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A new analysis find the gap is worse than the workforce at large.

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6 Royal Etiquette Lessons Meghan Markle Must Master if She Becomes a Princess

As the romance between Prince Harry and his American girlfriend Meghan Markle continues to go strong, fans — okay, us — are hoping for another royal wedding on the horizon. Although the Suits star has already proven she has natural charisma, compassion and grace, there are a few small yet important etiquette lessons that any future princess would likely have to master before kicking it with Queen Elizabeth II.

To find out how a non-royal can get princess-ready without the aid of a fairy godmother, we attended the Plaza Hotel Finishing Program with Beaumont Etiquette to enlist the help of Beaumont Etiquette founder and expert in all things proper, Myka Meier. In a duchess-worthy suite at the famed Plaza Hotel in New York City, Meier walked us through how-to of becoming

1. Sit Like a Lady

Meier instructs that the proper way to sit is with an “egg’s width of distance” between the back of the chair and your back. In addition, your chin should be parallel to the floor (and your back straight, of course) with your hands folded in your lap. Never cross your legs at the knee, instead opting to either keep your ankles and knees together or crossing your ankles if it feels more comfortable. Meier also suggests employing “the duchess slant” when sitting (i.e., slanting your knees to one side) as it can create a flattering silhouette and can be more comfortable for the long-legged among us.

The “duchess slant” is inspired by Princess Kate, who often sits with her legs slanted to the side. (Her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, was also a fan of the pose.)

2. Time for Tea

The Suits actress already hinted at “tea time” with her boyfriend, and as a royal she would be expected to take part in many afternoon teas — not to be confused with “high tea,” which, despite its lofty name is more of a casual meal. Meier explains that the royal family love their afternoon teas, which are filled with finger-foods like sandwiches, pastries and scones.

To properly hold your cup, Meier advises pinching the top of the handle with your thumb and index finger, with your middle finger supporting the bottom of the handle. She also explains that the handle of the cup should always be kept at 3 o’clock and you should try to take sip from the same spot to avoid getting lipstick stains around the rim. (This sipping-on-the-same-spot rule applies to whatever you’re drinking, not just tea.)

While you aren’t likely to use cutlery during tea (aside from the occasional butter knife), Americans typically hold their forks in the right hand, tines up, and only hold the knife to cut. However, royals eat the Continental way, holding their forks in the left hand, tines down, and the knife in the right. You also never put down your utensils while eating unless you need to take a drink or use the restroom, at which point you cross your silverware on your plate to let the wait staff know you aren’t finished eating.

Holding the silverware can be trickier than it looks. (Our princess stand-in and PEOPLE writer-reporter Char Adams said it was the most difficult lesson to master.) Both utensils should be held pinched between the thumb and middle finger with the index finger extended on the top of the utensil as support.

Once you’ve gotten a grip on your cutlery, there’s still more. Meier says that “ladies of leisure” will spear their food with their fork and keep the tines facing down while bringing the morsel up to their mouths. However, a royal wouldn’t spear her food and would instead balance her cut food on the top of her tines as she brings it up to her mouth. It’s tricky, which probably explains why only royals bother doing it. Just avoid ordering peas!

3. A Royal Greeting

One of the British royals’ biggest jobs is going on official engagements — and that means greeting, and charming, thousands of people each year. Luckily, the etiquette is simple: make direct eye contact, give a firm handshake (avoid more than two pumps) and smile.

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Kate rarely uses purses on her engagements, instead choosing a small clutch if she is carries anything at all. The clutch can also help keeping proper posture while walking and chatting, as it gives you a place to put your hands (both hands grasping the clutch with a slight space between your fingers). If you aren’t holding a clutch, Meier recommends clasping your hands together as if you are sitting.

As for greeting friends, Meier says that cheek-kissing is common among the well-heeled Brits, but there are rules for that as well. Don’t actually kiss the person’s cheek, don’t make an overly loud kissing noise or a dramatic MWAH and know your audience — most Europeans do two kisses but the Swiss typically do three.

4. Curtsy Queen

While Markle would likely be using the above greetings with most of the royal family, she would still be expected to curtsy in more formal situations. Meier says that the curtsy should be subtle — a ballerina curtsy this is not — but the deeper and longer you pause shows more respect and formality. To curtsy, Meier instructs placing one leg behind the other (whichever one is more comfortable for you) and bowing your head slightly while bending your knees.

