift of lying about having approved lyrics to Kanye West’s song “Famous.” From a PR perspective, a new, showy relationship not only distracted from the allegations, but also drew focus from Swift’s recent breakup with Calvin Harris.

If Swift benefited by trying to distract from negative attention, then Hiddleston, who was then known as a respected British actor, soaked up more attention ― both good and bad ― than he’d ever experienced up to that point.

Though he took some flak for some of the more attention-grabbing moments of the relationship, like wearing an “I ♥ T.S.” tank top at the beach, becoming fodder for tabloid gossip seems to have proven beneficial for his career. During the time Hiddleston and Swift dated, the actor capitalized on his newly raised profile by growing his Twitter following from 2.8 million to 3.8 million, and he took the opportunity to join Instagram, where he amassed 1.1 million followers in a matter of weeks, according to Refinery 29.

Hiddleston wasn’t an unknown before he dated Swift. In fact, he has two blockbuster movies ― “Kong: Skull Island” and “Thor: Ragnarok” ― due out this year. But every little bit of recognition helps when it comes to promotion and landing that next coveted role.

Observers of celebrity culture can only speculate over the authenticity of relationships like Hiddleswift and others that set off our collective bullshit detectors. That’s why gossip addicts will relish “The Arrangement” for painting Hollywood the way we assume it really is ― calculating and manipulative. From the specifics laid out in Kyle and Megan’s relationship contract, to staged interactions with celebrity exes, and the overreaching publicists and managers who pull all the strings, “The Arrangement” is rich in detail and probably more reflective of Hollywood than it would like to admit. 

“The Arrangement” premieres Sunday, March 5, at 10 p.m. ET.

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Unreal Real Estate TV: The Fake and Sometimes Dark Side of House-Hunting, Renovating & Remodeling for Our Viewing Pleasure

Real Estate Shows HGTVAs anyone who’s ever bought or sold a home, renovated or remodeled or undertook an extensive home-improvement project knows–it’s impossible to wholly encapsulate that experience in 22 to…

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A Vengeful Arch-Nemesis Taught You Fake News About Edgar Allan Poe

This is a true story about fabrications that improbably became common knowledge. The protagonist is a poet whose name you’ll recognize, but whose life is still widely mischaracterized. It would have been his birthday today, Jan. 19. The story’s villain is a poet whose name you won’t recognize, but is arguably the sole reason you believe the false information.

Perhaps a tale about two feuding poets is no spy story, but, ― but! ― its villain is very quirky. And the villain’s bizarrely obsessive hatred is so strong, that it’s almost endearing.

The story starts on Oct. 9, 1849, two days after Edgar Allan Poe’s death, when one of the most popular newspapers of the era ― the now defunct New-York Daily Tribune ― published an obituary for the writer.

It begins matter-of-factly, “Edgar Allan Poe is dead.”

But within the very first paragraph, the obit stated, “This announcement will startle many, but few will be grieved by it,” as well as, “he had few or no friends.”

Perhaps most ridiculous, the writer of this obituary described Poe as a person who “walked the streets, in madness or melancholy, with lips moving in indistinct curses, or with eyes upturned in passionate prayers, (never for himself, for he felt, or professed to feel, that he was already damned).”

This piece achieved a vast readership across America. The author, Rufus Griswold, was Poe’s arch-nemesis.

In broad-stroke descriptors of their relationship to each other, Griswold was a northerner, while Poe was a southerner. Both edited the same literary publication, Graham’s Magazine, at different times. Griswold published Poe’s work in his anthology, The Poets and Poetry of America. Poe made a habit of criticizing the merits of this anthology.

“Poe and Griswold might have just rubbed each other the wrong way,” Chris Semtner, a curator at the Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond, Virginia, explained to The Huffington Post. “Poe did not help by writing scathing book reviews attacking Griswold’s friends in addition to lectures ridiculing Griswold’s magnum opus, The Poets and Poetry of America.”

Poe even wrote a character into a story that gets dumber after reading Griswold’s work.

Ron Smith, a Poe scholar and former member of the Museum’s board, told Richmond’s Style Weekly in an article last year that Poe, although inarguably mean-spirited, did this in jest, or in an act of literary “sport.” But instead of ribbing back, Griswold plotted to destroy his foe. The famous Virginia writer became “the man [Griswold] hated most,” Semtner added. (The curator is an authority on the manner as The Edgar Allan Poe Museum has the world’s largest collection of Griswold’s personal items ― including letters, manuscripts and paintings. Certainly an ironic fate for Griswold’s legacy.)

