Liam Payne Opens Up About One Direction, Agoraphobia and Taking More Than a “F–king Minute” to Understand Fatherhood

Liam Payne, June 2019, Esquire Middle EastFatherhood, music, life–Liam Payne is figuring it all out.
At just 25 years old, the performer has seemingly lived an entire lifetime already after skyrocketing to international stardom…

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Face-to-face bullying ‘a bigger problem’ than cyberbullying

A member of Prince William’s Cyberbullying Taskforce has warned that the treatment of cyberbullying by politicians and the media is unbalanced because online bullying is less significant than its face-to-face equivalent.
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Why This Year’s Upfronts Will Be More Complex Than Ever

It used to be simple. Every May, in the annual ad-sales ritual known as Upfront Week, the major TV networks present their coming programming lineups to advertisers. Since 2007, Tuesday mornings have been reserved for ESPN, which always enlisted various team mascots, cheerleaders and on-air personalities to talk about sports. No longer. Due to the […]



Oddworld: Soulstorm Preview – The Oddworld Quintology Lives and It’s Prettier Than Ever

Lorne Lanning and the Oddworld Inhabitants development team did it their way. No big publishers. No rushed schedule. No creative compromises. The next entry in the always-planned quintology (take that, Alien Quadrilogy!) of Oddworld games is finally well underway after the studio voluntarily shut down in 2005, made a bunch of money from the old Abe games selling well on PC, reopened the studio, and funded the New and Tasty remake, which has led us here, to Oddworld: Soulstorm.

My first thought when getting a demo of Soulstorm from Lanning was how gorgeous it looks. It’s clear that the Inhabitants have a background in film, because both the gameplay and especially the cinematics look like those of a game with four times the budget. Speaking of those cinematics, I saw the opening one, which picks up near the end of the story; Soulstorm will then walk you back to the beginning of the tale, and you’ll eventually catch up to where you started. This adventure will chronicle the legend of Abe and his follower are escaped slaves – fugitives on the run – fighting from the brink of extinction.

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A Bridezilla, Epic Fights and That Infamous Wine Toss: How The Real Housewives of New Jersey Bounced Back Better Than Ever

The Real Housewives of New Jersey, RHONJLet it be known that Andy Cohen reads his damn feed.
The man responsible for gifting the world with all things Real Housewives has a special sixth sense for knowing how fans are feeling…

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Virgil’s Vuitton Is Already Selling Faster Than the Supreme Tie-up

LIKE A VIRGIL: Virgil Abloh’s first designs for Louis Vuitton have yet to hit the French luxury giant’s boutique network, but they’re already selling up a storm.
A pop-up in Tokyo that opened last week raked in 30 percent more in the first 48 hours than Vuitton’s collaborative collection with Supreme in 2018, Vuitton chief executive officer Michael Burke told WWD.
He attributed the success to “pure unadulterated desire,” citing particularly strong demand for tailored ready-to-wear, mini trunks in white leather and transparent and iridescent weekend bags.
“It was merchandised as a full collection,” he said, also noting that the rush came despite no dedicated marketing campaign, advertising or gifting. About 1,000 people queued up in the Japanese capital to be among the first to buy.
The Supreme collaboration, seen as a watershed moment for streetwear, sold exclusively last June through eight pop-ups in Paris, London, Miami, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul and Sydney.
Vuitton opted for a similar stealth approach for Abloh’s debut spring 2019 collection, first hosting pop-up stores in London and Shanghai last October. One in New York also opened last week, with the first day an invitation-only event for 200 people.
Crowned WWD’s Newsmaker of the Year last year, Abloh went from

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Selfridges Notches More Than 4 Million Pounds in Early Hours of Boxing Day Sale

LONDON — Footfall may have been down on Boxing Day, which marks the start of the winter sales in Britain, but for Selfridges, the pickings were rich.
The store, known for its bright yellow branding, said following a strong pre-Christmas trading period, it took in more than 4 million pounds in the first hours of the Boxing Day sale, which began Tuesday night online and Wednesday morning in-store.
Selfridges said it has already seen a 6 percent uplift on last year, and added that Boxing Day 2018 is on track to remain the retailer’s biggest trading day of the year. Selfridges doesn’t close until 9 p.m. local time, so final numbers are still unavailable.
The company said shoppers began arriving outside the Oxford Street store at 2:30 a.m. on Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, when estate owners and employers in Britain traditionally gave gifts to their employees. The store said it expected to see around 120,000 customers between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. on Wednesday. has seen the highest number of site visits to date, with 1.5 million customers visiting the site since Tuesday night, with “high double-digit growth” online compared with last year, it said.
So far the highest-performing departments have been women’s

