Smash Bros. Fans Think the Game’s Single-Player Will Be About Saving Luigi’s Soul

During Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct last week, we saw Luigi kick the bucket, and now fans are speculating that it ties in to the game’s unannounced single-player campaign.

Luigi’s untimely death played out before our very eyes in the last week, but Nintendo has assured fans that the plumber is alive and well, despite his soul being cleaved from his body by the spectre of Castlevania’s Death. But Luigi’s apparent demise has led fans to believe the game’s unannounced single-player mode will see players rescue characters who have had their souls taken.

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Firefighter Adopts Baby Girl He Delivered on the Job After Saving Her Life: ‘Grace Is Our Miracle’

Firefighter Marc Hadden had saved dozens of life with the department in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, but on Nov. 14, 2011, he found himself delivering a baby for the very first time after a woman called 911 complaining of abdominal pain.

“She struggled from the minute she was put in my hands,” recalls Marc, 48, who just seconds after her birth, administered emergency oxygen to help get the 6-lb. 2-oz. infant breathing on her own. “It was amazing to hear her cry.”

At the time, Hadden never imagined that just 48 hours later he would bringing the baby girl — whom they named Rebecca Grace — home as her father.

‘Winning The Lottery’

Marc and his wife, Beth, who already had two young boys (Will, now 15 and Parker, now 13) had always wanted a third child but because of complications with their first two pregnancies — they were forced to take the long and expensive route of adoption.

So just hours later at the hospital, when the birth mother made it clear she couldn’t care for her daughter, Marc was the first to raise his hand to take her in as his own.

Beth says she remembers getting a phone call from Marc that day where he told her “I delivered a baby.”

Jokingly she replied, “Can we keep her?”

Well, he responded, “I think she might be going up for adoption.”

When Beth heard that the birth mother was a single mom already struggling to raise a teenage son, she felt compelled to go visit her the next day at the hospital.

“My heart just went out to this woman,” says Beth, 39, who works as an instructional coach at the local elementary school. “I brought her a little prayer book and asked I could get anything for her.”

As the two women talked, a doctor walked in to let the mother know that they were ready to move forward with the adoption. It was then that she said to Beth, ‘I can’t give my baby to someone I’ve never met.’

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“Suddenly the opportunity was there for me to say that Marc and I had been praying about adoption for years,” she recalls. “And she looked over at me and said, ‘I want you to adopt my baby.’ She had the nurse bring her in and I was able to hold Gracie for the first time. I called Marc and said, ‘I think we just had a baby.’”

By the end of that day, the couple had signed temporary-custody papers, and just 48 hours after her birth, they brought her home.

“She is what we prayed for,” says Beth. “It felt like winning the lottery.”

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Life Today

While Gracie has been a part of the family ever since the day she was brought home six years ago, her parents have always made sure she that remembers where she came from.

“We told her pretty much from day one,” says Marc. “I’ve taken her to the back of the ambulance where she was born, so she knows — no doubt about it.”

She even tells people how “my daddy delivered me in the back of an ambulance helped me take my first breath.

Always wearing bows, tutus and practicing gymnastics, Beth says she’s still a “tough little joker because she has two big brothers who have trained her right.”

Every day Marc and Beth pinch themselves over how lucky they are to have Gracie in their lives.

“I’ve always wanted a daughter, and this is just amazing,” says Marc.

Adds Beth: “Sometimes the best things in life happen in the blink of an eye — and you can’t let them pass you by.”

Know a hero? Send suggestions to “ For more inspiring stories, read the latest issue of PEOPLE magazine.

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Missouri Woman’s First Date Ends with Her Saving the Man’s Life: ‘He Asked for a Second Date’

A Missouri woman had a lunch date to remember when she used her life-saving CPR skills to come to her date’s rescue.

Janie Hall, 45, of Joplin, was full of excitement when she arrived at the Cheesecake Factor in Kansas City on April 7 to meet her date for the first time after a couple weeks of chatting. The duo hit it off after they met on the dating site, Plenty of Fish.

“He contacted me and we talked for two weeks,” Hall tells PEOPLE of her date, a man in his 50s who wishes to remain unnamed while he’s recovering. “I liked a lot of what he said. Social change is big for me and when he told me about his volunteer work, that really stood out to me. He volunteers at his grandchild’s school and he’s active with veterans groups in Kansas City.

“We had a wonderful meal and great conversation,” Hall says of their date. “They boxed our food and we continued to talk for 45 more minutes, chatting about family and friends.”

But suddenly her date coughed three times and lifted his finger as if to excuse himself.

“We weren’t eating so I knew he wasn’t choking,” Hall remembers. “I turned my head to the side to give him some privacy and then the next thing I knew there were dishes falling onto my side of the booth.”