After Poe’s death, Griswold convinced Poe’s mother-in-law to sign away the rights to the author’s work. Griswold went on to publish the collected works attached with his own biography of Poe that invented stories of his drunkenness, immorality and instability.

As Semtner described the biography, Griswold portrayed “Poe as a scoundrel who cheated a woman out of her money and who spends most of the time intoxicated.”

Perhaps most over-the-top in hilarious evilness are the made-up quotes Griswold attributed to Poe. “Griswold also added entire fabricated passages to Poe’s letters that he quoted in the biography,” Semtner said. “In the additions, Poe bestows fawning praise upon Griswold.” 

In the end, Griswold’s plan ended up back-firing. The tall tales of Poe being a scoundrel ― no matter how refuted ― transformed the writer into a legend, greatly increasingly his popularity.

Both men were popular in their day, but you only know Poe’s name more than a century later. That’s a shame, as Griswold had his own real-life struggles that were ripe for lore-making and certainly contribute to the legend of Poe, as well.

“Griswold was a bitter man who seemed to make enemies wherever he went, but he was also a complex individual who was alternately deeply devoted to his dead first wife, but seemingly neglectful of his living children,” said Semtner. “A month after his first wife died, he crept into her crypt and spent the night with her.”

During the eight years between Poe’s death and his own, Griswold may have spent much of his energy trying to destroy his nemesis, but in a way, he also clearly couldn’t quit him.

“When [Griswold] died, one of his prized possessions was a portrait of Poe that was hanging in his hall,” said Semtner. Griswold had stolen this oil portrait ― the only portrait made of Poe during his lifetime ― from Poe’s mother-in-law (along with those rights to Poe’s work).

“I wonder what went through his head when he saw it hanging on his wall,” said Semtner. “Poe was the one who had belittled and ridiculed him, but Poe had achieved international fame during his lifetime. Griswold was still best known as an anthologist of other people’s poetry, and he would soon be known only as his worst enemy’s biographer.”

Today, Griswold might suffer from the same fate he bestowed upon Poe, as he is also no longer here to defend himself. In part because of his own actions, only Poe scholars are around today to interpret Griswold’s life and write his history. As mentioned before, the largest collection of Griswold’s work now resides in a museum dedicated to his enemy.

The distinction between the hero and the villain is often ambiguous outside of stories. And the two roles need each other to become stronger. Sadly, in this case, Griswold became the footnote of the man he tried to stomp out. Despite the bitterness that led to making Poe immortal, Rufus Griswold is dead. 

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$32 Million Worth of Fake Nike and Adidas Sneakers Have Been Seized by Authorities

They were concealed in a container of napkins.

Style – Esquire


Facebook didn’t get the memo about fake news. Of course it didn’t.

Facebook didn’t get the memo about fake news. Of course it didn’t.It shouldn’t be news that fake news is a problem on Facebook and other social networks: We’ve had decades of practice with hoaxes, urban legends and other fraudulent “facts” floating around the Internet. It’s been 21 years since Snopes.com founder David Mikkelson began busting myths online, seven years since FactCheck.org had to debunk fake reports about Snopes’ funding, and two and a half years since the Washington Post launched a “What was fake on the Internet this week” blog… which it abandoned in frustration just over a year ago. Now, some people are now wondering if Facebook’s role as a vector for fake news played a part in Donald J. Trump’s shocking Election Night win.

Yahoo Tech


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Stephen Colbert Rips Facebook For Restricting Fake News After Trump Win

Stephen Colbert isn’t liking Facebook these days.

“The Late Show” host took the social media giant to task Tuesday for waiting until after Donald Trump won the presidency to restrict the fake news stories that had proliferated on the site.

Some of the massively shared articles were reportedly penned by teenagers in Macedonia and featured negative Hillary Clinton angles to attract Trump supporters, Colbert noted.

Given that a reported 44 percent of Americans get their news from Facebook (where “It’s OK to poke without consent”), the clickbait had an effect, Colbert said.

“There is some good news,” he said in the bit, which begins at the 5:00 mark above. “As of today, Facebook will restrict these fake news sites. Now they’re going to do it. So while we’re at it, let me just close these barn doors so those stupid cows can’t get back in.”