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Game Awards Creator Reflects on 2018, Beyond as Viewer Numbers More Than Double

“This show is about bringing everyone together to talk about video games,” “When I started this show five years my dream was to put competition aside and celebrate what we love which is playing games and making games. This is a moment that has been five years in the making for me, I can’t believe […]



Dying Light: Bad Blood’s Steam Debut Sees Fewer Than 500 Players at Its Peak

Dying Light’s battle royale standalone failed to impress during its debut week on Steam.

Techland’s attempt at hopping on the battle royale bandwagon hasn’t panned out very well so far, with Bad Blood peaking at 455 concurrent players during its first week on Steam, according to GitHyp.

The figure has continued to fall since then, with the concurrent player count falling to below 100 this week.

Dying Light: Bad Blood launched as a $ 20/ £16 standalone on September 13, and has mixed reviews on Steam, compared to Dying Light’s very positive reviews, and while it’s still in Early Access, it doesn’t seem to have generated much interest in the community, judging by the player count.

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Billie Jean King Says Serena Williams Is Treated Differently Than Male Athletes as WTA Backs Her

After Serena Williams‘ controversial loss to Japan’s Naomi Osaka at Saturday’s U.S. Open Women’s Final — during which Williams received three violations and confronted the chair umpire, whom she called a “thief” — tennis great Billie Jean King is addressing major factors that she says played a role in how the game transpired: Williams’ gender and race.

King, 74, writes in an op-ed The Washington Post published Sunday, “The ceiling that women of color face on their path to leadership never felt more impenetrable than it did at the women’s U.S. Open final on Saturday.”

Williams, 36, was fined $ 17,000 from her $ 1.85 million prize money for her three violations: $ 10,000 for verbally abusing the umpire, Carlos Ramos; $ 4,000 for receiving a warning about coaching; and $ 3,000 for breaking a racket. Critics called some of the punishments sexist, claiming that males exhibit the same emotion on the court without being penalized.

“What was supposed to be a memorable moment for tennis, with Serena Williams, perhaps the greatest player of all time, facing off against Naomi Osaka, the future of our sport, turned into another example of people in positions of power abusing that power,” argues King, the 39-time Grand Slam winner who was portrayed by Emma Stone in the 2017 biopic Battle of the Sexes.

RELATED: From Her Tough U.S. Open Loss to Battling Sexism: Serena Williams’ Hard Road to Tennis Fame

After receiving the game penalty for court violation, Williams told Ramos, “You will never, ever, ever be on another court of mine as long as you live. You are the liar. When are you going to give me my apology? You owe me an apology. Say it. Say you’re sorry. … And you stole a point from me. You’re a thief, too!”

As King sees it, Ramos treated Williams differently than how he would treat male tennis pros. “Women are treated differently in most arenas of life,” writes King for the Post. “This is especially true for women of color. And what played out on the court yesterday happens far too often. It happens in sports, in the office and in public service. Ultimately, a woman was penalized for standing up for herself. A woman faced down sexism, and the match went on.”

RELATED: Serena Williams Loses at U.S. Open, Lashes Out at Umpire Over Cheating Penalty: ‘You’re a Thief’

For King, Williams’ struggle — and the way she reacted to it — is a teachable moment for women. “I understand what motivated Williams to do what she did,” King writes for the Post. “And I hope every single girl and woman watching yesterday’s match realizes they should always stand up for themselves and for what they believe is right. Nothing will ever change if they don’t.”

On Saturday, Williams’ was given a third violation for illegal coaching from her player box during the first set against Osaka, 20. Williams told Ramos, “I don’t cheat to win, I’d rather lose. I’m just letting you know.”

“If tennis would catch up with the 21st century and allow coaching on every point, the situation on the court would never have escalated to the level of absurdity that it did,” writes King for the Post. “Every player, after all, still has to play the match — she has to execute on every point, and she should never be held responsible for the actions of a coach. Coaching happens all the time, at all levels of tennis. So why not just allow it?”

King cites her personal experience in the Post piece, explaining how she relates to Williams: “I found myself in similar situations in my career; once, I even walked off the court in protest. It wasn’t my proudest moment, but it may have been one of my more powerful ones.”