It’s rare to see the royals curtsy to one another outside of extremely formal situations, and even then they usually only curtsy to the Queen. However, Markle would be expected to curtsy to the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William and Kate. She would also be expected to curtsy to “royal princesses” like Anne, Beatrice and Eugenie if Harry wasn’t with her. (Although she’s royal-by-birth, Zara Tindall does not have a princess title so Markle wouldn’t be required to curtsy to her.) She would also be expected to curtsy to any foreign royals who out-rank her.

5. Car Care

Gracefully exiting a car can sometime be difficult, especially if you are wearing a skirt and photographers are parked right outside the car door. Meier suggests that the best way to elegantly get out of a car is the “swivel and pop” — first you position yourself at the end of your seat and as close to the door as possible, then you place both hands behind yourself and use them to support yourself as you turn (with ankles and knees together!) to place your feet outside the car. The final move — the pop — is as you stand and exit the car, looking photo-ready.

If you have a handbag, Meier says that you should place it on the seat next to you before employing the “swivel and pop.” Then, after you stand , you gracefully reach back into the car (without turning around) to get your bag.

6. Step by Step

As for getting down stairs, Meier says that Harry would likely be aware of helping Markle walk down any stairs in her path, especially in a formal situation. But, even if she doesn’t have a prince to help her, the rules of descending are simple. Meier says you should keep your chin parallel, back straight and hand by your side. If you need to use the banister, Meier instructs that you should simply rest your hand on it (not grip) and keep your toes pointed toward the banister as you walk down.

Even if you aren’t planning on being a princess, Meier’s etiquette tips can help anyone looking to infuse a little royal grace into their daily life. But we’re still holding out hope for a royal wedding!

Model: Char Adams


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Online Dating: 7 Internet Dating Secrets You Simply Must Know

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What Pope Francis Must Say to Donald Trump

There is a rising tide of nativism washing over the United States at this particular moment. We have seen such waves recurrently in our history. In the 1840s, it was the Know-Nothings, who hated Catholics and opposed Irish immigration and were even responsible for riots and other acts of violence.

In the 1920’s, it was the turn of the Ku Klux Klan. Even while these hooded terrorists attacked African-Americans in the south, they also campaigned against immigration on racial and religious grounds. The eastern and southern Europeans then entering the country, they maintained, were impossible to assimilate. They were Catholic, they were Jewish, and most of all they were “un-American.” These campaigns succeeded in largely shutting down immigration to the United States for forty years, from the 1920’s to the middle 1960’s.

Today, we are witnessing what is shaping up to be a sorry rerun of this awful history. Anti-immigrant sentiment has been on the rise in political circles for some time. It was on vivid display in Virginia in last year’s Republican congressional primary, when the upstart David Brat unseated Eric Cantor, one of the most powerful men in Congress, on the strength of a thinly-disguised nativist appeal.

The nativism on display today can no longer even be described as “thinly disguised.” It is open, it is blatant, and it is foul. Donald Trump, of course, remains the biggest offender. He has spoken in the kind of blunt, racist language that even the defenders of segregation avoided in the 1960’s. When talking about Mexican migrants, he has used language like “rapists,” and “criminals,” to brand and stereotype and demean an entire group of people. He routinely uses the kind of vulgarities that would have made even George Wallace blush.

Trump’s gutter vulgarity has drawn the Republican field with him. Ben Carson, who was once a world-class neurosurgeon, has more recently called upon the Department of Defense to use drone aircraft to attack “caves” that immigrants use in their passage across the border. And Carson is supported by the so-called Christian right?

And then there is Jeb Bush. Has there ever been a more inept pretender to a throne since Aethelred the Unready? When criticized for his continued use of the term “anchor babies, he explained that he really meant to apply it to “Asian people,” not Hispanics. Good God, what a consummate disaster!

Pope Francis is coming to the United States in just a few weeks. And I devoutly believe that the most urgent task confronting the Pope on his visit is to call the American people away from the poisonous swamp of nativism.

Pope Francis is ideally suited for this task. He has pledged his pontificate to the defense of the marginalized and has made a special concern of his the plight of immigrant peoples. In July, 2013, early in his pontificate, he traveled to the island of Lampedusa, in the Mediterranean, the scene of so many preventable human tragedies. “Immigrants dying at sea, in boats which were vehicles of hope and became vehicles of death.” The Pope fairly wept at the dimensions of the horror he confronted.

