New Zealand Shootings: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter Scramble to Pull Alleged Attacker’s Video, Hate Content

Large internet platforms played a central role in the mass shootings at New Zealand mosques Friday — which left at least 49 dead — and immediately prompted renewed calls for YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to combat violent hate speech. One of the attackers reportedly live-streamed the attack on Facebook Live in a 17-minute video, showing […]



The Hate U Give Review

The expression “YA” has become synonymous, to some audiences, with allegorical tales of epic science fiction and fantasy, where young adults overcome adversity and become incredible heroes. But YA fiction need not be fantastical to tell a meaningful coming of age story. And so, in the great tradition of To Kill a Mockingbird and Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry comes Angie Thomas’s bestselling novel The Hate U Give. It’s a story that’s epic in theme, intimate in character, and which translates powerfully to the big screen.

The Hate U Give stars Amandla Stenberg (The Darkest Minds) as Starr, a teenager who lives with her family in a crime-ridden black community, but whose parents Maverick (Russell Hornsby, Fences) and Lisa (Regina Hall, Girls Trip) work overtime to send her to an uppercrust, predominantly white private school. In her voice-over, Starr explains that there are two versions of herself: Version One lives in her community and embraces her culture, and Version Two goes to school and mutes her colloquialisms, and avoids discussing social issues. She lives in two separate worlds, and as her story begins she is reasonably comfortable in both. Both of Starr’s worlds fall apart when, in the midst of a traffic stop, a white police officer panics and shoots her childhood friend Khalil (Algee Smith, Detroit). At home her community is in mourning, at school she can’t talk about it without becoming an outsider. And if she testifies against the officer, she’ll open herself up to unwanted publicity, threats, and a complete collapse of both of her lives.

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Renzo Rosso Teases Diesel Campaign About Hate

LOVE IT OR HATE IT: Diesel’s Renzo Rosso showed up at the Maison Margiela show on Wednesday wearing a T-shirt that said “Haute Couture” — only with the “u” crossed out so it read “Hate Couture.”
The slogan was a teaser for Diesel’s fall campaign, the label said in a statement given exclusively to WWD. “Diesel’s Haute Couture will be a bold message toward haters worldwide — and an invitation for everyone to step up, face and own the negative messages we receive every day,” it said.
The campaign is a statement against today’s trolling culture, explained Rosso, whose OTB group owns Maison Margiela.
“Diesel is a brand that has always done something, provocative, crazy, with irony, and of course the irony today is to take away the ‘u’ and becoming ‘a’ and doing more to play with the ‘hate,’” he told WWD before the show.
“There’s so much hate on social, so many people want to say ‘bulls–t’ against the others, but today we take the opportunity of haute couture to rebalance with the hate,” he added.
The ads will be revealed on Sept. 1, Rosso said, promising: “This campaign will be a supermagic atomic bomb, something incredible.”
Diesel was so confident of the online reaction

Follow WWD on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook.

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Why do so many golf fans hate Patrick Reed?

Patrick Reed, the leader at the halfway point of the 2018 Masters, is the most controversial man in golf. He’s been disliked from the moment he announced his presence nearly five years ago and hasn’t done much to change opinions since then. He’s brash and alienating. He can be a troll. He’s the kind of guy who begins sentences with “I’m from Texas.” Britain’s Telegraph named him the most hated player in golf. A 2015 ESPN players poll named him the second most-disliked man on tour (behind Bubba Watson) and that was before many of his shenanigans. He often plays practice rounds by himself and has been known to curse on TV and snap at fans. The fact that wore red on Sundays annoyed fans, either

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Discovery Orders Docu Series ‘Why We Hate’ From Steven Spielberg, Alex Gibney (EXCLUSIVE)

Filmmakers Steven Spielberg and Alex Gibney have teamed to produce a docu-series for Discovery Channel examining the origins and dangers of hate. The two Oscar winners will executive produce the six-part series tentatively titled “Why We Hate.” Spielberg’s Amblin Television partnered with Gibney’s Jigsaw Productions on the project, which began production earlier this year and will air on […]



Hate and violence around the globe? There’s an app for that.