Ultimately, writes King in the Post, “Ramos crossed the line. He made himself part of the match. He involved himself in the end result. An umpire’s job is to keep control of the match, and he let it get out of control. The rules are what they are, but the umpire has discretion, and Ramos chose to give Williams very little latitude in a match where the stakes were highest.”

However, King notes in the Post, “Williams could have taken some responsibility and moved on after the first warning (and, speaking from experience, it’s debatable whether she knew this was a warning or not), and before the point and game penalties started flying.”

Another tennis great also came to Williams’ defense this past weekend: Novak Djokovic, 31, who won the U.S. Open Men’s Final on Sunday night. When asked what he thought about the incident between the 23-time Grand Slam winner and Ramos, he responded, “I have my personal opinion that maybe the chair umpire should not have pushed Serena to the limit, especially in a Grand Slam final … He did change the course of the match. It was, in my opinion, maybe unnecessary. We all go through our emotions, especially when you’re fighting for a Grand Slam trophy.”

As accusations of sexism continue to fly at tennis officials and institutions from players and fans alike, the Women’s Tennis Association elected to side with Williams. WTA CEO Steve Simon showed support in a statement released on the organization’s website.

“Yesterday also brought to the forefront the question of whether different standards are applied to men and women in the officiating of matches,” wrote Simon. “The WTA believes that there should be no difference in the standards of tolerance provided to the emotions expressed by men vs. women and is committed to working with the sport to ensure that all players are treated the same. We do not believe that this was done last night.”

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Once the match concluded, Williams didn’t shake the umpire’s hand and she continued demanding an apology as the crowd roared with boos.

During the post-match trophy ceremony, Williams addressed the crowd, saying, “Well, I don’t want to be rude, I don’t want to do questions. played well, this is her first Grand Slam. I know you guys were here rooting. Let’s make this the best moment we can. Let’s not boo anymore. We’re gonna get through this and we’re gonna be positive. No more booing!”

RELATED: Serena Williams Comforts Tearful Naomi Osaka in Viral U.S. Open Moment: ‘Let’s Not Boo Anymore’

Fighting back tears after the match, Osaka said, “I know that everybody was cheering for her. I’m sorry it had to end like this. I just want to say thank you for watching the match.”

King also showed support for Osaka in her Post piece, writing, “Lost in the craziness of the evening was the fact that Osaka played excellent tennis and won her first major title. Competing against her childhood idol, she summoned her A game and earned her championship — no need for any asterisk in the record book. She was the best player on the court Saturday.”

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Hollow Knight Has Sold More Than 1 Million Copies on PC

Hollow Knight has apparently been quite the success for developer Team Cherry. Speaking with Kotaku, co-director Ari Gibson revealed the Metroidvania game surpassed 1 million sales on PC after launching just over a year ago.

“Hollow Knight’s success has in large part been driven by

many fans on PC, with the game having now sold over 1 million copies for Windows, Mac,

Linux (crossing that mark just

day before the Nintendo Switch launch),” said Gibson, referring to Hollow Knight’s June 12 Switch release.

Just last week, Team Cherry revealed that Hollow Knight had reached 250,000 sales on Switch in its first two weeks on the Nintendo system. Combined with PC, that puts the game at over 1.25 million total copies sold across both platforms.

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GTA 5 Has Made More Money Than Any Film, Book or Game, Says Analyst

Industry analyst Doug Creutz says Grand Theft Auto 5 has made money than any other form of media in history, with over 90 million units sold and $ 6 billion in revenue.

Creutz, managing director and senior research analyst covering the media and entertainment sector at Cowen, told MarketWatch that the game has made more than blockbuster movies like Star Wars, and Gone With The Wind, which both brought in around $ 3 billion in theaters when adjusted for inflation. Creutz estimates that even with home entertainment sales, which he puts in the ballpark of $ 1 billion, the films don’t come close to Rockstar’s 2013 title.

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Nicole Richie Says Daughter Harlow ‘Loves’ Makeup: ‘She’s a Different Beast Than Me’

Nicole Richie has passed on her love of makeup to the next generation.

The face of Urban Decay’s Naked Petite Heat palette (available Feb. 22 on tells PEOPLE that her 10-year-old daughter Harlow Winter Kate “loves” makeup just like her mama, but she goes about her beauty routine in her own distinct way.

