Why It’s Important Magic: The Gathering Finally Got a Show

With the big news that Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo will be executive producing an animated Magic: The Gathering series on Netflix, IGN’s resident MTG players sat down for a group discussion on why it’s such a big deal.

We hash out the significance of Magic getting a show, what we expect the Russo brothers to bring to the series, our thoughts on the creative direction, and what the show needs to do to please longtime MTG players. Hear our thoughts and be sure to weigh in with your take in the comments.

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Prunier Hosts Private Gathering Honoring Pierre Bergé

FRIENDS: Around 400 personalities from the world of culture, politics and fashion attended a private gathering at Parisian Art Deco caviar restaurant Prunier Wednesday night to pay homage to Pierre Bergé.
As reported, the powerhouse figure in French culture and politics died at the age of 86 on Friday after a long illness. He passed away at home in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France. A private cremation ceremony was held for him on Tuesday, and a public ceremony may take place in a few months’ time, although nothing is yet confirmed.
An official at the Pierre Bergé — Yves Saint Laurent Foundation confirmed the guests at Prunier included Saint Laurent muses Betty Catroux, Rebecca Ayoko and Catherine Deneuve. France’s former president François Hollande is also said to have been at the event, as well.
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Nicolas Barruyer, the restaurant’s director, said attendees signed a guest book and paid their condolences to Bergé’s husband, American landscape gardener Madison Cox, who is vice president of both the Fondation Pierre Bergé — Yves Saint Laurent and the Fondation Jardin Majorelle in Morocco. The two got married in a private ceremony in Paris on March 31.
Poignantly, it was Bergé who saved Prunier from destruction in the late

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Party at the Sacred Mountain for 5 Points Gathering 2015


For centuries, the mountain has been an important symbol to the spirituality of mankind. Often referred to as the Holy or Sacred Mountain, in many cultures its peaks were worshiped as Earth’s closest steeple to heaven and other celestial dimensions. In Greece, the mighty Mount Olympus was central to Greek mythology being home to the Gods and Goddesses and where Zeus defeated the Titans. According to the Torah and the Old Testament in the Bible, Mount Sinai in Egypt was where Moses received the Ten Commandments and Tibet’s Mount Kailash is believed by Buddhists to possess a mystical power that can absolve a lifetime of sins for any human.


A portal into a sacred world, high above the miasma of city life, stands the tetrahedral Mount Baldy. With an elevation of 10,064 feet, it is the summit of the San Gabriel Mountains and the highest point in Los Angeles County. Sitting atop this majestic mountain is 5 Points Gathering, an intimate 3-stage transformational music festival that is family friendly and boasts yoga, healthy living, bass music, vendors, installations and live art.


Taking place on the weekend of July 3rd-5th, 2015, amenities and attractions include tent bungalow camping upgrades, showers, Around the Tree live art installation, Yucca Roots Village, and Circuit Trees by Erica Halpern. One of the most unique aspects of this event is the Sugar Pine Chairlift which is the only way to access the gathering areas, assuring that attendees are truly peaking by being taken to the highest point of the mountain. Riding the chairlift up through the verdant forest to arrive at 5 Points Gathering is a sacred experience, like climbing a mountain to arrive at a holy temple of enlightenment.

Though one of the smaller, more intimate festivals, 5 Points still offers a lineup of stellar performers. The Friday house and bass lineup includes Christian Martin, Ruff Hauser, Cameron St. Denis, Worthy, Oscure, and many more. The Saturday future bass lineup includes Sugarpill, Goldrush, Jobot, Henry Pope, Kompozart, AfroQBen, Orphic, Lou E. Bagels, J-Mart, and Bass Tribe of San Diego, just to name a few. In addition to the announced lineup, rumors of surprise guests are yet to be announced.


The 360-degree view of the breathtaking San Gabriel Mountains is a reminder that this is, as are all transformational music festivals, a leave-no-trace event. We are blessed with the gift of celebrating on this sacred landscape so it is our mission to bless the land back with our love, gratitude and respect.

In addition to offering the land our blessings, we must also offer each other these blessings as it is the kinship between people that makes this event special. Being so small, 5 Points Gathering is about creating a community where we are all connected and respected. So let us gather upon the sacred Mount Baldy where we will touch the cosmos and let the supernatural powers of music, art and human beings move and shake us.


Website: http://5pointsgathering.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/5-Points-Gathering/788866244530696
Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/666049566854914/
Tickets: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/5-points-gathering-2014-tickets-8255108251

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Scripting Intelligence: Web 3.0 Information Gathering and Processing

Scripting Intelligence: Web 3.0 Information Gathering and Processing

While Web 2.0 was about data, Web 3.0 is about knowledge and information. Scripting Intelligence: Web 3.0 Information Gathering and Processing offers the reader Ruby scripts for intelligent information management in a Web 3.0 environmentincluding information extraction from text, using Semantic Web technologies, information gathering (relational database metadata, web scraping, Wikipedia, Freebase), combining information from multiple sources, and strategies for publishing processed information. This book will be a valuable tool for anyone needing to gather, process, and publish web or database information across the modern web environment. Text processing recipes, including speech tagging and automatic summarization Gathering, visualizing, and publishing information from the Semantic Web Information gathering from traditional sources such as relational databases and web sites What you’ll learn Gather and process information within the Web 3.0 environment. See the flexibility of scripting with Ruby to gather and process information. Extract text from various document formats. Work with the Resource Description Framework(RDF) data model and SPARQL query language, the foundations of the Semantic Web. Use GraphViz for data visualization. Extract information from relational databases and web sites. Who this book is for Anyone needing to gather and display information available in electronic formats Programmers needing to tag, summarize, or publish information Ruby programmers and computer enthusiasts interested in seeing what Ruby can do with information management and Semantic Web tools Academic researchers needing to extract and organize information in a more automated way Table of Contents Parsing Common Document Types Cleaning, Segmenting, and Spell-Checking Text Natural Language Processing Using RDF and RDFS Data Formats Delving Into RDF Data Stores Performing SPARQL Queries and Understanding Reasoning Implementing SPARQL Endpoint Web Portals Working with Relation

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