Fashion Group International Names New President, CEO

Six months after the death of its longtime leader Margaret Hayes, Fashion Group International has tapped Maryanne Grisz as her successor as president and chief executive officer. Directly prior to taking on these responsibilities, Grisz had served as FGI’s managing director of events and operations since January of this year. As an insider, she has worked closely with chairman James D’Adamo. Grisz joined FGI as director of special events and social media strategies in 2012 and shouldered the additional responsibility of handling brand development in 2015. As an attorney, film producer of producer of global events, Grisz offers a diverse skill set. Having become a member 20 years ago while living in Philadelphia, she became a regional director in the late Nineties before taking on the voluntary role of district director for the East Coast, overseeing Boston; Philadelphia; Washington, D.C., and three regions in Ohio. In 2003, she relocated to New York and later pitched in at FGI as a member volunteer by co-chairing “Career Day” and serving on the “Frontliners” committee. At Hayes’ request, she agreed to act as a consultant for the group’s social media. When the position of FGI’s director of special events became available in 2013, Grisz, a

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Toonz Media Group Names Carlos Biern President of Animation Production

Celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year, India’s Toonz Media Group announced on Monday a change in leadership at its Spanish subsidiary Imira Entertainment, one of Spain’s leading producers and distributors of kids and family content. The doble move sees seasoned animation producer Carlos Biern joins Toonz as its new president of animation productions & co-productions […]



Ryan Seacrest Enterprises President Resigns

Kelly Mullens Brown, a key executive at Ryan Seacrest Enterprises, is leaving her post as president at the end of February.
Brown, who has been with the company for more than seven years, oversees corporate strategy, brand innovation and strategic alliances for Seacrest, and his various business and philanthropic interests.
She was instrumental in the creation of Seacrest’s apparel collection, Ryan Seacrest Distinction, at Macy’s in 2014. Brown joined the company as executive vice president of external relations in July 2012, and was elevated to president in November 2013. She also holds the title of president of RSD Lifestyle LLC, a role she took on in July 2016.
“I’m grateful to Kelly for her significant contributions and unwavering dedication to my business and philanthropic interests over the past seven years,” Seacrest said. “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working closely with and mentoring Kelly. Her intelligence, curiosity, passion, creativity and spirited drive will ensure she is successful in whatever path she chooses going forward.”
He said Brown has “a strong track record in cultivating strategic and successful partnerships, negotiating and executing complex, new business initiatives with a commitment to quality in everything she does,” he added.
Brown said her duties will be split among the company’s executive team.
“I’m indebted to Ryan and appreciate the faith and confidence he gave me throughout my tenure. I’m proud of everything we accomplished together,” Brown said. “This job has been one of the highlights of my

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President Trump Says He Plans to Sign an Executive Order Terminating Birthright Citizenship

Donald Trump’s tough stance on immigration was pushed even further on Monday night, when the president revealed his plans to terminate birthright citizenship.

In an interview with Axios on HBO, Trump said he hopes to sign an executive order that would end the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, which gives right to citizenship for babies of non-citizens and unauthorized immigrants born on American soil.

“It’s in the process. It’ll happen with an executive order,” Trump said, surprised the Axios on HBO hosts knew about his plan. “I didn’t think anybody knew that but me. I thought I was the only one.”

“It was always told to me that you needed a constitutional amendment. Guess what? You don’t,” Trump said, adding that White House lawyers were working on it. “You can definitely do it with an act of Congress but now they’re saying I can do it with just an executive order.”

Many countries, including Canada, grant birthright citizenship, though Trump told Axios on HBO that it was only a problem in the United States.

“We’re the only country in the world where a person comes in and has a baby, and the baby is essentially a citizen of the United States for 85 years with all of those benefits,” Trump said. “It’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous. And it has to end.”

News of Trump’s plan comes a week before the mid-term elections, where feelings about his polarizing immigration policy are expected to be a driving factor to the polls.

Immigration has been a major focus of controversy throughout Trump’s presidential campaign and presidency — from his promises to build a wall to his now-reversed zero-tolerance policy that separated migrant children from their families and held them at detainment centers at the U.S./Mexico border.

The president has also been escalating his threats about a migrant caravan of 4,000 Central Americans walking through Central America fleeing violence and grim living conditions in their home countries and expected to seek asylum in the United States. On Monday, the Pentagon announced the deployment of 5,200 additionally troops to meet the caravan at the border.

I called up the military, they’re wasting their time,” he told Fox News’ Laura Ingraham in a pre-recorded interview that aired Monday, maintaining his unconfirmed claim that the group of immigrants coming included “many gang members.”

RELATED VIDEO: PEOPLE Writer Natasha Stoynoff Breaks Silence, Accuses Donald Trump of Sexual Attack

As for what would happen to those immigrants applying for asylum, Trump said he plans to “build tent cities” and “hold” them there before their pending court dates rather than release them into the U.S.

“If they applied for asylum, we’re going to hold them until such time as their trial takes place,” Trump told Ingraham. “We’re going to put up, we’re going to build tent cities. We’re going to put tents up all over the place. We’re not going to build structures and spend all of this, you know, hundreds of millions of dollars — we’re going to have tents. … They’re going to be very nice.”

Fashion Deals Update:

Neal Kusnetz Joins Ovadia & Sons as President

The Ovadia twins have found their president.
Neal Kusnetz, the cofounder and former president of Robert Graham, who served most recently as president of men’s and private brands for Xcel Brands, has come on board to help Ovadia & Sons expand its reach.
As reported in July, twins Shimon and Ariel Ovadia were searching for someone to join the company as they expand beyond U.S. borders, relaunch their e-commerce site and move into other product categories.
And after meeting with Kusnetz, they knew they’d found the right fit.
“We feel good about this,” said Shimon. “Ariel and I started this business with pure passion to make product, but no business plan and no financial backing.”
The brothers founded Ovadia & Sons in 2010 and the business has grown substantially from a tailored clothing-skewed brand to a multi-category lifestyle label with some 100 retail accounts including Barneys New York, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue.
Shimon said Kusnetz will oversee the day-to-day operations of the brand while he and his brother will “concentrate on product and brand image.
“Running the day-to-day takes up a lot of time and micro-managing,” he added, “and we were at a point where bringing in someone with Neal’s experience to run the operations

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Jay Z Named President of Basketball Operations at Puma

Jay Z will have an executive position at Puma.
The artist and entrepreneur has joined the sports brand as president of basketball operations and will work on player signings, product design and marketing strategy.
The appointment came on the same day that Puma said it was relaunching its basketball division. It hosted an event in Brooklyn with former New York Knicks legend Walt “Clyde” Frazier, who was honored with a lifetime Puma contract.

Walt “Clyde” Frazier and Deandre Ayton 
Getty Images for PUMA

This relaunch comes shortly after Puma signed Deandre Ayton, Marvin Bagley and Zhaire Smith to its basketball roster. Ayton is predicted to be the number-one pick at this Thursday’s NBA draft and Bagley’s deal is one of the biggest rookie shoe deals since Kevin Durant signed with Nike in 2007. Vince Carter was the last NBA player Puma endorsed in 1998.
In his new role, Jay Z will influence which players Puma works with in its basketball division and how the brand develops aesthetically. Roc Nation, Jay Z’s entertainment company, has worked with Puma before on different sneaker releases including Jay Z’s 4:44 Clyde sneaker that had a limited release at Kith, and Emory Jones’ two-shoe collaboration that was released last February. Big

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Peggy Eskenasi Named President of Vera Wang Group

CHANGES AT WANG: Peggy Eskenasi, a former Nine West Holdings Inc. and Kohl’s executive, has been named president of Vera Wang Group. She succeeds Veronique Gabai-Pinsky who has been in the role since January 2016.
According to a Wang spokeswoman, Gabai-Pinksy resigned for personal reasons. Neither she, Wang nor Eskenasi were available for comment Friday.
“Vera Wang personally thanks her for her valuable contribution to the company during her tenure and wishes her all the best,” the Wang spokeswoman said of Gabai-Pinsky.
Eskenasi had been executive chairwoman of Nine West Holdings, Inc. from September 2014 to May 2016. Before that, she was senior executive vice president of product development at Kohl’s Department Stores, which has held the license for Simply Vera Vera Wang since 2007. While at Kohl’s, Eskenasi was instrumental in building a large stable of brands that are either exclusive to Kohl’s stores or licensed to the company, such as Simply Vera Vera Wang, Jennifer Lopez, Candie’s, Rock & Republic and Juicy Couture. Earlier, she was president, private brands at Saks Inc. from 1997 to 2004.
Prior to joining Wang, Gabai-Pinsky was global brand president of The Estée Lauder Cos.’ Aramis and Designer Fragrances, BeautyBank and IdeaBank. She oversaw several fragrances, including

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From Stormy Daniels to Russia: A Guide to President Trump’s Biggest Scandals

“Grab ’em by the p—y” was only the beginning. From the special counsel investigation into Russia’s election meddling to the porn star who refuses to be silenced, a whiplashing — and never-ending —string of scandals trail after Donald Trump.

Here’s a look back at some of Trump’s biggest controversies since launching his presidential campaign in June 2015.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia Probe

The president is embroiled in special counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation into the Trump campaign and Russian interference in the 2016 election — a probe that has gradually been closing in on Trump’s inner circle. Democrats and other critics have called for Trump’s impeachment over the alleged collusion, and for the president’s alleged obstruction of the Mueller probe. The president has repeatedly denied accusations of collusion and obstruction.