“She’s a different beast than me,” the 36-year-old star says. “She should have this campaign. She is like a glitter, a liner, a liquid liner, a blush, a lipstick, a YouTube tutorial video. She is in it.”

Richie recently described the power of makeup to PEOPLE. “You can transform yourself into another being, which I think is really amazing,” she explains. “I know women who feel most like themselves when they have a full face of makeup on and that makes them feel strong about themselves.”

“We as women have every tool that we need in order to feel our strongest, best self,” Richie adds. “I don’t think that makeup has to hide you. I think it can accentuate what you already have.”

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Aside from staying on top of her beauty game, Harlow — Richie’s older child with Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden (the duo also share son Sparrow James Midnight, 8) — is also paying attention to the news and women’s rights.

The mother-daughter duo recently attended this year’s Women’s March, and Richie says Harlow herself voiced that she wanted to attend.

“She knew what it was, she heard about it last year. I went last year, a few of her friends went,” Richie explains. “Her and her friends had decided they wanted to go. It was their decision. Her and four friends came with us. I really loved it. I was so happy that she was there.”

FROM PEOPLETV: Supermodel Christie Brinkley is 63 and back in SI‘s Swimsuit Issue with Her Daughters!

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When it comes to feminism, Richie hopes her daughter stays true to herself as she grows up.

“I want her to always feel confident in her decisions and I want her to own all of her feelings — whether they are hurtful to me or anybody,” she says of Harlow.

“I want her to be able to look at any adult male or female for the rest of her life and to be able to own how she feels and be able to tap into her instincts without ever feeling she has to protect anybody else or think about anybody other than her well being and her safety,” Richie adds. “I want her to have power in her voice and confidence with her voice and her feelings.”

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Selena Gomez Visits Childhood Home and Wonders If It ‘Could Have Been Better Than My Life Today’

Selena Gomez spent part of the weekend reflecting on her past — and taking a literal trip down memory lane.

The 25-year-old singer shared a photo of herself perched on the doorstep of the Texas home where she spent her youth, on Saturday, writing on Instagram, “The home I grew up in, from birth to 13… (no one was home when I knocked this time lol).”

“I visit this place every chance I get,” Gomez said. “In many ways it very well could have been better than my life today, but I’m grateful for a voice that can enable change today. Even when I don’t know how to do it well or actually want it. I love you Grand Prairie. Thank you.”

RELATED: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Kick Off the New Year with a Sweaty Pilates Session

There have recently been strains between Gomez and her mom Mandy Teefey, noticed by fans after the duo unfollowed each other on Instagram. But their recent estrangement wasn’t sparked solely by pop star’s newly rekindled relationship with Justin Bieber.

“It’s more complicated than just fighting over a guy,” a source close to the family previously told PEOPLE. “Mandy and Selena have had their ups and down before. This isn’t the first time.”

Though the mother and daughter weren’t on speaking terms toward the end of last year, Gomez “also wants to give her mom some space,” added the insider. “When they fight, they fight hard. But when they love, they also love hard.”

RELATED VIDEO: Selena Gomez Isn’t Currently Speaking to Mom Mandy Teefey and Wants to ‘Give Her Space’: Source

Multiple sources previously told PEOPLE Gomez’s family was concerned about the on-again romance and that Bieber was determined to show her loved ones he had matured.

An insider also confirmed that Teefey, 41, had voluntarily sought treatment at a hospital in Los Angeles in December but dismissed a report that it was because of an argument with her daughter over Bieber. “It’s been a stressful time for Mandy and she made the decision herself to go to the hospital and make sure everything was okay,” said the source.

After ringing in the new year together in Mexico, Bieber and Gomez headed to a private gym session in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

A source previously told PEOPLE that they welcomed 2018 in Cabo with friends, adding that the pair are “doing great.”

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Rihanna Runs on Less Than Four Hours of Sleep a Night

STAYING AWAKE: What does it take to become Rihanna? Less than four hours’ sleep per night, apparently.
The “Wild Thoughts” singer shares insights into her personal life and inspirations as guest editor of the December issue of Vogue Paris, scheduled to go on sale on Dec. 1. The issue comes with three separate covers shot by Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, Jean-Paul Goude and Juergen Teller.
A section titled “A Girl Like Me” opens with a candid shot of Rihanna divebombing into a pool in the Dominican Republic. In the accompanying caption, she reveals that she usually likes to spend her days off on tour sightseeing rather than sunbathing.
“I have a lot of trouble switching off. Even when I get home early, which means before 1 a.m., I start binge-watching shows or documentaries, which I love. I can’t go straight to bed. As a matter of fact, I only sleep three or four hours a night,” she is quoted as saying in the French text.