Hate and violence around the globe? There’s an app for that.The plague of “fake news” may be news to Facebook (FB), but it’s a familiar foe to a small non-profit in Washington that’s trying to use mobile apps, big data and social media to promote peace and accountability in places like Iraq, Kenya and Mexico where those technologies have often been abused to spread lies and hate. The PeaceTech Lab aims to develop “technology that can be applied to tackle the triggers of violence,” president and CEO Sheldon Himelfarb said in an interview at the lab’s Washington headquarters at the U.S. Institute of Peace.

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If You Hate Your Friend’s S.O., Should You Stew in Your Misery or Jump Ship?

It depends on a lot of factors—including how much they suck.

Lifestyle – Esquire


Which White House Correspondents’ Dinner Will Trump Hate More?

Grab some popcorn.

Lifestyle – Esquire


‘Feud’ Loves The Hate Between Joan Crawford And Bette Davis In New Trailer

Their contempt for each other required no acting.

A trailer for “Feud,” the upcoming Ryan-Murphy-created series about the rivalry between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, dropped Tuesday to gleefully recount the actresses’ mutual hatred.

The clip, featuring Susan Sarandon as Davis and Jessica Lange as Crawford, highlights the legendary icons’ tense collaboration on their only project together, 1962’s “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.”

 It’s a kick. 

”They hated each other. And we loved them for it,” reads the YouTube description.

“Feud: Bette and Joan” premieres March 5 on FX.


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Why Men Hate Going to Church

Why Men Hate Going to Church

Reveals why men are the world’s largest unreached people group and what to do about it. It’s Sunday morning. Where are all the men? Golfing? Playing softball? Watching the tube? Mowing the lawn? Sleeping? One place you won”t find them is in church. Less than 40 percent of adults in most churches are men, and 20 to 25 percent of married churchgoing women attend without their husbands. And why are the men who do go to church so bored? Why won”t they let God change their hearts? David Murrow’s groundbreaking book has been completely revised and updated, with eye-opening research and a persuasive grasp on the facts, to explain the problem and offer hope and encouragement to women, pastors, and men. Why Men Hate Going to Church does not call men back to the church-it calls the church back to men.

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16 Valentine’s Day Jewelry Ideas For Girlfriends Who Hate Corny Stuff

Attention significant others of the world: Not every girl wants (or expects) you to shell out the big bucks for some corny diamond-encrusted, heart-shaped jewelry.

In fact, we know quite a few girlfriends who would much prefer something a little less cookie-cutter. Below, 16 unconventional Valentine’s Day jewelry ideas for the sassy lady in your life: 

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How To Get A Date When You’re An Introvert (Or Just Hate Small Talk)

Dating is rough regardless of your personality type, but it’s especially taxing for introverts who only have so much social energy to spend. 

Below, experts on introversion share their best advice for putting yourself out there.

1. Remember that small talk has a purpose.

Small talk is the bane of most introverts’ existence. Why not just cut to the chase and get to real, meaningful conversation? Though small talk can feel a bit hollow and superficial, it’s not supposed to be profound; it’s merely a way of connecting with another person, said Sophia Dembling, author of Introverts in Love: The Quiet Way to Happily Ever After

“The conversation may or may not go deeper, but trying to start a conversation in the deep end can be very risky,” Dembling said. “It can come off as dumping TMI on the other person.”

Another thing to keep in mind as you go forth and date: Don’t worry if the other person suspects you’re trying to flirt with them ― that’s exactly what you’re trying to do, Dembing reminded.

“Any decent human being, interested or not, will take polite flirtation as the compliment it is.” 