‘Very Fine People’ in Charlottesville

Last August, Trump stirred a firestorm of lingering criticism for his comments blaming “both sides” for the deadly violence at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“You look at both sides ​–​ I think there’s blame on both sides, and I have no doubt about it, and you don’t have any doubt about it either,” Trump said of the clashes between white supremacists and counter-protesters, which ultimately resulted in the death of 32-year-old Heather Heyer. He also repeatedly said there were some “very fine people” on both sides.

Critics said Trump did not go far enough in condemning white supremacy, but he stood by his comments and even doubled down on them in the weeks that followed.

Corrupt—Perhaps Unconstitutional—Business Dealings?

Just days after the president was inaugurated on Jan. 20, the nonprofit legal watchdog group CREW filed a lawsuit alleging that Trump’s business dealings violated a constitutional provision prohibiting officeholders from accepting “emoluments or presents” from foreign governments.

Democratic Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison and other critics have said that Trump should be impeached for violating the clause.

“I mean, on day one he was – on day one he was in violation of the Emoluments Clause,” Ellison said last February. “This is a part of the Constitution that says as the president you can’t get payments from a foreign power. The day people checked into his hotel and started paying him, who were foreign dignitaries, he was in violation of that law.”

Since then, Trump has continued to promote his hotels and golf courses. And the sons to whom he turned over operations of the family business—Don Jr. and Eric—have been criticized for mixing official business with company business. Government watchdogs faulted Don Jr.’s recent trip to India to promote a Trump condominium project and give a foreign-policy speech as “Trump’s company is literally selling access to the president’s son overseas,” according to The Washington Post.

West Wing Staffing Chaos

President Trump on Tuesday fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in a surprise Twitter announcement. Just two weeks earlier, White House communications director Hope Hicks handed in her resignation after Trump reportedly “berated” her for telling the House Intelligence Committee she had told “white lies” for the president. A source told PEOPLE at the time that “she had enough.” Those are just the latest oustings in a long line of resignations and firings that include White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter, who resigned after accusations of domestic abuse from both of his ex-wives came to light (Porter has denied the allegations); Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price, who resigned amid a scandal involving his use of private jets to travel for government business; and chief strategist Steve Bannon, who was fired not long after Charlottesville, as Trump faced mounting pressure to remove the controversial alt-right figure from his staff.

Golfing Habits

As a private citizen, Trump frequently criticized then-President Barack Obama for his golfing habits.

But according to Politifact’s Trump Golf Tracker, the president has already far outpaced Obama in the amount of time he spends on the green. As of Dec. 28 in the first year of both men’s presidencies, Trump played golf 84 times to Obama’s 26, at a cost of at least $ 42,493,519 to taxpayers.

Paper-Towel Toss in Puerto Rico

In the wake of the devastation in Puerto Rico from Hurricanes Irma and Maria, Trump visited the U.S. territory and sparked backlash by tossing rolls of paper towels to a crowd of survivors. Critics, including San Juan mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, called the moment “abominable” and insensitive.

Caught on Tape: Boasting About Sexual Assault

In early October 2016, The Washington Post published a now infamous Access Hollywood tape revealing Trump boasting to Billy Bush in 2005 about sexually assaulting women.

“Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything,” he said in the 2005 conversation. “Grab ’em by the p—y.”

Shortly after the recording was leaked, Trump acknowledged his comments and apologized for them, but then went on to repeatedly dismiss the remarks as “locker room talk.”

A year later, in November 2017, The New York Times reported that Trump had claimed the leaked tape was fabricated — prompting Access Hollywood to remind the world that the tape was “very real.”

“We wanted to clear something up that has been reported across the media landscape,” host Natalie Morales said on the show at the time. “Let us make this perfectly clear — the tape is very real. Remember his excuse at the time was ‘locker-room talk.’ He said every one of those words.”

Sexual Misconduct Allegations

In the weeks that followed the Access Hollywood scandal, multiple women alleged on the record that Trump had touched, grabbed or kissed them without their permission.

Over the course of his campaign, more than 10 would come forward, including former PEOPLE writer Natasha Stoynoff, who alleged that Trump attacked her at Mar-a-Lago during a 2005 interview. Trump has denied all of the allegations.

Though Trump has thus far avoided consequences for his alleged actions, Stoynoff told PEOPLE in February, “I feel this issue has been ‘on hold’ all year, but not forgotten. It’s been simmering on the stove with the lid on, like a pressure cooker. But now the heat’s on and it’s going to boil and the lid is going to blast off.”

Summer Zervos Defamation Lawsuit

The sexual misconduct claims continued to dog Trump after his election, and dominated headlines again when accuser Summer Zervos, a former contestant on Trump’s reality TV series The Apprentice, sued Trump for defamation just days before his January 2017 inauguration.

Zervos, who alleged Trump kissed her very aggressively and put his hand on her breast without her consent in 2007, argued in the suit that he defamed her and other accusers by calling their claims “lies” and “total fabrication.”

Trump’s lawyers have so far managed to keep the case from going to trial. The Washington Post reported on Feb. 13 that a New York judge was expected to rule “any day” on whether the case should proceed.

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Alleged Affairs with Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal

On Jan. 12, the Wall Street Journal reported that Trump’s longtime lawyer Michael Cohen had arranged a $ 130,000 payment to porn star Stormy Daniels in 2016 so she’d keep quiet about an alleged sexual relationship she had with Trump in July 2006 — less than four months after Trump’s wife, Melania, gave birth to their son, Barron, now 11.

Cohen and the White House have denied the allegation of an affair, with a Trump official telling the Wall Street Journal in January: “These are old, recycled reports, which were published and strongly denied prior to the election.”

After initially denying that such a payment had been made, Cohen later admitted to paying Daniels $ 130,000 out of his own pocket just days before the 2016 election. He called the payment a “private transaction” and said it didn’t violate any campaign finance laws. A recent Wall Street Journal report said Cohen later complained to friends that he hadn’t been reimbursed for the payment.

Daniels is still fighting to tell her story. The New York Times reported Monday that Daniels’ lawyer sent a letter to Cohen offering to return the $ 130,000 payment in exchange for dissolving a so-called “hush agreement.”

But now Trump’s lawyers are reportedly considering legal action to stop 60 Minutes from airing an interview with Daniels that’s slated to air March 18.

Daniel isn’t the only one who allegedly had an affair with the president in 2006.

Last month, The New Yorker reported that Trump also had a consensual sexual relationship with former Playboy Playmate of the Year Karen McDougal in 2006 while married to Melania.

The report detailed an elaborate coverup system Trump allegedly set up to hide and protect his extramarital affairs before his presidency, claiming he used “clandestine hotel-room meetings, payoffs, and complex legal agreements to keep affairs — sometimes multiple affairs he carried out simultaneously — out of the press.”

Trump’s campaign denied he had an affair with McDougal when it was first reported in 2016.

Fashion Deals Update:

President Trump: ‘I Feel Badly for General Flynn’

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump told reporters on Monday that he feels “very badly” for Michael Flynn, his former national security adviser who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI and is now cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller in his probe of potential collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. “I feel badly for […]



Current/Elliott Hires Natalie Ratabesi as Senior Vice President of Design

Natalie Ratabesi has been tapped as senior vice president of design at Current/Elliott, a division of The Collected Group, whose portfolio includes Joie and Equipment, WWD has learned.
Ratabesi will work closely with The Collected Group’s chief brand officer, Sarah Rutson, to oversee design direction of the denim lifestyle brand’s women’s wear and men’s wear collections, beginning with the fall 2018 season. In addition to her new role, Ratabesi will continue to design and operate her own line, TRE by Natalie Ratabesi, a designer collection that will be shipped to stores such as Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Net-a-porter, Forward and Harvey Nichols this month.
Ratabesi takes over the women’s design responsibilities from Michele Manz, who was vice president of design for Current/Elliott women’s. The men’s wear designer remains Kirk Von Heifner.
Rutson, former vice president of global buying at, joined The Collected Group in July and was charged with identifying potential acquisitions to help build the group’s portfolio beyond the contemporary labels currently in its portfolio. The game plan is for The Collected Group to assemble a broader offering across designer, beauty and lifestyle categories.
“We are delighted to bring Natalie on board to head up the Current/Elliott design team. I am

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Francesco Russo Named President of Boglioli

MILAN — Boglioli said Tuesday that the Court of Brescia, Italy, has accepted the procedure of voluntary arrangement with creditors and that a meeting with the creditors has been set for January 18.
“The court’s approval is a fundamental step in the relaunch of the company,” stated the men’s wear company, which is based in Gambara, near Brescia.
The company revealed that all operative powers have been granted to its new president, Francesco Russo. This is seen as a natural step, following the purchase of Boglioli by PHI Industrial Acquisitions this summer. Russo has been part of the PHI Industrial Acquisitions team in Italy since 2014 and was previously general director of La Perla and chief executive officer of storied textile company Mascioni, which is now also controlled by PHI Industrial Acquisitions.
“In these first months, we have already seen with our own eyes Boglioli’s enormous potential in the main global markets, thanks to the strength of its brand and to the excellence of its product, and we are enthusiastically working with all our strength and energies to bring back the company as a leader in the world of outerwear and of men’s elegance,” said Russo.
Andrea Perrone, who was appointed ceo of Boglioli in