Her date stood up and immediately fell face-first on the restaurant’s marble floor. Hall ran to his side and with the help of a server, Becca Bartholomew, they rolled him over.

“He had glazed-over eyes and blood was coming from his mouth. I checked and he had no heart rate so I began chest compressions and CPR,” says Hall, a former respiratory therapist who now works as an online educator of doctoral-level research.

Hall says Bartholomew took charge and told her coworkers to call 911 as the two women continued CPR.

“I checked for a pulse again and he had a weak pulse,” Hall says.

Eight minutes later, paramedics arrived and hooked him up to a monitor where they detected a heart rhythm. Hall followed the ambulance to the emergency room and left her card with hospital staff so the man’s family could contact her.

The next day, Hall called the hospital and was relieved when she was patched through to her date’s hospital room.

“It meant he had survived,” she says.

Hall connected with her date’s daughter and they began texting. They arranged a time for her to come visit him in the hospital on April 10.

“He looked amazing,” Hall says. “And he remembered everything about our conversation at the restaurant. I told him, ‘I never got to thank you for the meal,’ and he said, ‘Oh my god, you saved my life!’ “

After a series of tests, doctors were unable to find the exact cause of the man’s episode. He has since been released from the hospital and is recovering at home. Hall and Bartholomew have created a GoFundMe page to help their new friend defray medical costs that insurance will not cover.

One thing he can look forward to after his recovery? Another date with Hall.

“He asked for a second date in the hospital,” Hall says. “I was extremely honored. What means the most to me is that he works on his health and wellness right now.”

After her frightening experience, Hall wants to educate others on the importance of becoming CPR-certified, and she’s encouraging others to sign up for an American Red Cross first aid and CPR course. (Find a training course in your area here.)

“It is so easy to learn basic concepts of CPR,” she says. “And it can save someone’s life.”

Hall admits that she still becomes emotional when she thinks about how sudden it all was.

“When I sat across from him, he looked like the perfect picture of health,” Hall says of her date. “It made me realize how important every moment of our day is and how important it is for family to know how much we love them.”

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Prince William Appears on Talk Show in Vietnam: ‘We Are Falling Behind on Saving Wildlife’

Prince William made an impassioned speech at an international wildlife conference during his visit to Vietnam on Thursday, calling on the British government to ban imported ivory.

William, who is in the country for the first time as part of his campaign to clamp down on illegal wildlife trade, said that he feared campaigners weren’t making progress quickly enough.

“The truth is we are still falling behind,” he told delegates. “A betting man would still bet on extinction.”

He said that China has already “signalled a total ban, the USA has instituted one, and other nations including the United Kingdom are considering it.”

He added, “We know now what previous generations did not – ivory treated as a commodity is the fuel of extinction. Ivory is not something to be desired and when removed from an elephant it is not beautiful. So, the question is, why are we still trading it? We need governments to send a clear signal that trading in ivory is abhorrent.”

He praised the Vietnamese government for carrying out its first burning of illegally traded rhino horn and ivory last weekend and hailed how far the movement had come since two years ago when the first International Conference on the Illegal Wildlife Trade convened in London.

“Since then we have seen unprecedented partnership between African governments to work together to fight poaching through the Elephant Protection Initiative,” he remarked.

And William, who is patron of Tusk Trust and shares his passion for protecting wildlife with his brother Prince Harry, highlighted how the transportation industry was coordinating actions to clamp down on trafficking routes.

But he added, “There is much to be proud of and I want to make sure we take confidence from what has been achieved. We are on the right side of history.

“But here is the problem: we know that we aren’t moving fast enough to keep up with the crisis. Rhinos, elephants, pangolin, lions  — they are all still being killed in horrifying numbers.

“The Great Elephant Census published this summer confirmed our worst fears about the shocking 30 percent decline in the African elephant population in just seven years.”

The prince said he wants to to halt the demand for the wildlife parts in a part of the world that fuels the trade.

He also filmed an interview with a local chat show on Thursday. Interviewed by Thuy Duong, the presenter of Talk Vietnam, he discussed his love for wildlife and how much he enjoyed his first visit to the country.

Yesterday,  William met with schoolkids to talk about protecting rhino and visited a traditional medicine market, Lang Ong Street and discussed conservation efforts with activists and medical experts in a local coffee shop.

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Saving Sammy

Saving Sammy

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World Isn’t Worth Saving if the Price is a Tear of an Innocent Child

If someone told me that I would have a reason to bring up the names of Pope Francis and Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy in the same sentence, I would have highly doubted it. But, here it is.

A NY Times editorials article, “Justice Kennedy on Solitary Confinement”, talks about Justice Kennedy addressing “what has become one of his most pressing concerns: America’s broken criminal justice system in general, and prolonged solitary confinement in particular.” Making his point, Justice Kennedy quotes the Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky: “The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons.”