Pope Francis’ trip to Lampedusa was meant to remind Christians of the common origin and destiny of all of humankind. “Cain, where is your brother?” God asked. Cain replied, disingenuously, that he was not his brother’s keeper. But, Pope Francis insisted, we are one another’s keepers, in the best sense of that term. We have obligations, transcendent obligations, to one another that are not contained or confined by the mere accidents of political boundaries.

In his speech to the European Parliament, in November, 2014, Pope Francis clothed this scriptural appeal in more philosophical dress. Human dignity is not an individualistic but a communal value. We are not isolated beings, without connections or duties to others. Pope Francis relied on this premise to develop a strong argument on behalf of the common good. And an aspect of the common good, he asserted, is a humane response to immigration.

“The men and women” who arrive “daily on the shores of Europe” require “acceptance and assistance.” Christianity, of course, has a long and deep commitment to a welcoming hospitality, and Pope Francis appealed to this tradition to summon his audience to action. But he also urged them to solve the root causes of the immigration crisis — the poverty and the war that has displaced so many people from their homes and driven them to risk their very beings in a dangerous passage.

I encourage Pope Francis to address the language of coarse hatred that is increasingly becoming de rigeur in American politics. No doubt he is far too sophisticated to call out Donald Trump by name. But Trumpism is an ominous trend that must be denounced. More than anything else, Pope Francis must condemn the rising hatred that he represents and espouses.

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To Be Old And Wise You Must First Be Young And Stupid Wise Slogan T Shirt Womens Fitted

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15 Productions Every Entrepreneur Must See!

Movies are magical. The good ones hold you captive in a great story, to a different time and place, and then bring you back home. In two hours, they leave you changed, having learned new things and lived a different life. I am a movie buff. I love how a good film can introduce you to a fictional world and in many cases teach you about your own life.

In that spirit, here’s a list of my top 15 films that have entrepreneurship and business as central themes. Not only are they incredibly entertaining, they teach values important to anyone doing business. Every entrepreneur–from aspiring to longtime business-owners–will find new clues for, tips about, and snapshots into the trials and tribulations of owning your own business.

1. Jerry Maguire (1996). Tom Cruise plays the lead agent in this story, who gets fired from his company for writing a memo on ethics. He is inspired to start his own business with his secretary and goes through all the woes and thrills of start-up. It is perhaps one of the best portrayals of these stresses, and many have learned significant lessons in starting up from Jerry.

Jerry Maguire, as portrayed by Tom Cruise, experiencing the stress of starting a business (source)

2. It’s a Wonderful Life (1946). Incredibly, when this film first came out in post-WWII America, it was widely panned. Today, it is considered a classic; and many call it one of the greatest films of all time. This film, like none other, reveals the emotional depths of business ownership, by depicting the main character at a suicidal low as he prepares to lose his beloved Building and Loan.

3. TenNineEight (2009). This powerful documentary follows low-income students around the country in their efforts to enter the national business competition run by NFTE every year in New York City. The movie features some of the greatest interviews of young entrepreneurs ever done and innumerable business lessons.

4. High Noon (1953). A classic Western, this film does not work directly with themes of business and entrepreneurship. Instead, its central storyline gets to the heart of good business: integrity and doing the right thing. One scene in particular stands out: newlyweds Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly are fleeing the town when Cooper has to turn around to defend the town from bandits. This is one of the finest cinematic portrayals of integrity; the kind of integrity every entrepreneur must strive to have.

Cooper’s integrity is an example for all business people (source)

5. Other People’s Money (1991). This is a wonderful and entertaining movie. Danny DeVito does a great job playing Larry the Liquidator–and I have never seen such a spot-on discussion of debt and equity on film. A powerful look into this world.

6. Skater Dater (1965). A silent documentary about skateboarders in Southern California, it is my personal favorite. At first glance, it has no business connection but the values radiate: teamwork, cooperation, and striving for best effort. Even though you probably have not heard of it, this 17-minute-flick won many awards around the world and the young actress in it went on to become a famous photographer within the industry. Best part? You can watch it any time on youtube.

7. The Doug Flutie Pass (1984). This is not a film but a minute long-clip that can be accessed around the world. It shows Boston College leading their fight over Miami–Doug Flutie and his roommate had practiced the play in their minds hundreds of times. It is a great example of the power of the subconscious. They envisioned the future, created this moment, and then executed it superbly at a pivotal moment.


The Flutie Pass shows us the power of planning your own success (source)

8. & 9. Godfather I (1972) and Godfather II (1974). While these films glorify crime and transform criminals into heroes in an unforgivable way, the story development and scenes illustrate so many lessons in business. I recommend that every entrepreneur to study these films to clarify issues of integrity, values, negotiations and strategy.