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Bachrach President Talks New Brand, Growth Opportunities

One-hundred twenty days. Maybe men’s retailer Bachrach could get an award for that.
In four months and at a cost of about $ 1.3 million, the company filed for Chapter 11, reorganized and emerged nine stores lighter, armed with a new plan for its future.
“The most important thing that we had to accomplish was to close the non-performing stores,” said president Brian Lipman of the bankruptcy’s objective. “Our portion of stores was spread between A, B and C malls. We’re a 100 percent mall-based retailer and some of the locations we had were either in the wrong malls for the product price point we sell or the occupancy costs were just out of the stratosphere. We just couldn’t make money in those doors. And that’s what we accomplished.”
Bachrach, via its in-court restructuring, closed nine doors and now has a fleet of 15 along with e-commerce, in both of which the company sees growth opportunities. While the retailer will consider store growth, that will be in existing markets and will avoid spreading the business too thin, which was one of its issues pre-bankruptcy, Lipman said. It will also look to nab a new, younger customer with the launch of a more fashion-forward, digital

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President Donald Trump Bows Out of Kennedy Center Honors Ceremony

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump have decided to bow out of this year’s Kennedy Center Honors ceremony, the White House said Saturday. The decision comes after several of this year’s honorees — including Norman Lear and Lionel Richie — said they would skip the traditional White House reception that coincides with the… Read more »



Reebok President Lobbies for Academy Award for Best Fitness Trainer

REEBOK’S ACADEMY EFFORT: With “Wonder Woman’s” Gal Gadot, “Baby Driver’s” Ansel Elgort and “Atomic Blonde’s” Charlize Theron earning strong reviews for their chiseled physiques this summer, it’s not surprising that Reebok is appealing to the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences to create an Oscar for best fitness trainer.
In an open letter to academy president John Bailey posted Wednesday afternoon, Reebok president Matt O’Toole noted that the best scenes and storylines often require “amazing physical transformations” thanks to a small field of expert trainers.
While uber-fit overhauls aren’t exactly new (as Sylvester Stallone, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jennifer Lawrence can attest) the C-suite lobbying is an unprecedented tactic. O’Toole notes that for the last 36 years the Academy has handed out Best Makeup and Hairstyling awards. And he made reference to the fact that sound mixers have been recognized by the Academy since 1930. “Why not also reward the people who keep our role models in peak condition?” he wrote.
Reebok wasted no time in reaching out to Bailey, a cinematographer in his own right, who was voted in to head up the academy Tuesday night. But reached Wednesday afternoon, a spokesman for the organization said he was unfamiliar with the

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Cuba Gooding, Andrew Dice Clay Backing Pete Antico for SAG-AFTRA President

Stuntman Pete Antico has gained endorsements for his candidacy for SAG-AFTRA president from Cuba Gooding Jr., Andrew Dice Clay, Mickey Rourke, Danny Aiello and Michael Madsen, Variety has learned exclusively. Antico is one of five candidates seeking the post along with current president Gabrielle Carteris, national board member Esai Morales and independents Robert B. Martin,… Read more »



Marc Bouwer’s President and Influencer Paul Margolin Discusses Fleeting Online Fame

IN AN INSTANT: While many know Paul Margolin as the president of Marc Bouwer Inc., even more know him from Instagram. That was until Wednesday when his account was hacked — and gone with it, 46,000 followers.
That was unwelcome news for Margolin, who has worked as a social influencer with such brands as The Underwear Expert, Morphine Lips and the Chappy dating app, among others. When not working in Bouwer’s Fulton Street studio and office, he has been fielding requests from Musefind and WeTrend. More often than not, Margolin posted images with his fiancé Sergio Zapata. The 360-degree drone-shot video of Zapata proposing to Margolin near Bethesda Fountain in Central Park helped to make them a popular InstaCouple.
“My Instagram stories were getting 4,000 views on a story. There is a value to all of it,” Margolin said. “Plus, I just disappeared to everybody. I only followed 350 and I was followed by 46,000.”
In his 20s Margolin ditched a short-lived modeling career to help Bouwer start his company from the designer’s Greenwich Village apartment. A regular at one of Equinox’s downtown club, Margolin often posted photos of his shirtless self. The favorable responses to his fitness-related posts made him consider getting

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A Pro Tip to the President: Don’t Insult a Woman’s Face

Is this the lowest of lows yet?

Lifestyle – Esquire


Mark Zuckerberg Would be the Youngest and (Likely) First Atheist President

Let us speculate wildly.

Lifestyle – Esquire


South Korea Has A New President, But His Hot Bodyguard Is Stealing The Show

After a year-long scandal surrounding South Korea’s former president, the country finally swore in their new leader, Moon Jae-in, this week. Moon represents a turning point for the country whose government was embroiled in a high-profile corruption scandal.

And that’s all well and good, but there’s someone in the new president’s camp who is causing a different type of scandal.

His name is Choi Young-jae, according to the Korea Times, but you may know him on Twitter as the new South Korean president’s hot bodyguard.

Choi is said to be a part of President Moon’s “handsome brigade,” a term coined by Korean media and given to the group of apparently good-looking individuals who have been selected to be the “attractive public face of the new administration,” according to the Korea Times.

Even in the attractive presidential bunch, Choi’s smoldering good looks have captured the internet’s heart. 

Twitter user Elena Yip, who was one of the first people to publicly praise the distractingly handsome bodyguard, even imagined a romantic storyline for Choi that would fit right into passionate Korean drama TV.

The way he’s always photographed staring sternly into the crowd makes for the perfect inspiration for fan fiction.

After pictures of Choi went viral this week, South Korean blog did the internet a favor and unleashed even more photos of the now-famous bodyguard.

No one seemed to mind the additional eye-candy, but, sadly, that’s all that Choi can ever be for most people. Korea’s Special Warfare Command told the Korea Times that Choi is “‘unfortunately’ married and has two daughters.”

Fans of Moon’s bodyguard will just have to find other ways to get the man’s attention.

In addition to protecting one of South Korea’s most prized assets, Choi is also doing the world another favor: He’s obliterating the stereotype that Asian men are weak and unattractive. 

Thank you, President Moon, for introducing one of your finest protectors to the internet. Our collective thirst thanks you.

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Style – The Huffington Post
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President Trump Defends James Comey Firing, Blasts Opposition in Early Morning Tweets

President Donald Trump lashed out in a series of nine tweets Wednesday morning — two of which were retweets of Drudge Report articles — to defend his sudden firing of FBI Director James Comey, and combat those who have been critical of his decision since it happened on Tuesday. Starting shortly after 7 a.m. ET,… Read more »



Tiffany & Co. Makes a Strong Statement Against President Donald Trump

Tiffany & Co. has joined the conversation about climate change with its latest message. The jewelry company has penned an open letter to Donald Trump.
See the colorful skull tattoos Kesha and Brad Ashenfelter just got to declare their love for each other.
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Sean Spicer Apologizes Again for Hitler Comment: ‘I Have Let the President Down’

WASHINGTON — White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer again apologized for comments he made comparing the use of chemical weapons in Syria to the actions of Adolf Hitler, saying that he had “let the president down” with a mistake that proved a distraction. “I made a mistake. There’s no other way to say it. I… Read more »



When Will the President Defend You?

That depends, what have you done for him lately?

Lifestyle – Esquire


Tailored Brands Names Bruce Thorn President

Douglas Ewert has relinquished the president’s role at Tailored Brands Inc. to Bruce Thorn.
Thorn, formerly executive vice president and chief operating officer, will report to Ewert, who continues as chief executive officer.
“Bruce has been instrumental in driving Tailored Brands’ operational excellence initiatives through a period of tremendous change for our company,” said Ewert. “Under his stewardship, we right-sized our store base, optimized our supply chain and cost structure and strengthened our omnichannel capabilities. We look forward to his ongoing leadership as we continue to innovate the men’s specialty store experience at Tailored Brands.”
Thorn joined the company in June of 2015 and has been overseeing the supply chain, store operations, information technology, strategic planning, omnichannel initiatives and human resources, among other areas. He will continue to serve on the company’s executive committee.
Prior to joining the men’s wear retailer, Thorn was executive vice president of store operations, services and supply chain for PetSmart Inc. He has also worked for Gap Inc., Cintas Corp., Lesco Inc. and the U.S. Army.
Earlier this month, Tailored Brands reported earnings in 2016 of $ 25 million, or 51 cents a diluted share, up from losses of $ 1 billion a year earlier. Tailored Brands’ total operating income for the year came in at $ 132.8

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Brie Larson To Play First Woman To Run For President

Brie Larson is making history.

The Oscar-winning actress will reportedly play Victoria Woodhull, the United States’ first female presidential candidate, in a biopic of the same name.

Amazon Studios acquired the film project on which Larson will also serve as a producer, Deadline reported Wednesday.

Woodhull ran for presidency on the Equal Rights Party ticket in 1872, decades before women could even vote, according to A suffragette who fought for women’s rights on many fronts, Woodhull also published a journal with her sister to promote social reform and founded the first woman-run stock brokerage.

Larson, 27, has publicly advocated for women’s rights as her film career has blossomed.

She previously portrayed female empowerment in a different mode as a kidnapping and rape survivor in 2015’s “Room,” which won her a best actress Academy Award. She enjoyed box office success this year in “Kong: Skull Island.”

