Why Evangeline Lilly Changed Her Life After Lost — And Moved to Hawaii!

Evangeline Lilly went through a major shift after wrapping up on the TV show that made her famous: J.J. Abrams’ Lost.

Despite the series’ incredible success, the British Columbia native, 38, struggled with becoming a household name.

“I was never enamored by the idea of fame,” she tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue, admitting she went through “a pretty dark time” coming to terms with being a public figure.

For more about Lilly, check out this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now.

In fact, she planned on retiring from acting after Lost ended in 2010, and for two years enjoyed life off the grid, moving to Hawaii with her partner, Norman Kali, who worked in film production and is now a stay-at-home dad.

She took up surfing and wrote scripts and children’s books. Lilly also settled into the role of mom, having two sons.

But when Peter Jackson offered her a role in The Hobbit movies, she couldn’t turn it down.

Same with 2015’s Ant-Man, in which she stars opposite Paul Rudd’s titular superhero as Hope Pym, a scientist who goes on to become a crime fighter in the movie’s sequel, Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Lilly says she had to find a way to “make peace” with working in Hollywood and “embrace all the things that made me uncomfortable.” She did—and she has her low-key island home life to keep her grounded.

“I had to find a place in which I could be happy,” she says. “And now I very much am.”

Ant-Man and the Wasp is out Friday.


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Evangeline Lilly Says She Was Going Through ‘a Pretty Dark Time’ During Lost

Evangeline Lilly is known worldwide for her role on J.J. Abrams’ fan favorite show Lost. Despite its success and multiple Emmy wins, the British Columbia native didn’t have a blast during the making of it.

“I was never enamored by the idea of fame,” she tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue, admitting she went through “a pretty dark time” coming to terms with being a public figure.

For more about Lilly, check out this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now.

In fact, she planned on retiring from acting after Lost ended in 2010, and for two years enjoyed life off the grid, moving to Hawaii with her partner, Norman Kali, who worked in film production and is now a stay-at-home dad.

She took up surfing and wrote scripts and children’s books. She also settled into the role of mom, having two sons.But when Peter Jackson offered her a role in The Hobbit movie, she couldn’t turn it down.

Lilly says she had to find a way to “make peace” with working in Hollywood and “embrace all the things that made me uncomfortable.”

That includes headlining her second Marvel movie, Ant-Man and the Wasp, out Friday.

“I had to find a place in which I could be happy,” she says. “And now I very much am.”


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Sheryl Sandberg, Who Lost Her Husband 2 Years Ago, Launches Initiative to Help Grieving Families During the Holidays

For many people coping with the diagnosis of a serious illness or the loss or separation of a loved one, facing the holiday season will be challenging—and they’ll need support from friends and family to help find joy in between their moments of grief.

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer and author of the popular book Lean In, knows this struggle all too well: Sandberg lost her husband and father to her two children, Dave Goldberg, in May 2015 after he died suddenly at age 47 while on vacation in Mexico. After experiencing the pain that comes from loss and learning of ways to respond to it, Sandberg teamed with psychologist Adam Grant to publish the book, Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy and its accompanying website to help those facing adversity in relation to a loved one. This is something especially important during the holiday season, Sandberg says.

“The holidays are reminders, and you really feel the absence of the person,” Sandberg, 48, tells PEOPLE. “Particularly if there’s a loss, the holidays are times when whatever challenges we face, our absences are felt so deeply, whether it’s been a week or decades.”

This magnification of grief is something that will be experienced by many households who will have empty seats at the dinner table or unopened gifts under the Christmas tree this year.

To help family and friends of the bereaved who may be unsure how to best lend their support during the holidays, Sandberg is launching the #OptionBThere initiative, where visitors can find a collection of advice and tips organized by themes including “just be there,” “say something,” “lend a hand” and “celebrate the good.” OptionB.Org community members have also submitted their own real-life experiences and detailed what worked for them during difficult holiday seasons.

“The number one thing I’ve learned, which is why we’re doing this, is that so often, we don’t address the hard things because we don’t know what to say,” Sandberg says, “so you don’t say anything.”

To relieve these often difficult and painful situations, #OptionBThere provides conversation starters to help friends and family feel comfortable sharing their feelings, and suggestions for feel-good games, “all feelings welcome” dinners, meaningful gift ideas and holiday cards to remind them that they’re loved. 

For those experiencing grief who are unsure of how to interact with other during family engagements and celebrations, #OptionBThere also has tips on how to ask loved ones for help, and a seven-step guide to creating a “holiday bill of rights” to allow themselves to approach the holidays under their own terms. These suggestions may help them to find a bit of happiness during difficult times.

“Let yourself feel what you feel. Try to think of moments of joy. Little things,” Sandberg says. “Sometimes we’re looking for happiness in big ways, and I think, if you’re facing a holiday, or even a regular day through your illness or pain, you can’t be happy all the time—don’t put that pressure on yourself.”

In the years after Goldberg’s passing, Sandberg took up the habit of writing down three moments of joy at the end of her day, which have helped her to appreciate everyday moments.

“It is a great irony of my life that I lost my husband, and I am more grateful,” she says. “I’m grateful that I was alive for Thanksgiving. I’m 48. That never would have occurred to me before.”

Sandberg stresses that one of the most important actions that friends and family of the bereaved can do is simply show up.

“Just do something. That’s really what #OptionBThere is all about,” she says. “When you show up with a meal, when you show up with a hug, when you show up with the funny story, or just the willingness to sit there and cry with the person, that’s incredibly powerful—helping ourselves see what is still good in our lives is a super important part of recovery, and when you show up for someone, you are creating a good moment.”


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Kim Zolciak-Biermann Pens Emotional Note as ‘Sensitive & Shy’ Son Kash Starts Kindergarten: ‘I Lost It’


Kim Zolciak-Biermann is having an emotional start to the week.

The Don’t Be Tardy star — who is mom to Brielle, 20, Ariana, 15, KJ, 6, Kash, 4, and twins Kaia and Kane, 3 — took to Instagram on Monday to share an emotional post as Kash started kindergarten.

“1st day of Kindergarten,” she captioned a photo of herself with Kash, KJ and husband Kroy Biermann, 31. “@kashbiermann did great getting out of the car…and as soon as he did I LOST it. My hubby and @arianabiermann were so sweet talking me down!”

“Kj started 1st grade Thursday of last week (and I’m surprised he isn’t president of his school yet) lol but my nugget Kash is a bit more sensitive and shy,” she added. “There is something about boys that just gets me. THANK YOU for all of your sweet comments through all my tears last night I didn’t feel as crazy knowing so many of you are going through the same. Love all of you. Have a fantastic day and I’ll let you know if I hop in my car and go pick him up.”

FROM COINAGE: Side Hustles of The Real Housewives of Atlanta


It’s been an eventful few months for the Bravo star’s son: This past spring, Zolciak-Biermann, 39, who will be returning as a cast member on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, had to take Kash to the hospital after he was bitten by a dog.

“I don’t know where to start,” she shared on Instagram at the time. “The last 14hrs of our lives has been a living nightmare. My sweet @kashbiermann was bit by a dog and had very traumatic injuries. I’ve never prayed so hard, or been so scared in my life.”

In the months since the incident, Kash has recovered from his injuries.

“He’s doing great,” Zolciak-Biermann told Andy Cohen in early May. “He actually has perfect vision in both eyes, which is all we care about. The rest we can fix!”

Though the ordeal wasn’t easy for the family, Zolciak-Biermann says she’s learned many valuable lessons as a result.

“Kash has taught me so much these last 3 weeks,” she reflected on Instagram after the incident. “Who would have thought a 4 year old could teach a 38 (almost 39 on Friday) year old so much?”


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Utah Couple Who Lost Five Babies in 11 Months Honor Their Children’s Memory: We Wake Up to ‘Raw Hearts and Pain’

After losing their second child, Shanna, to a congenital heart defect three months after she was born, Jason and Clarissa Osborn of Spanish Fork, Utah, were overjoyed six months later to learn that they were expecting quadruplet daughters with the help of infertility treatments.

Through baby showers put on by friends and family, they filled their home with four of everything: four bassinets, four high chairs, four strollers, four car seats and case after case of formula and diapers.

Then, on June 11 this summer, they were hit once again with heartache.

Clarissa, 28, went into labor in her 23rd week of pregnancy, requiring an emergency C-section. Kylie, Ellie, Savannah and Lexi, who were each born weighing less than one pound, all died within three days of each other.

“We were able to say goodbye to them all, and we were grateful for that,” Jason, 32, who works in human resources for Nestle, tells PEOPLE. “But after already losing one daughter, to lose another four was heart-wrenching. I kept thinking, ‘Why all four? Couldn’t just one have made it?’ It was extremely difficult to realize that none of them were coming home.”

“I knew that it would be emotionally hard to go home and see all of those baby things piled up,” adds Clarissa, a homemaker, with one son, Carter, 4. “So we arranged to have somebody come and get everything and donate it to families who have babies born with heart defects like Shanna, through a charity called Intermountain Healing Hearts. It was important to us to pay it forward somehow.”

Now the Osborns have decided to honor the five daughters they lost within 11 months an additional way: They started the Shanna K. Osborn Foundation to award $ 500 educational scholarships every year to college students who have survived heart defects.

“We wanted our daughters to go to college, so this is a way for us to follow some other young people through their journey and support them, even though we don’t have our little girls,” Jason tells PEOPLE. “It’s a way to keep them in our lives and keep their memories alive, and bring smiles instead of pain.”

The Osborns, who met when they were attending college at Brigham Young University-Idaho, dreamed of having a large family after they married in 2010. Then, shortly after their son was born in 2013, Clarissa developed brain tumors that required radiation treatment and affected her ability to conceive naturally again.

Through IUI (intrauterine insemination) treatment, Clarissa was soon pregnant with Shanna and discovered at her 20-week ultrasound that her daughter didn’t have pulmonary and aortic arteries. “We were told she would require open heart surgery a few days after she was born,” she tells PEOPLE.

Born four months later on April 17, 2016, Shanna spent a month in the hospital after surgery, then the Osborns took her home to meet her older brother.

“Carter got to love on her and was thrilled to have a little sister,” says Clarissa. “Things were going well. Then one Sunday morning, we awoke to a cry we had never heard before.”

She and Jason ran to check on Shanna, who felt cold to the touch. Minutes later, the infant stopped breathing, so Jason performed CPR until paramedics arrived to race her to the hospital. “They tried and tried to resuscitate her,” says Clarissa, “but it was too late.”

To endure four times the sorrow with the deaths of the quads was numbing, she says, with her and Jason waking up daily to “raw hearts and pain.”