“Enjoy your fields, stupid f**king cows.”

h/t Raw Story

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Fake Ruth Bader Ginsburg Won’t Quit Under President Trump In ‘SNL’ Skit

Saturday Night Live” imagined what life will be like for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg following Donald Trump’s presidential election victory.

Kate McKinnon as the 83-year-old liberal justice told “Weekend Update” host Colin Jost that she’d previously had it all figured out. After Hillary Clinton’s election win, she’d planned to retire in the Dominican Republic.

But Trump’s win had now put paid to her plans, and she vowed to never step down ― over fears the president-elect would usher in an ultra-conservative replacement.

“You can’t get rid of me,” she shouted.

“The bench is now my porch. I’m going to sit on it all day and scream, ‘No! Get out of my yard,’” McKinnon as Ginsburg later said, before adding, “I’m eating an apple a day to keep Ben Carson away.”

Check it out in the clip above.

type=type=RelatedArticlesblockTitle=Related Coverage + articlesList=58281adfe4b060adb56ed2c3,58282ac2e4b0c4b63b0d0c96,5828125fe4b0c4b63b0d0949,5826dceae4b02d21bbc8ece6

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This Guy Planted Fake Halloween Costumes In A Real Costume Store

Jeff Wysasky of the site Obvious Plant had a great response to the ridiculous costumes you find at most Halloween shops. They’re cheaply made, they’re inexplicably expensive, and of course, there’s always a sexy option.

So Jeff added a few new costumes to the mix.

Check out out the rest if you want, but unfortunately, you can’t actually buy them. So your laughter will be followed by your tears.


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Diplo Says Selena Gomez’s Relationship With Zedd Is ‘Fake’

Rumors of a romance between Selena Gomez and Zedd have been swirling since earlier this year, and while neither the singer nor the DJ have confirmed their relationship, producer Diplo thinks it’s all a publicity stunt.

When Radio.com asked Diplo about his harsh Twitter comments on Zedd’s latest album, the American DJ and producer spoke freely about his German colleague, saying that Zedd’s rumored relationship with the 22-year-old is merely a marketing move:

I’m actually not enemies with Zedd by any means. I just think that he came from such a cool place, and now he’s been pegged as a money-maker for a major label to do EDM, which to me isn’t even a genre. But they’ve pegged him for that, they’ve marketed him, even the fake relationship with Selena Gomez, all the things to sell records took away from the music.

Gomez caused a stir in February after sharing an Instagram photo of herself embracing Zedd. She again fueled the fire after gushing about her rumored beau to Radio Disney, calling Zedd “very cute and funny.”

Diplo playfully teased Gomez when he tagged her in a Twitter photo of himself hugging Zedd, to which the “Love You Like A Love Song” singer had an equally playful response:

Around the same time, Gomez and Zedd released a new song together, “I Want You To Know.” Publicity stunt or perfect timing? Hmm.

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Fake Foods: Fried, Fast, and Processed: The Incredibly Disgusting Story

Fake Foods: Fried, Fast, and Processed: The Incredibly Disgusting Story

New – When were hungry, we are often more concerned with quashing the hunger than the quality of what were eating. This book looks at processed food, which might have started as whole, healthy foods, but are now milled, coated or mixed with salt and preservatives, and fried or cooked. Oftentimes this processed food is cleverly packed as wholesome, even when it isnt. Readers will learn how fake food ingredients can contribute to obesity, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. Fake foods

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Ticket to The Big Fake Wedding

Ticket to The Big Fake Wedding

Wedding planning should be as much of a party as the event itself. At The Big Fake Wedding, it is. This wedding planning party, which is also a vow-renewal ceremony for one couple — invites brides- and grooms-to-be to be guests and experience a wedding from a guest’s standpoint, complete with dinner, dancing, cake, and flowers. You’ll receive a detailed program outlining each vendor and their work as displayed during the day at this big day in Boston. ( value) for one admission, including: Admission for one Dinner Sparkling wine Swag bag The Big Fake Wedding Website Facebook
List Price:

‘S***ty Side Salads’ Is The Fake Delivery Food You Never Knew You Needed

Somebody’s calling out the generously named “side salads.”

Aptly titled “Sh*tty Side Salads,” this video imagines a company actually producing those takeout and delivery afterthoughts so you can trick friends into thinking you ordered in.