The Hollywood Reporter noted that Larson is also set to play Captain Marvel in a 2019 Disney and Marvel movie. 

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Joe Biden Said He Had One Regret About Not Running for President

He spoke about cancer research and the Trump administration at SXSW.

Lifestyle – Esquire


President Trump Slams Arnold Schwarzenegger for Exiting ‘The Apprentice’: ‘He Was Fired’

President Donald Trump isn’t letting Arnold Schwarzenegger have the last word. After the “New Celebrity Apprentice” host said in an interview published Friday that he would “decline” to do the show again if asked, and blamed Trump for the show’s poor ratings, the president retaliated Saturday morning by saying Schwarzenegger “was fired.” “Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t voluntarily… Read more »



Without Evidence, President Trump Accuses Barack Obama of Wiretapping Trump Tower

This article originally appeared on Fortune.

President Donald Trump claimed that Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower in New York City prior to the presidential election.

In a trademark early-morning series of tweets on Saturday, Trump said: “Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!”

The president then alleged that Obama bypassed a court rejection in order to carry out the wiretapping, before suggesting that a “good lawyer could make a great case out of the fact that President Obama was tapping my phones in October, just prior to Election!”

None of the president’s tweets included any evidence or links to back up his claims.

RELATED VIDEO: Watch: Natasha Stoynoff Breaks Silence, Accuses Donald Trump of Sexual Attack

Trump concluded his assertion by comparing Obama’s “wiretapping” to Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal that resulted in the then-president’s resignation from office in 1974 after he ordered a break-in of the Democrats’ headquarters.

Obama has yet to address Trump’s claims. Earlier this week, former attorney general Eric Holder told reporters that Obama is planning on making a return to politics in the near future.

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Shame On President Trump For Exploiting A Widow

The most emotionally charged moment of President Donald Trump’s speech to Congress on Tuesday belonged to Carryn Owens, the wife of Chief Petty Officer William (Ryan) Owens, the Navy SEAL killed in a commando raid that Trump authorized in January. The bi-partisan standing ovation that she drew lasted for several minutes as the widowed mother of three wept openly and, with eyes turned toward heaven, mouthed the words “I love you” to her dead husband.

Her husband’s sacrifice and her reaction broke through the partisan rancor that plagues Washington ― as well it should have.

But as a recent widow myself, I cringed on her behalf. By inviting her there, Trump exploited her and her husband’s death to score political points and to insulate himself from criticism about the raid in Yemen. Just earlier in the day, Trump ― the commander-in-chief ― shifted responsibility for the tragedy to the military. “They lost Ryan,” said the President, straight out of the blame-someone-else-on-the-playground handbook. Bill Owens, Ryan’s father, would have none of it. He has called for a full investigation into his son’s death and flat-out accused Trump of using the tragedy for political gain. 

But putting politics aside, the rawness of Ms. Owens’ loss caused that now-familiar knot in my widow’s gut to pull tighter. I recognize grief when I see it and hers was on full display in front of Congress, America and the rest of the world.

It was genuine, authentic, and very, very real. What wasn’t any of those things was the reason why she was there in the first place.

Why was she invited to watch the speech from the First Lady’s box, seated next to First Daughter Ivanka, whose polished coolness stood in stark contrast with the widow’s struggle to stay in control? Shouldn’t the first step in honoring her husband and recognizing her loss have been respecting her enough to not turn her into a spectacle?

I know that presidents since Ronald Reagan have given speeches where they spotlight individuals to make a point, vignette-style. But Carryn Owens was used, paraded out to deflect attention from the man who some hold responsible for her widowhood. It was a move Trump has used in the past. Remember when he lined up women who had accused Bill Clinton of rape after the “I grab their pussies” audio surfaced? As HuffPost’s Jessica Samakow pointed out at the time, Trump doesn’t care a whit about the sexual assault of women. And I’d be highly suspect that he cares a whit about Carryn Owens or her suffering. 

What he did to Carryn Owens was gross and manipulative. There is such a thing as a Widow’s Card ― when the inherent sympathies directed toward widows are used for someone’s gain. And while Owens may not have played that card, the President played it for her.

I know this because I have spent the past eight weeks watching how people respond to the news that my husband died. They want to show me kindness, give me things, help me. It’s human nature perhaps. I’ve seen it happen repeatedly. My plumber went out and bought me my very own toilet snake ― gratis, because you know, I’m a widow now. The mobile car detailing guy quoted me a price, but dropped it when he heard this was my dead husband’s car that I’m getting ready to sell. 

Nice gestures, yes, but quite honestly it makes my skin crawl a little. I’m not comfortable being on the receiving end of pity, and that’s what the Widow’s Card buys you. In the case of Carryn Owens, her card bought a round of applause born from sympathy. But it also bought praise for a man who cares very little for any human life outside of his own. 

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Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Warns Donald Trump: ‘Don’t Mess Around With Us’

Mexico’s former president Vicente Fox has issued some stern words of warning to President Donald Trump.

“Don’t mess around with us Señor Trump, because if you look for it, you’re going to find it,” he said on a special Mexico edition of Conan O’Brien’s late night show that aired Wednesday.

Fox arrived for the interview bearing a gift of cowboy boots for O’Brien, after earlier trolling Trump on Twitter during his first major speech to congress Tuesday.

The shoes were inscribed with the words “No Fucking Wall” — in reference to his oft-repeated statement that Mexico would not pay for Trump’s proposed southern border barrier.

Fox cited the failure of the Berlin Wall that once divided the German city as an example of such barriers not working, before describing the people of the United States and Mexico as “neighbors,” “friends,” “partners” and “roommates.”

Many Mexicans are doing great work in and for the United States, he stressed. “And now they wanna kick them in the ass and throw them out,” Fox said of the U.S. policy. “That’s gonna be a big, big loss for United States.”

Fox, who was Mexico’s president from 2000 to 2006, also had some words of advice for Trump ― should he care to heed them.

“If he wants to negotiate we have to go for the whole enchilada, not just one piece,” said Fox. “He has to learn that we are his best friends and partners.”

Check out the full interview above.

type=type=RelatedArticlesblockTitle=Related Coverage + articlesList=58b6ad1be4b060480e0d43c4,58b7d2b6e4b01fc1bde5dd1e,58b7dd14e4b0a8ded67a5c47,58abf1dbe4b0a855d1d92889

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Donald Trump–From Broadway Producer to President


By Helaine Feldman, ZEALnyc Contributing Writer, February 14, 2017

He was 23 years old, had a degree from the prestigious Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and had an extremely profitable family business waiting for him.

But Donald Trump thought he would like to be a Broadway producer. He met with David Black, a successful producer (George M! with Joel Grey and Bernadette Peters; The Impossible Years with Alan King; and Ready When You Are, CB! with Julie Harris, among others) and they joined together–Black providing the experience and know-how and Trump putting up a sizeable chunk of the money–for a new comedy, Paris Is Out, slated for the 1969-70 season.

The play starred Molly Picon, who in 1962 received a Tony nomination for her appearance in the Jerry Herman musical, Milk and Honey and was a popular performer who began her career in the Yiddish theatre, and Sam Levene, a Broadway veteran, the original Nathan Detroit in Guys and Dolls and star of the classic, Three Men on a Horse. The playwright was Richard Seff, who was adding a new credit to an already impressive resume.

From original Playbill program; courtesy of

Richard remembers: “I did not actually meet young Trump, except briefly and informally, for he was an investor and I didn’t even know he was involved until after we opened. I do recall standing next to him on two occasions during our 13 week run, at the back of the orchestra, where we both stood, watching the play. He had arrived on his own, in his white convertible, stayed awhile, then drove off.”

The play had a modest run, but ran into some bad luck along the way. Variety had a headline around the ninth week of the run which read: “Broadway down, Paris Up.” “For each week that we ran,” says Seff, “despite mixed reviews, our gross was creeping up to the point where the house manager told me, ‘If we get through Easter and Passover (traditionally bad for business), we’ll be here all summer.’ Alas, on Easter Sunday, there was a blizzard in New York and three ‘nervous hits,’ (Broadway talk for a production that was always on the edge of closing), were forced to shut down the next week. They were Noel Coward’s Private Lives with Tammy Grimes and Brian Bedford; Sheep on the Runway by Art Buchwald, and my Paris is Out!

All of us had about three months. We ran for 104 performances (including previews); audiences loved the play, and Brooks Atkinson, the dean of American critics (for whom a theatre is named), offered us a great quote: ‘A delightful family comedy in which Molly Picon and Sam Levene are in top form.’ Only we couldn’t use it because Mr. Atkinson had retired as New York Times critic and he did not want to undermine his replacement. Not a good break for us.”

The play did, however, have an afterlife. With original star Molly Picon in it, it broke house records at the Philadelphia Playhouse in the Park after closing on Broadway. Film star Pat O’Brien somehow was sent the play, loved it and toured for 48 weeks in dinner theatres around the country. “People thought it was a Jewish play because of Sam and Molly,” Seff told an interviewer, “but it had a 48 week tour with Pat O’Brien and his wife. Suddenly it was about an Irish family–without one line changed” Ann B. Davis (from TV’s The Brady Bunch), toured it, too. And, Seff adds, “A couple of years ago, 40-odd years after we closed on Broadway, a dinner theatre in Paradise, Pennsylvania played it for 11 weeks with great success.”