10. Working Girl (1988). Perhaps one of the greatest business movies of all time, it tells the struggle of a young female executive as she fights for fair treatment in the corporate world. It gives us numerous insights into human behavior and gender issues in business. This one is an absolute must-see!

11. Wall Street (1987). Michael Douglas’s infamous speech in this 1980s classic gets right at the center of greed in business. While ingenious and honest, it does misrepresent the fact that many entrepreneurs operate in ways that can lead to both long-term profits and personal satisfaction, along with the ability to change society forever. It is still worth watching with many great lessons and the opportunity for critique.

12. Risky Business (1983). This is Cruise’s breakthrough film, which follows his character along a true entrepreneurial journey. He identifies a market–although an inappropriate one–and begins his business. The negotiations are very well done, and the ambiguity and stress of running a business come through strong–these are two hallmarks of entrepreneurship.


Cruise interpreting an entrepreneur in one of his most famous roles (source)

13. Up in the Air (2009). This might be George Clooney’s greatest film. It shows a painful point in business, through which every entrepreneur must go: adjusting your costs by lowering your headcount. From my own experience, I know that if you are not willing to do that and to learn to do it in a kind and passionate way, your business won’t last long. Markets go up and down–and your costs will always have to adapt to the market.

14. Pursuit of Happyness (2006). This is an incredibly inspiring true story that will speak to anyone who has known both the curses and the blessings of trying to make it in business–even when it seems every door closes in your face. A true story that follows an entrepreneurial spirit portrayed by Will Smith, as he sacrifices and loses everything for his business dream. Later a chance encounter leads him to an internship at a brokerage, and in the end, to owning his own firm.


The tension and stress of sales–and how not to succeed in sales–from Glengarry, Glen Ross (source)

15. Glengarry, Glen Ross (1992). No film since this one has illustrated basic sales concepts more clearly. Based on the famous Mamet play, most of the film shows you how not to do it. The brutal honesty in many of its scenes and the genius of the acting will provide many lessons in starting a business.

I hope this list of films and clips will help you; I urge every entrepreneur to watch these, and to study their lessons.

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Oregon Bakery Must Pay For Refusing To Make Wedding Cake For Lesbian Couple

The owners of an Oregon bakery must pay $ 135,000 in damages for refusing to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple, a state official ruled on Thursday.

Oregon Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian agreed with a preliminary ruling that Sweet Cakes by Melissa illegally discriminated against a Portland couple in 2013 by turning down their request based on their sexual orientation, The Oregonian reported.

A judge had ordered owners Aaron and Melissa Klein to pay $ 75,000 in damages to Rachel Bowman-Crye and another $ 60,000 to her wife, Laurel Bowman-Cryer.

The Kleins had argued it was against their Christians beliefs to participate in a same-sex marriage. Supporters raised money for them earlier this year after an administrative law judge imposed the penalty.

The Bowman-Cryers, through their attorney Paul Thompson, said in a statement they were glad Avakian sent “a clear message that discrimination will simply not be tolerated in our state.”

“This has been a terrible ordeal for our entire family. We never imagined finding ourselves caught up in a fight for social justice,” they said.

“We endured daily, hateful attacks on social media, received death threats and feared for our family’s safety, yet our goal remained steadfast. We were determined to ensure that this kind of blatant discrimination never happened to another couple, another family, another Oregonian,” the statement continued. “Everyone deserves to be treated as an equal member of society.”

An email to HuffPost, the bakery said the decision was wrong, adding, “Americans should tolerate diverse opinions, not use the government to punish fellow citizens with different views. This case has become a poster for an overpowered elected official using his position to root out thought and speech with which he personally disagrees.”

The owners vowed in a Facebook post to appeal the decision:

“The final ruling has been made today. We have been charged with $ 135,000 in emotional damages, But also now Aaron has been charged with advertising. (Basically talking about not wanting to participate in a same-sex wedding) This effectively strips us of all our first amendment rights. According to the state of Oregon we neither have freedom of religion or freedom of speech. We will NOT give up this fight, and we will NOT be silenced. We stand for God’s truth, God’s word and freedom for ALL americans. We are here to obey God not man, and we will not conform to this world. If we were to lose everything it would be totally worth it for our Lord who gave his one and only son, Jesus, for us! God will win this fight.

The Sweet Cakes website features quotations from Biblical passages, such as, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight” from the book of Proverbs. It also explicitly states the bakery is interested in baking for weddings between a man and a woman.

