Prince Albert’s Toddler Twins Steal the Show at Monaco’s National Day Ceremony

Monaco’s littlest royals, 2-year-old twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, joined their parents Prince Albert and Princess Charlene to celebrate National Day on Sunday, appearing twice to the joy of the gathered crowd.

Jacques’ blond head was visible just above the balustrade as the windows opened amid the ceremony. Beside him, his sister Princess Gabriella danced to the military band, occasionally throwing kisses and waving to the crowd.

While Prince Albert took salutes in the palace forecourt below from the carabineri — Monaco’s soldiers, celebrating their 200th anniversary — Princess Charlene doted on Jacques, primping his new haircut.

Princess Charlene was dressed for the occasion in a deep blue coat with a wide-brimmed hat, while her mini-me Gabriella sported a dress decorated in flowers.

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When Prince Albert joined his family in the balcony window, he lifted Gabriella up into his arms while Princess Charlene held Jacques.

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The children then disappeared from the window and the period military cortege passed by.

After the ceremonies ended, the crowd below waved flags and banners and cheered “Hip hip hoorary” to call for the royal family to return for another appearance. Prince Albert and a smiling Princess Charlene returned to wave to the crowd.

When a call went up imploring “les enfants” come back to the window, Albert put his hands to the side of his head in mime, indicating the children had gone for a nap.

The twins will celebrate their third birthday next month, on December 10th.

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Thieves Steal $3.9 Million in Jewels From London’s Masterpiece Art Fair

HOT WEATHER HEIST: Thieves quietly swooped on London’s Masterpiece Art Fair, an annual event that takes place in Chelsea, stealing jewels worth 3 million pounds, or $ 3.9 million, from the Geneva-based jeweler Boghossian.
The ticketed fair, which showcases high-end art, antiques and jewelry, has round-the-clock security. It takes place every year at Royal Hospital Chelsea and draws up to 44,000 visitors. According to police, the thieves struck between 5 p.m. on Tuesday and 9 a.m. on Wednesday.
The fair ran from June 29 to July 5, and was open every day from 11:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m., which meant that the robbery could have taken place while the fair was still open for business. The thieves were thought to have used distraction techniques to carry out the robbery.
The fair said it is “fully cooperating with the police,” who have been examining the CCTV camera in the space. However, no arrests have been made and there were no witnesses to the theft. Guests are checked on their way into the fair, and on the way out. All bags are opened and examined upon arrival and as people are exiting.
Masterpiece is known for drawing top collectors from across the world and hosting exhibitors across

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Prince George And Princess Charlotte Steal The Show At Pippa Middleton’s Wedding

In a twist that should shock no one, all eyes were on Prince George and Princess Charlotte at their aunt Pippa Middleton’s wedding Saturday.

Prince William’s sister-in-law looked absolutely stunning in a a high neck, lace Giles Deacon gown with a long train and bespoke veil, but his tiny children gave her a run for her money doing their duties as page boy and bridesmaid.

Charlotte looked adorable in a white short-sleeved dress with a big pink bow and floral head piece. George, who is getting bigger every day, looked oh-so-dapper in a white collared shirt and short trousers.

The former Kate Middleton, who looked beautiful in a long-sleeved, pale pink dress with a matching fascinator, reportedly expressed some concern on Tuesday over how her little ones would behave during the nuptials. From the looks of it, though, all they did was manage to look even cuter than usual.

Perhaps they’ll be reprising these roles for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding next? We can only dream. 

See even more photos here: 

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How Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb and Today’s Cutest Kids Always Steal the Spotlight on Morning TV

Savannah Guthrie, Mike Feldman, Charley Feldman, Vale FeldmanForget about the hard news, concerts or celebrity interviews. Some Today show viewers just can’t get enough of the kid segments.
Although NBC’s morning show doesn’t miss a…

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Winona Ryder’s Facial Expressions Steal the Show at SAG Awards

David Harbour may have delivered one of the most impassioned acceptance speeches of the night, but it was Winona Ryder who stole the show when the cast of “Stranger Things” took the stage at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. The Netflix series won the Actor for outstanding performance by an ensemble in a drama series on Sunday, ending… Read more »



The Best Hair Tips You Can Steal From Celebrity Stylists

For Glamour, by Deanna Pai.

It’s awards season again. And while La La Land was good and all (or so we’re guessing from those seven Golden Globe wins), we’re also here for the celebrity hairstyles. So far, this year has delivered.