Today, of course, Donald Trump has gone on to other things…

But, what about Richard Seff? Now 89, he has been the quintessential hyphenate: an actor, agent, playwright, librettist, novelist, memoirist and critic. His book, Supporting Player: My Life Upon the Wicked Stage, catalogues his long career. “I have done everything in theatre,” he says, “but sell tickets.” His apartment reflects this and is filled with memorabilia: books, records, CDs and photos, lots of photos, of his friends and former clients including Chita Rivera and lyricist Fred Ebb (Chicago and Cabaret, to name a few). His latest gig is writing reviews of New York theatre for the website DC Metro Theater Arts.

Richard Seff; photo courtesy of artist

In 2004, he created an award, the Richard Seff Award, presented by the Actors’ Equity Foundation each year to a character actor and actress, supporting players, who have devoted at least 25 years to their profession, have not achieved “stardom,” but continue to work as featured players–like he was–and is!

Cover: Donald Trump in 1976; photo: Bettmann Archive.

Helaine Feldman, a Contributing Writer for ZEALnyc, writes about theater performance and related features.

For more features from ZEALnyc read:

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The Honest, Touching Emotion of ‘Milk and Honey’ at the York

Pedrito Martinez–A Look Back on the Journey Thus Far

For all the news on New York City arts and culture, visit ZEALnyc Front Page.

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6 Ways to Avoid Being Mad Online, Courtesy of President Trump

He’s leading by example. Kind of.

Lifestyle – Esquire


Why President Trump using an unsecured Android would be a very bad idea

Why President Trump using an unsecured Android would be a very bad ideaThe president of the United States is protected by a cavalcade of secret service agents at all times, uses a secure landline in the Oval Office and rides around in a limo that can survive a chemical attack. But it seems like Trump is skimping on security where it might matter most: his smartphone.

Yahoo Tech


Best Buy Co, Inc.

Dutch TV Mocks President Donald Trump With Spoof Tourism Ad

Dutch TV is warmly welcoming President Donald Trump into the White House. Sort of.

As most countries around the world fret over how Trump’s “America First” inauguration pledge could economically affect them, the satirical “Zondag Met Lubach” show is working on getting “Netherlands Second” passed as official policy.

To that end, it’s created a spoof English-language tourism ad that promotes its nation (it has “the best tax evasion system God ever created,” by the way) using Trump’s own speaking style.

“[Trump] had a clear message to the rest of the world: I will screw you over big time,” said the show’s host, Arjen Lubach. “And because we realize it’s better for us to get along, we decided to introduce our tiny country to him in a way that will probably appeal to him the most.”

The parody ad features references to Trump’s racism, his mocking of a disabled reportera brief yet biased history of the country and the importance of its language, which is totally better than Danish ― that “failed” tongue.

Check out the full “commercial” above.

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‘SNL’ Version Of Vladimir Putin Tries To Reassure Anxious Americans About President Trump

Well, it’s official. Donald John Trump is now the president of the United States. And on this week’s “Saturday Night Live,” a shirtless Vladimir Putin had a clear message for the American people: “Relax. I got this.”

The satirized version of Russia’s president, played by Beck Bennett, returned to NBC to promise Americans he’d take care of the good old U.S. of A. “It’s the most expensive thing we’ve ever bought,” he explained.

A destitute (and clearly coerced) Russian woman, played by Kate McKinnon, was brought out to explain how great things are in her native country under Putin’s leadership: “I sleep in bed, not in carcass of dog. My president is No. 1 hottie for all time.”

Bennett’s Putin personally addressed Trump as well. After highlighting the huge turnout for Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington, the fictionalized Russian leader called out Trump for lying about the size of his inauguration crowd: “If you’re going to lie, don’t make it so obvious. You know, say you are friends with LeBron James, not that you are LeBron James.”

The “SNL” iteration of Putin bade farewell to the American people with a disconcerting sentiment: “It’s going to be a long four years for many of you, but remember, we’re in this together.”

Watch the full sketch above.

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Women’s March on Washington Protests President Trump: Watch Live

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A sea of pink pussycat hats and homemade protest signs descended on the Capitol Saturday as hundreds of thousands of demonstrators gathered for the Women’s March on Washington. The crowds were several blocks deep on Independence Avenue near the Smithsonian Institution complex. Women and plenty of men journeyed from around the country… Read more »



Jimmy Kimmel Vows To Grab ‘Pumpkin’ President Donald Trump ‘By The Guts’ For The Next 4 Years

Jimmy Kimmel has shared his plan of action for Donald Trump’s presidency.

The late night host said that since Trump is now president, people were asking if he would “continue to make fun of the most powerful man on earth.”

“And the answer is, ‘Yeah, of course,’” he revealed Friday.

“I’ve not had it easy, for the last eight years I’ve been forced to make jokes about the First Lady’s vegetable garden,” Kimmel said. “You think I’m not going to grab this pumpkin by the guts and shake it until the seeds pop out? You’re damn right I am.”

Check out the full segment above.

type=type=RelatedArticlesblockTitle=Related Coverage + articlesList=58831406e4b096b4a231e862,588308dfe4b096b4a231e6c0,587f29f8e4b01cdc64c87fb4,5881d41ae4b0e3a73568626e

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Live Coverage: President Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day 2017

President-elect Donald Trump will take the oath of office at around noon ET/9 a.m. PT today, the first day of his presidency and the end of a divisive political campaign and contentious transition. Follow along for live updates. 9:45 a.m.: The Trumps arrive at the White House. Trump, his wife Melania, and President Obama and… Read more »



President Barack Obama Beliebs In This ‘Let Me Love You’ Parody

This song is a hell of a ride!

President Barack Obama appears to sing along to DJ Snake and Justin Bieber’s recent club hit “Let Me Love You” in YouTube channel “baracksdubs” latest parody clip.

“Don’t you give up, nah-nah-nah,” warbles POTUS. Is he trying to warn us about something?

Check it out above and watch the song’s original music video below:

type=type=RelatedArticlesblockTitle=Related Coverage + articlesList=585f7d3ae4b0d9a594588ed2,57726237e4b0dbb1bbbbda5a,5862177be4b0de3a08f603eb

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Donald Trump Says He Will Devote ‘Zero Time’ to ‘The Apprentice’ While President

Donald Trump tweeted Saturday morning that, although he has a “big stake” in “The Apprentice,” he will devote “zero time” to the show after he is sworn into office. “I have NOTHING to do with The Apprentice except for fact that I conceived it with Mark B & have a big stake in it. Will… Read more »



Fake Ruth Bader Ginsburg Won’t Quit Under President Trump In ‘SNL’ Skit

Saturday Night Live” imagined what life will be like for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg following Donald Trump’s presidential election victory.

Kate McKinnon as the 83-year-old liberal justice told “Weekend Update” host Colin Jost that she’d previously had it all figured out. After Hillary Clinton’s election win, she’d planned to retire in the Dominican Republic.

But Trump’s win had now put paid to her plans, and she vowed to never step down ― over fears the president-elect would usher in an ultra-conservative replacement.

“You can’t get rid of me,” she shouted.

“The bench is now my porch. I’m going to sit on it all day and scream, ‘No! Get out of my yard,’” McKinnon as Ginsburg later said, before adding, “I’m eating an apple a day to keep Ben Carson away.”

Check it out in the clip above.

type=type=RelatedArticlesblockTitle=Related Coverage + articlesList=58281adfe4b060adb56ed2c3,58282ac2e4b0c4b63b0d0c96,5828125fe4b0c4b63b0d0949,5826dceae4b02d21bbc8ece6

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President or Not, Macy’s Still Won’t Sell Trump’s Terrible Menswear

The retailer doubled down on its decision not to work with The Donald.

Style – Esquire


Jon Stewart: Donald Trump Is An Internet Troll Running For President

Comedian Jon Stewart returned to standup on Tuesday night, and wasted no time going after one of his favorite targets: Donald Trump. 

“It’s like an Internet comment troll ran for president,” the former “Daily Show” host said of the GOP presidential frontrunner at the 9th annual Stand Up for Heroes event in New York. 

(Warning: strong language ahead)

“When I was doing the program, we liked to make jokes about him because he’s hilarious and easily mockable,” Stewart said, according to Entertainment Weekly. “We would mock him with things such as, ‘He looks like a bewigged boiled ham,’ or something like that. So he would tweet in the middle of the night, ‘Jon Stewart’s real name is Leibowitz. He’s a Jew. Why does he run away from his heritage?’ You know, because that’s what I think most presidents would do. I remember Lincoln used to drunk tweet: ‘Hey, emancipate this, you fuck!'”

Stewart, who has had a long-running feud with Trump, was referring to tweets such as these: 

Stewart expressed some disbelief that Trump is a serious contender for the presidency.

Are we really doing this Donald Trump thing? We’re really doing that as a country?” Stewart said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “He’s fucked. I like to put my name in giant letters on everything I own as much as the next guy, but the only other people that do that are like 8-year-olds going to camp.”

Then, he broke out his famous Trump impression. 

“Where did I put that building? Oh there it is, Trump. Boom. Where’s my fucking helicopter? Boom, Trump,” Stewart said. “Where’s my wife? Boom, Trump, nice.”

If Trump is aware of Stewart’s jokes, he has yet to fire back on Twitter. 

Stewart had words for people who say they like Trump because of his unfiltered views. 