Overwhelming support from family, friends and strangers who learned about their plight on a Facebook page they’d started to remember their daughters, “helped pull us through and made us realize we still had a lot of living to do,” Jason tells PEOPLE.

“There are tough nights when we wish we still had our five little girls,” he says, “so it’s therapeutic to talk about them and remember the brief time they were with us and felt our love. Remembering that has been very healing.”


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Uber Will Charge You $15 to Return Your Lost Items

That is, assuming you want them back.

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Has More Freedom Than Ever

A few minutes into my demo of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, I realized I was experiencing something I’d never felt before in an Uncharted game: total freedom. Even in dozens of hours exploring with Nathan Drake, Uncharted has never given me the sense that I can do whatever I want in any order, but in The Lost Legacy, that changes.

The section of the game I played – chapter four in The Lost Legacy’s overall story – dropped me into an expansive area of Southern India’s Western Ghats. As new protagonist Chloe Frazer, the world was my oyster, with the franchise’s first completely non-linear experience and the largest single area ever in an Uncharted game.

While my ultimate goal to advance the story was clear (finding a few statues that match corresponding symbols on an artifact), the game never forced my hand. From exploring ruins to searching for treasure to just shooting down groups of enemies, there was never any pressure to do anything but wander. While Nadine Ross – Chloe’s reluctant partner on the journey – would occasionally give me a hint that could lead to an objective, I was able to discover everything from actual story moments to hidden treasures at my own pace.

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The Internet Lost It When Beyoncé Dropped That Twins Photo

The first photo of Beyoncé and JAY-Z‘s twins dropped in the early hours of Friday morning. And as expected, the Bey Hive swarmed the Internet with glee.

“Sir Carter and Rumi 1 month today,” the songstress, 35, captioned an image on Instagram – holding the tiny tots while wearing a Palomo Spain ensemble in a shot that evoked the same themes as the stunning maternity photo she and her rapper husband used for their double baby announcement in February.

Besides it being their first public photo, Beyoncé’s post was also the first time the names of her twins were officially confirmed. In June, trademark documents for the twins’ names had been filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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Of course, Beyoncé’s fans were not ready for the surprise.

Discovering the pics early in the morning on Friday meant some were going to be late for work.

Or not do any work at all.

But they had to spend some time analyzing everything about the shot — even if Bey’s flawlessness meant questioning their own abilities.

Fans were shook.

One even changed her mind about starting a family of her own one day.

And the photo’s already reached legendary status.

Mostly, though, people came to just bow down to their queen.

RELATED VIDEO: Beyoncé Secretly Made Her Public Debut With JAY-Z Minutes Before Dropping First Pic of Her Twins

Beyoncé’s family also got in on the conversation, wishing Bey the best.

“So happy my baby shared a photo of her babies with the world,” mom Tina Knowles wrote on Instagram Friday morning. “Proud grandma. Hello Sir Carter and Rumi Carter. Boy and girl what a blessing.”

“Beautiful!” added Matthew Knowles on Twitter. “#ProudDad #ProudGrandDad #Beyonce.”

RELATED: Inside JAY-Z’s 4:44 Album: The Rapper’s Most Revealing Lyrics About Beyoncé, Their Twins & More

In addition to Rumi and Sir Carter, the Carter family also includes big sister Blue Ivy, 5. The family of five are currently settled in to their $ 400,000-a-month Malibu rental.

Minute before dropping the picture, Beyoncé joined JAY-Z for a super low-key appearance at a Los Angeles event celebrating Roc Nation artist Vic Mensa. The paired looked happy and relaxed and not at all like exhausted new parents who’d welcomed two new members to their family a month prior.


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North Carolina Pastor and Wife Who Lost Newborn and Toddler Sons in Tragic Accident Welcome Twins

A North Carolina pastor and his wife who lost their two sons in a tragic accident on the way home from a family wedding in 2015 welcomed twins Monday.

Hadley and Gentry Eddings, a pastor at Forest Hills Church in Charlotte, named the twin boys Isaiah Hobbs and Amos Reed in honor of their older brothers.

The couple was in a caravan with family members on their way home from Wilmington to Charlotte during Memorial Day weekend in 2015 when a truck driver slammed into them, killing their 2-year old son Dobbs and sending Hadley, who was 37 weeks pregnant, into labor.

Hadley, a teacher at a church, ended up having an emergency C-section, but the baby boy — whom they named Reed — died just two days later.


In January, the couple announced the happy news that they were expecting twins.

In a statement to PEOPLE, Hadley said at the time, “The Lord has not left us for one second in our grief of losing our two boys almost two years ago. God is a redeemer and a restorer! God blesses us beyond what we deserve or could ever imagine.

“We are excited that Dobbs and Reed are going to be big brothers to twins! We are so thankful for our family and so many friends who have prayed for us and cheered us on our way. We’re rejoicing, and thank Jesus for these two precious little ones!”

The couple made headlines when they publicly forgave the driver who caused the wreck.

Gentry, who suffered minor injuries in the crash, spoke to mourners at the time of the accident, saying he and his wife had forgiven the truck driver and were relying on their faith to get through such a difficult time.


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A Man in Pennsylvania Lost His Left Testicle in a Botched Surgery

Doctors removed Steven Haines left testicle—instead of his right one. He sued, and won $ 870,000.

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Zendaya Totally Lost It After Rihanna Praised Her Met Gala Look On Instagram

Following Monday night’s annual Met Gala, everyone on the internet seemingly agreed that Rihanna had won the night. But the pop star, who soaked up the compliments, had some love to spare for fellow fashionista Zendaya

RiRi shared a stunning image on Instagram of the Disney star walking up the Met steps in her gorgeous yellow gown, with the caption, “Brown goddess.” 

Like any normal human would react if Rihanna sang your praises, Zendaya promptly freaked out. 

She commented on Ri’s photo, thanking her “a million times over” and telling her, “I appreciate you so much,” according to Elle. Then, she took to Snapchat, where she really let her emotions out. 

“This is not a drill!” she alerted her fans. “I never thought a post could mean so much to me in all my life.” 

#PressPlay (swipe for more): #Zendaya fans out after #Rihanna praised her #MetGala Gala gown

A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

We feel you, Zendaya. 

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Sarah Paulson Lost Her Mind When She Saw Madonna At The Met Gala

Everyone who’s anyone attends fashion’s biggest night on the first day of May in New York City.

And, you know, Madonna is someone. 

So, obviously she’d be climbing the grand staircase at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the 2017 Met Gala. Sarah Paulson was, clearly, just unaware of that fact. 

Hahaahhahahhaahahha Love you Sarah! ♥️

A post shared by Madonna (@madonna) on

The Emmy-winning actress fangirled out when she spotted a camouflaged Madge on the carpet, pointing at the singer with her mouth agape.

Luckily, Madonna loved it. 

Following the photobomb, Madonna enthusiastically took to Instagram to share the image, writing, “Love you Sarah!”

These two shared the moment of the night.

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The Lost City of Z Review

Some historical spoilers about this fact-based film follow.

In 1925, renowned explorer and accomplished military man, Percy Fawcett, went missing during an exploration into the depths of the Amazon forests. Fawcett was never seen or officially heard from again, leaving many to wonder if the goal of his expedition – to find a historic, ancient city he referred to as “Z” – was successful or not. It’s the kind of true life story that just doesn’t feel real, and speaks perfectly to just how far someone is willing to go to follow their dreams.

Fawcett is the subject and main character of writer-director James Gray’s The Lost City of Z. The film – based on the book of the same name by David Grann – stars Charlie Hunnam as Fawcett, and follows Percy through his early career in the army, to his various expeditions into the Amazon, his time serving and commanding in the British military during World War I, and his final expedition into the dangerous jungles of South America, which may or may not have cost him his life.

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A Volcano Almost Appeared On The ‘Lost’ Island To Explain Its Powers

Way back in 2010, the passengers of Oceanic Flight 815 on “Lost” were finally enveloped in a wave of bright light, marking the end of the series after a fiery battle between good and evil. (And many viewers were left feeling deeply confused.)

As it turns out, that finale was supposed to look a lot different. As “Lost” insiders told Entertainment Weekly, there was supposed to be a volcano on the island, and it was supposed to erupt.

While observant viewers would have remembered the volcano from a flashback to the DHARMA Initiative days, it could’ve had a much more vital role in the show. Series co-creator Damon Lindelof explained how the volcano was meant to “visualize and dramatize the idea that the island itself is all that separates the world from hellfire and damnation.” It also birthed the smoke monster, who, in human form, was known as The Man in Black (played in part by Terry O’Quinn).

Showrunner Carlton Cuse recounted how the “Lost” team was “always looking to cannibalize anything on Hawaii,” where they filmed the series. “We also thought of the island as a character on the show, so we were always looking for things that would give it more personality,” Cuse told EW.

In the end, the volcano was supposed to erupt as Jack (Matthew Fox) fought The Man in Black over the island’s fate. As Lindelof explained:

The volcano had been dormant for the duration of the series, but based on moving into this endgame, the island had become unstable and the volcano was going to erupt. We were going to have lots of seismic activity, and ultimately, there was going to be this big fight between the forces of good and the forces of evil, which ended up in the series manifesting as Jack and The Man in Black, in the midst of magma. Magma spewing everywhere!

Instead, the pair fought, alongside Kate (Evangeline Lilly), in a glowing cave ― a less expensive substitute for a magma-spewing volcano. Volcanoes, apparently, are quite expensive. And so Ol’ Smokey was born out of that same, budget-friendly cave of light, after his brother Jacob (Mark Pellegrino) tossed him in as revenge for killing their mother.

“ABC was like, ‘Guys, we love you, and we’re letting you end the show; we can’t let you bankrupt the network in the process,’” Lindelof said.

In the end, viewers were left with only a slightly less clear picture of how the island works, as the finale left plenty of other unanswered questions.

type=type=RelatedArticlesblockTitle=Related… + articlesList=57056fe0e4b0537661889515,58d29556e4b0b22b0d18d130,58d2a82be4b02d33b747af19

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Bad Boys 3 Has Lost Its Director

Bad Boys for Life has lost its director, as Joe Carnahan has reportedly left the project.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Carnahan will no longer direct the third Bad Boys film because of scheduling conflicts; however, other reports claim “creative differences” were the reason behind his departure.

Carnahan himself has since tweeted to say “Scheduling conflicts happen all the time. Frank Grillo & I started

WarParty & we’re building our company. There’s no other story.”

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This Trick Will Help You Find Sh*t You’ve Lost

Never tear the house apart looking for your keys again.

Lifestyle – Esquire


A Dry Cleaner Lost This Bride’s 147-Year-Old-Wedding Dress. So She Turned To Facebook For Help.