“We here at Sweet Cakes strongly believe that when a man and woman come together to be joined as one, it is truly one of the most special days of their lives,” the homepage said. “We feel truely [sic] honored when we are chosen to do the cake for your special day.”

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Bikini Fit Hacks: 3 Things You Must Do as Soon You Put on Your Swimsuit

By Leah Melby, Glamour

A Belusso bikini, courtesy of brand

According to bathing suit expert Kirsten Sarkisian, you never put on a bikini top only once. “First, you put it on–simply put it on your body,” the founder of Belusso swimwear tells Glamour, “but do not assume it’s ready to go at this point.”

Here’s why a perfect-fitting suit can require a little bit of adjusting–and three easy steps to making sure everything is shimmied into place.

Per Sarkisian, getting the perfect fit can be broken down into three quick steps.

1. Right away, handle the straps, making them tighter or looser so that they feel secure but aren’t digging into your skin.

2. Then, manually arrange your breasts by picking them up and pulling them gently toward the center of your torso–they should be fully enclosed by the structure of the bikini top.

3. Finish by checking yourself in a mirror to see if the top is riding up too high in the back or on the sides and make slight coordinating adjustments to the straps.

If you find you’re rarely pleased with how your curves look in a bikini, there could be a sneaky suspect to blame.

“Padding can sag when it gets wet and takes longer to dry than the rest of the suit,” Sarkisian said. “A suit with a little bit of it can be a good call for women with smaller breasts, but beware. Look for suits with removable pads so you can pull it out if need be.”

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Bikini Fit Hacks: 3 Things You Must Do as Soon You Put on Your Swimsuit

According to bathing suit expert Kirsten Sarkisian, you never put on a bikini top only once. “First, you put it on—simply put it on your body,” the founder of Belusso swimwear tells Glamour, “but do not assume it’s ready to go at this point.”

Here’s why a perfect-fitting suit can require a little bit of adjusting—and three easy steps to making sure everything is shimmied into place.


A Belusso bikini

Per Sarkisian, getting the perfect fit can be broken down into three quick steps.

1. Right away, handle the straps, making them tighter or looser so that they feel secure but aren’t digging into your skin.

2. Then, manually arrange your breasts by picking them up and pulling them gently toward the center of your torso—they should be fully enclosed by the structure of the bikini top.

3. Finish by checking yourself in a mirror to see if the top is riding up too high in the back or on the sides and make slight coordinating adjustments to the straps.

If you find you’re rarely pleased with how your curves look in a bikini, there could be a sneaky suspect to blame.

“Padding can sag when it gets wet and takes longer to dry than the rest of the suit,” Sarkisian said. “A suit with a little bit of it can be a good call for women with smaller breasts, but beware. Look for suits with removable pads so you can pull it out if need be.”

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Let the pros show you exactly how to wash your swimsuits:

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Booting People Out of Your Life? Some Must Go — Some Have Time Limits

You’re thinking about that person right now aren’t you? You know, the one who makes you want to poke ink pens into your own eye sockets?

Some people in our lives drive us absolutely nuts. We want to shake them while saying, “What in the hell is wrong with you?” Family members, friends, co-workers and life partners can all drift into the category of toxicity. Sometimes we work on projects which are the highlights of our lives and we find ourselves trapped by a nut case. You desperately wish to move on, but you feel guilty about booting them out of your life.

I am in week four of the six-week OCourse, “Thrive” with Arianna Huffington on Oprah Winfrey’s website. Last week, we worked on identifying the most important priorities in our personal lives and dropping the priorities which just take up space. People who are considered to be fundamentally different from my personal core values were on the table. Not an easy process at first glance and it disturbed me for a time.

The course is interactive. I was asked by a Productions Assistant from OWN if I had a question for Arianna which could be shared with everyone in the course. In week three, Arianna speaks about “letting people off of your train.” Your train is a metaphor for your life and the people who are riding with you as time moves forward.

My question was…
“When focusing on the priorities and projects [of my own], I have found some of the ones I want to keep, have people within them that I want to let off my train. What is a good way to deal with them?”

Arianna’s answer to my question was a deep probe into my core values and how to evaluate whether or not people in my life are truly toxic. Her answer was brilliant. The fundamental difference I have with relating to my core values becomes a key indicator of toxic people in life who need to be escorted off of my train. Some folks may have difficult personalities which oppose mine, yet at the same time they maintain similar core values. Those are the ones who are not toxic and are the ones who I can simply set time limits upon.