“People are like, ‘I like Trump; he says what he thinks,'” Stewart said, per The Hollywood Reporter. ”What he thinks is stupid. That’s like if your friend is like, ‘I would like to fuck your mom.’ Why would you say that? … I don’t give a shit if you’re politically correct, just be correct, correct.”

While it seems Trump got hit with the sharpest of comedic barbs, Stewart also told jokes about Ben Carson, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and even himself before wrapping it up with some exasperation over politics. 

“I’m done with this shit,” he said, according to EW. “Done, done, done.”

Related On HuffPost:


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Investigation of the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Vol. 11

Investigation of the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Vol. 11

Excerpt from Investigation of the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Vol. 11: Hearings Before the President’s Commission on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy The testimony of the following witnesses is contained in volume XI; John Edward Pic, Lee Harvey Oswald’s halfbrother; Edward John Pic, Jr, John Edward Pic’s father; Kerry Wendell Thornley, a Marine Corps acquaintance of Oswald; George B. Church, Jr, Mrs. George B. Church, Jr, and Billy Joe Lord, who were on the boat Oswald took when he left the United States for Russia; Alexander Kleinlerer, Mrs. Donald Gibson, Ruth Hyde Paine, Michael Ralph Paine, and Gary Taylor, who became acquainted with Oswald and his wife after their return to Texas in 1962; M. Waldo George, the Oswald’s landlord at Neely Street in Dallas; William Kirk Stuckey, who gave testimony relating to Oswald’s political views; Horace Elroy Twiford and Estelle Twiford, who gave testimony relating to the date and route of Oswald’s trip to Mexico in 1963; Virginia H. James, James D. Crowley, James L. Ritchie, and Carroll Hamilton Seeley, Jr, of the U.S. State Department; Louis Feldsott, who gave testimony relating to the purchase of the C2766 rifle; J. Philip Lux and Albert C. Yeargan, Jr, employees of sporting-goods stores in Dallas; Howard Leslie Brennan, who was present at the assassination scene; Louis Weinstock, an official of the Communist Party, Vincent T. Lee, an official of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, and Farrell Dobbs, an official of the Socialist Workers Party, who testified concerning contacts Oswald had with their groups; Virginia Gray, who gave testimony concerning a letter written by Oswald; Albert F. Staples, who gave testimony concerning records relating to Marina Oswald; Katherine Mallory, Monica Kramer, and Rita Naman, who encountered Oswald while touring Russia in 1961; John Bryan McFarland, Meryl McFarland, and Pamela Mumford, who were on the bus Oswald took to Mexico in the fall of 1963; D.

Price: $
Sold by Wordery

Dior Homme Appoints Serge Brunschwig as President

PARIS — Signaling the importance of its men’s wear business, the Dior fashion house is reinforcing management and has named its second-in-command, Serge Brunschwig, president of Dior Homme, WWD has learned.
A key deputy of Christian Dior Couture president and chief executive officer Sidney Toledano since 2008, Brunschwig adds the new title effective Sept. 1, and is to continue in his current role as chief operating officer.
His new responsibilities include “the further development of Dior Homme in ready-to-wear and accessories,” according to the company.
Fabrizio Malverdi, who has piloted the men’s division since 2011 through a strong growth phase and driven the product range further upscale, is to report to Brunschwig, according to Dior Homme.
An affable, yet methodical executive much in the mold of Toledano, Brunschwig has long been making a mark on Dior’s men’s business as he helps oversee its retail network, with new units typically combining the complete women’s and men’s product universes.
The management addition comes as Kris Van Assche, Dior Homme’s creative director since 2007, recently shuttered his 10-year-old signature label, allowing him to focus full-time on Dior Homme.
Before joining Dior, Brunschwig was ceo of Céline, part of the luxury group LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton controlled by Bernard Arnault, who

Follow WWD on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook.

Read More…

Trump President…? No. Trump Performance Artist…? Oh Yes.

For some strange reason, the last few days I have been thinking about legendary performance artist Marina Abramovic. For the last forty years she has been making a brutal spectacle of herself and her collaborators, orchestrating unforgiving performances which often last for hours or even days at a time, requiring extraordinary endurance from the artist and lots of patience from the audience.


In 2010, she had a solo exhibition at MOMA, which devoted numerous galleries to recreations of her performances from the past forty years. But in the central atrium, crowds gathered to watch Marina Abramovic herself — sitting quietly while staring at any member of the audience courageous enough to sit at the small table opposite her. In total silence, without moving a muscle, Marina would stare at them. They were only allowed to sit and look back at her. They knew that no words could be exchanged. Some of them lasted for a few minutes, others mere seconds. A few even broke into tears. But Marina herself sat motionless from the moment the museum opened in the morning until the time the museum closed.


The only explanation I can come up with for my thinking about Marina Abramovic is the nonstop news coverage of the Republican primary debates. So, here comes Donald Trump, completely dominating the event, over-shouting each and every one of the participants, including moderators. I started to think about the only person whose formidable face and equally formidable hair could compete with Donald’s. That was a man who lived 2,000 years ago, and whose bronze portrait I saw recently at the exhibition at The Getty Center. This ancient man definitely could stand up to Donald.

Donald not only performed better than anyone else — he was also the most entertaining. I have to admit I was not listening to him as much as I was watching him. All of a sudden I stopped seeing Mr. Trump as a presidential candidate and realized that I’m watching a formidable performance artist with the potential for a real art career. Just imagine Donald in the central atrium of MOMA, standing at a podium and yelling at any member of the audience who would choose to stand in front of him and yell back. So Mr. Trump, here’s my two cents! Why don’t you embrace a career as a performance artist? If you do, I promise to review your inaugural performance!


Now that we have covered the political theater, let’s touch upon the unprecedented overhaul of Italy’s state museums in its attempt to shake up its notorious bureaucracy. The current issue of The Art Newspaper reports that the Italian Ministry of Culture is searching for energetic new manager-directors for twenty of the country’s most important state museums, including the Borghese Gallery in Rome and Uffizi Gallery in Florence.


For the first time ever, foreign candidates have been invited to apply and a fluency in business management is the main requirement. Opposition to the reform in Italy has been fierce.


Equally challenging is the situation with Italy’s tourism. According to a New York Times article, in the 1970s, Italy was the world’s number one tourist destination. Today, it has slid to fifth place. Italy doesn’t even have a minister for tourism, as other European countries do. As beautiful and romantic as Italy has been for all of us for all these years, maybe it is time for Italy to face the business realities of the new millennium.

To learn about Edward’s Fine Art of Art Collecting Classes, please visit his website. You can also read The New York Times article about his classes here, or an Artillery Magazine article about Edward and his classes here.


Edward Goldman is an art critic and the host of Art Talk, a program on art and culture for NPR affiliate KCRW 89.9 FM. To listen to the complete show and hear Edward’s charming Russian accent, click here.

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A Cat Named Limberbutt McCubbins Is Running For President! He’s A Demo-Cat.

A cat named Limberbutt McCubbins is running for president. He’s filed his paperwork with the Federal Election Commission and everything.

What sets McCubbins apart from the other 2016 hopefuls isn’t merely that he’s a 5-year-old neutered rescue kitty, though that is certainly one notable difference.

On this here 4th of July, I, Limberbutt McCubbins, promise to work my hardest for every American. If elected as your…

Posted by Limberbutt 2016 on Saturday, July 4, 2015

McCubbins is registered as a Democrat, but his campaign literature describes him as a “Demo-cat.”

And his slogan is suitably inspiring: “Together, we cat.”

“We are not taking donations at this time,” says 17-year-old Isaac Weiss, one of the cat’s two campaign managers. “If we later decided to take them, they will most likely be forwarded to the Humane Society or another organization for animals.”

Weiss tells The Huffington Post that the campaign started out as a joke. But once the FEC papers were filed, things started getting more serious.

“Me and my friends have begun to realize how easy it is to run for office, and have learned about the way the FEC and campaign finance work,” says Weiss. “Not that we don’t want anyone to run, but I personally don’t think that if I’m applying to run for the most important position in the U.S.A., that I should be able to do it in 20 minutes. Or less. And without immediately proving that I’m at least a U.S. citizen.”

Along with contemplating election reform, Weiss says the campaign’s other big issues right now are protecting the environment and the legalization of catnip.

And no, McCubbins wouldn’t have invaded Iraq, since the “climate is not favorable for a house cat.”

Photo: Emilee McCubbins

McCubbins’ extracurricular interests as “sleeping, playing with his scratching post” and tearing paper — especially model government paraphernalia — the cat-didate’s owner and co-campaign manager, 18-year-old Emilee McCubbins, says.

“He’s a good cat,” she adds.

Despite a patent lack of experience, as well as several other fatally disqualifying factors, Weiss tells HuffPost he hopes voters will see McCubbins as the right cat for the job, because “he’s ready to bring some fresh ideas to the table.”

“For over 200 years, man has been running the show,” he says. “And now, it’s cats’ turn to help lead the way.”


Get in touch at if you have a pet who is running for public office, or if you have another animal story to share!

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Blue Note President Don Was on the Future of Jazz

Photo by Gabi Porter

This interview first appeared in OffBeat Magazine.

Improvisation has always been at the core of jazz music.

Collective improvisation–a piano player riffing on a bass line thumping out of an upright following the whims of a drummer–has served the entire jazz industry well over the past century or so.

