Eating Goldfish and Other Delicacies- My Time in a Maximum Security Jail in Australia

Eating Goldfish and Other Delicacies- My Time in a Maximum Security Jail in Australia

This book by Trevor Dunen covers the violence, racism and indifference he experienced in the hardest maximum security jail in Australia, Casuarina. Follow him through jail from the time he is sentenced until he has served his time. Read about Australia’s worst murderers, rapists, kidnappers, armed robbers and embezzlers and the time he spent with them. Learn what happens in jail, the food, the beauracracy, the boredom, the daily happenings. Compelling and riveting reading! Trevor Dunen has been writing all his life. He is a colorful character who has lead an exciting but tragic life. Growing up in the little rural country town of Bacchus Marsh in Victoria, Australia, the home of famous authors Peter Carey and Frank Hardy. He was a graphic designer for many years working in newspapers while travelling around Australia on a motorbike. He then raced motorbikes for a year in Queensland. He is a self taught musician and guitarist and has played in pubs and clubs all around Australia. Trevor is a bit of a Larrikin and has lived a wild life from the age of six years when his father was killed in a car accident. Always the optimist Trevor turned a bad time in his life into a positive experience and wrote a book about his jail experiences. He has an exciting, laconic writing style and his work is similar to Chopper Read’s.Trevor was diagnosed with Bi-polar disorder at age 45. He has written a succesful play entitled, “Sight Unseen” about the history of racism against Aborigine’s in York, in West Australia. For this work he recieved a grant of ,500 from the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art. He is currently studying journalism at University and actively writes on blogs all over the internet, publishing short stories and book reviews amongst many other thingsTrevor lives in Geraldton on the coast in the outback of Western Australia with his 19 year old twin boys. He also has a sixteen year old son. He works a full-time job while studying.

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Almost Going to Jail Taught Me How to Give!

I have learned about giving through the experience of receiving. There have been a lot of people in my life that gave to me, when they didn’t have to, when there wasn’t anything in it for them.

I haven’t always known how to give in my life, I spent a lot of it, not knowing how to give love, not knowing how to give my gifts and talents not knowing I had anything to give.
I learned slowly from a few very special people in my life how to give.

My teachers come to mind. I’ve never really had a relationship with my father, he’s always seemed like a ghost, somewhere out there, but just out of my reach.

I think subconsciously I created a lot of my teachers to be men, strong healthy role models of the healthy masculine to heal the old father wound. They were all available, attentive and loving.

I needed that. It has been very healing for me.

I ran away from home as a really young teenager and moved to Hawaii. I never knew there were people out there that wanted to help me just because, just to help, when I ran away that wasn’t my experience. Everyone wanted something.

Before I found my calling God sent me an angel named Sean, I was struggling and had gotten into some trouble with the law, and I honestly didn’t know what was going to happen. Out of desperation, fear and intense emotional pain I started going anywhere spiritual!

I met Sean in a spiritual community, he took me under his wing.

Every time I went to court it was so demeaning and scary, everyone treated me like I was already guilty, but not Sean, he was an amazing loving teacher. He taught me how to sit with people, how to love them and be there for them when things got hard.

I remember telling him, I’m so scared, I don’t know if I’m going to jail! I have no idea what I could do to help another person right now!

He would say “Yeah just come with me, we’re all going to go sit and be with some people who are suffering, just talk from your heart and give them what you can in the way of love.”

I thought what’s wrong with him! Doesn’t he see I’m messed up! Doesn’t he see I’m the one that needs help!?

But I just kept showing up whenever there was an opportunity to talk with someone struggling with cancer, or a teenage girl who had been molested. I just showed up and tried to help.
It changed everything, I just couldn’t wait until Sean and our little team of helpers went out to be with another hurting soul. I suddenly felt I wasn’t an awful person, I wasn’t so lost.
It gave me a reason to live again.

When I first met Sean I was so worried about the case that I spent hours of many days crying on my bathroom floor, then Sean would call and say “Hey what are you doing, wanna sit with some hurting folks?”