2. Party in moderation. 

Introverts tend to clam up at big parties, seeking out the nearest snack table, dog or cat. Not going to gatherings ― or decamping to the corner once you get there ― will limit your opportunities to meet new people. Instead, make an effort to socialize on your own terms, said writer and self-professed introvert Jill Savage

“Introverts do better in smaller groups so instead of staying all evening at the office party, go for a short amount of time and then invite two or three people you like to join you for dessert somewhere else after the party,” Savage said. “You’ll still be socializing but in an environment you’re comfortable in.” 

3. Be open to random conversations.

The next time you head out to your favorite coffee shop, don’t be so quick to put in your earphones; Instead, be open to the flurry of conversation around you, said Jennifer B. Kahnweiler, the author of The Genius of Opposites: How Introverts and Extroverts Achieve Extraordinary Results Together.  

“Opportunities to get off our phones and truly engage are all around if we take the time to look,” she told HuffPost. “I know of several quieter friends who have met their future spouses through chance, random conversations.” 

4. Meet new people online. 

Introverts tend to communicate better in writing than in conversation. With that in mind, join an online message board for your favorite sports team, or become a fixture in the comment section of a news site, said Laurie Helgoe, a psychologist and the author of Introvert Power: Why Your Inner Life Is Your Hidden Strength.

“Luckily for introverts, the Internet provides ample opportunities to use our writing skills to reach beyond small talk to connection,” she said. 

I don't really do the whole "new people" thing very well.

5. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not (like an extrovert).

It won’t do you any favors to skirt the truth when drafting an online dating profile, said Arnie Kozak, a psychotherapist and the author of The Awakened Introvert. If you say you love checking out new clubs and lounges in town, you’re liable to end up at one. 

“Clearly state (with pride) that you are an introvert and don’t be afraid to ask someone if he or she is an introvert,” Kozak said. “Knowing all this will make it easier to arrange your first date in a conducive place.”

6. Take the spotlight off yourself.

There are two types of people in this world. Those who walk into a room with a “here I am” mindset and those who walk into a room with a “there you are” mindset, Savage said.

“When you walk into a social setting, instead of being overwhelmed by the crowd and thinking, ‘Here I am, please someone come talk to me,’ pick out one or two people and say to yourself, ‘There you are. I’d like to get to know you better.’ Then focus on striking up a conversation with the person, one at a time.” 

7. Keep rejection in perspective. 

Try not to dwell too much on romantic rejection, Dembling said. 

“It’s not a reflection on you,” she said. “This person doesn’t know you and so the rejection is not personal. It’s most likely about whatever is happening in that person’s life or head at that moment.”

8. Focus on a hobby and meeting people organically through activities. 

Be willing to go outside your comfort zone, if only just a little, Helgoe said. 

“Take a class, book an expedition, volunteer for a cause you care about,” she said. “Plus, how much better is this option than suffering at a bar, enduring cheesy pickup lines?” 

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11 Video Games For People Who Hate Video Games

For various reasons — cost, time investment, physical barriers — video games can be particularly tough to pick up for people who didn’t grow up with them. If you’re trying to ignite a love of games in someone you know, but haven’t quite found the game to do it, this list is for you.

Below are 11 of the best video games non-gamers might enjoy, in no particular order…

Learning the controls is among the biggest obstacles an inexperienced player faces when trying to pick up a game. Luckily, for the comedy physics game Octodad: Dadliest Catch, failing at even the most basic actions is part of the fun. As an octopus in human disguise, Octodad must navigate every day, suburban life as a working husband and father without having his true identity discovered. Mundane tasks like grilling burgers, going to the grocery store, and taking the kids to the aquarium become hilarious struggles with Octodad’s awkward, cephalopodic movement, something that players of any skill level can enjoy.

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Here’s One Way to Show You Stand Against Hate

Americans are taking a page from our friends across the pond.

Style – Esquire


David Letterman Doesn’t Care if You Hate His Beard

In fact, he finds the naysayers pretty entertaining.