Tess Newall’s wedding gown had extra sentimental value. Her dress is a delicate family heirloom her great-great-grandmother handmade more than a century earlier, in 1870. 

Newall wore it to her June 2016 wedding in Scotland and took it to the dry cleaners in the Scottish capital, Edinburgh, after the big day, and her joy suddenly turned to despair. 

The business went into liquidation sometime after she dropped off her dress and before she was able to pick it up.

“After the wedding, we took the dress to the cleaners and were told it would take 10 weeks to dry clean,” Newall told the British news website Metro. “But then we didn’t hear from them for ages, so we went to have a look ourselves – and it was in liquidation.” The bride told The Huffington Post that she dropped off the dress in September, and was told to pick up her gown in December. In October, the shop liquidated and sold off the items of clothing in their care.

So she turned to Facebook, and posted a public message asking for anyone and everyone’s help. 

“It seems that the dress was taken to be sold so it could be winging its way anywhere,” Newall wrote in a post that has been shared more than 300,000 times. “Please share this far and wide in case anyone stumbles across it! I realise there are far greater issues in the world but it means the world to us. More family memories need to be woven into its threads.”

The post struck a chord. Local news outlets picked up Newall’s story and posted her plea. A wedding planning website said it would organize a search of 1,000 bridal gown shops across the United Kingdom.

Due to Newall’s viral Facebook post, the dress was recovered within days after a landlord for the space saw the story. The gown was found left behind in the very shop the dry cleaners vacated, crumpled up on the floor.

The dress hadn’t even been cleaned, according to Newall’s post below.

Newall said her dress finally returned home on Monday. “We are just so thankful to safely have it back and so grateful to everyone as well,” she added. 

Now it’s nothing but all smiles. Cue this level of happiness again:

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The Lost Crystal

The Lost Crystal

An archaeological dig in the English countryside might be considered the safest of pastimes, but not for Simon Tappins. His life is turned upside down when a dramatic discovery sends him back two thousand years into a world time forgot. He is plunged into a dangerous period of British history, a pivotal point when the Roman Empire is collapsing and Saxon hordes are invading, sweeping aside the last legions. Simon is caught between the approaching Saxons and the ferocious but futile last stand of a Roman governor who, with the support of Germanic mercenaries, is intent on escaping with the wealth he has accumulated. Through all this runs Simon’s quest to solve a mystery. Only the lost crystal of Thar Cernunnos has the power to take him back to his own time, but while clues crop up regularly, they are always enigmatic, often cryptic, and seemingly impossible to solve. However, it is his emotional involvement with native girl Sen’icca that presents the greatest challenge. If he makes the wrong decision now, in two thousand years’ time, the consequences will be fatal. In accurate and fascinating detail many aspects of everyday life in these times are disclosed. The story explores what it was really like to live in a Roman town. The principal character experiences the sounds of the market place, the smells from the wine bars and food shops, and the choking smoke from the industrial quarter. But it is the people and their cultural and political organization which reveals the unique economic ambience of the town during this dangerous period. The story also weaves a strange tale of unearthly powers of priests, the terrifying predictions of Celtic Gods and the struggles, perils and small triumphs of surviving in a time filled with savage conflict.

Price: $
Sold by Kobo U.S

Watch Keith Urban’s Incredible Tribute To The Artists We Lost In 2016

The world of music lost some of its greatest voices in 2016. 

In the final moments of the year, country music star Keith Urban payed tribute to some of those legendary entertainers with a medley of songs from Leonard Cohen, Glenn Frey, David Bowie, Merle Haggard and Prince

He was joined on stage by his wife, actress Nicole Kidman, during the event, which was broadcast on CNN.

Check out his emotional tribute above. 

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Entertainment – The Huffington Post
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Wedding Ring Lost on Christmas Tree Farm 15 Years Ago Returned to Recently Widowed Man

David Penner’s wife of 42 years died three months ago, but a “miracle” Christmas surprise is bringing him much-needed comfort this holiday season.

More than 15 years ago, the 68-year-old Great Meadows, New Jersey, native lost his wedding ring at Wyckoff’s Tree Farm in White Township. A return visit to locate the band soon after proved fruitless — and Penner figured he’d lost it forever.

That is until December 2, when the grieving husband was reunited with the long-lost ring, inscribed with the date of his marriage — July 20, 1974 — and the words, “To David. Love, Nancy.”

“This was a piece come back to me, in her absence,” he told NJ.com of his late wife Nancy, who died on September 30 at the age of 67.

Third-generation tree farmer John Wyckoff was riding his tractor in April when he noticed something glittering in the soil. After sifting through the dirt, he came upon a gold wedding ring with the detailed inscription. Wyckoff approached a local New Jersey newspaper to get the word out and a video posted to NJ.com in December went viral.

“I got probably about half a dozen emails of people trying to give me leads. One was right on,” Wyckoff told NJ.com.

Penner was ecstatic when he heard about the found item. He immediately dug up his wedding certificate and drove to Wyckoff’s Tree Farm.

“I thought it was a miracle,” he said.

Penner is now wearing his wedding ring for the first time since he lost it 15 years ago. He never got a new one, because he felt nothing could replace the original.

“We had each other, that was the main thing,” he told NJ.com.


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Oprah Winfrey Lost Over 40 Pounds by Eating Tacos and Pasta: See Her Weight Watchers Transformation

Oprah WinfreyOprah Winfrey is making weight loss look like a piece of cake.
Last October, the television titan announced that she became a spokesperson for Weight Watchers just after purchasing 10…

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Golden Globes’ Surprises & Snubs: Finding Dory Gets Lost, Tom Hanks Isn’t Flying High

The 2017 Golden Globe nominations are here, and although a few big names earned awards buzz leading up to the noms, they won’t have a shot at the prestigious award.

A few lesser known films, television shows and actors, however, pulled some out-of-left-field nods (congrats to Sing Street and Aaron Taylor-Johnson!).

Here’s who will have – and who should have had – a chance at a Golden Globe award on Jan. 8.


Snub: Denzel Washington

Although the Oscar winner was recognized for his acting in Fences, his directing work for the 1950s-set drama failed to secure him a nomination or a best motion picture drama honor. While Damien Chazelle (La La Land) and Mel Gibson (Hacksaw Ridge) earned their predicted nods, Tom Ford’s work for Nocturnal Animals may be the surprise that knocked Washington out of the running.

Surprise: Deadpool

The superhero comedy starring Ryan Reynolds got lots of love from the Golden Globes, earning major nods in best motion picture – musical or comedy, and best performance by an actor in a motion picture – musical or comedy. The film took home the award for Best Comedy Sunday night at the Critics’ Choice Awards, but don’t expect Wade Wilson to walk away with an Oscar nod — the Globes honor more films by splitting drama and comedy/musical into separate categories.

Snub: Finding Dory

The Pixar sequel fans waited 13 years for just couldn’t find its way into the Golden Globe nominations. The forgetful yet lovable fish voiced by Ellen DeGeneres scored with reviewers and at the box office (it’s earned over $ 1 billion worldwide), but was edged out in a year full of strong contenders in the best animated feature film category, including Disney’s Moana as well as the lesser known French import My Life as a Zucchini.

Surprise: Sing Street

No one saw this Irish import sitting next to Deadpool and La La Land in the best motion picture – musical or comedy category. The Sundance darling written, co-produced and directed by John Carney (Once) features original music combined with popular songs that complement the movie’s 1980s setting. For Sing Street, the nomination is likely the prize.

Snub: Tom Hanks

The veteran actor already has eight Golden Globe nominations — with half as many wins — under his belt, but he won’t add another for Sully, in which he played pilot Chesley Burnett “Sully” Sullenberger during the 2009 “miracle on the Hudson.”

Snub: Silence

Martin Scorsese‘s 30-years-in-the-making passion project was completely shut out of the nominations despite predictions for best motion picture – drama and best director. Star Andrew Garfield scored a nomination, but it was for his role in Mel Gibson’s directorial return, Hacksaw Ridge.

Snub: The Birth of a Nation

Nothing. The period drama that ignited Hollywood with fiery hype before being engulfed in controversy (there was outrage directed at filmmaker Nate Parker over his involvement in a college rape trial) was completely dismissed from the nominations. The film fizzled at the box office as well, earning just $ 7.1 million in its opening weekend.


Leading the pack this year was no surprise, The People v. O.J.: American Crime Story with five nominations, followed by Westworld and The Crown both with three.

It was impossible to ignore the boom of Netflix considering its two breakout shows, Stranger Things and The Crown, both of which received a nomination in best television series – drama. The Crown’s Claire Foy also landed a nom for best performance by an actress in a TV series – drama, as well as Winona Ryder for Stranger Things. However, Netflix’s darling Orange is the New Black was completely absent for the first time since its debut.

The 2017 Golden Globes will be held on Jan. 8, with Jimmy Fallon hosting the show.



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Constant Gym-Goer Ditched Her Cardio Workouts for Powerlifting and Lost 37 Lbs.

For years, Alice Fields was a cardio queen, who would toil away on the treadmill in the hopes of slimming down. But her weight wouldn’t budge — until she started powerlifting.

“I was getting up before sunrise and was running 5Ks every morning. It was torture. I wasn’t something I enjoyed at all. But I thought it was what I had to do to lose weight,” Fields, 24, tells PEOPLE, adding that she would heavily restrict her diet.

“I’d run until I couldn’t run anymore, and I’d barely eat a thing. Yes, I might have lost 5 kilos in 2 weeks. But once I consumed a normal amount of food again, I’d put 7 kilos back on. It was the classic yoyo effect. There was no consistency.”

Fields tried this weight loss method unsuccessfully for around five years, and says she “felt trapped in my own body,” until a friend introduced her to powerlifting 18 months ago.

“I fell in love with the sport instantly,” she says.

With help from a coach, Fields learned proper form and started on a nutrition course that focuses on your daily protein, fat and carbohydrate intake.

“I started noticing changes with my body within about a month,” she says. “Not only had my strength increased dramatically, but my whole body composition changed. My bum was perkier than ever and my clothes were getting loser.”

Now, 18 months later, Fields has lost 17 kg. — about 37 lbs. — that she was never able to drop with cardio workouts alone.

While she still looks at her total weight, Fields focuses more on muscle gains and lost inches.

“I’m always noticing my body change in positive ways, even if the scales stay the same, because I’m losing weight in some places and gaining muscle in others,” she says. “I definitely thought doing only weights would just make me heavier, but I quickly realized, the more muscle I had, the faster my body burnt fat. Not just that, but having more muscle gives you that ‘toned look’ a lot of women want.”

“You have a bigger, perkier bum. Your shoulders and arms look leaner and stronger. Powerlifting changes your whole body composition.”