A few years ago, Pope Francis surprised many of us by bringing up the name of Dostoyevsky, as well. In an interview, the Pope claimed him as his favorite writer. After all, that shouldn’t be a big surprise, considering the issues of justice and morality, which are central themes of Dostoyevsky’s writings. In his famous novel, The Brothers Karamazov, one of the characters says that the whole world is not worth saving if the price is one tear of an innocent child. At this point, I urge you to check out the Art Talk website to see the photos by Richard Ross accompanying my program — the photos depicting children incarcerated in American juvenile detention facilities.

Distinguished Professor of Art at UC Santa Barbara, Richard Ross published in recent years two important photography books relevant to this subject — in 2012, Juvenile in Justice, and then a follow-up in 2015, Girls in Justice. Be warned, some of these images can break your heart.

Ross was able to gain access to various American juvenile detention facilities, where kids as young as 10 are being incarcerated for an unreasonably long period of time — sometimes even in isolation. Part of the deal with detention authorities was that the kids’ faces in these photographs should be blurred or not seen at all. Still, their body language and the way Ross composed his images speak loudly about the emotional devastation of this experience.

These images walk a fine line between documentary and an artistic statement, without diminishing the power of either. As a result, we are compelled to look at them, and to look at them again, paying attention to every detail, trying to comprehend what is going on with these kids. I wonder what Pope Francis and Justice Kennedy would have to say about these photos.

I’ve heard Richard Ross passionately debating this issue with the theater director and UCLA Professor Peter Sellars twice — last year, in a UCLA auditorium, and recently at The Hammer Museum. But, that is not enough. It’s time to see these powerful photographs in a well-organized exhibition here, in one of Southern California’s museums.

To learn about Edward’s Fine Art of Art Collecting Classes, please visit his website. You can also read The New York Times article about his classes here, or an Artillery Magazine article about Edward and his classes here.


Edward Goldman is an art critic and the host of Art Talk, a program on art and culture for NPR affiliate KCRW 89.9 FM. To listen to the complete show and hear Edward’s charming Russian accent, click here.

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Being Frugal and Saving Money: Saving is a kind of Earning

TABLE OF CONTENTSBeing Frugal and Saving MoneyIntroduction: Importance of Being Frugal and Saving Money:A.Saving for Emergency Situations:B.Saving for Retirement Benefits:C.Saving for Down Payments:D.Saving for Vacations and Trips:E.Saving for a Car:F.Establish a Sinking Fund:G.Saving for Educational Purposes: Non-material Benefits of Saving Money and Being Frugal:A.Enhancement of Positive Financial Characteristics:B.Financial Freedom and Independence:C.Improvement in Self Confidence and Endurance:D.Reduction in Stress Levels:E.Less Borrowing and More Wealth:F.What is Being Frugal and a Frugal Way of Living?How to Save Money and Be Frugal:A.Saving Money on Food:1.Pantry Principle:2.Avoid Processed Food:3.Do Some Menu Planning:4.Reduce Grocery Store Trips:5.Start your Own Kitchen Garden:6.Simple Eating:7.Bulk Buying:8.Use Brown Bags:9.Do Not Waste:10.Make Use of Leftovers:11.Drink More Water:12.Reduce Eating Out:13.Take your Lunchbox:14.Make your Own Baby Food:B.Saving on Utilities:1.Water Heaters:2.Turn off the Television:3.Reusable Items:4.Adjust your Thermostat:5.Wear Warmer Clothes:6.Take Cool Showers:7.Clean your Refrigerator and Freezer:8.Keep your Freezer Full:9.Remove All Unwanted Electricity Drains:10.Look out for Energy Drains:11.Use One Telephone Medium:12.Turning off Small Appliances:13.LEDs and Energy Savers:14.Plant Trees:C.Health and Physical Fitness Elements:1.Discontinue Gym Membership:2.Home Aerobics:3.High Deductible Insurance:4.Quit Smoking:5.Take Extra Care:D.Transportation and Car Maintenance:1.Self-change of Oil:2.Shuffle your Tires:3.Buy a Used Car:4.Car Sharing:5.Car Insurance:6.Carpool:7.Tire Maintenance:8.Replace and Clean Airfilter:9.Go Slow:10.Plan Trips Together:11.Walk:E.Dressing and Self-Grooming:1.Do your Own Laundry and Ironing:2.Stick with Existing Clothes:3.Buy Items on Sale and at Thrift shops:4.Shaving and cutting:5.Keep Children’s Clothes:6.Buy Fewer:7.Clothes Swapping:8.Home Remedies:F.Entertainment:1.Go out:2.Game Nights:3.Let a

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