Musika Frère Shutters

Musika Frère no longer exists.
The men’s bespoke suit brand, which was launched by Aleks Musika and Davidson Petit-Frère, has closed. Musika and Petit-Frère will pursue individual design careers. The brand’s longtime vice president Jesse Bride continues with Petit-Frère along with their original team.
Musika and Petit-Frère, both men’s wear influencers, met over Instagram and launched their company in 2013. Musika was based in Miami and working for Tom Ford men’s made-to-measure. Petit-Frère worked in luxury real estate before introducing his first brand, P.Frère. The founders wanted to offer bespoke suits made from distinct fabrics that were priced lower than luxury brands. The concept worked and they made suits and tuxedos for celebrities including Sterling K. Brown, Trevor Noah, Michael B. Jordan and Stephen Curry. But Petit-Frère, who will now be the solo lead designer and chief executive officer, wants to make the line easier to access.
“Our customer is looking for the clean lines and close fit that my designs are well-known for. Customers want quality, but they also want value in their products, and many brands are missing out on the ‘value’ part and are overcharging for a name brand without paying enough attention to the fit and quality at the price points

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