RELATED VIDEO: We Tried It: Adriana Lima’s Victoria’s Secret Workout


And it means Fields is far more confident in her body.

“I still have goals that I’m working towards, but I’ve never felt more confident in my skin,” she says. “I look at myself in the mirror and see the things I love, not the things I hate.”


Fashion Deals Update:

The Lost World

The Lost World

The Lost World is a novel released in 1912 by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle concerning an expedition to a plateau in the Amazon basin of South America where prehistoric animals (dinosaurs and other extinct creatures) still survive. It was originally published serially in the popular Strand Magazine and illustrated by New Zealand born artist Harry Rountree during the months of April-November 1912. The character of Professor Challenger was introduced in this book. The novel also describes a war between indigenous people and a vicious tribe of ape-like creatures.

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An Elementary School Teacher Lost Her Job After Winning a Twerking Contest

​She was “worshipped” by her students. 

Lifestyle – Esquire


How I Sold a Toyota Land Cruiser for Nearly $200,000 and Lost Money

Restoration gone wild.

Lifestyle – Esquire


Deluxe: How Luxury Lost its Lustre

Deluxe: How Luxury Lost its Lustre

Fashion may be fabulous, but what price true luxury? With incredible access to the glamorous world of the luxury brand, Deluxe goes deep inside the workings of today’s world of profit margins and market share to discover the fate of real luxury. From the importance of fashion owners, to red carpet stars and the seasonal ‘must-have’ handbags, Dana Thomas shows how far illustrious houses have moved from their roots. Thomas witnesses how these ‘luxury’ handbags are no longer one in a million, discovers why luxury brand clothing doesn’t last as long, and finds out just who is making your perfume.

From terrifying raids on the Chinese sweat shops to the daunting chic of Paris workshops, from the handcrafting and economics of early-twentieth century designers to the violent truth behind the ‘harmless’ fakes, Deluxe goes deep into the world of extravagance, and asks: where can true luxury go now?

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‘The Daily Show’ Covers Benghazi Hearing Number … Ah, We Lost Count

Yep, this is still happening. What was a tragic attack on American citizens continues to act as tinder for a right wing-powered witch hunt against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

But as host Trevor Noah highlights, the Republicans have almost become supervillains, revealing their all-too-obvious plot a little too soon.



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Lost Canyon

Lost Canyon

Revoyr [is] an edgy and spellbinding writer with an uncanny gift for aligning human struggles with nature’s glory and perils. With ravishing descriptions of the magnificent landscape, unrelenting suspense, incisive psychology, and shrewd perspectives on matters of race and gender, Revoyr has created a gripping tale of unintended adventure and profound transformation.”-Booklist, Starred review”A suspenseful adventure story that explores how people react to danger, uncertainty, fear, and life-or-death choices. This is an exciting, page-turning adventure story that reveals how good people can do things totally contrary to their own moral code, and the conclusion will both surprise and satisfy.”-Publishers Weekly”Revoyr travels LA’s patchwork neighborhoods-delineating gangs and money, color and prejudice-and nicely sketches ‘the grand, untamed Sierra.’ Like Deliverance, a tense. morality tale formed in the crucible of physical duress.”-Kirkus Reviews”With a nod to James Dickey’s Deliverance.A direct, bangin’ read for those interested in how people deal with physical and moral challenges.”-Library Journal”Revoyr expertly captures the calming effects of forest, creeks, looming canyon walls on city dwellers. Imagine Deliverance set on the contemporary West Coast.”-BBC, “2015’s Best Beach Reads”Four unlikely Angelenos on a backpacking trip in the High Sierra discover that the perils of contemporary life don’t stop at the trailhead. Rarely have the glories and hardship of backcountry travel, and the grandeur of this landscape, been so effectively portrayed. Revoyr strikes gold with this unexpected, fast-moving tale of high-altitude danger.”-Janet Fitch, author of Paint It Black”Four urbanites from Los Angeles embark on an uncharted trail, invoking shadows of Deliverance in this fast-paced story which celebrates the mountain world of rock, sky, and woods. Nina Revoyr’s wilderness thriller leaves readers as breathless as the hikers.”-Ron Carlson, author of T

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Getting Lost and Getting Found


We’ve all gotten lost. Most of us first have the experience as children. It may have been in the woods or a crowded department store. Wherever it occurs it is terrifying. Small children often find it so frightening they must deny it. They do not say they are lost but rather, “My mommy is lost.”

Being lost is less a place than a state of mind that frightens us no matter how old we are. As adults we get lost more often in our lives than in the woods. But there are many parallels between losing our way in wilderness and in life. It remains an enormously uncomfortable experience that threatens to overwhelm our equilibrium. We are motivated not to see that we’re off track. The more we have invested in a goal, the harder it is to change direction despite mountains of evidence that we’re on the wrong path.

As humans we have evolved to a time where getting lost in life is pretty easy. In the beginning, as primitive animals, we were guided by biological instinct. With the progression to hunter-gatherers (the way of life for the vast majority of human existence) there was a seamless transition from birth to death. Everyone was in the family business, so to speak. One’s social circle and work was defined. The goals were concrete and communal. Ambivalence and conflict about what one should do had yet to be invented. Success was clearly defined and usually attainable.

Paleolithic life may be experiencing a renaissance in dietary circles but is still perceived as a rather undesirable existence. We fancy our contemporary world of choices an obvious improvement. But what it means to be successful has gotten complicated. Whatever form it takes, many perceive it skeptically or overwhelming if not impossible. This does not make for greater happiness. I imagine the typical hunter-gatherer enjoyed a better mood than your average modern human.

How happy or sad we are is another way of saying how found or lost we are. It is determined in large part by the distance between our present self and that self we think we should be, our ideal self. That gap can create an uncomfortable tension. We usually try to silence the discomfort by chasing quick fixes. Often we create a false self and conform to someone else’s model of living. We chase more of the things we know do not translate into happiness. As Viktor Frankl observed, we accumulate more and more to live by and less and less to live for. This makes us feel less alive and more vulnerable to the seductive trappings of other people’s agendas.

We run deeper into the woods. It is precisely because money or cars or shoes or food or sex is not quite what we want that we find ourselves thinking that perhaps more would be satisfying. When we have too much, it is because we have too little of what we need.

Emotions evolved as a signal to direct us toward or away from something. The tension created by the gap between who we are and who we feel we should be is an essential signal that can direct us toward one path and away from another. It is our inner compass. We will remain lost if that signal is anesthetized.

So how do we find our way out of the woods?

We all have inhabited our best self, no matter how fleetingly. We know it by how it makes us feel. There is no conflict, ambivalence, sense of time. We sense we are doing the right thing. The experience flows. Athletes call it being in the zone. It feels good.

We find ourselves by paying attention to when we are our best self. What are we doing? Who are we with? Where are we? Armed with these answers we have our compass. Life is lived one moment at a time. It is in that time frame that we make decisions about what we invest energy in, what we make the focus of our attention.

Directing our energy to inhabiting our best self has its challenges.

We tell ourselves stories to explain why we can’t be that person. We usually write this story at an early age when we did not have the tools to make changes. The story needs a rewrite. How do you understand the difference between what you have done and what you believe you ought to have done?

Many things are beyond our control. But we are free to choose what we will pay attention to, the meaning we will give to our life. If the goal is to improve the quality of our lives, happiness may be the wrong metric. Pleasure or happiness is simply the side effect of living our best self.

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Your Road Map to Retirement: Solutions When You're Lost

Your Road Map to Retirement: Solutions When You're Lost

If you''re like most boomers who are in or at the verge of retirement, it''s likely you''ve had some sleepless nights wondering about the future . You''ve spent the better part of forty years working towards this day, but now that it''s finally near, all you have are more questions.

For everyone who is confused, stressed, or worried about retirement-or about whether you can even afford to retire-this indispensable handbook will minimize your uncertainty and anxiety by empowering you to identify your retirement dreams and goals and then make them a reality.

A seasoned investment advisor who has worked with more than a thousand individuals before and during their retirement, Brett A. DeFore helps today''s and tomorrow''s retirees create and follow a plan that is specifically tailored for you and your family. His step-by-step guide offers proven strategies for:

Securing your money and finding additional income
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Outperforming the investment markets
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Protecting your family and your estate
Building a legacy

DeFore offers practical advice and insight which will lead you on your way to a truly successful, comfortable, and joyful retirement.
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The Lost Art of Skipping Rocks

We stood at the edge of the water. The girls crouched down in the sand. They were looking for the perfect rock. My 5-year-old knew exactly what she had in mind. She was scouring the ground for the biggest, flattest rock possible. The 2-year-old’s criteria involved digging up any item that looked remotely like a rock and then she would hold it up triumphantly once she found it.


With rocks in hand, we tossed them into the water. It seemed I had forgotten how to do this simple activity. My first few rocks landed with a loud splash. However, after several tries, I began to see my rocks gently skim the top of the water. I would select another rock and throw it, counting each time it skipped and bounced. Then, my competitive side came out as I tried to skip the rocks farther than my husband. This activity seemed natural for him. It’s as if he knew exactly which rock to pick, how to grip it perfectly and toss it with one graceful, yet swift, movement.

The girls participated too, throwing their rocks with a splash, plop or plunk. It was a peaceful moment for our little family. The birds chattered away in some trees nearby, waves gently hit against the dock and there was the soft hum of motor boats in the distance.


As we stood there, it occurred to me how much we’ve lost to the hectic pace of a technologically advanced society. The art of skipping rocks, an intense game of marbles, hopscotch, kick the can and flying kites are just a few of my fondest childhood memories. Then there’s capture the flag, four square, cat’s cradle, pick-up-sticks and jacks. I also recall the simple fun of sledding, making snow angels, weaving crowns out of dandelions and whistling with quack grass.

I have vivid memories of childhood play… free, wild, and imaginative play. I remember when I was a little girl, the neighborhood children would gather and spend a significant amount of time establishing rules for our games. Sometimes it seemed that the actual time to play the games paled in comparison to the amount of time it took to plan for the game.

I also recall home base and I’m certain every neighborhood had one. Our home base was a small grey power box. Sometimes we would forget that we were playing a game and we would sit around the power box talking about the Flintstones or reading Archie comics. The street lights coming on was a cue that our freedom outside was coming to an end. We would squeeze in as much play time as we could before our moms or dads called us in for the evening.


My mind came back to the present. My youngest daughter was holding a large rock overhead and she plopped it into the water, almost falling in after it. As I stood there skipping rocks with my family, I realized that unless I do these things with my children, generations of childhood games could be lost. The art of skipping rocks could lose out against a game on a console.

I’m not going to let that happen. What about you?