“Cole slaw in a medicine cup?” says one guest. “Well, I’m fooled.”
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Sundance So Far: Adam Scott & Jason Schwartzman’s Fake Penises, Ethan Hawke’s Latest Dad & ‘The Witch’

Last time on Sundance So Far, we discussed “The Bronze” and other movies that opened the festival. Temperatures dropped to 18 degrees at sundown in Park City, Utah, on Day 2 of Sundance. Parkas were out and crowds were thick at some of the most anticipated films of the opening weekend. The press screening for “Z for Zachariah,” filled up two hours before the film began, and Jason Segel stunned audiences as David Foster Wallace at the world premiere of “The End of the Tour.” We’ll write about both of those films shortly, but here are the other titles HuffPost Entertainment editor Matthew Jacobs and Los Angeles senior editor Sasha Bronner caught on Friday:

“Stockholm, Pennsylvania”
Written and directed by Nikole Beckwith
Starring Saoirse Ronan, Jason Isaacs and Cynthia Nixon


There is more than initially meets the eye in the post-kidnapping drama about a young woman, played by Saoirse Ronan (“The Grand Budapest Hotel”), who is returned to her home after being held captive in a basement for the majority of her life.

Taken from a park when she was 4 years old raised by her kidnapper (played by Jason Isaacs), the extent of what her character knows about the world can be held in the palm of her hand.

The film’s intentional use of claustrophobia does the trick. When Ronan sticks her head out of her bedroom window and, we presume, feels rain for the first time, you too feel her wonder and her innocence.

But this is not an innocent film. Cynthia Nixon, who plays Ronan’s mother, is understandably emotional when her daughter returns home and does her very best to help the family acclimate to their suddenly different circumstances (think “trust falls”). But the people of the town stare. And they discover that their missing daughter doesn’t know when her real birthday is, doesn’t remember them at all and actually thinks that her name is Leia — “named after a Princess,” she tells her parents on her first afternoon home.

The psychological phenomenon Stockholm syndrome describes the common scenario of a captive feeling protective, loving and sympathetic to their captor. Ronan’s character visits the man who took her only once in jail and after telling him that she doesn’t know how to do anything in the real world, she also says she doesn’t know what the worst thing is that’s happened to her — spending her life with him, or spending the rest of it without him.

When she asks if he regrets it, he answers that it takes the same amount of effort to run in place or to run a mile, and he would rather see the mile.

A startling twist (which, of course, we will not ruin for you) turns everything inside out. Filmmaker Nikole Beckwith presents a quiet and powerful debut feature that succeeds in redefining what captivity means as well as tilting the kaleidoscope of identity and love ninety degrees on its side.

Stay tuned: Saoirse Ronan gets more screen time at the festival — she also stars in the 1950s drama “Brooklyn,” written by Nick Hornby, as an Irish-American immigrant attempting to choose between love and her place in the world. — SB


“The Overnight”
Written and directed by Patrick Brice
Starring Taylor Schilling, Adam Scott, Jason Schwartzman and Judith Godrèche


Two delights of Friday’s Sundance came in Patrick Brice’s very funny “The Overnight.” First, Adam Scott and Taylor Schilling, playing a couple looking for friends after moving to Los Angeles, smoke weed with another couple (Jason Schwartzman and Judith Godrèche) who invite them over for what appears to be an innocent playdate for their children. They are a riot as bumbling stoners who conjure up a candidness foreign to their lives as young parents during what turns out to be a quite propulsive gathering. Later, Scott and Schwartzman prance around naked for a solid chunk of the film, for reasons I’d rather you discover on your own. Just know that both actors wear prosthetics, and the size of the genitals on display is an uproarious part of the plot.

“The Overnight” is just bawdy enough to be something of a sex comedy, but it’s nothing if not a tactful tale of a rowdy, confused couple befriending the innocent newcomers from their neighborhood park. The playdate — billed as a simple pizza night at their palatial home — turns into an all-night affair with increasingly bizarre results. There’s a slight dip in the film’s energy toward the end as the dramatic underpinnings of the foursome’s lives unfold, but it doesn’t take away from the sharp performances and clever writing this film boasts. Now where should we mail our smoke-out invitation for Scott and Schilling? — MJ


“The Witch”
Written and directed by Robert Eggers
Starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Kate Dickie, Ralph Ineson, Harvey Scrimshaw, Lucas Dawson and Ellie Grainger

the witch

Today’s horror landscape is bleak. The reliance on gratuitous violence and uninventive scare tactics is more of a nightmare than any of the stories being depicted onscreen. Yet every year a few movies break through the gore to channel the worldly panic that horror is meant to showcase. This year, one of those is “The Witch,” a movie that became one of Day 2’s buzziest Sundance titles. (To wit: A24 is nearing a deal to distribute “The Witch.”)