Style – Esquire


You’re Making Me Hate You

You’re Making Me Hate You

You’re Making Me Hate You Binding: Hardcover Publisher: Perseus Books Group Publish Date: 2015/07/07 Synopsis: The lead singer of the bands Slipknot and Stone Sour humorously pokes fun at all of life’s annoyances including the rude behavior of people in malls and restaurants, poor fashion decisions, air travel and the sad state of modern music. Language: ENGLISH Pages: 243 Dimensions: 7.00 x 5.00 x 1.00 Weight: 1.00
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3 Reasons You Stay Stuck in a Job You Hate Instead of Pursuing Your Dream

Are you doing work you love? If not, what’s stopping you? If you are like the majority of people, you are probably doing work that pays your bills but that you don’t have a passion for. Even if you are working in the field of your college major, you have likely changed and gained more life experiences, new interests, and are not the same person you were when you chose your career path. That’s okay and far more common than you may imagine. In fact, most people are unsatisfied with their jobs.

According to Gallup, there are twice as many people who dislike their jobs as there are people who love their jobs. As a matter of fact, only 13 percent of all the people studied are happy with their jobs; 63 percent are not engaged in their work and simply go through the motions day in day out. And there are 24 percent who actually hate their jobs. These studies are alarming, but true.

So, why are people resigned to stay unhappy in a job they hate instead of doing work that feeds them and that they are passionate about? It boils down to three main reasons.

1. Fear — that four-letter word that has so many people living a mediocre, passionless life. Fear can be all-encompassing, especially when it means change is involved. So, what are we afraid of?

Fear of failure. This is what I call the “what if” fear. What if I try and do something I am passionate about and fail — what will people think, and what will it say about me? What if I don’t make any money, go bankrupt, lose my house, and end up on the street? We are so afraid to step out because we are worried about failing. It’s been said that Edison failed 1,000 times before he succeeded in creating the lightbulb. Had he been afraid of failure, we may still be living in the dark. Success is never guaranteed, but failure is certain if you fail to try.

Fear of success. At first thought, this may seem illogical because isn’t success what we all want? The answer is no. Many people hold this deep seated fear. They fear that if they are successful, they can no longer be the same person they are today, and that they will have to change. Or, deep down they don’t feel worthy of success. Some feel that if they do achieve success, they may be unable to maintain it, so there is no use in trying. And, there are those who think being successful will take up too much time and energy. Here’s something to consider — isn’t doing work you don’t like already taking up massive amounts of your precious time and energy?

Fear of the unknown. That comfort zone of ours can be quite a motivator to stay where we are. But when we live in that space, we do not expand, grow, learn, or experience all that life has to offer. This is living a life of muted mediocrity, and who wants to live like that? When I worked as a hospice social worker, I had the privilege of being able to experience with people their final days and weeks. I found that one of the top regrets expressed by my dying patients was that they wished they had not been so afraid to take risks along the way, realizing that they could have lived fuller lives if they had not lived so cautiously and played it safe. Who wants to get to the end of their life with regrets of not having lived life to the fullest? Doing just one thing each day to move out of our comfort zone can expand that comfort zone dramatically and make the unknown less scary.

2. Lack of clarity. This can keep people stuck for years. If you are waiting to wake up one day knowing exactly what you want to be when you grow up, you could be waiting forever. Please do not wait for clarity to just show up. Clarity comes from within, and each of us is responsible for creating our own. There are many exercises and techniques that can help you in getting clearer, but you have to be engaged and do the work required to successfully achieve clarity. It may also take exploring different options to see what fits for you. You may even fail a few times, but it will bring you that much closer to figuring out what work you would love. In essence, clarity is truly an inside job.

3. Not knowing how to make it happen. Suppose you know what you would love to do but just can’t figure out how to make it happen. The first step is to set the intention that no matter what, you will make it happen. Once you do this, you have already done half of the work. Your unwavering decision to find a way will begin to overshadow any doubts you have. When you set the intention to do the work you love, the right people and circumstances just start to show up. When you make your mind up, you cannot help but to start attracting what you need to move forward. To keep the momentum, many people find it helpful to create a vision board of exactly what they want their dream job to look like and focus on the outcome daily, expecting results to happen. In the meanwhile, start taking action toward your dream. Take a small step each day. You will find that those small steps start to add up, and before you realize it, your goal of doing work you love is no longer a dream, but a blossoming reality.

