Five Minutes With Zen-like Fashion Week Rookie Nathalie Kelley

Most fashion week rookies are all about the photo-ops, but not actress Nathalie Kelley. While her fellow celebrity models were primping before Thursday night’s Red Dress Collection, she sat in the lotus position reading Neil LaBute’s “The Way We Get By.”
Minutes away from her runway debut at the Manhattan Center, the “Fast and the Furious” actress was calm as could be, wearing her red Randi Rahm  dress under a monogrammed red robe. At the Red Dress to help the cause, Kelley said her identity and ego were not wrapped up in what was about to happen. “I don’t care where I’m placed or if I’m seen in the photo,” she said with a laugh. “I meditate a lot.”
Losing her phone in a cab en route to another fashion show earlier in the day did not rattle her either. “I made a decision that I wasn’t going to make it a problem,” she said. “It was so nice to be fully present. “Everybody is always waiting for the show to start [pretending to swipe a phone]. I was drinking it up. It’s theater — the setting, the sound, the lighting, even watching the people. As an actress, I’m devouring that.”
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Mother of L.A. Lakers Rookie Lonzo Ball Makes First Public Appearance Since Suffering Stroke

Lonzo Ball‘s mother, Tina Ball, made her first public appearance on Thursday after she suffered a stroke in late February.

Accompanied by her outspoken husband and Big Baller Brand creator LaVar Ball, the mother of three was spotted at the American Sports Center in Anaheim, California where she watched their youngest son, LaMelo, play in a Big Ballers AAU game.

LaVar walked alongside his wife, who was supported with a quad cane and proudly wore the family’s BBB shirt in blue and gold, the colors of her NBA son’s alma mater, UCLA.

That same night, Lonzo, a standout rookie on the Los Angeles Lakers, was in Las Vegas where he had his second triple-double of the NBA Summer League.

In May, Lonzo, who learned of his mother’s stroke via a text message from a relative, spoke to ESPN The Magazine about his mother’s health condition and how she spent two and a half months in the hospital recovering.

“She can’t really talk right now. But she definitely knows what we’re saying, and she smiles all the time. So that’s a good thing,” he described.

“She’s the one. Just so smooth. She’s not like other girls. She’s tough, smart, pretty,” LaVar said of Tina, who met at Cal State Los Angeles, where they both played basketball. “I told my wife, ‘I been with you so long, you can have one eye drooped and your mouth over here like this and you’re still beautiful to me. I look at you the same way. That ain’t gonna never change.’”

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