Set in 1630 New England, “The Witch” is a stylish chiller about a devoutly Christian family whose infant vanishes. Their crops fail and they begin accusing one another of occultism — all while a witch creeps through the depths of the woods that surround their home. The movie seems talky at first, but let these irascible colonials work through their muddy family dynamics, from the mother’s grief-stricken instability to the father’s sympathy for her daughter after his wife accuses her of witchcraft. This is eerie filmmaking at its finest, which is all the more remarkable considering Robert Eggers is a first-time director. By the time their paranoia reaches peak levels, this family of six can barely stomach the sight of one another, so wracked with the panic that haunts their countenance. As if Mark Korven’s strings-heavy score weren’t enough eerie enough, know that the film is pieced together using actual journals (including specific conversations) that chronicled the witchcraft that took place in the 17th century. — MJ


“Ten Thousand Saints”
Written and drected by Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini
Starring Ethan Hawke, Asa Butterfield, Hailee Steinfeld, Emile Hirsch and Emily Mortimer

ten thousand

Who doesn’t want to see Ethan Hawke as a burner, weed-selling, dysfunctional father with a heart of gold? Apparently no one, because the premiere of his new film “Ten Thousand Saints” was sold out Friday evening at the Sundance Film Festival. Hawke stars alongside Emily Mortimer, Hailee Steinfeld, Emile Hirsch and
Asa Butterfield, and is the center of an off-kilter family dealing with an actual tragedy and also the general tragedy of growing up.

Set in the 1980s, first in Vermont and then in the East Village in New York City, the film is dripping with teen angst, drugs and rock and roll. Actually, teen angst, weed, cocaine, mushrooms, plenty of huffing and punk rock, to be exact. There are Hare Krishnas, tattoos, protests in New York City and a genre of the hardcore punk scene called “straight edge” where abstinence and sobriety are encouraged.

The teen stars of the film are its strength, carrying their angst like a heavy duffle bag thrown in the corner of every room they enter. But there is a lot packed into the story and there may just be too many protagonists involved for many viewers’ tastes. We probably aren’t supposed to, but in some ways end up rooting the most for Hawke in all his flawed attempts at being a decent father.

Filmmaking duo Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini work as a team writing, directing and editing and are best known for “American Splendor” (2003), “The Nanny Diaries” (2007) and “Cinema Verite” (2011). The two were nominated for an Academy Award in 2003 for their writing of “American Splendor.”

The writing in “Ten Thousand Saints” gives Hawke room to make audiences laugh with his idea of good parenting and one of the most awkward father-son talks we have seen. In a surprisingly poignant moment, he reveals to his son (played by Butterfield) one of his observations about the world and about family: “Women make their decisions and men are just trying not to be men. The whole system needs looking over.”

Young Millenials will flock to the film if they are looking for an indie, hipster coming of age story with plenty of bad decisions and always, of course, the promise of love. — SB
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The Wedding Ringer – Need A Fake Best Man?

Need A Best Man? There’s only one man who can save the day. Kevin Hart is Jimmy Callahan this January! See the hilarious r-rated comedy on 1/16!

Release Date: 16 January 2015 (United States)

Follow The Wedding Ringer below for updates:

Need a fake best friend? Add Kevin Hart to any of your photos at http://WeddingRingerPhotobomb.com

Genre: Comedy
Cast: Kevin Hart, Josh Gad, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, Ken Howard, Alan Ritchson, Oliva Thirlby, Cloris Leachmam, Jorge Garcia, Whitney Cummings,
Director: Jeremy Garelick
Writers: Jeremy Garelick & Jay Lavender

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The Easy Sixties Fake Book: Melody, Lyrics and Simplified Chords: 100 Songs in the Key of “C”, ’60s

The Easy Sixties Fake Book: Melody, Lyrics and Simplified Chords: 100 Songs in the Key of “C”, ’60s

(Easy Fake Book). This series of beginning fake books for players new to “faking” includes: 100 memorable songs, all in the key of C * lyrics * chords which have been simplified, but remain true to each tune * easy-to-read, large music notation. 100 songs from the ’60s: Baby Love * Dancing in the Street * The Girl from Ipanema * Good Vibrations * Hey Jude * I Heard It Through the Grapevine * Leaving on a Jet Plane * Respect * (Sittin’ On) the Dock of the Bay * Soul Man * Turn Turn Turn * and more.