I mean, I thought it couldn’t be any worse than sitting on my bathroom floor crying. That gift he gave me of being able to give love to another soul was like medicine for my spirit.

I began to feel like, Hey Ama, you might be able to really help people! And you Really love it!!!”
I started thinking less and less about my situation and more and more about the next time I could get back out there with Sean and the team!

A seed was planted in my soul.

I learned from Sean that no matter how much you are hurting inside, how dark things get, you can still give, that in fact that IS the medicine that will give you the will to live again! To bring meaning back into your life! That’s what happened to me.

I found that in life you can make mistakes and lose everything and in losing can be great winning.

I ended up taking a plea that the DA offered in my case, I was just too terrified to go to trial and gamble and maybe win but maybe lose.

I was on probation for awhile, lost all my money spending thousands of dollars defending myself and in fees.

I lost a lot of friends that couldn’t handle the intensity of my situation. But I wasn’t as focused on me and my situation anymore, I had found this new world of giving and being of service, and I couldn’t get enough!!!

I remember going to endless court hearings thinking, I can’t wait to get out of here and go sit with someone that’s hurting! It’s the only thing that saved me and kept me from the deepest despair and from giving up.

I kept going out with Sean and the team. I started to realize when I was sitting with hurting ones, I would get information about them, I had a gift, I could tell what was going to happen or what had happened to them before.

I would touch them on the hand or their head and they would start to feel better. I found that I knew how to talk with them and somehow they would be feeling better and filled with hope after we talked.

I began to find my calling as a healer.

The worst thing that I thought had ever happened to me, turned out to lead me to the best thing that ever happened… finding my gifts and my calling…. and the joy of being of service and giving!

That experience of receiving unconditional love from Sean taught me not to judge people too harshly, as you never know their story and how they got to be where they’re at.
Sean knew my situation but he chose to see something good in me, he chose to see that I had something to offer and I started to believe him!

He didn’t talk to me about giving, he made me go out and do it!

It was extraordinary! Sean taught me that the way to heal is to GIVE!

It was the most amazing thing, at my lowest point, I was asked to serve another human being and it healed MY hurting soul!

Yeah, I’ve learned a lot from my teachers. I’ve learned how to give, really give and the absolute joy that comes from giving is addictive!

Once you reach out to help another person, no matter what is going on for you in your life, you’ll never stop, and you’ll always know how to find your way back to yourself by reaching out and finding someone that needs your help. You’ll find that you’ll get hooked on that feeling of love and giving and you’ll never turn back!! I didn’t!

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The Mysterious Abduction Of The Virgin: Held Captive In Jail And Made Pregnant

The Mysterious Abduction Of The Virgin: Held Captive In Jail And Made Pregnant

Adults 18+ only: This 4200 word novelette contains M/F sexual scenes primarily involving the deflowering of a virgin, rough sex, oral sex, impregnation leading to pregnancy, and other related themes. The Mysterious Abduction of the Virgin: Held Captive in Jail and Made Pregnant, tells the story of a sexy 18 year old virgin girl who awakens to find herself in a place she never expected, let alone remembered-a dirty jail where bad things can and do happen! The woman finds herself in an environment where she has lost her personal and sexual independence and is made to service the whims of men she does not know. As time passes, she reluctantly accepts her fate and is given the gift that will last ’til the end of time-a new baby to love and care for! Which is something that will help her pass the time!

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Pussy Riot Member Maria Alyokhina Released From Jail In Russia Under Amnesty Deal

NIZHNY NOVGOROD, Russia, Dec 23 (Reuters) – Pussy Riot punk band member Maria Alyokhina walked free from jail on Monday, immediately dismissing the Kremlin’s amnesty that granted her early release as a stunt that would not change her attitude to President Vladimir Putin.

Alyokhina, 25, one of two women serving two-year sentences for a profanity-laced protest against Putin in a Russian Orthodox church in 2012, was released under the amnesty the president has said would show the Russian state is humane.

