iHeartMedia, Pride Media to Co-Produce Slate of LGBTQ+ Podcasts

iHeartMedia is teaming with Pride Media, the media company whose brands include Out, The Advocate and Pride, to co-produce a slate of LGBTQ+ podcasts in 2019-20. The partnership will kick off with “The Outcast,” an iHeartRadio original podcast co-produced with Out Magazine. Hosted by Out Magazine deputy editor Fran Tirado, the weekly podcast will explore […]



From True Crime to Consumer Tips, Fox Television Stations Rev Up Local Podcasts

When WNYW-TV reporter Dan Bowens found himself wiping away an inch of dust from Beta tapes of newscast recordings excavated from the Fox O&O’s archives, he knew he had something. Bowens is the host of WNYW’s podcast “The Tape Room,” which focuses on deep dives into unsolved crimes from the New York, New Jersey and […]



The IGN UK Podcast’s Alternative Games Awards 2018

As the end of the year approaches, we’ve become remarkably introspective, and retrospective, on this week’s IGN UK Podcast.

Yes, lots of people will be dishing out award over the coming month, including IGN’s proper ones, but these right here are real awards. Don’t worry no one will read this, so that’s a little secret between us and you.

Don’t tell.

Remember, if you want to get in touch with the podcast, please do: ign_ukfeedback@ign.com

IGN UK Podcast #465: The Alternative Games Awards 2018

The 10 Best Sex Podcasts No Matter Your Taste

Rated for your convenience.

Lifestyle – Esquire


15 Notable Podcasts That Came Out In 2016

What happened with podcasting in 2016? Certainly there was no runaway hit like “Serial” Season 1 that we can use as a tentpole to draw conclusions about The State Of Audio Today. When I think of this year’s water-cooler conversations on culture, the things that come to mind are “Stranger Things,” “Westworld” or “La La Land” — at least in my experience, no one podcast has yet to reach the critical mass of Sarah Koenig and co.’s serialized investigation of a murky Baltimore murder. 

That doesn’t mean that podcasts didn’t make an impact. When I look back at the audio that affected me this year, I think of emotional fictional narratives or soul-baring admissions of humanity

In an episode of Chris Gethard’s podcast “Beautiful/Anonymous,” he tells someone that in doing his show (wherein anyone can call in anonymously to a number and Gethard will give them one hour of his time to listen and chat), he hopes that people find solace in having a platform and feeling listened to. And in turn, listening to people reminds him that his everyday trials and anxieties are part of a larger whole.

That is part of why I find podcasts so appealing — they help me remember that there are millions of experiences and perspectives I have yet to learn from, or appreciate. In short, in 2016, I spent a lot of time listening to people.

Below is a selection of podcasts that were born (or reborn) in 2016 that I loved, and hope you will, too.

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9 Podcasts We’re Downloading This Spring


These tiny, portable files make for perfect travel companions. They don’t take up space and provide hours of entertainment on the go.

By Berit Baugher for Fathom | It took the Serial phenomenon to unite Team Fathom on the awesomeness that is the podcast. Without naming names, there were a few skeptics in the bunch to balance out those of us who’d been touting their love of the medium for years. But we’re all on the same page now: These tiny, portable files make for perfect travel companions. They don’t take up space and provide hours of entertainment on the go. Here’s what we’re listening to this spring. Some new. Some old. All worth a download.

1. Song Exploder

In each 12-20 minute episode, a musician breaks down one of his/her songs. After listening to the science behind the song, you hear it in its entirety with fresh ears.
Start here: House of Cards Main Title Theme

2. Dear Sugar Radio

The advice columnist who calls you “sweet pea” and urges you to fight your insatiable jealousy, find redemption, and “write like a motherfucker” is actually two people, Steve Almond and Cheryl Strayed, and now a radio podcast. The pair delve deeply, empathetically, and beautifully into questions of nurture, acceptance, loss, infidelity, and love — and help you decide when to hold the reigns or let them go so you can ride out your wildest journey.
Start here: Meet the Sugars

3. Martini Shot

The weekly four-minute KCRW podcast created by producer, screenwriter, author (and Fathom contributor) Rob Long breaks down the ins, out, and insanities of Hollywood. Long is a hilarious guide who pulls no punches in his insightful assessment of the place, the industry, and the myth that is Tinseltown.
Start here: Botoxing History

4. Criminal

If you’re experiencing Serial withdrawal, Criminal will help tide you over until season two. The year-old podcast tackles fascinating stories of those who’ve done wrong and been wronged in single episodes ranging from 11-24 minutes.
Start here: He’s Neutral

5. Gravy

The Southern Foodways Alliance’s 20-30 minute podcast tells the stories of the people behind the changing culture and food of the American South. Whether you’re a native Southerner exploring the way that culture and food meet or just a Yankee looking to live vicariously through Derby Pie and oysters, Gravy will have you hooked.
Start here: The Pie Formerly Known as Derby

6. Meet the Composer

The radio show focuses on understanding the creative process behind the world’s most impressive musical minds. Expert commentary is paired with sound design and interviews for an immersive hour of humor, charm, and curiosity.
Start here: Failure is An Option

7. Planet Money

Economics isn’t all numbers. Every 10-20 minute episode explores the stories surrounding how and why our system works the way it does. I’m not a financial person, but connecting the economy to voices and stories makes it easy to follow along.
Start Here: The People Inside Your Machine

8. StartUp

If you’re into reality television, this is a more tasteful way to get your fix: Eavesdrop on the inner workings of a New York City media startup. It’s entertaining, and you’ll learn useful lessons like how not to pitch a Silicon Valley billionaire and what to do when your team is totally burnt out.
Start here: Is Podcasting the Future of the Past?

9. Decode DC

Need someone to explain the ins and outs of whatever’s happening in the capital right now? Decode DC delivers the inside scoop on whatever’s big in politics right now, from the Ukraine, to free college, to Obamacare, in quick (15-30 minutes) and painless doses.
Start here: Race, Police, and Chokeholds

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Berit is an editor at Fathom. You can follower her on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. She travels for sweets and beautiful design.

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