But, when you take a step back to get a wide-angle view of the landscape of the current music industry, the theory of improvisation can be applied in interesting new ways.

What if a jazz band now consists of one 17-year-old and her tricked out computer? What if randomized algorithms govern each sequential synthetic piano note? What if hip-hop beats become melded indelibly to jazz standards? What will jazz music sound like in five years?

Not all of these questions will be answered, and some new methods of producing music will never even gain traction, but it takes a certain kind of mindset to be open to the possibilities presented by the modern world.

Blue Note Records President Don Was has just such a mindset. Over his long and varied career, Was (born Donald Fagenson) has cultivated an outlook that allows him to be focused on preserving the past while remaining open to the limitless possibilities of the future.

The devoted music scholar got his start as a bass player in the band Was (Not Was), racking up several hits throughout the ’80s, including the still catchy “Walk the Dinosaur.”

Was–along with Keith Richards–produced Aaron Neville‘s Blue Note debut album My True Story. He has also paid serious tribute to New Orleans by producing the instantly legendary Dr. John tribute at the Saenger Theater.

Was artfully curated the musicians picked to participate in the show, carefully placing titans like Bruce Springsteen amid a bevy of contemporary New Orleans musicians. The mix paid off in a big way, and the show will go down as an epic New Orleans event.

In 2012, after producing albums for dozens of top artists from the Rolling Stones to Neil Diamond, Was settled in as the president of Blue Note, one of the last bastions of jazz in the increasingly fractious music industry.

Was is spending just as much time looking back through the legendary label’s history as he is looking forward to the future.

And Don Was has never been afraid of the future.

What is your take on the music industry as a whole right now?

Well, these are crazy times. If you’re a traditionalist in the music business–and I’m not even discussing musical taste, but just in how the business model works–everything you know has been turned upside down.

I feel fortunate that I’m fairly new to the hardcore business side. I still approach it like I did as a musician and like I do as a record producer.

If you put the artist and the music first, you figure that it’s the record company’s responsibility to get behind a select group of artists and make sure that they have the means to capture all of their ideas in the recording studio and get them out in front of people.

There are a million ways to enable that to happen.

What kind of an outlook does the music industry as a whole have for the future?

I am actually quite optimistic about the future of the music business and I’m a great believer that you just have to consider our responsibility to the musicians first.

If you approach from that point of view, everything falls into place.

Do you think your personal perspective has been formed by having worked your way up from being a musician yourself?

Yes, I really do. It’s a weird business. If you stay true to the music and the spirit of the music and the spirit of the musicians, the bread will follow. I absolutely believe that, and it’s totally been informed by my own experience, from my own days of being a struggling bass player in Detroit to now.

This isn’t some innovative idea of mine, you know? I kind of inherited the mantle of Bruce Lundvall, who is one of the great record men of all time. He ran the label for 30 years, and he enabled a whole lot of folks to make records. That’s really your gig, to enable people to keep making records.

Even when traditional records have been replaced by YouTube clips?

Well, yes. Personally, I believe that the days of selling tracks to consumers as a business model are gone.

To me, that doesn’t mean you stop making music, and that doesn’t mean you can stop generating the bread necessary to keep making records. It just means you’ve got to be able to be very creative about how you go about it.

It seems like the current business approach has musicians chasing fans and trying to make it personal for them instead of fans seeking out and finding new musicians.

I think they’re coming to fans in more overt ways. Really, to me, thinking back to my experiences as an artist in Was (Not Was), we made a great effort to come to people.

We were out there singing “Walk the Dinosaur” live on every Morning Zoo program on every radio station across the country and trying to be funny at 5:30 in the morning.

I think the interaction between musicians and fans is just a little more visible now. I think you have to make an effort to get music to people. Otherwise, you’re just making music and that’s it, and what’s the point in that?

If you look back at the history of the music industry and you look at a guy like Robert Johnson, he used to stand in front of the barbershop and play for free just to give a teaser to get people to pay to go see him at the roadhouse that night.

Then someone came along and said “if you let me record you, we can get you on the local radio station, and you can reach 100 times the amount of people you’ll reach standing in front of the barbershop,” and that was the bargain. There were no royalties or anything like that, and some guy would sell records out of the trunk of his car in front of appliance stores. It wasn’t this huge industry, but it made people aware of the music. I think we can still do that.

Right now, there seems to be more of a movement towards kids with laptops and iPads creating music rather than musicians spending years learning to play traditional instruments. How does that change your approach to recording jazz artists?

Jazz is a pretty broad term. A lot of folks don’t even like to use it anymore. I think that the definition is always supposed to be changing. If it encompasses people doing stuff on their iPads, it’s the spirit in which they do it that matters more than the technological developments.

If you play with a certain abandon and improvisational sense, you can swing like a motherfucker with your iPad.

How does that fit with the history of jazz masters recorded by Blue Note?

When you look back at Blue Note over 75 years, it endured and kept the aesthetic intact by constantly reinventing itself and constantly changing.

If you play improvisational music night after night, which I’ve done as a musician for 50 years, one of the rules is you should never play it the same twice. Every night when you come in to play, you should close your eyes, clear the slate, and approach the song with a beginner’s mind and start fresh and just play what appears.

I believe that reinvention and evolution are built into jazz on a cellular level. If you really follow the music that we created throughout the history of the company, we were always pushing the boundaries, and that’s something we will continue to do.

If you accept that the state of jazz is supposed to be one of constant evolution, these times are right in keeping with it. There’s a place for a kid with an iPad.

How does New Orleans fit into the contemporary jazz scene?

Off the top of my head, a leading exponent of New Orleans music is Jon Batiste, who I’d love to see end up on Blue Note Records. I think he’s really incorporated the musical spirit of the city to the extent that I, as someone who has never lived there, can be see it in what he does. You can’t see one of his shows and not recognize New Orleans.

Terence Blanchard is on the label, and he’s one of the dominant living forces of New Orleans music. He’s about to start a new album that’s totally different for him. He’s a guy who likes to keep things moving, I think, and yet he stays really rooted in the traditions.

I think it’s very much alive, New Orleans music. I think it resonates with people because so much influential music came out of New Orleans on every level–from blues to rock ‘n’ roll to jazz. New Orleans is embedded in the DNA code of music. That New Orleans feeling.

I have two kids who are drummers, and they don’t necessarily know Earl Palmer, but they do Earl Palmerisms all the time. It has just permeated the musical vocabulary on such a fundamental level.

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Chris Christie Launches Bid to Become New President of FIFA, Citing Ability to Build Bridges


Photographer: Luigi Novi

In a dramatic week for world football, Sepp Blatter, the President of FIFA, gave himself a red card and announced his resignation, and Chris Christie declared his goal of replacing him.

At a hastily arranged news conference in a Dunkin Donuts, Governor Christie said:

“I have always believed that I would make a great President, so for the benefit of the people of New Jersey, America and the world, I will be formally announcing my candidacy for the Presidency of FIFA as soon as I’m done eating. “

As reporters collectively choked on their frosted maple crèmes, Christie continued:

“I have to tell you guys that I would be the perfect person to replace Blatter.

I appreciate that a deep knowledge of football is essential for this job, and I have it! I’ve been watching the Cowboys, the Giants and the Eagles my entire life and I will bring all that know-how to the table for the benefit of American football fans throughout the world.

I also hear that running FIFA is like running the mafia. That’s awesome because I’m the Governor of New Jersey for Christ sakes, so enough said about my qualifications in that regard.

Additionally, I know that the new head of FIFA must have a lot of experience dealing with the US Department of Justice in ongoing criminal investigations. Well, guess what? I’ve been doing that for well over a year now!

Most importantly, I believe FIFA really needs someone to build all the bridges that have been burnt during this entire fiasco. And as I’m sure you will agree, whenever anyone thinks of bridges nowadays, they immediately think of me!”

After his announcement, Christie did not immediately respond to questions from reporters, citing an urgent need to finish his doughnut.

In further developments, other republican FIFA presidential hopefuls also declared their candidacies, notably Rick Perry, Scott Walker and Sarah Palin — the latter of whom called the decision to give the 2022 World Cup to Qatar, “the worst supreme court ruling since Roe v. Wade.”

No matter who else throws their hat into the ring, Christie is likely be the most appealing candidate to FIFA sponsors such as McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken — particularly given his extraordinary rates of consumption.

However, when contacted for comment, Irma Crook, one of the few remaining executives at FIFA, said: “Chris Christie wants to become the new President of FIFA? Oh my God, quick! Let’s get Sepp Blatter back!”

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Why I’m Running for President as a Republican

Today I am announcing my candidacy for the Republican Party’s nomination for President of the United States of America. You might justifiably point out that I — a Democrat — would be an odd choice to lead the Republican ticket. To these naysayers, I counter that by adding me to the field, Republicans would have enough candidates to field two complete football teams. This way, Bobby Jindal gets to play, too.

If elected I promise to take the oath of office, put the New York Yankees on the list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations, and then promptly resign. My short list for Vice President so far includes Orioles manager Buck Showalter, Costco CEO W. Craig Jenilek, and Joe Biden, any of whom would lead this country with far more experience, wisdom and humor than I or, for that matter, any of the other current Republican candidates.

My shortcomings are legion. I have little experience relevant to this job that I do not intend to do, and I’m willing to put forth no effort at any point during this campaign.

