Property Brothers Star Drew Scott Revealed as First Official Dancing With the Stars Celebrity Contestant for Season 25

Drew Scott, Dancing With the StarsAnd we have our first official ballroom competitor.
Property Brothers star Drew Scott was revealed as one of Dancing With the Stars’ celebrity contestants for the upcoming 25th season…

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Property Brothers Stars Drew and Jonathan Scott Explain Why They Still Live Together

HGTV, Property BrothersDrew Scott and Jonathan Scott, stars of HGTV’s Property Brothers, are both in relationships–one is actually engaged!–but they still live together.
The Property Brothers, approaching…

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The Good Non Retirement Guide 2011: Everything You Need to Know About Health Property Investment Leisure Work Pensions and Tax

The Good Non Retirement Guide 2011: Everything You Need to Know About Health Property Investment Leisure Work Pensions and Tax

The Good Non Retirement Guide is essential reading for anyone looking to make the most of their retirement. It combines invaluable advice on how you can plan for a secure future with suggestions for creative and fulfilling activities – whether you want to start a new business or just relax. There is vital information on: MONEY: maximising your income, pensions, investments, tax, financial advisors WORK: looking for paid work, voluntary work and starting your own business HEALTH: keeping fit, accident prevention, insurance, the NHS, caring for elderly parents HOME: moving house, improvements and repairs, security, insurance, equity WILLS: making a will, minimizing money worries, state benefits, tax With new and updated material on ‘grey gappers’ – people who take a year out at a later time in life – changes to the pensions and tax regimes in 2010’s two Budgets, as well as a look at the impact of IT and technology, The Guide will help you to decide what you really want from your retirement. Packed with the latest information and hundreds of useful addresses, The Good Non Retirement Guide is a book you will refer to again and again, as you decide how best to plan for your future.

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Band of Outsiders’ Intellectual Property, Inventory To Be Auctioned

BAND OF BIDS: Band of Outsiders’ intellectual property rights and inventory are to be put up for auction. According to a public notice placed in today’s weekly print issue of WWD and the Wall Street Journal, the brand’s secured creditor, Belgian fashion fund CLCC SA will hold a public auction on July 29 at the offices of its legal representation, Otterbourg P.C.
News that Band of Outsiders had canceled its fall line and laid off staff first broke on May 26. The label has since closed its retail operations at 70 Wooster Street, following a liquidation sale. A source close to the situation told WWD that CLCC SA gained peaceful possession of Band of Outsiders’ assets after the label was unable to make payment on a credit line of more than $ 2 million. Despite the label’s liquidation efforts, the inventory to be auctioned still includes more than 5,000 units, the source said.
It is understood that Alan Cohen of Abacus Advisors Group — who is overseeing next week’s auction — is taking a wait-and-see approach when it comes to selling the brand’s intellectual property and inventory as a single asset or as separate entities. “They are going to take offers for both assets and individually…depending

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Portable Property

Portable Property

What fueled the Victorian passion for hair-jewelry and memorial rings? When would an everyday object metamorphose from commodity to precious relic? In ‘Portable Property’, John Plotz examines the new role played by portable objects in persuading Victorian Britons that they could travel abroad with religious sentiments, family ties, and national identity intact. In an empire defined as much by the circulation of capital as by force of arms, the challenge of preserving Englishness while living overseas became a central Victorian preoccupation, creating a pressing need for objects that could readily travel abroad as personifications of Britishness. At the same time a radically new relationship between cash value and sentimental associations arose in certain resonant mementoes – in teacups, rings, sprigs of heather, and handkerchiefs, but most of all in books.’Portable Property’ examines how culture-bearing objects came to stand for distant people and places, creating or preserving a sense of self and community despite geographic dislocation.Victorian novels – because they themselves came to be understood as the quintessential portable property – tell the story of this change most clearly. Plotz analyzes a wide range of works, paying particular attention to George Eliot’s ‘Daniel Deronda’, Anthony Trollope’s ‘Eustace Diamonds’, and R. D. Blackmore’s ‘Lorna Doone’. He also discusses Thomas Hardy and William Morris’ vehement attack on the very notion of cultural portability. The result is a richer understanding of the role of objects in British culture at home and abroad during the Age of Empire.

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