Kendall Jenner Needs a New Mattress (& Maybe a New Fish) After Hosting Kourtney Kardashian’s Family

Kourtney Kardashian, Kardashians 1607It’s time for Kourtney Kardashian to return home.
In this clip from Sunday’s all-new Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the mother of three reveals to best friend Larsa Pippen that…

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Exclusive: Calvin Klein Hosting God’s Love We Deliver Summer Party at Hamptons Home

Calvin Klein is set to host the annual God’s Love We Deliver Midsummer Night Drinks June 10 at his palatial Southampton, N.Y., waterfront home.
This will be the first time the designer has hosted the fund-raiser at his 10-acre seaside property, upon which he constructed a modern glass structure for a reported $ 75 million.
“It didn’t take much convincing since Calvin is such a strong supporter of the cause,” intimated a committee member of GLWD, which prepares and delivers nutritious meals to people living with advanced stages of HIV/AIDS in the New York area. “We’re all just thrilled to see the house,” added the insider.
On March 9, the organization raised $ 1.5 million at the Love Rocks NYC benefit concert at the Beacon Theatre. Emceed by Bill Murray, the sold-out show featured performances by Joe Walsh, Jackson Browne, Mavis Staples and Michael McDonald, among others.
“Play ‘Free Bird,’” shouted one rowdy concertgoer at GLWD President Karen Pearl’s speech ahead of a musical set that concluded with a rousing, yet predictable, rendition of “With a Little Help from My Friends,” featuring a house band led by “Late Show With David Letterman” alums Will Lee and Paul Shaffer.

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Promise Project Hosting 8th Beautiful Promise Party

PROMISES, PROMISES: Promise Project will host its eighth annual Beautiful Promise cocktail party, chaired by Dana Buchman, Cindy Weber Cleary, special projects editor at InStyle, and Lori Buchbinder, principal in realty group Buchbinder & Warren on April 21. The event, which will once again feature ABC’s Bill Ritter as guest emcee, takes place from 6:30 p.m to 8:30p.m. at the Metropolitan Pavilion at 123 West 18th Street in New York.
Guests will have the opportunity to bid on silent auction items that include accessories from Tiffany & Co., Jennifer Meyer, Alexis Bittar, Kara Ross, Chanel, Lafont, Ferragamo, Burberry and The Row, among others.
One-of-a-kind items, such as a Donald Robertson drawing, tickets to a Badgley Mischka fashion show, a table at Rao’s and a visit to the San Francisco Giants’ baseball dugout, will also be available for bidding on Charity Buzz, when the auction goes live on April 14. All proceeds from the event go to Promise Project, which in collaboration with Columbia University Medical Center and New York Presbyterian Hospial, is committed to helping impoverished children living with learning disabilities get the support they need to succeed.

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WWD » Promise Project Hosting 8th Beautiful Promise Party
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Initiatives in Art and Culture Hosting Annual Gold Conference

STAY GOLDEN: The Initiatives in Art and Culture will hold its fifth annual Gold Conference on Thursday, with a two-day schedule of conversations, panels and presentations. This year, the conference’s events will adhere to the official theme, “Gold: Transparency, Trends and Techniques.” “We have been overwhelmed by the fascinating recent developments in the gold industry, as we have been and continue to be with the history and legacy of this precious metal,” said IAC founder Lisa Koenigsberg of the theme. Topics that will be discussed over the conference’s many panels include “Designing for Millennials,” “Cutting Edge Technology and Its Potential,” Gold in Beauty: Body Adornment,” and “Jewelry Trends Driven by the Catwalk.” Speakers include Ana Khouri, Anita Ko and Daniel Brush. Sessions will take place at the City University of New York’s Graduate Center. The IAC will also host two cocktail events: a reception at the Aaron Faber Gallery on Thursday night to celebrate the gallery’s 40th anniversary, and a closing reception on Friday night held at Doyle & Doyle’s flagship store in the Meatpacking District.

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WWD » Parsons Names Burak Cakmuk Dean of Fashion Ltd

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Watch President Barack Obama Take Over Hosting Duties on The Colbert Report

President Barack Obama went from sitting behind his desk in the Oval Office to sitting behind Stephen Colbert’s desk on The Colbert Report. The President was a guest on the comedy-news show on Monday, but before his interview with Colbert, Obama temporarily took over hosting duties and delivered the fan-favorite Report segment “The Word.” Or as he renamed […]
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6 Reasons to Nix Hosting a Sleepover Party

It starts with the cajoling from your daughter: “Please, please, please, can I have a sleepover party for my birthday?” followed by promises that she’ll be good and everyone will go to sleep early and it will be totally great! Something inside you resists, in large part because the idea of shushing a gaggle of girls throughout the night seems dreadful. You also sort of, kind of, remember from your own sleepover party years that they don’t end well. But it’s all a bit hazy. Let me jog your memory as to why.

  1. The girl who hosts the party always “loses it” at some point because nobody is paying enough attention to the fact that it’s her birthday after a couple hours. She feels dissed because this is supposed to be all about her. Or, the pressure becomes too much for her to keep everyone else in good spirits for so many hours. So she starts bossing everyone around out of anxiety, or comes to you in tears because she’s miserable.
  2. Within minutes of arriving, the girls will start negotiating about who they are going to sleep next to that night. Some girls will be thrilled to “lock in” their desired sleep-buddies. Others will feel rejected and hurt, leading to misery and tears and possibly a few girls insisting they want to go home.
  3. At least two, if not more, girls will inevitably whisper about one of the other girls as a way of bonding. They may gossip about another girl’s “lame nightgown,” the way she snores, how “weird” she’s being, etc. That girl will overhear the whispers, cry and insist on going home.
  4. Some girls will want to go to sleep before the others, and will become totally fed-up with the giggling and shrieking. The early-bird sleepers will ask the others to pipe down and even beg them, but the late-birders will refuse because they’re not tired and having fun. Fighting ensues.
  5. You, the mom host, will have to tell the girls at least a few — and possibly a billion — times to go to sleep after 10 p.m.. Your daughter will worry that everyone is going to hate you for being too strict. (How did you become the enemy? You didn’t even want to host this party.)
  6. All of the girls will be a giant, exhausted, teary mess the day after the sleepover, whining and weeping over the tiniest things (the sun is too sunny, the pancake syrup is too sticky). You will be waiting in desperation for the other parents to come take their child away. They will want to hear how the evening went, and you will be too tired to tell them coherently.

Is it all coming back? For all these reasons, and so many more, I suggest rethinking whether throwing a sleepover is truly the best option. Far better: a sleep-under, in which your daughter’s friends come over wearing their pajamas and enjoy all the perks of a sleepover (movie, cake, wild silliness) but leave at around 9:30 p.m.. Everyone gets a good night sleep, including you, and it’s less pressure on everyone to have fun for that long. If you’re still unconvinced or already promised your girl a sleep-over, might I suggest investing in high-quality ear plugs, boxes of tissues and a solo room for yourself at a hotel the next day?
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