A candid shot of Rihanna in the December issue of Vogue Paris. 
Dennis Leupold

Among the personalities she selected as inspirations are Bob Marley, Whitney Houston, Elizabeth Taylor, Mariah Carey, Tina Turner, Michèle Lamy, Patricia Field and her mother

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Iman Shumpert Wants to Be More Than an NBA Player

When WWD interviewed NBA player Iman Shumpert three years ago, his life was much different. Shumpert’s girlfriend at the time, artist Teyana Taylor, is now his wife, and they have an almost two-year-old daughter named Iman Jr. and nicknamed Junie — he’s set to star in a VH1 reality TV show with his family next year.
Shumpert also looks and behaves differently. He’s cut off his signature high top fade — he explains why later on — and feels less inhibited by what it typically means to be a basketball player.
“I’m playing ball. I’m rapping. I’m doing my clothing line, but every time I try to do the other stuff people say that I’m not focused on basketball,” said Shumpert, sounding frustrated. “It doesn’t make sense.”
Despite this, Shumpert is diving deeper into his creative endeavors and relaunching his clothing line, Post 90s, next year, and helping raise money for the hurricane victims in St. Maarten with a jersey he’s designed with his brother. Here, the Cleveland Cavaliers player talks about kneeling during the national anthem, working with fashion brands and his other projects.
WWD: What’s happening with your music?
Iman Shumpert: What I’m doing now is making songs that are gassed on love, gassed

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The Power of Lorelai & Rory: More Viewers Finished Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life in 24 Hours Than Any Other Netflix Series

Gilmore Girls, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the LifeAre you a binge racer? Apparently there are 8.4 million Netflix binge racers around the world. What is a binge racer? According to Netflix, a binge racer is a new type of fan, one who finishes a…

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Wolfenstein 2’s Talking is Better Than Its Robot-Dog Riding

Before I started playing Wolfenstein 2, I was told I would get to pilot a giant, mechanical, fire-breathing dog. As you might expect, that’s pretty much the main part I was looking forward to as I shot Nazis and charged through crumbling walls. But what I didn’t expect is that the sequel’s cutscenes would blow me away more than melting my enemies.

Picking up the top-notch storytelling and character development of the first game, the cutscenes I saw from Wolfenstein 2 were even more impressive. The way each scene was filmed and cut together made them feel more like clips from some new Netflix show than mere exposition in a videogame.

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S.C. Mom Charged With Murder After Baby’s Remains Allegedly Decomposed in Apartment For More Than a Year

A 41-year-old South Carolina woman has been charged with murder for allegedly living for more than a year in a Fountain Inn apartment with the decomposing remains of her newborn baby, PEOPLE confirms.

Jamie Melissa Wilson, of Gray Court, was arrested on Friday and charged with homicide by child neglect, according to a warrant obtained by PEOPLE.

Investigators believe Wilson failed to properly care for the child and is therefore responsible for the baby’s death.

Because the baby was found in an advanced state of decomposition, medical examiners have yet to determine the baby’s sex or how the infant died, but allege the child was nearly 9 months old at death.

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Detectives allege the baby’s body was found wrapped in a hooded sweatshirt that had been placed inside a trash bag and then a tote bag. The warrant alleges the remains were found in a container that was inside yet another container.

Police discovered the remains in Wilson’s bedroom as they attempted to serve her with an eviction notice.

• PEOPLE’s special edition True Crime Stories: 35 Real Cases That Inspired the Show Law & Order is on sale now.

According to the warrant, Wilson allegedly told investigators the baby was born a year ago.

She allegedly told police the baby was born but stopped breathing, the warrant says. Rather than take the child to the hospital, police allege she hid the child’s body.

Wilson does not have legal counsel who could comment on her behalf. She has yet to appear in court to answer to the charges she faces.

Fashion Deals Update:

You Can Buy Frank Ocean’s Anti-Discrimination Tee For Less Than $20

The shirt that everyone is talking about.

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Has More Freedom Than Ever

A few minutes into my demo of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, I realized I was experiencing something I’d never felt before in an Uncharted game: total freedom. Even in dozens of hours exploring with Nathan Drake, Uncharted has never given me the sense that I can do whatever I want in any order, but in The Lost Legacy, that changes.