What is keeping you from pursuing your dream? Is it fear, lack of clarity, or not knowing how to make it happen? What can you do to push past that barrier and create work that gives you a strong sense of purpose, passion, and fulfillment?

Are you ready to start doing work you love? If so, please join us at Seeking Increase and get your free video mini-course, which will help you discover your natural talents and passions in order to identify and create the work you were born to do.

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GPS for the Soul – The Huffington Post
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Trump: ‘Making America Hate Again!’

Trump’s official campaign slogan is “Make America Great Again!” Perhaps he should change it to the headline above.

The Huffington Post has made an editorial decision to put Trump articles in the Entertainment section instead of the political section. This seemed like a good idea at the time.

Admittedly he is the class clown — and the schoolyard bully. Oddly, also the teacher’s pet. But his toxic mix of egotism, cynicism and racism simply isn’t entertaining. It is, however, still a spectacle.

His now infamous tirade about Mexicans being criminals and rapists is well-known.

Recently two cowardly young thugs in Boston allegedly urinated on and used a metal pole to beat a 58-year-old sleeping Hispanic homeless man, fracturing his nose and causing other serious injuries. One of them reportedly told the police “Donald Trump was right, all of these illegals need to be deported.” (Apparently, the two assailants checked his immigration status before brutalizing him.) A news person asked Trump for his reaction, and Trump reportedly said “That would be a shame” adding this remarkable statement, “I will say, the people that are following me are very passionate. They love this country. They want this country to be great again. But they are very passionate. I will say that.”

His supporters chanted “USA! USA! USA!” when some protesters were thrown out of a Trump event in Phoenix — as if they were cheering at Wrestlemania.

This week at a press conference in Iowa, several times Trump ordered Univision anchorman Jorge Ramos, a respected journalist and an American citizen, to “Sit down,” as if Ramos were a dog being ordered by his unkind master to “Sit.” Trump also added to “Go back to Univision.” Then Trump nodded at one of his security guards who escorted Ramos out of the room.

In the hallway, a Trump supporter further humiliated Ramos telling him “Get out of my country.” Ramos responded with restraint, class, and dignity.

The delusional Donald has often claims that he will win the “Hispanic” vote. This assertion might be just another Trump empty promise. A recent Gallop Poll shows among Hispanic voters, he has the highest disapproval rate (65 percent) of any GOP candidate.

Apparently he is looking to carry Asian vote as well. Here’s Trump mocking them and doing a racially stereotypical impersonation of “these people”:

While Trump may not carry Latinos or Asians, he will likely carry the racists’ vote. It isn’t surprising that Trump is receiving endorsements from white supremacy groups and neo-Nazis. David Duke, former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, has reportedly called Trump the best of the GOP candidates.

In an interview with Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, Trump reportedly said “I don’t need his endorsement; I certainly wouldn’t want his endorsement” and added “I don’t need anyone’s endorsement.” When asked if he would repudiate the endorsement, Trump is quoted as saying “Sure, I would if that would make you feel better.”

That doesn’t make me feel any better.

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Entertainment – The Huffington Post
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I Hate Pizza raglan sweatshirt Funny hate raglan sweatshirt LookHUMAN

I Hate Pizza raglan sweatshirt Funny hate raglan sweatshirt LookHUMAN

I Hate Pizza – Small raglan sweatshirt: Funny hate raglan sweatshirt LookHUMAN – This funny shirt features the phrase I hate pizza, just kidding, god, can you imagine? and is perfect for people who like jokes, pizza, pies, Italy, scrumptious treats, hot cheesy treats, pepperoni, mozzarella, bread sticks, crumbs, parmesan, red and white checkered table cloths, and stuffed crust! Ideal for pizza parties and getting crazy with your pizza pals! – Funny raglan sweatshirt – hate raglan sweatshirt. Related Terms: hate, pizza, food, eating, funny, just, kidding, italian, love