Forget the sleek, simple style of years past (or, you know, 2016). With two shows on the circuit now checked off, we’ve already seen a mixed bag of really cool looks. Example A: At the 2017 Golden Globes, Gal Gadot opted for a twisted ponytail, while Reese Witherspoon went with a modern chignon — which is wild, since she tends to play it safe on the red carpet. Example B: Blake Lively’s waves at the 2017 People’s Choice Awards (and, OK, really anywhere.)

The brains behind all these looks? The stylists, of course, since it takes more than a pair of scissors to make hair red-carpet-worthy. That’s why this awards season we’re asking top celebrity hairstylists to tell us their go-to red-carpet tricks that don’t require a master’s in glam-squad-ography. (Translation: Tips you can actually use in real life.) Stay tuned all season as we add more of their game-changing secrets to the list.

1. Go cordless when you’re traveling.

Janelle Monae’s hair for the Golden Globes (a dramatic teased updo with white accents) may have looked ethereal, but it didn’t take magic to create. Her hairstylist, Nikki Nelms (whose other clients include Solange Knowles and Kelly Rowland), counts on cordless tools to make it happen.

“I keep my cordless heating tools charged up and handy,” she explains. “With them, I can continue styling their hair even while someone is moving around and doing other things.” In this case, she used GVP Rechargeable Travel Styling Iron ($ 70). If you’ve ever tripped over the cord of your straightening iron — guilty as charged — or found yourself in an Airbnb with plugs in the weirdest spots, you’ll get why this might be valuable IRL too, glam squad or no glam squad.

2. If you have bangs, prep them first.

If you have blunt bangs like Lea Michele’s — a.k.a. the kind you can’t just sweep to the side — you need to start with them first. “When styling bangs, you have to do it right out of the shower,” says hairstylist Sarah Potempa, who counts Michele (and Victoria’s Secret Angels) among her clients. She suggests first working a little bit of mousse through damp, towel-dried bangs. Then lightly blow-dry them, aiming the nozzle of your hair-dryer downward and combing them with a brush like the Sarah Potempa Mini On Set Brush ($ 23). Then pin them to one side with a silver clip (layering a tissue between the clip and your hair to prevent a crease). After a few minutes, pull them to the other side and pin them again. “This gives your bangs the perfect amount of movement and natural bend,” explains Potempa. Noted.

3. Use hairspray before and after you curl your hair.

We didn’t think we could love anything more than Gina Rodriguez‘s edgy undercut this summer. We were wrong. Before he started to work on those waves, Joico celebrity hairstylist Paul Norton took one-inch sections of Rodriguez’s hair and sprayed each with Joico JoiShape Shaping & Finishing Spray ($ 17). “This gives her hair an extra ‘shape-ability’ so it adheres to what the curling iron gives you,” he explains. Doing this step before you heat-style makes it easier to create neat, even waves. You could spray it on afterward too, but it’ll only give your style staying power. More on that here.

4. Try hair wax (instead of styling creams) to hold down awkward pokey-out-y pieces.

We love an intricate (and Instagrammable) braid as much as the next girl, but Gadot’s twisted ponytail was a refreshing change. Two things are key to making it work: Twisting each of the two sections of the ponytail in the same direction, which forces them to coil around and prevents them from untwisting, and keeping the rest of the hair sleek. For the latter, Suave Professionals celebrity stylist Jenny Cho dabbed a strong styling wax near Gadot’s hairline and worked her way back. “I decided to use a soft wax instead of a cream because it has a stronger hold,” says Cho. “If you have layers and don’t want them poking out, it’s a better choice for control than cream.”

5. Add volume at the crown to make a stiff updo look softer.

Witherspoon is America’s sweetheart — and, like we said, she’s not exactly one to go for a dramatic, edgy look. A chignon is a classic, of course, but her hairstylist Adir Abergel added some unexpected drama with a deep side part and volume at the crown. “It creates a really beautiful modern shape,” he explains. “The height creates a more elegant shape to the updo.” He sprayed Virtue Create Finale Shaping Spray ($ 36), out next month, at the roots before combing the top to create a smooth, shiny finish.

6. Learn the “dotting” method.

When we think Blake Lively, we think sleek updos or glam waves, so this loose, textured look was out of the ordinary (in the best way). Once her hair had dried, Rod Ortega, who styled her hair using L’Oréal Paris, actually spritzed L’Oréal Paris Hair Expert Extraordinary Clay Dry Shampoo ($ 7) — which is intended for your roots — in dots onto the layers framing her face before working his way toward the back of her hair.

“A dry shampoo allows me to easily restructure her hair without it becoming too saturated,” explains Ortega. “The dot technique helps control the amount of product.” If he piles on too much, he risks her hair falling flat. (Although from what we can tell, Lively’s hair is immune to that.) It essentially adds texture and lift without weighing hair down.

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