The section of the game I played – chapter four in The Lost Legacy’s overall story – dropped me into an expansive area of Southern India’s Western Ghats. As new protagonist Chloe Frazer, the world was my oyster, with the franchise’s first completely non-linear experience and the largest single area ever in an Uncharted game.

While my ultimate goal to advance the story was clear (finding a few statues that match corresponding symbols on an artifact), the game never forced my hand. From exploring ruins to searching for treasure to just shooting down groups of enemies, there was never any pressure to do anything but wander. While Nadine Ross – Chloe’s reluctant partner on the journey – would occasionally give me a hint that could lead to an objective, I was able to discover everything from actual story moments to hidden treasures at my own pace.

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Ashley Graham, Candice Huffine Reflect on Impacting More Than Just Sales With Lane Bryant Ads

NEW YORK — Being on the set of a national lingerie ad campaign with major models conjures a stereotype of thumping music, empty Champagne glasses and frazzled assistants scurrying to-and-fro, procuring their every demand.
But the vibe was far more girl power than fashion diva at Lane Bryant’s shoot for its fall lingerie campaign on Monday.
Reprising their roles in the latest ads were Ashley Graham of TED Talks, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and Candice Huffine, whose May cover of Elle and runway jaunt for Prabal Gurung have her on the radars of major casting directors. And while these women have been modeling for the plus-size retailer for well over a decade, it’s only been in the last few years that they’ve caught the attention of the overall fashion industry — not to mention the public, whose outcry for stylish clothes in a greater size range is finally being heard.
“I wanted to be a model so badly, it was my calling,” said 32-year-old Huffine, who has been modeling for 17 years, 10 of those signed with Lane Bryant. Even after all that time, she didn’t anticipate the fame that would sweep over her and her fellow plus-size models who appeared in the 2015 “I’m

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The Only Thing Harry Styles Loves More Than Ryan Gosling Is a Pair of Chelsea Boots

Hips—and heart rates—don’t lie.

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Amazon's Echo and other smart speakers do much more than you realize

Amazon's Echo and other smart speakers do much more than you realizeHarman Kardon’s Invoke is Microsoft’s first true Amazon Echo competitor. When Amazon first debuted its Alexa-powered Echo smart speaker in 2014, expectations for the device were relatively high. More than two years later, the Echo’s success has spurred a new war of the tech titans: Companies including Apple (AAPL), Google (GOOG, GOOGL), Microsoft (MSFT), Samsung and a slew of their Chinese counterparts have either released their own smart speakers or will likely release them soon.

Yahoo Tech


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The DudeRobe Is Here and It’s Even Dumber Than the RompHim

It even has its own sexist video!

Style – Esquire


Ivanka Trump Must Be Pissed That Women in the White House Are Paid Less Than Men

A new analysis find the gap is worse than the workforce at large.

Lifestyle – Esquire


Paris Men’s Sizzles — In More Ways Than One

PARIS — Call it the Macron effect. With Paris men’s fashion week in full swing since Wednesday, retailers and brands say there’s a positive global energy that is helping propel business, boosted by the recent election of President Emmanuel Macron — a man well-connected with the nation’s luxury conglomerates and also contributing to the goodwill toward France.
“I moved to Paris three months ago, and I have to say that, especially since the elections, there is a high level of confidence, trust and energy. I am hearing that from all over the world,” said Balmain’s new chief executive officer Massimo Piombini.
“It’s a global energy that is spreading. There is a global drive,” agreed Pascal Morand, executive president of the Fédération Française de la Couture du Prêt-à-Porter des Couturiers et des Créateurs de Mode.
That’s despite Paris being further rattled by an attack on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées on Monday, marking the fifth time in four months that security forces were targeted in the city. Morand said the federation and its members are working with state services and police to ensure safety during the men’s season and the women’s couture shows, which begin July 2.
“The measures might generate some constraints for guests attending

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Mario Testino Goes Larger Than Life in Berlin