This article first appeared on The Deliberate Mom. Join The Deliberate Mom community on Facebook, follow along on Bloglovin’ and let’s keep the conversation going on Twitter.

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Here’s Which ‘Lost’ Character Damon Lindelof Would Send To ‘Tomorrowland’

In Disney’s “Tomorrowland,” Britt Robertson’s Casey discovers a pin that transports her to a futuristic world when she touches it. In the film, directed by Brad Bird (“Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol”) and co-written by Damon Lindelof (“Lost”), Tomorrowland is faraway utopia created by the world’s top innovators, artists and scientists.

The Huffington Post asked Lindelof which “Lost” character he would send to Tomorrowland to better mankind’s future.

“I think that I’d probably send Hurley,” Lindelof told us. The fan favorite character would help Tomorrowland with his positive thinking, something largely essential to the movie’s plot, Lindelof explained.

“It’s always just nice to have someone around to lighten things up. He’s got a great sense of humor,” Lindelof said. Hurley “tended to always be the glass half full guy.”

We couldn’t agree more, and we bet Hurley would take full advantage of the jetpacks there.

While working on “Tomorrowland,” Lindelof also spent his time on the upcoming season of HBO’s “The Leftovers.” The series, co-created by Lindelof and inspired by Tom Perrotta’s novel of the same name, follows those who remain after the mysterious, sudden disappearance of two percent of the world’s population. It is one of the bleakest, most depressing shows on television, a stark contrast to the optimistic “Tomorrowland.”

Lindelof said the HBO show “was constantly threatening to infect” his latest Disney adventure. “The gravitational pull of that feeling, [that] darkness and depression, is so much more powerful than the optimistic and bright pull of ‘Tomorrowland,'” he said.

“When you spend time in a creative world like that, it does affect your mood. I was probably not the most pleasant person to live with,” he added.

When “The Leftovers” returns for its second season, at least we’ll have “Tomorrowland” to yank us out of our depression.

Or we can just think more like Hurley.

“Tomorrowland” is now playing in theaters.

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Entertainment – The Huffington Post
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Lost San Francisco

Lost San Francisco

Lost San Francisco takes readers on a journey back to the buildings, parks, stadia, ferries – even cemetaries and prisoners – that time and progress have swept aside. It revisits the building where fortunes were made, where momentous events unfolded and where San Franciscans went to enjoy themselves, like Seals Stadium or Playland at the Beach. The single biggest moment of loss occurred on April 18, 1906, when the great earthquake that rocked so many foundations was followed by a calamitous fire. It ripped through Chinatown and Nob Hill, treating immigrant business and plutocrat mansion alike. it spawned a wave of new building, turned some cable card to electric streetcars and moved Chinatown towards Porthmouth Square. Elsewhere, Fillmore lost its illuminated arches to wartime expediency, the Palace of Fine Arts succumbed to fifty years of water damage and two Cliff houses, the Fillmore Chutes and buildings and Angel Island went up in flames. The Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge made the ferries redundant, while the automobile also accounted for the Southern Pacific station. Organized chronologically from the date of loss, Lost San Francisco is a rich archive of vanished institutions and communities, full or remarkable buildings and the remarkable stories of the men an women who contributed to the city’s rich and colourful past. Eric J. Kos and Dennis Evanosky are publishers of the Alameda Sun, a weekly newspaper across the Bay from San Francisco. Eric wrote for and designed various publications before forming the Sun’s parent company, Stellar Media Group, Inc. in 2001. Dennis and Eric are co-authors of San Francisco Then and Now, East Bay Then and Now, San Francisco in Photographs and Los Angeles from the Air Then and Now. They have written and published three other books about the history of Oakland and Alameda.

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Kylie and Kendall Jenner Have Actually Gotten Lost in a Family Member’s Closet

As part of a very fashionable family, no one was surprised when Kendall and Kylie Jenner entered the creative space as professionals. Among their individual accomplishments (beauty lines, walking in Chanel shows), the girls also carve out time to work together, creating an eponymous line sold at PacSun. The twosome chatted with Glamour about what it’s like to do work together on the line that hit stores last week.


Glamour: How is it working together?

Kylie Jenner: Kendall and I do just about everything with each other, but as we’ve grown up, our interests are changing. It’s really nice to be able to spend time on something we love and work together so closely on this since we can’t always be together.

Kendall Jenner: Totally. We’re sisters, so we’re always going to butt heads a bit, but at the end of the day, we respect each other’s opinions. We’ve worked together on the collection from start to finish, so there’s a little of Kylie and a little of me in every piece.

Glamour: Which piece from the new collection do you think you’ll end up living in?

Kendall: Oh God. It’s tough, but I’m gonna go with the crochet bikini. It’s different compared to the other swimsuits that I have at home, and I feel like it’ll be my go-to for pool parties or the beach this summer.

Kylie: I love that suit too! I guess I’d have to say the crochet romper because it’s different than what we’ve designed in the past. Something about it makes it so easy to dress up or down when I’m with my friends, or I’ll throw it on when I have to run errands.

Glamour: Describe each other’s style in a few words…

Kendall: Kylie, you go first.

Kylie: Let’s see…timeless, casual, and chic?

Kendall: I can work with that. My three words [for Kylie] would be edgy, fun…different. Wait, can I use “out there”?

Glamour: Totally. We’ve heard you both say whose family member’s style you admire the most, but who has the best closet, physical space-wise?

Kylie: Definitely Kim.

Kendall: All of our sisters have amazing closets, but Kim’s is insane. You could literally get lost in there. I probably actually have once or twice.

See more of the girls style at the Billboard Music Awards.

Shop Women’s Sales & Values at macys.com

A Love Note to the Lost Art of Skepticism

Question Everything, Believe in Something

The life of a skeptic can be lonely. While it feels like everyone around you is covered in a heavy blanket of certainty, you’re alone with your doubt. I used to wonder if something was wrong with me. Was it a lack of confidence? Lack of faith? Lack of heart? As an adult, I now know this is just who I am, down to my bones. And honestly, I wish more people were like me.

There, I said it. Now hear me out.

As a general rule, the easy answers are wrong. There is nuance in nearly everything — politics, work, and even love. But American culture glorifies certainty, and life is nicer when you can neatly divide issues, concepts and people into buckets of right and wrong, good and bad. This comforting worldview is a dangerous oversimplification, and deep down, we know it is as fragile as a long, thin glass vase. The slightest wind of reasonable doubt would blow it over.

When you start to question everything, including (most importantly) yourself, your beliefs will morph. You will lose some and gain others. You will grow. And the things and people you do believe in will grow some roots.


I’m Skeptical” by Georgie Pauwels, licensed CC BY 2.0


In politics, as with life, there should be an inverse relationship between the strength of your convictions and the complexity of the subject. This should be obvious, but when I see people arguing vehemently against Citizens United despite never having read the Supreme Court’s opinion in the case, I know that it is not.

We are suckers for sound bytes, and most of our political discourse flies around the surface. This makes sense in many ways. It is not possible to become an expert on every issue, learning the ins and outs. Our answer is to stay at the top, and that’s okay. But unfortunately, we like to pretend we know more than we do.

We have become a nation made up of indignant over-simplifiers at both political extremes and a large ambivalent middle that mainly just avoids engaging at all.

(Before any of you in the ambivalent middle start congratulating yourselves on your restraint, I should point out that apathy should not be a point of pride. It might even be worse than false certainty.)

This phenomenon explains my behavior on Facebook. For better or worse, I am a habitual Facebook debater. Once a Facebook friend makes a blanket statement about a complicated subject, it is almost beyond my control. I have to weigh in. And yes, I know arguing on the Internet is not exactly high art. But it’s the damn certainty that drives me mad. I have to start poking holes. It’s my duty as a passionate skeptic.

Almost inevitably, it becomes apparent my Facebook friend does not know enough of the particulars to be pontificating about policy details, and of course, my entire goal was to make that clear. Like a flash, those online water-cooler conversations go from the weeds of policy to a high-level philosophical debate because that is where they should be if we are going to throw around certitude like a frisbee.

There is room for reasonable debate about the nuances of nearly every policy issue. But for that to happen, we would have to abandon the bravado and speak dispassionately. We would have to acknowledge there were things we did not know and understand. We would have to become skeptics.


Skepticism in the workplace can make us and our companies more effective. But questioning ideas can be uncomfortable, which means it is often implicitly discouraged in the workplace (often while ostensibly encouraged).

Questioning yourself at work is just as important but even more difficult. This is especially true for women, who are told by popular culture that they have a confidence problem and should lean in and speak up, rational doubts and realistic life complications be damned. We are told not only to be unwavering in our ideas and opinions, but to be unwavering in our promotion of self.

Several years ago, Clay Shirky wrote “A Rant About Women” in which he implored us along those lines. In a world where everyone is talking, talk louder. In a complicated society nearly deplete of black and white issues, appear certain. In a culture full of unwavering know-it-alls, become one.

Please don’t.

I don’t mean to be dismissive. There is some truth in these popular theories, including for my own life. No one would want to work for a company led by someone who second-guessed every decision and didn’t believe in what she did. But we should not overvalue personal certainty in the workplace anymore than we should in politics. We could end up stretching and contorting ourselves to remain sure at the expense of reason.


The most beautiful form of skepticism can materialize in love. It means accepting that love is not simple because people are not simple. There are no pure lives, only pure moments.

We like to pretend there is a narrative about someone’s life that can sum them up. Just go to a funeral, and you’ll see how unwilling we are to give tribute to all of someone. We prefer to remember only the good, just as we often try to see only the good in life. This sounds lovely, and maybe when it comes to the people in life you knew or know from a safe distance, it is the right way. But for those you love the most, those you experience too much life with not to see their imperfections, it is unfair to draw a line around someone’s “goodness” and carry it around with you, leaving the rest of their complicated soul alone and unloved.

Loving someone, truly, means loving all of them.

Acknowledging there are things about them that are impure and maybe even despicable, and rather than being blind to those things or pretending they don’t exist, loving anyway. Recognizing that mistakes will be made, horrible thoughts felt, unfortunate words said.

This form of love can be liberating for the loved one, and it is nowhere more difficult and important than with our children. It frees them up to be who they are, rather than twisting and turning themselves to live up to our perfect image of them.

Sometimes this keeps me up at night.

If something happens to me, how will my son know that I was prepared to do everything in my power to fight the urge to sugarcoat his life or contort my image of him into something I want my son to be — that I was prepared to love all of him? Having a mother that questions everything can probably be difficult. But this is a gift that a skeptical mother can give to her child — a never-simple, always-there kind of love. He can wear it forever, even in his darkest days, like a heavy blanket of certainty.

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Josh Hartnett Lost Out On Another Role Because He Passed On ‘Batman’

Josh Hartnett regrets passing on “Batman,” but not for the reason you may think.