I reflected upon how I have let people off of my train in the past with relation to my most passionate personal project. As I think about it now, I realize the notion of cleansing the toxicity from life is one of the core messages within Path of Three Hundred.

Let’s say for a moment that you are in a relationship with someone you believe to be the love of your life. “Oh yeah, that one…I can’t live without him or her even though he or she cheats, lies, talks crap behind my back and walks all over me as if I was a doormat.” Well, there is the very clear clue of a toxic person who must be booted off of your train. Yes, forgive them and yourself, but get them the hell off now. This is the one on your train who is easy to boot off once you find the courage within yourself to be alone for a while. The bonus with this one is you may find yourself on a very cool, yet scary, adventure where you learn epic lessons of life. I did and was transformed.


You are in the midst of creating something which you feel passionate about. Your life’s work which you feel could bring about massive positive change in the lives of millions, both alive and yet to be born. OK, that may be a bit extreme, but you get my drift. You are working on your passion and fulfilling a dream. Whatever it is, it’s big to you.

Along the path of your project, you invite others (or they invite themselves) to join you in the creation of your masterpiece. As time goes by, you begin to realize a few of them are not really on board with how you think. Yet, they contribute in such a way that their efforts make your project even better. They may even help create a better you.

Thus, a dilemma and this is where Arianna’s answer to my question becomes a key point. There will always be people in our lives we can only take for brief amounts of time. They exist in a gray area. We really do not have to do anything except establish some boundaries. Perhaps difficult at first, but once they are set, life will flow nicely.

Arianna said, “Make sure people are truly toxic.”

I had to let her statement gel for a while…days actually. I meditated while at the beach with my dog and took several long walks in silence. Upon the reflection with her statement diving deep into my core, I realized something about myself. I was doing something which I cannot stand being done to me. I was judging people I loved when I simply needed to establish some space. It’s part of the awakening process.

The cool thing about this process is now you have a way to recognize the ones who truly are toxic and the ones who we just need to put a little distance between us and them. You can boot someone off forever. Some need to be escorted off your train if they are “draining energy instead of being part of the joy of our lives,” as Arianna stated in the answer to my question. You can keep most of your people around with respectful and loving distance.

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Dorothy Must Die Stories

Dorothy Must Die Stories

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The Traveler's Atlas: North America: A Guide to the Places You Must See in Your Lifetime

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5 Things the Bride and Groom Must Do for Themselves Even if They Have a Wedding Planner

A wedding will not plan itself with little attention from the bride and/or groom, even if you hire an experienced, professional wedding planner. I’m sorry, but that’s the facts of life. You can find the best planner in the world and pay her a ton of money and give her an unlimited budget (which rarely, if ever, happens), and she can do the vast majority of the planning for you; however, there are some decisions the bride and groom must make.

Some couples reading this must think it sounds crazy that some brides and grooms have so little interest in their own wedding details because they’re up to their necks in every last detail of their own wedding plans. But some engaged couples don’t have time — legitimately — to take on the minutia of dealing with all the decisions, contracts, vendors, etc. They want to hire somebody to do everything for them.

And we can do most of it. While it makes me uncomfortable to choose certain things on behalf of a client whom I’ve never met that lives thousands of miles away, if they tell me it’s my choice and they don’t want to deal with it, it’s my job. With that said, there are five things that brides and grooms MUST do for themselves, even if they have a wedding planner:

1. You must plan your own wedding ceremony. We give our clients a planning guide that’s easier than Mad Libs but some of them still put it off to the very last minute and are surprised they have to do it themselves. I cannot choose the vows a couple will exchange during the wedding ceremony. These are serious promises you’re making before your friends and God (or whatever/whoever you believe in) and you have to decide what you want to say. The “charge to the couple” — basically the instructions for married life — is something else important for the couple to select based on their own beliefs about marriage. The one and only time I was left with absolutely no vows from a groom, the bride and I substituted some Dr. Seuss vows that were hilarious. It worked, but did it really mean anything for their lives together?

2. You have to decide whether you’re taking your spouse’s last name or not, and how you want to be introduced to your guests at the conclusion of the ceremony and when you make your grand entrance at the reception. I can name you if you want me to, but seriously folks, that’s a pretty major thing. If she’s not taking his last name, there can be blowback from older, more traditional guests if we make it obvious so there are ways around that. And with same-sex weddings, it’s even trickier because they have more options. I have to know what you want to be called or I can’t do it properly at your wedding. Neither can the minister.

