6 Beauty Tips To Hide Your New Year’s Eve-Sized Hangover

Last night was the best night ever. You got to wear your new slinky dress, you danced, you drank champagne, and had a merry time with friends. Cut to: this morning. After a night of drinking, #IWokeUpLikeThis is less fresh-faced-and-glowy, and more smeared-eyeliner-and-puffy-face.
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Alan From the Hangover Adult Costume

Alan From the Hangover Adult Costume

The Alan from The Hangover Adult Costume is a hilarious outfit choice that will definitely make you the hit of any Halloween party you attend. Alan is Zach Galifianakis’ character that always starts the trouble in the films. He’s way beyond strange, hilarious, and is overly desperate to be the best friends of all the other characters. The Hangover was a huge success and Alan is one of the most popular characters so it makes a great outfit selection. This costume will make you look just like him AND it features the baby in carrier so Carlos can join in on the fun too.

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Busty Hangover

Busty Hangover

Three friends wake up in a rundown motel room after an adventurous night in Las Vegas with no memory of the last eighteen hours. On top of that, their male bodies have changed into busty and curvy forms of the opposite sex. Confused and disoriented, the trio of men-turned-women must try to put the pieces back together. Sex and drugs will litter their journey on the way to becoming men again.Length: 12,000 wordsThis work of fiction contains adult material and explicit scenes of sex, including gender transformations, sexual humor, drug references, and men having sex as women. For mature audiences only. All characters over 18 years old.Excerpt:Terry held out his hand, as if to stop the girl from talking. “Actually, we’re here because of last night. We’re looking for two guys, who happen to be friends of ours.”Brandy giggled. “I’m sure they’ll be out there. After that performance last night, I know you three made quite a few friends.” She winked at them in the mirror.”Wait,” Carlos butted in. “What exactly happened last night?””What? You guys don’t remember?” She turned to face the two friends, stealing a quick glance at Adam who was messing around with mascara on his face. “They had that competition with girls from the audience. You three came up on stage and did the craziest shit I had ever seen. I mean, Nicole and I have done some weird shit for perverted customers, but you three took the cake, darling. The manager hired you on the spot.”Terry shook his head. “Wait. What exactly did we do?””Wow. You guys must have gotten really fucked up overnight. Anyways, it started simple enough. The girls from the audience took turns dancing on the pole. None of them were really that great, to be quite honest. Then, you three came out and immediately took your clothes off. One of you had a dildo and another whipped out the biggest anal plug I have ever seen. I couldn’t believe it when you guys stuck that thing in—””Okay. That’s enough,” Terry said. “I think we’ve remembered enoug

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PSY, Snoop Dogg Get Totally Wasted In New ‘Hangover’ Video

Snoop Dogg recently went to South Korea to kick it with PSY, and it looks like the pair got into some pretty wild shenanigans.

At least, that’s the impression we’re getting from the booty-shaking, alcohol-soaked music video for their new song, “Hangover,” in which the sharp-suited duo can be seen partying and drinking, and partying and drinking some more.

Since being uploaded Sunday night, the “Hangover” video has been viewed more than 1.7 million times.

“The video is art,” wrote Time.com of the boozy clip.

Last month, the “Gangnam Style” singer told TMZ that he and Snoop Dogg had a chance to party off-camera during the rapper’s visit to South Korea for the filming of the music video.

We were ‘Hangover,'” PSY said of their time together.

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