MARIO MAKES IT BIG: Mario Testino’s “Undressed” is the Helmut Newton Foundation’s largest-scale show to date. In this exhibit of 50 published and private photographs of men and women often wearing nothing more than their tattoos, Testino blew up his images to completely fill the walls in three halls of Berlin’s graciously proportioned Museum of Photography.
Looming over 10 feet from the ceiling to the walls’ lower wood moldings, and spanning sometimes 23 feet in width, this site-specific installation conceived exclusively for the Helmut Newton Foundation offers a spectacular yet also intimate view. For as the photographer noted prior to the show’s opening June 2, the enormous size and full bleed from corner to corner means there are no distractions. The viewer is almost compelled to immerse his or herself in the images, turning from “a voyeur into a participant. We’re in a moment when people want to interact with what they see, and not just look. They want to be part of it, so who knows? Maybe people will now go home and take photos of each other like this.”
That means equal undressing rights for all, with full frontals, male and female, to enticing back views, moments of amorous play

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Painful Chinese Foot-Binding Was More Than An Erotic Practice, Study Finds

Chinese foot-binding is perceived today as unusual, gruesome, an antiquated fetish, an erotic tradition. 

For decades in China, young girls’ bones were broken and their feet tightly bond in a painful process that would eventually make them appear more desirable to men, according to historians. Their deformed feet, known as lotus feet, were tucked into embroidered shoes and viewed as delicate and dainty. It was a way to show off their social status. It was, at the time, chic.

One study, however, suggests that there was another reason girls were subjected to the practice ― and it wasn’t all about beauty or sex.

Research published in the book Bound Feet, Young Hands suggests that some women’s feet had been bound at a very young age so they could be trained to sit still for hours and help create textiles and clothing for the family.

“What’s groundbreaking about our work is that [foot-binding was] not confined to the elite,” Laurel Bossen, the book’s co-author, told HuffPost. The study, Bossen added, dispels the view that the goal was only to try to please men.

To uncover this little-known history of foot-binding, Bossen and the book’s co-author, researcher Hill Gates, interviewed over 1,800 elderly women in remote villages across China and found that foot-binding was widespread among peasant populations, shattering the belief that foot-binding was a status symbol of the elite.

All the women surveyed were born when foot-binding was still an accepted tradition. It’s unclear when the practice began exactly, but Bossen believes foot-binding in China goes back as far as 1,000 years.

“As the last generation of these foot-bound women disappears, we fortunately managed to interview many of them,” Bossen told HuffPost. “There is no other body of data based on interviews with foot-bound women that is as comprehensive as this. It was really a last chance to do it.”

The type of foot-binding practiced in rural communities was a form of discipline, the book argues. Mothers bound young girls’ feet so they would stay still and work with their hands, creating yarn and spinning thread, among other things, which families could use or sell.

“Women who bound their daughters’ feet had their own interests in controlling the labor of young girls and young women,” she said. “We reject the view that women were exempted from work, treasuring their precious bound feet and not economically important. They developed hand skills and worked with their hands throughout their lives.”

These new findings, Bossen believes, prove that women in rural areas who had bound feet didn’t get the recognition they deserved.

“Chinese women were contributing more to society than they received credit for,” she said of the rural women with bound feet. “They were making very important contributions in the form of textiles [that have] been undervalued and mostly just forgotten.”

And while this new research suggests that this painful practice wasn’t solely for men’s desire, it doesn’t make the practice any less oppressive.

Bossen explained, “It robbed young girls and then women throughout their lives of their ability to do other things, to move around and play, to have more choices. Of course it’s oppressive.”

The practice of foot-binding began to be banned in the early 20th century, though some women, like those interviewed by Bossen, kept their feet bound their entire lives. Bossen believes the stories of the women she interviewed might have gotten lost in history as their generation passed away. 

Still, Bossen and Gates’ book doesn’t deny that “lotus feet” were created to make a woman appear more desirable. Accounts written by feet-bound women in 19th century China, published by the University of Virginia, show that women often believed the tighter the foot-binding, the better the husband they’d attract. 

The research does, however, show that these women were more than just sexualized objects. They worked hard to contribute to their families and to the larger society.

“We often underestimate how important handwork was in China’s pre-industrial economy,” she told HuffPost. “The intense pressure on women to work with their hands, to spin, weave, sew, and stitch cloth, bedding and textile products for their families and for sale has gone unrecognized.”

Their research, Bossen added, aims to look at the whole woman and not just her bound feet.

“Somehow, people have been so fascinated by the feet that they ignored the rest of the woman and what she did,” she said.

“It’s very rare to find people who notice the role of handwork in the lives of foot-bound women or who ask these elderly women what work they did when they were young girls.”

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