3. Even if you don’t know anything about flowers, you have to show me a picture of a bridal bouquet you like, and give me some sort of clue about how you want your wedding décor to be planned. There are literally thousands of example pictures on our Facebook, Instagram and other social media pages — look and pick something you like. You can really send me a picture of anything from anywhere and I’ll work with you on that, but telling me that you want it to be “simple” and you “hate pink” does not give me enough information to plan a “dream wedding” you’ll have to look at in pictures for the rest of your married life.

4. Honorees who are being asked to give toasts at your wedding must be selected by the bride and groom, in advance. Otherwise, you’ll have a never-ending, round robin of wasted guests jumping up to grab the microphone and add their two cents about you in front of all your family and friends. After a few cocktails, everyone thinks they’re a comedian. Toasts become roasts. And it can go on forever, burning up precious dance and party time at the reception. Obviously, as the wedding planner, I have no idea who you’d like to have toast and without that information, I have no way to control what will actually go down at your wedding. You should discuss your selections AS A COUPLE and give your wedding planner the exact names of who you’d like to have say a few words. If this is hard for you, stick to tradition and have the best man, maid of honor, parents of the groom and parents of the bride offer toasts, in that order. And of course, the bride and groom should toast and thank their guests when everyone is finished.

5. Your wedding planner cannot choose your wedding music. I will not take responsibility for selecting the songs you will process and recess to at your wedding ceremony. I won’t choose your entrance or first dance song for your reception. If you forget a last dance, I’ll figure something out, but the others are too meaningful for a complete stranger (because that’s really what I am even if you have met with me once in person when you visited the island) to choose them for you. Beware the wedding planner who leaves your blanks in the hands of a bad DJ — you could suddenly hear “Pour Some Sugar on Me” blasting after you cut the cake, or bonafide stripper music during the garter removal and toss. Funny as we think it is, you don’t want “Closing Time” to be your last dance song even if that’s how the staff is feeling when your event finally ends. But if you didn’t take the time to fill out the music request forms (and the “do not play” list) ahead of time, you just never know what you’ll hear playing at your wedding.

Trust me when I say this blog is oversimplified — I have a lot of clients who eventually do want to make decisions they initially put into my hands. And then we have to redo all the work we’ve already done. Be sure that you truly don’t care when you say you “don’t care” or you’re putting everybody through hell planning, and re-planning, your wedding details.

And just for the record, the next time a bride tells me that she “doesn’t care” what her wedding cake looks like or what flavor it is, I’m going for something incredibly weird and whacky just so I can blog about it and prove a point. Maybe chocolate with peanut butter filling, decorated with their names and wedding date spelled out in mini Reese’s cups would be fun? Enough of me being nice and finding them neutral cakes I can decorate with pretty flowers. They said it was up to me, right? I’m going to have some fun with it.

Until next time, happy wedding planning from Weddings in Vieques and Sandy Malone Weddings & Events.
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Russell Crowe Comes Under Fire For Saying Actresses Must Act Their Age

In an interview with Australian Women’s Weekly, Russell Crowe made some inflammatory comments about actresses and age-appropriate roles. Crowe’s remarks appeared online two weeks ago, but caught a wave of attention on Monday morning which resulted in accusations of sexism.

Crowe was promoting his directorial debut, “The Water Diviner,” when he spoke about portraying a father of three grown sons in the movie. Saying he couldn’t have played the role 20 years ago, Crowe launched into a sermon about women’s place on the big screen:

The best thing about the industry I’m in — movies — is that there are roles for people in all different stages of life. To be honest, I think you’ll find that the woman who is saying that [the roles have dried up] is the woman who at 40, 45, 48, still wants to play the ingénue, and can’t understand why she’s not being cast as the 21-year-old.

Meryl Streep will give you 10,000 examples and arguments as to why that’s bullshit, so will Helen Mirren, or whoever it happens to be. If you are willing to live in your own skin, you can work as an actor. If you are trying to pretend that you’re still the young buck when you’re my age, it just doesn’t work.

I have heard of an actress, part of her fee negotiation was getting the number of children she was supposed to have lessened. Can you believe this? This [character] was a woman with four children, and there were reasons why she had to have four children — mainly, she lived in a cold climate and there was nothing to do but fornicate all day — so quit arguing, just play the role!

The point is, you do have to be prepared to accept that there are stages in life. So I can’t be the Gladiator forever.

