Rhone Seeks to Highlight Outstanding Men in New Outliers Campaign

Rhone has tapped Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Nelson Agholor, surfer Garrett McNamara, NFL trainer Tareq Azim and wakeboarder Steel Lafferty to be the faces of its inaugural Outliers campaign. Nate Checketts, Rhone’s cofounder and chief executive officer, said the company has been hesitant to take the route of many other brands that zero in on an athlete, pay him or her a fee and then hope that person connects with the consumer they’re trying to attract. “We wanted to focus instead on making the best product we could,” he said. “But we found that people want a representation of the embodiment of a brand.” So he sought out men that he believed excelled at their craft and stood out in their fields. Rather than calling them ambassadors, Rhone opted to borrow a title from the Malcolm Gladwell book “Outliers” about high achievers. The men will be featured in marketing materials for the brand on its web site as well as through social media and e-mails outreach. They will contribute to the brand’s blog, The Pursuit, where they will share tips and advice to encourage others. McNamara said he’s been “a longtime fan of Rhone and am honored to partner with a brand that I

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CFDA and NYCEDC Highlight Graduate Fashion Collections

The CFDA and New York City Economic Development Corp. earlier this week held the Fashion Future Graduate Showcase, a three-day showcase of design talent from some of the top fashion schools in the U.S. at Industria Studios. Collections by 53 graduates from schools including Academy of Art University, California College of the Arts, FIT, Kent State University, Parsons, Pratt, Rhode Island School of Design and SCAD were exhibited July 9 and 10, with the top four collections presented on July 11. The students selected for Wednesday’s presentation included Zhouyi Li of the Academy of Art University, Taliah Leslie of Pratt, and Britt Luttio and Peng Ye of Parsons.
All four students took the conceptual route, with Li working her garments with three-dimensional geometric shapes inspired by Richard Serra. Luttio worked with the concept of identity. “Within our persona we have multiple identities,” she said. “How I am in this space is not how I’m going to be with my lover or with my mom.” Her collection featured transformative pieces with a definitive Nineties attitude, that was influenced by things from her childhood — Victoria’s Secret and Betsey Johnson. Ye based his collection on the word 刹那, which represents the shortest accountable

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Nike to Highlight Innovation in New Exhibit, Shoot With Dancer David Hallberg

Innovation has been a hallmark of the Nike brand since Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman teamed up to create a superior running shoe in the mid-1960s. Now a $ 32 billion company, the Oregon-based sporting-goods brand prides itself on creating products that provide athletes with the tools they need to perform at their best.
Tonight, Nike will unveil its latest iteration in “Objects of Desire,” an exhibition that highlights its 20 years of innovation in sports apparel. The brand will showcase images from nearly 20 “brand-defining” campaigns from the past two decades, which are intended to illustrate how style and culture have evolved over the years.
The event at Nike’s brand space at 45 Grand Street, which will be open to the public from June 1 to 10, will also serve to introduce the latest series of images featuring ballet dancer David Hallberg in the NikeLab ACG Poncho.
The exhibition was curated by Paris-born and Yale-educated Dorian Grinspan, the editor and founder of Out of Order magazine. He worked in partnership with contemporary artist and architect James Casebere, who built the set for the exhibition; Niclas Gillis, a Swedish filmmaker who directed the video, and Djib Mo, a new French recording artist who penned an

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Child Deaths Highlight Choking Dangers Posed by Grapes

Deaths of 5-year-old and toddler cited in new report
healthfinder.gov Daily News
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Of Monsters And Men Highlight Refugee Crisis In ‘We Sink’ Music Video

Of Monsters and Men are out with a new video for “We Sink,” premiering exclusively on The Huffington Post. The music video is dedicated to the current refugee crisis, as millions of people are fleeing their homes in search of a safe place to live. 

The Icelandic folk band reached out to members of the Red Cross in Iceland, who connected them with refugees in their home country to be featured in the video.

“They, like most of us, have stories of love, pain, family, loss and happiness. But unlike many of us, they also have a stories of needing to leave their home countries in search of a safe place to live,” the band said in a statement to HuffPost. “Something that should be a given for all of us and sadly isn’t.”

The song features the lyrics:

“It’s warm, the skin I’m living in
It creates and shapes what is within
So please look away, don’t look at me
As we sink into the open sea”

Of Monsters and Men says they want the video to remind everyone that “although we may not choose the situations we are born into, we can choose how we help and treat those in need. And that no matter our differences, we all deserve to live in a world without violence and hatred and in one with more peace and kindness.”

“We Sink” appears on the group’s 2015 sophomore album, “Beneath the Skin.”

Of Monsters and Men set up a donation page through the Icelandic Red Cross where fans can help raise funds for the refugee crisis. Go here to find out more.

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Designers Highlight Androgyny for Men’s Spring 2016

“Men’s wear” is starting to sound like an antiquated term.
Silk blouses, knit skirts and hip-hugging tunics are all part of the picture for the spring 2016 season, accentuating the ways that men’s collections are becoming more gender fluid than ever.
Designers Alessandro Michele at Gucci, Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent and Jonathan Anderson were among those flying the flag for a new young style inspired by Millennials — a generation that appears to have cast off gender labels like last season’s Zara duds.
And all this coincides with a moment when the transgender community — thank you, Caitlyn Jenner — is experiencing unprecedented visibility.
“We are living in a transgender moment,” said Riki Wilchins, a transgender activist and author of three books on gender theory. “Gender roles are being challenged, and they’re being challenged in fashion. Fashion isn’t just reflecting it, fashion is helping to lead it, it’s profound and it’s here to stay.”
Even before the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in June, a revolution was playing out on social media. “I think Millennials are definitely pushing this change. Millennials are much more comfortable with gender nonconformity and gender queerness,” Wilchins said.
Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart and Cara Delevingne are

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20 Photos That Highlight The Beautiful Diversity Of Plus-Size Bodies

Corissa Enneking is here to remind everyone that there is a lot more diversity in the plus-size community than the few plus-size women we see in magazines and on the runway.

In June, the fat-positive writer and fashion blogger created a body-positive campaign that represented plus-size bodies of all shapes and sizes.

Although mainstream media has only recently incorporated plus-size women and plus-size fashion, the type of plus-size bodies that are featured are mostly “white, under 30, on the smaller side of fat, able-bodied and evenly proportioned,” Enneking wrote on her blog, Fat Girl Flow.

Enneking created a callout asking plus-size women to submit images of themselves to illustrate the different body types that the term “plus size” actually encompasses. The results are a diverse range of beautiful plus-size bodies.

Enneking explained why she created the project to The Huffington Post. “It’s easy to look at a size 14 plus-size model and celebrate them for their curviness. And while I applaud anyone who cares about body positivity, the people who are really making waves and moving this community forward are the ones we often don’t celebrate.”

“It’s the people who continue to feel under represented that keep us thinking of how to be inclusive, and what fat positivity means,” Enneking told HuffPost. “It’s those people who continue to challenge our thoughts about being ‘acceptable’ in society who are really pushing the status quo… I want to help those people’s voices be heard, because they are saying some amazing things!”

On her blog, Enneking wrote that she wants to remind all fat women that their bodies are “worthy of representation.” “Being fat is not exclusive to one gender, sexual orientation, or race, and it doesn’t discriminate based on your physical or mental capacities,” she wrote. “Being fat is something people across cultures can experience, and even people who are not fat can identify with body image issues.”

Preach, lady.

Scroll below to see 20 stunning women who rock beautiful plus-size bodies.

Head over to Enneking’s website Fat Girl Flow to read more about the diversity of plus-size bodies.

H/T The Daily Dot

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