Google’s Chrome plans ‘risk undermining fight against online child abuse’

A planned change to the Chrome web browser by Google would have a “catastrophic impact on victims of online child sexual abuse” by undermining internet filters in the UK, the government has been warned.
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The One Job Interview Question Google’s CEO Admits He Can’t Answer

Eric Schmidt, you played yourself.

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Google’s Daydream View Offers Quality VR for Pixel Owners

The headset delivers an immersive VR experience in a stylish, comfy, and attractively priced package.

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Google’s Eric Schmidt Talks Tech at Tory Burch

Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt is thinking about fashion, being cool and how artificial intelligence can help brands connect the two.
The billionaire, who’s on Tory Burch’s advisory board and was front-row at the designer’s spring show Tuesday, told WWD that computers are getting closer to helping fashion make better decisions.
“What is the trend in fashion? More and more product, it’s more and more confusing with faster product cycles,” Schmidt said before the show. “Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a solution which said, ‘Well, we’ve sort of modeled this and this is where things are going and this is the emergent stuff.’ And so it would make sense. It would make you smarter, it wouldn’t replace you.”
Schmidt, who has also invested in retail tech and mobile commerce, imagined computers with artificial intelligence being able to take a picture of a dress and tell a brand whether it was going to be cool or not.
“There’s a science around cool,” he said. “And the science is that cool people move and then everyone else moves. If you could model that and if you could figure that out, that would help you because then you’d have a jump and you’d say, ‘I

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Google’s Christmas Doodle Contains A Plug For ‘The Interview’

It appears Google really wants you to spend your Christmas watching “The Interview.” Just check out the note at the bottom of its festive Doodle.

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Yesterday, Google began streaming “The Interview” on Google Play and YouTube, a week after Sony allegedly approached the search engine giant asking for help distributing the film. The comedy, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, is also available on Microsoft’s Xbox Video and on It will be playing on Christmas Day at about 300 movie theaters across the country.

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Google’s Top-Searched Models May Surprise You

Google released the results of its annual A Year in Search, spotlighting the people, places, and trends the Internet has been stalking online throughout 2014. Featuring everyone from Jennifer Lawrence (the most searched person) to Rihanna (the most searched red-carpet dress), these results represent an aggregation of trillions of searches users asked Google throughout the year. But we wanted to know how the specific models and terms we have obsessed over all year long ranked, so Google made a curated search for, featuring the best of the best.

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