But with George Pataki entering the race, I realized that I, too, am a largely unknown heterosexual white man in America. Even Bob Ehrlich is thinking about getting in. If they can, why not I?

I know what you’re thinking. “Who the heck are those guys?” That’s my strategy. I’m going to put on a gray suit and a red tie and slip in behind these guys. I’m a middle-aged white guy with short hair. I’ll blend into the crowd of candidates long enough for voters to get sick of everyone else. I figure it’ll take two months until I’m the frontrunner.

Sure, the primary process will be hard for a liberal Democrat. A sober-minded politician would shudder at the staggering impossibility of winning over the torch-and-pitchfork crowd that controls the primary process, but not being sober is something that will separate me from the field.

My opponents will inevitably bring up my history of causing Republicans to lose elections. Ask yourself, my fellow Americans, whether this is any different than my friends Rick Santorum and Ehrlich, both of whom got booted out of office all on their own.

In my more lucid moments I plan to make the case that there’s nothing wrong with the Republican Party that not being Republican can’t fix. In fact, it’s my Democratic bona fides that could win back the White House for Republicans. Shifting demographics, ideologies and generations are slowly putting the GOP out to pasture. But instead of broadening its appeal, the Republicans have made their party so small and pure that it can’t win back the White House.

That’s where I can help. I already don’t agree with most of the stuff they stand for. I represent the voters they need to win over.

But that’s just a process argument that the pundits can recite on the Sunday morning gab fests to sound smart. What’s really going to get me elected is an anti-government stance that will unite this country: Everyone should get to punch their Member of Congress in the nose.

See? Now you want to vote for me, don’t you?

Obviously, there would be restrictions: The privilege to sock one’s elected representative in the kisser would be limited to people who actually voted in every single election from President down to Inspector of Hides. And you only get to do it once every two years. This would inevitably increase voting participation and encourage Americans to read the newspapers.

And while punching politicians might be cruel, it could serve as a deterrent to doing the wrongheaded things that have made Congress less popular in opinion polls than North Korea, cockroaches, and lice. True, you’d never get another smart person to run for Congress ever again, but in most cases no one would notice a difference.

In conclusion, I promise never to disgrace the Republican Party by acting like a real Republican. All the GOP needs to do to win the White House is to nominate a liberal Democrat. Vote for me, and you get to punch Congress in the nose.

I’d better start working on my victory speech.

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The Top Ten Ways to Select the Republican Candidate for President


Oy Vey! Does the Republican Party have a problem! It’s the large and unwieldy field of aspiring presidential nominees, all of whom want to appear in upcoming debates. But space is limited. Who should be left out? Who should get the call? And how should that be determined? Such a dilemma!

A Modest Proposal

The answer is simple. Have candidates compete on the Nation’s top reality TV shows. It’s a format they should all feel comfortable with. The GOP, after all, has had a long and contentious relationship with reality. And reality shows are to reality what Fox News is to news.

The qualities we are looking for and the challenges… Drum roll please!

#10: Loveable Ignorance


Can’t distinguish an opinion from a fact? Consider that a plus. In this game, it pays to be a dumb-ass. Three things: Deficit is really spelled with a “c.” There really is no “e” at the end of “potato.” Now what was that third thing?

#9: Specialized Knowledge


You really have to know something however. What better than a substantial grasp of trivial information and a lack of understanding as to how those isolated facts actually relate to one another, or the larger context in which they exist? Most important of all is your ability to answer a question with a question.

#8: Down-Home Persona


Where’s Joe the plumber when we really need him? Demonstrate your ability to create the facade of ordinariness. Live in a duck blind. Shoot your partner inadvertently in the head without killing him. Be one of the people, a down-home non-pretentious kind of guy, dislike modern technology, disdain formal education, hate gays, extol your Christian heritage, not reveal your entitled background. Ignore charges by those who claim to have known you “before you were a virgin.”

#7: A Trim and Sleek Image


How fast can you discard embarrassing baggage without causing a stir? It begins with your ability to maintain a trim physical image despite suffering through a series of greasy spoon specials, fried chicken dinners and pancake breakfasts.* That’s only one aspect of this grueling challenge, however. You also have to avoid discussing matters of substance. There’s no place for weighty issues if you hope to wage a successful campaign. Discard them as fast as you did the pounds.

*Note: Tummy tucks not allowed.

#6: Financial Acumen


Every viable candidate has to fully understand the world of commerce — how money works and how to work with it. Create a cockamamie product, pass it off as something viable; and proceed to convince a group of high bank-rollers to invest in it. Your product is actually a piece of crap, but that shouldn’t really matter. It’s only a pretext for getting their support. The only thing that matters is you. That it is what they are really buying into, and it is your job is to convince them that that it is in their best interests to do so, e.g., you really understand that things do go better with Koch.

#5: Guts and Grit


Test your ability to improvise on the run, negotiate foreign landscapes and confront unforeseen challenges. Traversing several continents, you will participate in: a scavenger hunt in Benghazi, leap into a corporate polluted river, bungee jump across an oil spill, sit for a home-made video, clad in an orange jumpsuit in the middle of a desert, and host a social luncheon of spare ribs and beer with Sunnis and Shiites at a Ramadi Inn.

#4: Thrift and Parsimony


Show the voters in no uncertain terms how little the average person really needs in order to have a healthy and fulfilling life. Working from a random selection of food scavenged from a dumpster, concoct a nutritious five course meal,* representing all major food groups, to be served to others.

*Note: Ketchup does not count as a vegetable.

#3: Obliviousness


Demonstrate how easily a person can shut out the real world and ignore real world conditions. Live for a week in a boarded up house in the Middle of Detroit, as part of a collective with residents of the area, work in a fast-food joint and bear responsibility for several underage children. Your ability to adjust to these conditions and be at home with them will be judged by the residents who will vote members off as they cease to adapt.

#2a: Flexibility and Openness to Change


How easily can you accept erasure of your past and the creation of a new public image? A professional Spin Doctor will work his miraculous skills on you, transforming your drab ordinary self into a glamorous and attractive personage. Roll with the punches as he redoes all previous positions, including statements in print, public utterances and voting record, making embarrassing blemishes vanish in a flash — especially those gained in earlier primaries. Winners will feel neither shame nor discomfort as they segue comfortably into their new policy positions and new persona.

#2b: Nimbleness and Dexterity


You can’t represent the party well without being able to evade major issues and promote wedge issues with panache.This means being able to think on your feet; avoid missteps, stay a step ahead of the media by keeping your foot out of your mouth, and doing a quick shuffle while answering questions. Above all, avoid stepping on the toes of supporters.

# 1: Je ne sais quoi


Do you really have that certain something? Enough to woo and win the hand of a charming young vixen?… Guess who?


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President Obama Reading Mean Tweets Is Your American Dream Come True

Hail to the tweets.

President Barack Obama kicked off his appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Thursday by reading his very own mean tweets.

Kimmel’s announcement this week that the president would be stopping by the show was obviously huge news for the late night host, but the commander-in-chief’s decision to participate in this popular sketch took things to a whole new level. During the segment, Obama was confronted with all kinds of crazy criticisms, and the stakes seemed even higher than the waistband on his jeans.

It’s fitting that Obama now joins Katy Perry as a “Mean Tweets” alum because this appearance was straight up fireworks.

“Jimmy Kimmel Live” airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on ABC.

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Yale President Peter Salovey: ‘The Most Effective Way To Combat Speech You Don’t Like Is With Speech’

Yale President Peter Salovey spoke on free expression on campuses, reflecting on a recent incident at the University of California, Berkeley, where students protested comedian Bill Maher’s appearance at a graduation ceremony because of controversial comments he made about Muslims.

“It’s very difficult. You see this controversy playing out on many different campuses over the last couple of years,” Salovey said.

Salovey said he thinks people want to live in an environment where others are respectful and civil, but being offended can be a learning experience.

“It’s fine to protest, it’s fine to raise one’s own voice,” Salovey said. “The most effective way to combat speech you don’t like is with speech.”

Below, live updates from the 2015 Davos Annual Meeting:

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Watch President Barack Obama Take Over Hosting Duties on The Colbert Report

President Barack Obama went from sitting behind his desk in the Oval Office to sitting behind Stephen Colbert’s desk on The Colbert Report. The President was a guest on the comedy-news show on Monday, but before his interview with Colbert, Obama temporarily took over hosting duties and delivered the fan-favorite Report segment “The Word.” Or as he renamed […]
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Kid President And Grover Remind Us We’re All Good People Who Have Something To Give

Kid President, with the help of his furry blue friend Grover, is here to give you and everyone you know a rousing pep talk about how we all can make a positive impact in the lives of others.

“Helping the people around you … It’s easier than you think,” the duo said in a video posted on SoulPancake’s YouTube channel on Oct. 10. “You don’t have to have all the answers; you don’t have to be super strong. You just got to show up … You’re never too small, or too blue and furry, to make a big difference.”

Kid President, also known as 10-year-old Robby Novak, and Sesame Street’s Grover are raising awareness about Socktober, an initiative that encourages everyone — adults and kids alike — to collect and distribute socks (and other basic essentials) to the estimated 600,000 people who are homeless in the United States.

“Together, we can change everything,” Grover says in the video, later quipping, “People who make the world better for other people are some of the best people.”

Plus, changing the world is a lot more fun with friends.


To find out more about Socktober and how you can take part, visit SoulPancake’s website.
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