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Shanice Makes Up a Fake Manager | Flex and Shanice | Oprah Winfrey Network

Tune in Saturdays at 10/9c

Shanice is trying to kick her music career back into gear and, unfortunately, the studios don’t want her mother and former manager involved. Matters are made worse when Shanice’s mom finds out she was fired for a fake manager.

SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/1vqD1PN

Most people know 90s pop sensation Shanice for her Grammy-nominated hit song, “I Love Your Smile” and actor Flex Alexander from his hit TV show, “One on One,” but few people know this fairytale couple both faced career stumbling blocks and quickly hit financial rock bottom. Flex and Shanice realized that they needed to take their wedding vow “for richer or poorer” to heart, so with their two adorable kids, 12-year-old Imani and 10-year-old Elijah, in tow, they moved into a rental home and brought their hilarious extended family into the mix to help cover the cost. A total of nine people, including Shanice’s “momager” Crystal, make this truly a full house where anyone’s business becomes everyone’s business.

Oprah Winfrey Network is the first and only network named for, and inspired by, a single iconic leader. Oprah Winfrey’s heart and creative instincts inform the brand — and the magnetism of the channel.

Winfrey provides leadership in programming and attracts superstar talent to join her in primetime, building a global community of like-minded viewers and leading that community to connect on social media and beyond. OWN is a singular destination on cable. Depth with edge. Heart. Star power. Connection. And endless possibilities.

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Shanice Makes Up a Fake Manager | Flex and Shanice | Oprah Winfrey Network
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Listen To ‘South Park’s Fake Lorde Song, ‘Push (Feeling Good On A Wednesday),’ In Full

“South Park” has released the full fake Lorde song, “Push (Feeling Good On A Wednesday),” from the recent episode in which it was revealed that Lorde is actually character Randy Marsh in disguise. Lorde expressed her love for the caricature, praising the episode’s humor and “message of transgender acceptance.” While the song was recorded by Sia, that didn’t stop Lorde from taking a crack at the chorus herself. Further, “South Park” is giving the song away for free, so now there’s nothing stopping us from singing, “Now we push, push to stand together / Because I am Lorde, ya ya ya,” everywhere at every moment.

H/T Consequence of Sound
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Online Ads Stalk Their Victims In Fake Movie Trailer That Might As Well Be Real

They know what you clicked last summer.

Internet ads stalk young consumers everywhere in the horror movie parody from UCB Comedy’s Pocketwatch. But the group’s riff on omnipresent sidebar marketing is actually kind of scary, too.

Maybe next time you’ll think twice about scanning the Internet for deals on heels and blowup dolls, hmm?

h/t Laughing Squid
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The Guy Perfectly Impersonating 29 Celebrities While Singing An Original Song Is A Fake

Remember this incredibly impressive video that popped up all over your Facebook feed earlier this month? You know the one, where one guy does 29 celebrity impressions while singing his original song, “Perfect.” The one that amassed nearly seven million views in under two weeks.

Well, this guy, with all his mighty talent and Billie Holiday imitation, is a fake. Yup, just like that flammable Worst Twerk Fail Ever video, the Epic Note-Passing on Delayed Flight sensation and the Human Barbie: FAKE. (Actually, scratch that last one.)

Rob Cantor, the man behind this well-orchestrated Internet hoax, posted yet another YouTube video Wednesday, July 9, explaining the workings behind the scenes.

“’29 Celebrity Impressions, 1 Original Song’ was created with the help of eleven impressionists and one trumpet player,” Cantor writes in his description. In the video, he admits he “cannot do a single celebrity impression.” His gift, apparently, is that of lip syncing.

Consider all our dreams shattered.

h/t Buzzfeed
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‘Leaked’ Star Wars Footage Is Awesome… And Fake

Someone’s having fun with computer graphics.

