Women’s March Draws Tens of Thousands

The knitted, pink “pussy” hats are back — at least for the weekend.
More than 120,000 protesters, clusters of which wore the ugly but eye-catching pink hats, gathered in New York and tens of thousands in dozens of other cities across the U.S. for the second Women’s March.
As in 2016’s march, which drew an estimated 2.4 million people in various major cities, anti-Trump sentiment was rife among those taking part in the New York, but with the recent spate of sexual harassment and assault claims against men in film, television and media, what’s now being called the #metoo movement was well represented, along with a range of other social issues, like Black Lives Matter, transgender rights and support for teachers unions.

Women’s March 2018, New York. 
Kali Hays/WWD

After police opened up a barricade on 62nd Street and Broadway in order to relieve a massive bottle neck of people trying to get to Central Park, a young woman came upon the main throng of slow-moving protesters with an excited, “This is lit!”
In a city where shoulder checking is a typical part of the daily commute, marchers were nothing if not polite. There was bonding over pins and signs; gentle “excuse me’s” and apologies

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