They were convicted of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred for their “punk prayer” criticising Putin’s ties to the Church, and had been due for release in March.

Alyokhina echoed critics who said the amnesty proposed by Putin was far too narrow and appeared aimed at deflecting criticism over human rights before Russia hosts the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi in February.

“I do not think it is a humanitarian act, I think it is a PR stunt,” she said by telephone in comments to the Russian Internet and TV channel Dozhd. “My attitude to the president has not changed.”

In addition to the amnesty, Putin unexpectedly pardoned Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the Russian former oil tycoon who is widely seen by Kremlin critics and Western politicians as a political prisoner.

Khodorkovsky, who was freed after more than a decade in jail and flown to Germany, said Putin is seeking to improve Russia’s image while also showing that he is confident in his grip on power after weathering large opposition protests and winning a third term last year.

Putin wants to send “a signal to society and the world that he feels secure and is not afraid”, Khodorkovsky said in an interview with he Russian magazine the New Times.

Lawyers say the amnesty will also enable 30 people arrested in Russia after a Greenpeace protest against Arctic oil drilling to avoid trial on hooliganism charges, removing another irritant in ties with the West.

Putin said the amnesty was not drafted with the Greenpeace activists or Pussy Riot in mind. Looking confident and relaxed during an annual news conference last week, he described Pussy Riot’s protest as disgraceful, saying it “went beyond all boundaries”.

Human rights activists have said the amnesty is far too limited, estimating will free fewer than 1,500 convicts, a small fraction of the nearly 700,000 Russians behind bars.


Alyokhina, bundled in a thick green prison jacket and with her long curly hair loose, smiled as she left detention in the company of her lawyer and told Reuters she was feeling well.

She said that had it have been possible for her to refuse the amnesty, she would done so out of solidarity for those still in jail and that she now planned to lobby for prisoners rights.

“I was keen to reject this amnesty, but the prison had received an order that is why I was brought here,” she told Reuters.

“I would like now to deal with the issue of prison, I would like to engage in human rights … I’m not afraid of anything anymore – believe me.”

Pyotr Verzilov, the husband of fellow band member Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, 24, who is also due to be freed under the amnesty, which covered inmates convicted of hooliganism and mothers of young children, was awaiting her release outside a jail in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk.

A third band member, Yekaterina Samutsevich, was released last year when a judge suspended her sentence on appeal.

Tolokonnikova’s father Andrei told Reuters last week he sees his daughter’s planned release not an act of mercy but “an absolutely cynical game” of public relations ahead of the Olympics. (Additional reporting and writing Alissa de Carbonnel; Editing by Alison Williams)

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Psycho Steve – I Swam the Solent to Freedom. No Jail Can Hold Me

Psycho Steve – I Swam the Solent to Freedom. No Jail Can Hold Me

When a GBP 1 million construction deal starts to go pear shaped, and a London heavy mob working for the opposition ransack his house, Stephen Moyle is out for revenge. In a tale of violence and adventure via the North of England and Canada, Stephen recounts the events that led to a 3 and a half year jail term and his eventual sectioning. Having taken revenge of the mob that was terrorising his family and business deals, Stephen was imprisoned in HMP Lewis; but with the voices of God Almighty and the Devil guiding his thoughts Stephen’s actions on the inside were to get him moved to HMP Camp Hill, Isle of Wight, from which he was to make his daring escape. Having scaled the prison walls and made his way through the razor wire, a scratched and bloody Stephen set off to swim across the Solent back to his family. His escape mobilised the D11 specialist police unit and the hunt began…Whilst on the run, Stephen returned to his scamming and thieving ways, but despite it all he found time to marry his long-term girlfriend Judith. But after the wedding things went from bad to worse as the voice of God was still present in Stephen’s thoughts; after a publican is almost killed the D11 squad close in and Stephen is returned to prison. Stephen is eventually released but his spell on the outside is short lived when he is re-arrested for GBH on his wife. At the court hearing, Stephen was sectioned for life and sent to Broadmoor Secure Hospital.
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