A fan-made video billed as “leaked” footage from the set of the new “Star Wars” film shows Imperial Forces taking over Germany’s Frankfurt Airport.

“Looks like the Story of Star Wars plays on Earth too in the next Episode,” YouTube user Frank Wunderlich writes in the description. “I took these pictures on my Flight back from the States to Germany at the Frankfurt Airport.”

The clips shows spacecraft such as Imperial Shuttles as well as AT-STs and even a giant AT-AT marching along the runway as Stormtroopers patrol the area.

At one point, an Imperial Star Destroyer is viewable in the background. At another, the Death Star is seen in the sky above.

No, it’s not really leaked footage. But it’s safe to say the Force is strong with this one.

(h/t Star Wars Episode 7 News)
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Everything About Me is Fake

Everything About Me is Fake

Supermodel Janice Dickinson tackles the perils of looking perfect, debunks beauty myths, and offers commonsense advice about looking good cheaply, easily, and on your own terms, while feeling good about yourself no matter what. Everything About Me Is Fake is a fast, funny, name-dropping, incident-filled, sexy read about how the world’s first supermodel doesn’t even feel close to perfect and never did-despite appearances to the contrary. Even when Janice Dickinson was being stitched into clothing and having her boobs taped together to be a Cosmo cover girl, she heard only the words of her paedophile father, who always told her, ‘You’ll never amount to anything. You’re a loser because you’re a girl.’� The book explores how women spend their lives striving for the unattainable, trying to look like they walked off the pages of a magazine with Jennifer Aniston stick-straight hair bouncing in the breeze and Cover Girl smiles hiding the pain. Janice tells us what’s real about beauty and what’s not, and how women don’t have to be slaves to the pictures they see on the glossy pages of Vogue.� Yet she is also convinced that the world does need to glam up a bit, so Janice offers real tips for both men and women, drawing on the tricks of the trade that she learned while modelling all over the world. She offers every beauty trick in the book-not the ones you’re used to reading, but real, concrete tips that will make anyone feel better in a matter of minutes. Janice also includes more illustrative anecdotes from her personal life that she didn’t include in her first book. But along with the wild tales of partying and bed-hopping, she tells us what it was like to strive forperfection, and fail. Her way to kill the pain of that failure was pills, booze, sex, and rock stars, until that lifestyle came crashing down around her. When you’ve spent a lifetime trying to be perfect and having it all cave in, the next question is perfectly simple: ‘Now what?’ The answers to that questi…

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‘Wonder Twins’ Movie Poster Revealed To Be Fake By Creator

A poster surfaced mid-November last year touting a “Wonder Twins” movie coming in 2014 courtesy of Warner Bros. Supposedly starring couple Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher as the sibling leads, rumors of a viral marketing attempt linked to the upcoming “Entourage” movie made its rounds, threaded by the HBO show’s inclusion of an “Aquaman” movie and the film’s 2014 release date. However, Marc Tyler Nobleman, author of books on the creators of “Superman” and “Batman,” has debunked this theory, proving the “Wonder Twins” movie to be nothing more than a well-crafted hoax.

Participating in a conversation on the BatPodcast, Nobleman discovered that his host, Pat Evans, was the man behind the movie’s poster, and reversed the roles to get all the details. According to Evans, he created the poster for a bit of fun in response to the onslaught of superhero movies throughout the past few years (that will absolutely continue through 2014), deciding that the “Wonder Twins” would be a most “preposterous” film for anyone to make.

“They were perfect, because it was just unbelievable enough a concept that it could be true, if that makes sense,” Evans said. “’So crazy it might work’ kind of logic. And Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher were kind of the clincher because they are in the media a lot now as a real-life couple. So it added that extra layer of ‘huh?’”

When asked if he liked the Wonder Twins, Evans joked, “Who doesn’t love the Wonder Twins? Seriously. Just ask my kids, Zan and Jayna.”

You can read the rest of the interview on Nobleman’s blog.

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Is That Faux Fur Really Fake?

From Mother Nature Network’s Laura Moss:

The Humane Society of the United States issued a consumer warning earlier this week, informing consumers that Kohl’s was selling “faux-fur” handbags made with real fur.

HSUS investigators tested several styles of Nicole Lee Fabiola handbags advertised as having “faux-fur trimming” and discovered that the so-called fake fur was actually rabbit fur.