Speaking to HuffPost Live on Wednesday, the actor explained that he’d met with Christopher Nolan while the director was casting for the 2005 installment, but he’d actually hoped to discuss his next film, “The Prestige,” instead.

“[‘Batman’] was not what I was interested in,” Hartnett recalled. “I really wanted to convince him that when he did the ‘The Prestige,’ maybe hire me.”

“And then, of course, as time went on, he ended up hiring the guy who he hired to play ‘Batman’ to play in ‘The Prestige,'” Hartnett continued, referring to Christian Bale.

The experience served as a teachable moment for the “Penny Dreadful” star.

“I realized much later that this is a relationship business,” said Hartnett, adding that he “regret[s] not forming a relationship with a great filmmaker [Christopher Nolan].”

“That was not necessarily where my head was at the time,” he concluded.

Watch more from Josh Hartnett’s conversation with HuffPost Live.

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E.vil Womens Hoodie Lost Valley Washout Gray-Large

E.vil Womens Hoodie Lost Valley Washout Gray-Large

E.vil is a fashion movement designed by the Queen of e.vil. Based on ironic contradictions, the Queen has created a way for her loyal subjects to have an alter ego. Over a number of seasons, e.vil as decreed by the Queen of e.vil has become a clothing brand that consumers feel empowered with. Headquartered in New York City, the Queen of e.vil is committed to producing clever and colorful clothing concepts to sustain its fashion forward brand concept. Producing high end crystallized tees, tanks, trackies, hoodies, menswear and silks.

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The Secret of Lost Things

The Secret of Lost Things

Sheridan Hay has worked in book stores (including the Strand) and in trade publishing for many years. She holds an MFA in writing and literature from Bennington, and has published short stories. She teaches writing in the graduate program at Parson’s School of Design at the New School. This is her first novel. From the Trade Paperback edition.
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Examining The All Too Overlooked Art Of The Lost Pet Poster

It’s not all that often that regular folks — read: non-artists — decide to draw, photograph or even collage an impromptu art piece, reaching into the depths of their souls for inspiration, and plaster them throughout the public realm for all to see, interpret and act on.

We’re talking about lost pet posters, the peculiar breed of artwork that turns the most non-artistic of pet owners into creative adventurers almost instantaneously. The genre obviously arises only in the most heartbreaking of circumstances, thus prompting unlikely pet owners into some spontaneous soul searching and creative expression. They’re bizarre, handmade forms of public communication, intensely personal and yet all so alike.


Fifteen years ago, Canadian artist (and animal lover) Ian Phillips became fascinated with the ephemeral paper artworks, which retained their prevalence even in an increasingly digital age. He collected lost pet posters from around the world, pleading for wayfaring dogs, cats, hamsters, ferrets, parrots, cows, and cockatiels. Compiled into a book titled “Lost: Lost and Found Pet Posters from Around the World,” the posters are at once desperate, sweet, heart-wrenching and honest. They can be funny and sometimes, quite bizarre. And, in nearly all cases, they’re painfully adorable.

The Princeton Architectural Press, due to popular demand, has issued a Fifteenth Anniversary Edition of the cult classic, which remains as aww-inducing as ever. Images intended to ensure the safety of Gummo, Ginger, Jerry and Bo become works of folk art in their own right, showing how dark instances can occasionally spark hope, community and creativity in us all.

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For nine months Gunner Crosby had played nursemaid to his partner Louis, who was dying of cancer. Although he and Louis had only been dating a short while when Louis was diagnosed with testicular cancer, what was Gunner going to do? Leave him? Gunner didn’t have the heart. So he played it out…to the bitter end. At one of Louis’ doctor’s appointments, Gunner met a man. A man who had the body of a Greek god, golden hair, and the bluest eyes Gunner had ever seen. Lief Constantine was a personal trainer, and his life was fitness. He ran marathons, was an ironman athlete, and trained the Hollywood elite when they needed to bulk up or trim down. Lief was gaining popularity in the fitness business in LA because he did not use steroids, and got fast results with his grueling regiment of working out and a strict diet. Lief knew after the next event, the triathlon, if he placed in the top ten, endorsements would follow, and Lief could begin selling his own line of workout clothing and healthy food supplements. That was, until the doctor found a lump on Lief’s testicle during a routine physical exam. When Gunner met Lief he never imagined falling for a guy who may end up just as sick as Louis had been. But Gunner wasn’t the type of individual to cut and run, so when Lief gets some depressing news about his health, Gunner is at a loss. And if Gunner thinks he’s lost, Lief is in permanent denial. Each man acting out the part of feeling normal in what may be a tragic play. Lost. It’s that sinking sensation you get when all hope is sucked out of you. But with that loss sometimes comes inner strength. And with the right love and support, even what seems like the impossible outcome can be overcome. Lost. Sometimes you have to lose a little of yourself, to bring another into the light.

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Annaleigh Ashford Takes ‘Lost In The Stars,’ Her Glitzy Solo Cabaret, On The Road

Annaleigh Ashford is honored when friends and fans sum up her new cabaret act, “Lost in the Stars,” as “gay magic.”

“There are certain performers that the gay community receives and recognizes with love, and my whole life, I’ve always responded to those same artists,” the 29-year-old singer-actress told The Huffington Post in an interview. She pointed out that the first venue she ever performed in was Denver’s Theatre on Broadway, which was known for its queer-inclusive shows: “I’ve always felt very attuned to, and at home in, the gay community.”

There’s a sassy sensibility in the retro glamour of “Lost in the Stars,” which Ashford is taking on the road with her band, The Whiskey 5, after a string of acclaimed performances at New York’s 54 Below. The star, best known for her Tony-nominated stint in Broadway’s “Kinky Boots” and her portrayal of lesbian prostitute Betty on Showtime’s “Masters of Sex,” is promising audiences in Chicago, Denver, San Francisco and Las Vegas plenty of sequins, sky-high wigs and classic disco.

Of course, Ashford doesn’t limit her material to the late ’70s or, more specifically, the confines of Studio 54. She and musical director Will Van Dyke have crafted an eclectic set including songs by Stephen Sondheim, Elton John, Cyndi Lauper and Alanis Morrisette that they hope will have universal appeal. One highlight is a medley that offers vestiges of Ashford’s musical theater roles, including “Hair,” “Rent,” “Wicked,” “Legally Blonde” and, of course, “Kinky Boots.”

Annaleigh Ashford poses backstage at New York’s 54 Below.

annaleigh ashford

Although her career has taken her down a more thespian path, Ashford sees “Lost in the Stars” as fulfilling her childhood dream of becoming a bonafide cabaret star on the road. Each city on the tour, she says, has special resonance. She was born in Denver, while her husband, actor Joe Tapper, hails from outside Chicago. Meanwhile, she played San Francisco as part of the out-of-town tryout for “Legally Blonde,” and participated in dance competitions in Las Vegas each as an adolescent.

“I grew up listening to cabaret. At 7 and 8 years old, I was already singing like a club performer,” Ashford, who cites “Patti LuPone at Les Mouches” and Ann Hampton Callaway and Liz Callaway’s “Sibling Rivalry” as influences, explained. “One of our goals is to bring this art form to a younger audience. I think our generation isn’t as versed on cabaret [as previous generations were], so I think it’s important to expose younger audiences to the art form.”

She and Van Dyke said they aim to keep the show as organic as possible by refreshing or swapping out musical numbers in each new city and “playing a bit off the cuff” throughout.

“She just flies off the handle sometimes, and it’s amazing,” Van Dyke said. “It’s just so fun to be on that ride.”

Ashford would ultimately like to expand the show into a full-scale production of “song, dance and epic storytelling” in the vein of Liza Minnelli’s famed “Liza with a ‘Z’” act. In the meantime, she and Van Dyke plan to produce an album that compiles the best of their live performances on the tour, which they’d like to release this fall.

She also hopes that “Lost in the Stars” will be the first of many cabaret acts, noting that she’s currently listening to a lot of New Orleans jazz, Janet Jackson and ’80s era Bonnie Raitt.

“My ambition for the piece is that you walk out the door with your heart having been touched by at least one song,” she said. “I think that intention has carried us through.”

Annaleigh Ashford and The Whiskey 5 will perform “Lost in the Stars” at Chicago’s Broadway Playhouse on March 21. She plays the Denver Center for the Performing Arts on April 11-12, San Francisco’s Venetian Room April 19 and the Smith Center for the Performing Arts in Las Vegas on June 27-28.

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Lost Vegas

Lost Vegas

Used – Lost Vegas: The Redneck Riviera, Existentialist Conversations with Strippers, and the World Series of Poker… Las Vegas lures you to shed moral responsibility and piss away your money on indulgences like decadent food, entertainment, gambling, and sex. If you don’t enjoy these pastimes, then what’s the point of visiting the land of compromised values? Where else can you get a cheap steak, crash a Mexican wedding, get cold-decked in blackjack by a dealer named Dong, play video poker for t

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Lost In The Crowd

Lost In The Crowd

Jared Watson has everything a person could dream of having. He’s the hottest country music sensation to hit the charts in years. He travels the world doing what he loves, but something is missing. No matter where he goes, security follows. His manager is always calling or on his case, and no matter where he goes, fans are hounding him for autographs. He would give anything for just a couple days away. A chance to go back to being a nobody. With two weeks off, Jared finds himself ditching his security team after his last show, desperate to figure out a way to go into hiding for a couple days and relax. Maybe find that missing part of the person he used to be. When he meets Scott, the chef at the arena he just performed at, and is offered the perfect escape, he takes him up on it. Little does he know, the one night will change his life forever. Scott treats him like a normal person, not the music idol he is, and their friendship grows. After years of hiding, he is finally free to be himself and live the life he left behind for fame and fortune. Trouble is, he only has two weeks before he has to be back on the road. Leaving his freedom behind, let alone Scott, might be more than he can bear.

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The Fires of Vesuvius: Pompeii Lost and Found

The Fires of Vesuvius: Pompeii Lost and Found

Pompeii is the most famous archaeological site in the world, visited by more than two million people each year. Yet it is also one of the most puzzling, with an intriguing and sometimes violent history, from the sixth century BCE to the present day. Destroyed by Vesuvius in 79 CE, the ruins of Pompeii offer the best evidence we have of life in the Roman Empire. But the eruptions are only part of the story. In “The Fires of Vesuvius,” acclaimed historian Mary Beard makes sense of the remains. She explores what kind of town it was more like Calcutta or the Costa del Sol? and what it can tell us about ordinary life there. From sex to politics, food to religion, slavery to literacy, Beard offers us the big picture even as she takes us close enough to the past to smell the bad breath and see the intestinal tapeworms of the inhabitants of the lost city. She resurrects the Temple of Isis as a testament to ancient multiculturalism. At the Suburban Baths we go from communal bathing to hygiene to erotica. Recently, Pompeii has been a focus of pleasure and loss: from Pink Floyd s memorable rock concert to Primo Levi s elegy on the victims. But Pompeii still does not give up its secrets quite as easily as it may seem. This book shows us how much more and less there is to Pompeii than a city frozen in time as it went about its business on 24 August 79.