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I Hate Tacos athletic t-shirt Funny hate athletic t-shirt LookHUMAN

I Hate Tacos athletic t-shirt Funny hate athletic t-shirt LookHUMAN

I Hate Tacos athletic t-shirt: Funny hate athletic t-shirt LookHUMAN – I hate tacos. – No Juan ever Perfect for lovers of tacos and puns. Tacos are a staple of the Mexican diet that has become a very popular part of American cuisine through the advent of fast food restaurants like Taco Bell. But if you still want that perfectly spicy little treat youve got to go south of the border, amigo! – Funny athletic t-shirt – hate athletic t-shirt. Related Terms: hate, tacos, juan, pun, food, mexico, mexican, lol, funny

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Why Your Bridesmaids Hate You (and How to Fix It)

Six months ago, you were the definition of #squadgoals. Now, they want to call in a firing squad. Here’s how to win them back.
The latest from
There’s really only one day in your life that you’d wear a full face of makeup to the beach: the day you get married on one. Makeup artist Nick Barose tells us how to do it without looking like Overdone Makeup Lady.
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Amy Schumer: ‘I Think People Hate Women’

Being a woman in Hollywood involves putting up with a whole lot of bullsh*t.

During The Hollywood Reporter’s Comedy Actress roundtable, six hilarious A-listers — Amy Schumer, Lena Dunham, Tracee Ellis Ross, Ellie Kemper, Gina Rodriguez and Kate McKinnon — got real about sexism in the entertainment industry.

Schumer didn’t hold back when discussing the lack of women in late-night television, and why women don’t make it into powerful and visible positions even though there is no shortage of female talent.

“I think people hate women,” she said. “I don’t think they want to hear a woman talk for too long. A lot of people project their mom yelling at them. My [career] has been about tricking people into listening. I’m not saying all men hate women, but there’s such an aggression.”

Dunham backed her up, pointing to the vicious commentary that awaits vocal women on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. “The way women are spoken to in social media is truly shocking,” she said. “It’s how you imagine people screaming at prisoners in Guantanamo.”

The women related stories of receiving death threats, rape threats, wishes of cancer diagnoses and hearing the good ol’ “women aren’t funny” refrain on social media. They also spoke about experiencing overt sexism from within their own industry.

hollywood reporter

Dunham opened up about a time when she heard man who was working on “Girls” make a rude comment about the work environment.

“I heard a guy on my show say into his microphone: ‘I hate this job. I can’t wait to be back on a show where there’s a man at the helm,'” Dunham recounted. Later on, she says the same man commented on her lunch, saying, “You’re really enjoying that buffet, aren’t you?”

“He’s the worst person alive,” said Dunham when Schumer asked her who the dude was. “I hope he reads this, which he won’t because he’s drunk.”

But all of the actresses agreed that having more projects led by women and people of color — especially ones that make money — make it easier for people who aren’t white men in the future. “Show them it’s all a good investment,” said Rodriguez.

Head over to The Hollywood Reporter to read the full roundtable discussion.

hollywood reporter

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Comedy – The Huffington Post
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Leviathan Movie CLIP – I Hate You (2014) – Andrey Zvyagintsev Russian Drama HD

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Leviathan Movie CLIP – I Hate You (2014) – Andrey Zvyagintsev Russian Drama HD

A present day social drama spanning multiple characters about the human insecurity in a “new country” which gradually unwinds to a mythological scale concerning the human condition on earth entirely.
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The “I Hate to Exercise” Book for People With Diabetes: Turn Everyday Home Activities into a Low-impact Fitness Plan You’ll Love

The “I Hate to Exercise” Book for People With Diabetes: Turn Everyday Home Activities into a Low-impact Fitness Plan You’ll Love

The “I Hate to Exercise” Book for People With Diabetes: Turn Everyday Home Activities into a Low-impact Fitness Plan You’ll Love

Price: $
Sold by USA, LLC

How Hate Happens

Last Wednesday Illinois became the 15th state in the country to approve gay marriage, a cause for celebration in the Midwest, where there is still a strong “family values” contingent stuck on denying marriage equality.