A slew of vitriolic headlines popped up in response to the actor’s remarks. Slate, for example, wrote Russell Crowe Says Older Women Don’t Get Movie Roles Because They Refuse to Act Their Age, while Jezebel published its reaction with the headline Always Full of Shit Russell Crowe Says Actresses Should Act Their Age. Here’s Everything Russell Crowe Got Wrong About Women In Film, Australian site Junkee wrote.

HuffPost Entertainment contacted Crowe’s rep for further comment but did not receive an immediate response.

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Must See Painting Shows: March 2014

So I got a little carried away this month. There are so many strong shows around the country that this month’s must see list contains twenty-eight exhibtitons, and I could have easily added more.

It is a big week in the New York art world as multiple art fairs come to town, including The Armory Show, VOLTA and The ADAA Art Show, and the 2014 installment of the Whitney Biennial opens. Art dealers know an opportunity when they see one, so don’t be surprised to see a number of Biennial artists well represented in the various art fairs. I want to congratulate two New American Paintings’ alumni, past cover artist Keith Mayerson and Chicago-based Molly Zuckerman-Hartung, on their inclusion in this very painter friendly Biennial. Both are also currently featured in commercial gallery shows at Derek Eller Gallery in New York City and Corbett vs. Dempsey In Chicago, respectively.

There are close to three-dozen NAP alumni on view around the country. In Los Angeles, Ben Weiner continues to impress with his painterly chops. His just opened show at Mark Moore Gallery includes stunning examples of his large-scale photorealist/abstract images, as well as a new series of small-scale works made with some interesting materials. Right nearby in Culver City are Brian Porray’s show at Western Project, and a soon-to-open solo of work by 2013 MFA Annual artist and Yale grad, Evan Nesbit. Four extremely talented LA-based NAP alumni are currently having solo shows in New York City, including Lisa Sanditz at CRG Gallery, Iva Gueorguieva at Ameringer|McEnery|Yohe, Sarah Cain at Galerie Lelong, and the young and already in demand Brenna Youngblood at Tilton Gallery (Youngblood will be the focus of an exhibition at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis later this year).

Some months seem to favor mid-career and established artists, but emerging talent is on view everywhere in March. In Chicago, William J. O’Brien, who works in a range of media – from ceramics to painting – opens a show of new work at Shane Campbell Gallery (the artist is currently having his first comprehensive museum survey at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago). In San Francisco, Altman Sigel is presenting the delicate paintings of the Japanese artist, Shinpei Kusanagi. In Minneapolis, the young and on-the-move David Petersen Gallery is exhibiting new paintings by hometown emerging artist, Scott Nedrelow.

I don’t even know where to begin with New York City. Shows by emerging artists that I am excited about include: Ethan Cook at American Contemporary, Jordan Kantor at Churner and Churner, Mika Tajima at Eleven Rivington, Gabriel Hartley at Foxy Production, Liam Everett at On Stellar Rays, Donelle Woolford at Wallspace, and Ned Vena at Real Fine Arts in Brooklyn. One of our favorites at NAP, Summer Wheat, opens a show at the Lower East Side space, Pocket Utopia, on March 16th, and will also be the focus of a solo booth presentation with Samson at the Nada New York art fair in May.

Please visit the New American Paintings/BLOG for a more comprehensive list of must-see painting shows in March.

New American Paintings magazine is a juried exhibition-in-print, and the largest series of artist competitions in the United States. Working with experienced curators, New American Paintings reviews the work of thousands of emerging artists each year. Forty artists are selected to appear in each bi-monthly edition, many of whom go on to receive substantial critical and commercial success. Additional content focuses on the medium of painting, those who influence its direction, and the role contemporary painting plays within the art world. Visit New American Paintings for more information or to subscribe.
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Put Me Down from the Cross: Your Light Must Shine Again

Put Me Down from the Cross: Your Light Must Shine Again

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Mens Heaven 4 Toes Must Have

Mens Heaven 4 Toes Must Have

Contains one pair of Bartolo tongue cushions, one pair of Alberto arch cushions and one pair of Mario toe cushions. The Bartolo tongue cushion prevents a shoe from ruining your whole day because it adheres to the tongue of your shoes to keep the top of your foot padded and protected, while preventing red irritated skin and bruising. The Alberto arch cushion helps to relieve lower back pain by providing proper arch support by adhering to the arch area of any shoe. The Mario toe cushion is a durable polyurethane pad that applies to the inside top of your shoes to prevent blisters, skin abrasions, and irritation. Accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).

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