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Domhnall Gleeson Lost So Much Weight For ‘Unbroken’ His Contacts Didn’t Fit

Angelina Jolie’s “Unbroken” is the story of Olympic long-distance runner and Air Force bombardier Louis Zamperini, and his struggles to survive as a prisoner of war during the last stages of World War II. But before that happens, “Unbroken” is also about three men lost at sea. On May 27, 1943, Zamperini’s plane crashed into the Pacific Ocean leaving only a trio of survivors: Zamperini, Francis “Mac” McNamara and Russell Allen “Phil” Phillips, played respectively in the film by Jack O’Connell, Finn Wittrock and Domhnall Gleeson.

“It was a great experience. A tough one but a great one,” Gleeson said of the raft sequences in a recent interview with HuffPost Entertainment. The 31-year-old actor lost what he previously called a “sizable amount of weight” for the role.

“Toward the end, getting toward the dehydration phase, I had to wear these contact lenses, because their eyes were red,” Gleeson recalled. “My contact lenses stopped fitting my eyes, because I was so dehydrated and had lost so much weight that everything had changed. But we were still trying to screw them in there — and you were hungry and overworked and physically and mentally exhausted — so then it got to the place where it wasn’t much fun. Angie reminded me of it. I had forgotten totally. I’ve shut out some of the experience.”

Not that Gleeson thinks he had it too rough compared to what happened to Zamperini and Phillips, both of whom would survive for 47 days on the open ocean with nothing more than rain water and whatever fish they were able to catch as sustenance. (McNamara died on the raft after 33 days.)

“Every time you thought about complaining, you were like, ‘What the hell am I saying?'” Gleeson joked. “You had to suck it up.”


Since playing Bill Weasley in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” Gleeson has put together a tremendous resume of varied film roles. This year alone, he featured in not just “Unbroken,” but also “Frank,” an indie rock comedy, and “Calvary,” in which he co-starred opposite his father, actor Brendan Gleeson. Coming in 2015 are the dramas “Ex Machina” and “Brooklyn” plus a little something called “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” Gleeson’s role in “Episode VII” is of the top-secret variety, and while discussing plot details of director J.J. Abrams’ film are strictly forbidden, he was able to weigh in on the recent teaser trailer.

“It just made me very excited,” Gleeson said. “I felt like a kid again. I finished it with a big stupid smile plastered on my face. It was exactly the kind of feel that I was hoping the movie would have. If the movie feels the same way as the trailer, we’re going to be in good shape.”

But before heading to a galaxy far, far away, Gleeson will finish up work on Alejandro González Iñárritu’s “The Revenant” with Tom Hardy and Leonardo DiCaprio in lead roles. It’s another difficult survival story about men pushed to their limits. “We’re pacing around the snowy mountains of Calgary, carrying packs and dead bodies,” Gleeson said. “It’s a pretty full-on movie, but it’s great.”

Having spent so much of the last year working on arduous projects like “Unbroken” and “The Revenant,” does Gleeson long for the days of “About Time,” the charming Richard Curtis romantic comedy that he led last year?

“I got to get Richard writing, man!” Gleeson said with a laugh. “That way I can go back to doing something full of joy, love and hope instead of suffering and trials and tribulations where I need a psychiatric evaluation after I’m done filming.”

“Unbroken” is out Christmas Day.
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The Lost Locket

The Lost Locket

A casualty of funding wars and an overzealous Defense Department trying to clean up its reputation after several failed experimental programs, the Psychic Warfare Program (PWP) is scrapped in the throes of its infancy. Its participants are transferred to other defense agencies, but a few decide to leave the government behind, knowing full well their freedom hinges on keeping a low profile and living under the radar. Life on the outside isnt easy. Without the constant physical, mental and psychic training theyve become accustomed to, many of the PWPs best break down, losing control of their abilities and their minds. Returning to Uncle Sams open arms seems like their only viable option, until one of their own comes up with an idea that just might work. And the Power Up! Gym is born. Trainers, weights and fitness by day, psychic training and investigative work by night. Ex-PWP agent Keegan Price likes beer, sex, and relaxing after a hard days work. Hes looking forward to exercising his telekinetic skills on a real case. Finding a lost locket seems almost too easy, but hey, its a job away from the civilian world. When James Foreman tags along, so much the better. Foremans a wiseass who loves a good time, and his ability to manipulate fire with a snap comes in handy. Keegan knows theyre overqualified for this simple retrieval, but he figures he and James have earned a working vacation after spending so many hours in that damned gym. Except the case turns out to be anything but simple. The lockets a weapon, he and James cant take their eyes off the woman wearing it, and their spiraling sexual attraction for each other and her makes for one hell of a ride.

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First Nighter: David Auburn’s Lost Lake Not Fully Found

Logan (John Hawkes) and Veronica (Tracie Thoms) don’t exactly meet cute. They meet awkward. They meet uncertain. They meet at cross-purposes. And they stay that way and don’t stay that way in David Auburn’s not entirely absorbing Lost Lake at Manhattan Theatre Club’s City Center Stage 1.

Where they meet is in the lakeside cabin (J. Michael Griggs designed it well) that Veronica, a nurse with a career setback, is evaluating as the ideal place for a short getaway she can plan for her and her children. Logan owns the cabin — occasionally occupying it himself and making necessary repairs — and it’s his to rent when and if he so desires.

In the two-hander’s intermissionless 90 minutes, Logan and Veronica get to know each other. And Auburn’s best achievement here is that he keeps the audience guessing whether they’re going to become romantically involved. If they do won’t be vouchsafed here, although it’s fair to say that one of the play’s funniest lines — “You’re kidding, right?” — may or may not be a clue to that outcome.

Mostly, Lost Lake is about the many getting-to-know-you exchanges that take place between them. As the chatter ambles along, the information includes more about how Veronica got into her trouble and what Logan has done to put him in hot water with, among others, a brother.

The time covered extends from Veronica’s first sighting of the cabin through her occupancy (the children never seen, of course) to a visit she makes the following winter because she’s received a large sum of money in the mail from Logan and not only wishes to return it but is also concerned about his well-being.

Incidentally, that drop-in is preceded by a coup de theatre that could be the comedy-drama’s most exciting occurrence. It won’t be described, other than to say anyone who’s dozed off during the many Veronica-Logan conversations will be jolted from their reverie when the whatever-is-not-being -described takes place.

Auburn — whose Proof, which debuted at MTC, won the Tony, the Pulitzer and the New York Drama Critics Circle awards — tips this work’s intent in his title. The protagonists are two lost souls looking for ways out of their situations and needing assistance to make recoveries.

So this is one of those plays in which the metaphorically blind lead the other metaphorically blind to some higher, safer ground. Perhaps they don’t lead each other to the highest, safest ground, but at least progress is achieved. As such, it’s not the best example of the genre, nor is it the worst.

Also, as such, it’s probably not going to put Auburn in the running again for any of the citations mentioned above. Considered with Proof and his last Broadway outing, The Columnist (being Joseph Alsop), it’s a noticeable change of pace. Somehow, those works promise more from him than this mild offering delivers.

Daniel Sullivan, who’s formed a meaningful and rewarding partnership with Auburn much like those he’s forged with other contemporary playwrights, does well with the material he’s been handed. He gets the right performances from Hawkes and Thoms. They’re both expert at showing the way in which being tentative is often a primary personality trait. They make Logan and Veronica appealing to spectators even as the characters may not think as much of themselves or each other.
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Why Haven’t I Lost Weight Yet?

Why Haven’t I Lost Weight Yet?

Do you diet most of the time, buy low-fat foods, exercise regularly – and can’t lose weight? From the bestselling author of The Fat-Stripping Diet comes a revolutionary solution. It is the ultimate ‘energy counter’ to make sure the food you eat and the exercise you do balance each other and lead to permanent weight loss. It is so simple, but so perfect.

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Lost Wisdom: A Celebration of Traditional Knowledge from Foraging and Festivals to Seafring and Smoke Signals

Lost Wisdom: A Celebration of Traditional Knowledge from Foraging and Festivals to Seafring and Smoke Signals

Used – cooking with a range / counting sheep / curing drunkenness finding water / signalling with semaphore / identifying plants and trees making and taking tea / natural first aid / using an abacus navigating by nature / preparing antidotes to poisoning predicting the sex of a baby / repairing clothes curing warts / weather forecasting Lost Wisdom is a celebration of the time-honoured wisdom upon which we all once relied. It draws on folklore, tradition and superstition, and is packed with amus

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Cirque du Soleil’s Amaluna: A Lost World Where Women Reign

On an island deep in the ocean mists, the moon rises over a mythic world where women rule the winds and tides. Cirque du Soleil’s Amaluna, now playing at Washington D.C’s National Harbor, captures the strength of the female spirit and the power of women’s voice in its new show from Tony Award-winner Diane Paulus.

A re-imagining of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Amaluna is a coming-of-age tale about the passage of feminine wisdom between a queen and her daughter. Along the way, young Miranda is guided by the ancient knowledge of a host of goddesses, a tribe of Amazons and her mother Prospera, the benevolent ruler of the island.

The Goddess Narrative

With a cast that is 70% women and anchored by an all-female band, Amaluna showcases some serious girl power. Its storyline taps into something even deeper.

In the collective imagination, we retain an undeniable fascination with the archetype of the warrior princess, the empress, the oracle, the dragon mother.

For what do we long?

Perhaps the goddess narrative speaks to us of some long forgotten magic and power that we can call upon in our times of need. Cirque du Soleil unveils this lost world where women reign in a performance that is at once magical and moving.

Musician and vocalist Julie McInnes, who stars as Prospera, is a force of nature on stage. “This show is a phenomenal celebration of what it means to be a woman,” says McInnes. “Amaluna celebrates female strength, from grace to technical ability. The cast feels that energy. The women are beautiful, strong, athletic and sexy.”

The Act of Transformation

Much like Disney Pixar’s Brave, Amaluna puts the mother-daughter relationship at the center of the story. “It represents that time when a mother is doing her best to make sure her daughter has the best start in life,” says McInnes. “I think about my own mother dropping me off at boarding school, the process of letting go. When Prospera brings on a storm, for her daughter it opens up the possibility of love.”

As Miranda makes the transformation from a girl into a woman, she learns to embrace and control her feminine power for love, strength and defiance, from a cast of characters that exude beauty and defy gravity. In a brilliant piece of casting, Miranda is portrayed by a contortionist who balances on the edge of an illuminated water bowl before taking the plunge and coming into her own.

The act of finding one’s self hit home with Andréanne Nadeau, the talented aerialist who plays the Moon Goddess. “I had been a dancer my whole life, but I didn’t know I would end up here,” Nadeau says, as she balances herself in a training hoop backstage. “Still, there was something inside me that pushed me forward, little by little. I just followed my passions and they led me here.”

The Healing Arts

Cirque du Soleil is famous for its fanciful reimagining of what humanity could be. Imagination is a precursor for social change, for it brings the impossible to life. The circus arts have been used for education around the world, including through Cirque du Monde, the company’s social good initiative to empower at-risk youth.

Creative expression, whether through dance and movement or poetry and song, has long been recognized as a transcendent experience that helps us engage the world in a new way. Stories told through artistic outlets are the mirrors in which we discover and find ourselves. “I don’t hide from my emotions when I perform,” says Nadeau. “Instead, I let them fuel my expression. If I am upset, frustrated, confused, happy, whatever it is I am feeling, I release it through my movement.”

The arts can help us tap into our own internal sources of strength and playfulness, darkness and whimsy. When we dream, when we perform, we act out our innermost desires, recreating ourselves and bringing our stories out into the light.

In the circus of the imagination, anything is possible.

Amaluna is playing in Washington D.C. through September 21, 2014. It will host a special benefit on September 19 to support social circus programs for youth.

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The Lost World: Jurassic Park (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy + UltraViolet) (Widescreen)

The Lost World: Jurassic Park (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy + UltraViolet) (Widescreen)

Director Steven Spielberg takes us back to the scene of “Jurassic Park” in “The Lost World: Jurassic Park”, the blockbuster sequel with even more dinosaurs, action and Academy Award(R) nominated visual effects. Four years since the disaster at Jurassic Park, two groups are in a race against time that will determine the fate of the remote island’s prehistoric inhabitants. Featuring an all-star cast including Jeff Goldblum, Julianne Moore, Vince Vaughn and Pete Postlethwaite, this action-packed thrill ride will leave you on the edge of your seat…again. “Return to ‘Jurassic Park’: Finding ‘The Lost World'”, “Return to ‘Jurassic Park’: Something Survived”, Deleted Scenes, “The Making of ‘The Lost World'” – Original Featurette on the Making of the Film, “The ‘Jurassic Park’ Phenomenon: A Discussion with Author Michael Crichton”, “The Compie Dance Number: Thank You Steven Spielberg From ILM”, “ILM & The Lost World: Before & After the Visual Effects”, Production Archives: Production Photographs, Illustrations and Conceptual Drawings, Models, The World of “‘Jurassic Park’, The Magic of ILM, Posters and Toys”, Storyboards, Theatrical Trailer, BD-Live, My Scenes, D-BOX, pocket BLU App. Subtitles: English SDH (Subtitles for Deaf and Hearing Impaired), French and Spanish, Must Redeem Digital Offers by 4/30/2015.

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Lost in Hotels

Lost in Hotels

What if you met someone you’d risk your marriage, family and entire life just to get to know? Catherine is lost in a mid-level magazine job and marriage to a man she felt was her last chance at love. Unfulfilled but now resigned to her life as a wife and working mother, she begs for a travel assignment to Rio that takes her away from it all – even if for a few days. It’s at a fabulous rooftop pool overlooking Ipanema Beach that she meets David, a consummate bachelor and venture capitalist with impeccable breeding punctuated by an Essex accent. In the passing of a day, David shows Catherine more of life than she’s lived in years. Lost in the crashing waves of an afternoon thunderstorm in Rio, a single kiss leads to a series of unforgettable liaisons tracking lions in the wild African bush, swimming in the warm volcanic waters off Italy’s Aeolian Islands and discovering the secret hallways of the Ritz Paris as each meeting reveals David to be so much more than she ever expected.

Price: $
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Naked In Dangerous Places: The Chronicles Of A Hungry, Scared, Lost, Homesick, But Otherwise Perfectly Happy Traveler

Naked In Dangerous Places: The Chronicles Of A Hungry, Scared, Lost, Homesick, But Otherwise Perfectly Happy Traveler

Finally, after years as a struggling radio host, Cash Peters has been given his own TV adventure show on a big-time travel network. The idea is simple: “Let’s dump him in an unfamiliar culture in a faraway land with no money and no place to stay, and see what happens.” Unfortunately, there is one major problem: Cash doesn’t want to go. Not only is he NOT the adventurous type, he is afraid of nearly everything and horribly allergic to the rest. Bottom line: they’ve given the show to the wrong guy.Naked in Dangerous Places is the story of one man’s efforts to remain sane in an insane world. Told with wit and shameless honesty, it documents a yearlong journey through exotic lands, from Kenya to Cambodia, Morocco to Dubai, as Cash drops in on fascinating cultures, eating, drinking, even sleeping in cow-dung huts with the locals, and eventually proving the truth of the old saying “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Though, to be honest, killing you is more likely.
List Price:

The Drunk Diet: How I Lost 40 Pounds . . . Wasted: A Memoir

The Drunk Diet: How I Lost 40 Pounds . . . Wasted: A Memoir

With his trademark Rock ''N Roll hair and snakeskin spandex pants, plus a hot rod and a Harley, Lüc Carl fit the part as a bar manager based in New York City''s gritty Lower East Side. And life was good for this Omaha, Nebraska, transplant—a talented drummer who originally moved to the big city to pursue his Rock ''N Roll dreams—until, suddenly, it wasn''t. Fast forward through seven years of working long hours, bingeing on late-night Chinese food, and drinking excessively; life had found Lüc forty pounds overweight and completely out of shape. But when he turned to the experts for advice—reading countless fitness and weight-loss books in the process—he discovered that they all made the same claim: You can''t drink alcohol if you want to lose weight. Lüc decided to take matters into his own hands to transform his body and his life his way—a sort of f*ck you to all those so-called experts.Full of charismatic wit and raucous stories about his life, The Drunk Diet will inspire and challenge you to become fitter, healthier, and happier. Lüc''s fitness philosophy isn''t about following a list of rigid rules or traditional do this, not that charts, but gaining a better understanding of how the body works and discovering what you''re personally willing to change about your lifestyle in order to reach your goals. For him, that meant trading in the crap he was eating for unprocessed, natural foods and embracing a newfound love for exercise, but never sacrificing his social life (or his love for cold beer).This is the story of how one chain-smoking, cheeseburger-eating, hard-partying Rock ''N Roller—a self-proclaimed out-of-shape, bloated asshole—grew into an avid runner and cyclist and, ultimately, a happier version of himself. He will be the first to tell you: If he could do it, so can you.
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Running For My Life: One Lost Boy’s Journey from the Killing Fields of Sudan to the Olympic Games: Library Edition

Running For My Life: One Lost Boy’s Journey from the Killing Fields of Sudan to the Olympic Games: Library Edition

Running For My Life: One Lost Boy’s Journey from the Killing Fields of Sudan to the Olympic Games: Library Edition

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Beth Whaanga’s Powerful Breast Cancer Portraits Lost Her 100 Friends, But Could Save Many More Lives

Beth Whaanga posted images of herself after breast cancer surgery on Facebook, hoping to share her story and urge others to take preventative measures.

What she didn’t expect was the vitriolic responses from some of her Facebook “friends” — and the subsequent outpourings of support she received when the photographs went viral.

(Some images below are NSFW and may be considered graphic.)

Whaanga, a nurse and married mother-of-four from Brisbane, Australia, was diagnosed with breast cancer on her 32nd birthday. After finding out that she carried the BRCA2 gene, a genetic mutation that put her at increased risk for breast and ovarian cancer, Whaanga underwent a double mastectomy last November, as well as a hysterectomy, lymphadenectomy and melanoma lumpectomies. Instead of hiding her scars, she chose to speak out in order to help others affected by cancer.

“Your scars are a physical or emotional representation of a trial you’ve been through,” Whaanga told The Huffington Post in an email. “They show that you came through the trial and survived.”

She teamed up with friend and photographer Nadia Masot to photograph her post-surgery body in a series of portraits called “Under The Red Dress.”

“I really felt during the shoot I wanted to portray [Whaanga’s] strength and resilience, but also have her vulnerability and pain come across,” Masot told The Huffington Post in an email. “She was unafraid of me pointing the camera at her exposed body, scarred as it is. She was confident in sharing it with me, and I think that came across.”

beth whaanga

Introducing the photographs on her Facebook page, Whaanga wrote:

WARNING: these images are confronting and contain topless material. They are not in anyway meant to be sexual. The aim of this project is to raise awareness for breast cancer. If you find these images offensive please hide them from your feed. Each day we walk past people. These individuals appear normal but under their clothing sometimes their bodies tell a different story. Nadia Masot and I aim to find others who are willing to participate in our project so that we might show others that cancer effects everyone. The old and the young, age does not matter, self examination is vital. It can happen to you.

beth whaanga

Despite Whaanga’s explanation, some people took issue with the images. Hours after the photographs had been posted, over 100 people had de-friended Whaanga on Facebook, and several reported the album to Facebook for violation of the site’s photo policy. (Facebook has contacted Whaanga to inform her that they will not be removing the images.)

beth whaanga

“The feedback that I’ve received was that people felt that the medium was not appropriate for these images,” Whaanga told HuffPost. “They were also concerned about the graphic and confronting content of the images.”

These objections, however, seem almost petty in light of the project’s goal: raising awareness about cancer and encouraging people to make their health a priority.

“These photos remind the viewer to be vigilant about checking their bodies and to be more aware that this could and and possibly will happen to you,” Whaanga told HuffPost.

beth whaanga

“If the ‘Under The Red Dress’ project helps one man, woman or family deal with their battle with cancer, or helps one person in their preventative journey, than I’m very happy,” Whaanga told HuffPost.

Learn more about the Under The Red Dress Project here.
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Man Posts ‘Lost Girlfriend’ Flier Featuring Scarlett Johansson, Should Be Accepted To MENSA For It

What do you do when you’re desperate for a girlfriend and, if given the choice, you’d really love for her to look like Hollywood bombshell Scarlett Johansson? Forget Match.com — just put up a “Lost Girlfriend” flier, just like this guy did.

Seriously, this is so brilliant, we kind of wish ScarJo called him up just for kicks (we know, we know, she’s engaged). The +614 hints at Australia being Mr. Smarty Pants’ residence, so … you can afford to call long distance, can’t you, Scarlett?

Style – The Huffington Post
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