“Consumers should be aware that animal fur is still being sold as ‘faux’ by major retailers,” Pierre Grzybowski, research and enforcement manager for the Fur-Free Campaign of The HSUS, said in a news release.

Selling animal fur as fake fur is a violation of the Federal Trade Commission Act and carries a civil penalty of up to $ 16,000 per violation.

Mislabeling real fur — for example, claiming rabbit fur is mink fur — is nothing new. However, mislabeling real fur as faux is a relatively new development.

It might not seem to make business sense, but the demand for faux fur has increased as more people aim to shop cruelty-free. As manufacturers try to meet this demand, products are often mislabeled.

In 2008, the HSUS discovered several faux fur coats sold at Neiman Marcus were actually made with fur from raccoon dog, a canid native to East Asia (and pictured at right).

The HSUS sued the retailer, and in 2010, Neiman Marcus paid a $ 25,000 penalty.

That same year, Neiman Marcus and other retailers, including Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Saks Incorporated and Lord & Taylor, were also found to be selling mislabeled faux fur. A settlement agreement was reached after the HSUS filed a lawsuit for false advertising.

Later in 2010, President Barack Obama signed The Truth in Fur Labeling Act into law, which closed a loophole that previously had allowed fur-trimmed garments to go unlabeled if the value of the fur was $ 150 or less.

The law also required that all fur garments be labeled not only with the name of the animal, but also the country where the animal was killed.

Despite these stronger regulations, each year the HSUS finds manufacturers and retailers violating the law.

In March, Neiman Marcus, Drjays.com and Revolveclothing.com settled federal claims that they had marketed raccoon, rabbit and mink fur as faux.

Another 2013 HSUS investigation discovered the sale of domestic dog fur in apparel at a New York retailer, which led to action by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

U.S. law prohibits the import or sale of dog and cat fur products, but many designers outsource manufacturing to such countries as China, where fur is cheap and no animal welfare laws are in place.

China is the largest fur exporter in the world and raises several species of animals — including domestic dogs and cats — for the fur industry.

More than 75 million animals, including rabbits, raccoon dogs, mink, bobcats, foxes and domestic dogs and cats, are killed annually worldwide to make fur products, according to the HSUS.

Unsure if that fur is real or faux? Read the HSUS’s guide for how to tell real fur from fake fur.

Earlier this year, the HSUS and New York Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal visited a N.Y. Century 21 store and found many fur garments were mislabeled. Watch the hidden-camera video below.

Style – The Huffington Post
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Boxer Meets Fake Dog And Just. Can’t. Handle. It. (VIDEO)

It took us a couple seconds to realize that one of the dogs in the video above is a toy, but when we did, the payoff was worth it.

Unfortunately, for this boxer, that realization never quite came. And so, he fought it and fought it.

We’re not complaining though.

Spoiler alert: Watch until the end to see the boxer finally make nice with the toy dog.

H/T: GodVine

Comedy – The Huffington Post
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The Elvis Fake Book

The Elvis Fake Book

Includes melody lines, lyrics and chord symbols for 200 songs recorded by the King of Rock N’ Roll: Ain’t That Loving You Baby * All Shook Up * Always on My Mind * An American Trilogy * Any Day Now * Any Way You Want Me * Are You Lonesome Tonight? * Baby, Let’s Play House * A Big Hunk O’ Love * Blue Christmas * Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain * Blue Hawaii * Blue Moon * Blue Moon of Kentucky * Blue Suede Shoes * Bossa Nova Baby * Can’t Help Falling in Love * Change of Habit * Crying in the Chapel * Don’t Be Cruel (To a Heart That’s True) * For the Good Times * Frankfurt Special * G.I. Blues * Girl Happy * Girls! Girls! Girls! * Green Green Grass of Home * Heartbreak Hotel * Help Me Make It Through the Night * Hound Dog * I’ll Be Home on Christmas Day * I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry * The Impossible Dream (The Quest) * It’s Now or Never * It’s Over * Jailhouse Rock * Kentucky Rain * King Creole * Love Me Tender * Make the World Go Away * Merry Christmas, Baby * Old Shep * Return to Sender * Suspicious Minds * (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear * Treat Me Nice * Unchained Melody * Viva Las Vegas * You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ * many more! For piano, voice, guitar and all C instruments.

Price: $
Sold by Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC