How Manuel Mendez Came to Style One of the Most Famous Kids in the World

Manuel Mendez is known to plan as many as 90 outfits at a time, all of which are for one very famous seven-year-old. Much like her contemporary North West, Blue Ivy, the eldest daughter of Beyoncé and Jay Z, has made headlines in recent years for establishing herself as a young fashionista. Last year she wore a custom Valery Kovalska tuxedo pantsuit to the Grammy Awards and a Billie Blush dress in Jay Z’s “Family Feud” video. In July, she appeared in the video for “Spirit” from Disney’s “The Lion King” remake, in which she wore a custom purple tulle dress by Microwave and matching Alejandro Collection top. Mendez is the fashion force behind these looks and others Blue has worn, as WWD confirmed last year, and has been quietly styling the young celebrity since before she was even born. He began his career with the Carters nearly a decade ago as Beyoncé’s personal assistant. In 2011, when the famed singer became pregnant with Blue, Mendez was tasked with keeping stock of and organizing the many gifts that poured in for the expecting mother. Eventually, that job turned into shopping for the newborn. “There were things I couldn’t find and couldn’t get, and

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How Halston Became One of America’s Most Iconic Fashion Designers

Halston, one of America’s most iconic fashion designers, is getting the documentary film treatment.
Premiering at the Sundance Film Festival in January, the CNN Films documentary “Halston” centers on the life of the iconic designer during his heyday in the Sixties and Seventies. From “Dior and I” director Frédéric Tcheng, the film includes narration from Tavi Gevinson and commentary from Halston’s close friends, including Liza Minnelli, Elsa Peretti and Pat Cleveland, among others. The film follows the designer to his untimely death in 1990 after battling AIDS-related cancer.
Born Roy Frowick Halston, the designer quickly rose to fame as a milliner, later branching into ready-to-wear, couture, accessories and beauty. He was a fixture in New York’s party scene, specifically at Studio 54, and was closely linked to influential women like Bianca Jagger, Diana Vreeland, Marlene Dietrich and Lauren Bacall.

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Before the documentary’s primetime premiere on Aug. 18, WWD rounded up 11 facts to know about Halston.
1. Halston Began His Career as a Hatmaker
Halston started off his career as a hatmaker in 1953 with his own millinery salon at the Ambassador Hotel in Chicago. In 1958, he moved to New York to work under milliner Lilly Daché before going over to Bergdorf Goodman’s hat

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Jewelry Dominates Ranking of Most Expensive PLAs

PRICEY GOODS: Digital marketing platform provider SEMrush conducted an analysis for WWD of the most expensive fashion items in “PLAs,” or product listing ads, and jewelry dominated the list. The company said the most expensive product in PLAs “is Blue Nile Diamond with a price of $ 331,000” and noted that most products “are coming to the top 10 most expensive products from Germany web sites and U.S. web sites.”
In second place on the list was a Picchiotti ring with a price tag of $ 174,883, which was followed by a Van Cleef & Arpels collar worth $ 174,661. In fourth was Hublot big band watches for $ 155,000 and fifth was NM Estate earnings with a price point of $ 107,500.
A Buccellati collier took sixth with a price tag of $ 106,576 while a Buccellati collar followed at about $ 106,500. A Glamira Ring Daphne was seventh at $ 97,986, and a Jared ring took the next spot at $ 80,000. A Buccellati ring closed out the list at number 10 with a price tag of $ 78,517.

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Cannes Film Festival’s Most Daring Looks of All Time: From Kendall Jenner’s See-Through Dress to Madonna’s Lingerie Set

Kendall Jenner, 2018 Cannes Film FestivalIt’s that time of year when celebrities flock to France for the Cannes Film Festival.
This year, everyone from Selena Gomez to Eva Longoria to Elle Fanning have already graced the…

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From Pratt Family Feuds to That “Sick Little Rumor”: Revisiting All of The Hills’ Most Dramatic Moments

The Hills CastThe Hills are alive…with the sound of drama.
We’re just two months out from the highly-anticipated debut of The Hills: New Beginnings, with the revival of MTV’s crown jewel…

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How Microsoft Quietly Became the World’s Most Valuable Company

Microsoft tried through the years to compete in a range of buzzy consumer businesses, but it was Chief Executive Satya Nadella’s focus on selling humdrum yet fast-growing computing services to companies that allowed it to reclaim the title of world’s most valuable company. US Business


Former Apparel Execs Aim to Make Most Comfortable Men’s Denim

Ryan Mark and Danny Kurtzman are calling Alday, their new men’s denim line, the most comfortable jeans on the market.
Alday is the brainchild of Mark and Kurtzman, who were struggling to find stretch denim for men that wasn’t constricting.
The cofounders and designers, who met while working at 3Point Distribution, a California company that manages the design and production on a variety of brands including the men’s wear line Ezekiel, struggled to find stretch denim that felt good, so they decided to introduce their own brand on Kickstarter.
“We couldn’t find a pair of denim that was both comfortable and still looked great, so we decided to create the most comfortable denim ourselves,” Mark said. “Our goal is not to just build another clothing brand, but to create a product that people truly enjoy. We chose Kickstarter to build up a core audience that is passionate about the product and wants to be involved in its growth.”
Alday denim is made with open knit technology that features four-way stretch, deep pockets for cell phones and hardware that helps denim hold up to daily wear and tear. This results in a lightweight denim that works for a variety of body types.
The proposition has resonated on

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Sing it From the Rooftop! Lily James Is a PCAs Finalist: Check Out Her Most Loved Roles to Celebrate

 Lily James, Mamma Mia Here We Go AgainMamma Mia! Lily James is a full-blown star!
OK, fans of the British star have known for a while that she is a fantastic actress, but her role as young Donna in the summer blockbuster,…

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Total War: Three Kingdoms Is the Most Hero-Focused Total War Ever

The moon casts a surreal, blue glow over the battlefield. The scions of the powerful Sun clan, Sun Ren and Sun Quan, are ill at ease. Their misgivings are proven warranted when the orange glow of paper lanterns floating above the trees signals an ambush from the nearby woods, catching the small army they are leading off-guard. I have little time to take stock of my forces and choose whether to stand and fight, or sacrifice some of my troops in a delaying action so the rest can make it to an extraction point on the far side of a nearby river.

The grand-scale, historical Total War series has been looking for new ways to reinvent itself each outing for the better part of the last 20 years, and Three Kingdoms attacks this objective from more angles than simply moving the setting to 200s CE China. As the ambush battle I commanded aptly demonstrated, this is a tale all about characters – even more so than the hero-centric Total War: Warhammer games.

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The Style Secrets Behind K-pop’s Most Fashionable Girl Group

SEOUL — Morning sun streams in through the glass walls of a Gangnam office building, the sound of shuffling slippers fills the air with urgency. Stylist Choi Kyoung Won and two assistants pack racks of miniskirts and fistfuls of Chanel pearl strands into trunks. Wong, designer of the rising handbag brand Avam is also the stylist of Blackpink, considered K-pop’s most fashionable girl group. On that day, she would head to Japan to wardrobe the group’s two-week tour across the country.
Blackpink, which today releases its first mini album “Square Up,” has become a sensation since its first single “Boombayah” was released in August 2016. That song’s music video has amassed 320 million views on YouTube, and is one of the group’s three tracks to top Billboard’s world digital song downloads chart — making them the most successful female act in K-pop history.
The group is comprised of four “best friend” members only known by their first names — Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rosé — and is managed by YG Entertainment, K-pop’s blue-chip production house that holds an illuminati-type reputation. After at least four years of boot camp “training,” each group member was strategically chosen for her visual appeal, dance skills, vocal

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The Incredible Hulk is the Most Underrated MCU Movie

Marvel’s The Incredible Hulk hits its tenth anniversary this week, as the film was originally released on June 13, 2008. So we figured it was time to take a look back at the movie and see how it stands up against its current reputation.

When people rank the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies, as they so often do, one of the films that typically ends up near the bottom of the list is Louis Leterrier’s The Incredible Hulk. At a glance it’s easy to see why. It stars Edward Norton, an actor whose work was swiftly overshadowed by his replacement, Mark Ruffalo. It’s a gloomy movie that treats its hero like a Universal Monster, instead of one of the quippy, positive character development-centric adventure flicks that the MCU movies eventually became.

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David Harbour: Season 1 of ‘Stranger Things’ Was ‘The Most Miserable Time in My Life’

David Harbour may portray the emotionally hardened and nigh-invulnerable Sheriff Hopper on “Stranger Things,” but in a recent segment on Variety’s “Actors on Actors,” presented by Shutterstock, Harbour opened up about the pain he went through during shooting with “Twin Peaks” star Kyle MacLachlan. “The first season was the most miserable time in my life,” Harbour said. […]



TV’s Most Interesting Ads Could Be Served by CBS, Hulu – and Samantha Bee

TV is heading for a commercial breakdown. TV networks are set to broadcast many of the same old ads viewers have grown accustomed to seeing for dozens of years. And yet, executives hope they can make those spots more interesting, more timely and harder to ignore by finding new ways to distribute them and measure […]



Colossus and Juggernaut’s Most Epic Battles

Warning: this article contains spoilers for Deadpool 2!

Deadpool 2 takes a deep dive into the X-Men universe, introducing iconic characters like Cable and Domino and giving X-Force its big screen debut. But for many X-Men fans, nothing tops seeing the metallic mutant Colossus clash with the unstoppable Juggernaut.

These two super-strong characters have a rivalry that dates back to the early days of Chris Claremont’s legendary Uncanny X-Men run. Check out our slideshow to see four epic encounters between these two and who won each battle.

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For more on Deadpool, check out everything that happened in the first movie in five minutes right here. Or read our review of Deadpool 2 here. You can also check out Deadpool’s 17 craziest comic book stories here.

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Amazon Go chief: We got rid of the most annoying part of physical retail

Amazon Go chief: We got rid of the most annoying part of physical retailAmazon Go has made waves for being the first major physical store to go entirely cashier-free. Now, it's coming to San Francisco and Chicago. Amazon VP of Amazon Go Gianna Puerini walks Yahoo Finance through the shopping experience and offers a hint on what the new stores will offer.

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NFL executives are offering increasingly scathing takes on Josh Rosen, the most polarizing quarterback in the draft

Josh Rosen was not shy about his feelings when he fell to 10th in the NFL draft before the Arizona Cardinals traded up to select him. "I thought I should've been picked at 1, 2 or 3," Rosen said. "I dropped, and I was pissed. I was really, really angry. I wasn't really showing it. I was trying to keep calm, cool, composed." To many in the NFL, Rosen's reaction was indicative of the scouting report on him heading into the draft — he may be the most talented, complete quarterback in the draft, but he can also be outspoken and brash. Since the Cardinals drafted Rosen, there has only been growing criticism of Rosen's attitude, both on the record and off, and murmurs that he is not well-liked. On

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