That same day in San Francisco, the LGBT-friendly mecca of the country, a teenager lay in a hospital bed, legs covered in second- and third-degree burns. The teenager, Sasha Fleischman of Berkeley, had been asleep on a public transit bus traveling though Oakland when Fleischman, who was wearing a skirt, was set on fire by a 16-year-old boy on the bus whom the victim had never had contact with.

When questioned about his motive, the accused responded that he was motivated by homophobia. The victim identifies as “agender,” neither male nor female, and is referred to as “they” or “them” rather than “he” or “she.” Fleischman had worn a skirt for some time without any problems, but the skirt was apparently what provoked the attack. The teenager will be charged with “aggravated mayhem, assault and hate-crime enhancements.”

Seeing this happen in the San Francisco Bay Area was a real wake-up call. It brought home the fact that none of us is immune to the ravages of hate and gave me considerable uneasiness after the work I’ve recently been doing.

For the past year and half I have worked on a documentary entitled Facing Fear, which tells the story of a gay teenager who was beaten by neo-Nazis and left for dead on the streets of Hollywood. Like Sasha, Matthew Boger was attacked because of his perceived sexual orientation by someone whom he didn’t know.

The attack happened in 1980, when hate crimes weren’t in the lexicon and gay bashing was still “tolerated” to an extent, even in the gay community of West Hollywood. Boger survived the attack but never reported it, out of fear of how the police would react to a gay street kid. Boger eventually escaped life on the streets and was able to start a career.

One of the neo-Nazis, Tim Zaal, had grown up in the whitewashed suburbs east of Los Angeles and fallen in with the Nazi punk skinhead movement, whose adherents took violence to an extreme against anyone they felt was “different.” Zaal was 17 years old when the attack happened, and today you’d have no idea that he could have once been filled with so much hate. Tim readily admits that he learned much of his behavior from influential people in his life, even if he is culpable of taking things to an extreme.

Twenty-five years later, attacker and victim ended up meeting at the Museum of Tolerance, where Boger was now the manger. After the initial shock, they embarked on a difficult journey of reconciliation and forgiveness. They started doing presentations about their experience and eventually became friends and confidants. For Boger, Tim was like the family he never had.

We have been lucky enough to screen our film for several schools, and it has had a huge impact on the students, leading to lively discussions about hate and forgiveness. I like to
think that some of them took something away from the experience that they can apply in their own lives. We have even been asked to screen the film in Oakland, and it does give me pause to think that if a teenager like the accused saw something like this or met someone on the other side of the issue, he might at least give a second thought to his actions and their consequences.

Schools today are armed with anti-bullying campaigns and LGBT student groups, not to mention exposure to national campaigns like It Gets Better and NOH8. This is a huge step from a previous generation of closeted kids struggling to find a voice, but there is obviously work to be done.

Sasha Fleischman didn’t choose to incite violence. When the accused gets his time to speak, maybe deep-rooted factors will come to the surface and help explain why he was prone to set a human being on fire, beyond the fact that he is a self-proclaimed homophobe. How many LGBT family, friends or educational resources did this young man have at his disposal?

As filmmakers, we do not advocate for forgiveness being the only way to approach hate crimes. I’m still not sure whether I could forgive someone for a heinous crime like the ones mentioned here. We are only hoping that we can look at how we arrived here, from the perspectives of both the victim and the perpetrator, and keep in mind all the societal influences that come into play.

Sasha Fleischman was not seeking the spotlight, but a bright light is now shining on the community that failed them. Sasha is a victim and, unfortunately, a painful reminder of these failings. Let’s hope that this incident will serve as a teaching moment for both the community and the wider world.

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