My Cause, My Cleats: How Russell Wilson’s Shoes Are Inspiring Kids to Ask Themselves ‘Why Not You?’

Long before Russell Wilson led the Seattle Seahawks to a Super Bowl win in 2014, the athletically gifted future quarterback was drafted to the Colorado Rockies in the fourth round of the MLB draft on June 8, 2010. But just a day after the then-recent college graduate reached the milestone, his beloved father — Harrison Wilson III — passed away of complications from diabetes at the age of 55.

“Ever since that moment I knew I wanted to strive for something great,” Wilson, 28, who joined the Seahawks in 2012 after a short stint playing minor league baseball, tells PEOPLE. “I wanted to strive for something great. I wanted to be able to accomplish all the things I wanted to accomplish and the question, ‘why not you?’ kept coming up in my head.”

Wilson held on to that question — which his father asked him many times throughout keys points in his life — and in 2014, he formed the Why Not You Foundation, an organization focused on motivating and empowering today’s youth. Through the foundation, Wilson has become deeply involved with the Seattle Children’s Hospital, and was able to raise more than a million dollars for the medical facility and its Strong Against Cancer initiative last year.

As a part of the NFL’s “My Cause, My Cleats” campaign — which allows players to wear customized cleats that showcase their charitable causes — Wilson will be wearing specialized “Why Not You” cleats featuring designs submitted by kids from the Seattle Children’s Hospital during the Seahawks game this Sunday night against the Jaguars. About 1,000 players will be showcasing their causes during Week 13 games, according to the NFL, and players will be sharing pictures of their cleats and the stories behind them using the hashtag #mycausemycleats on social media.

Players who participate will be able to auction off their cleats to raise funds for their cause at NFL Auction after the game.

“Six kids from Seattle Children’s told us if they could dream one thing that could come true, one thing that could happen, what would that thing be?” Wilson says. “What would that why not you thing be? That’s what’s displayed on the cleats.”

The quarterback credits his parents with teaching him the importance of service, and it’s something Wilson wants to pass along to his daughter, Sienna Princess Wilson, whom he welcomed with his wife, Ciara, in April.

“I want my kids to know that this life is about serving others and loving others and giving back to others. That’s where the true reward is — making other peoples’ lives a little bit better,” Wilson says. “The mission of the Why Not You Foundation is to empower and change one individual, one child at a time.”

In many ways, the foundation is also helping to keep the spirit of Wilson’s father alive by striving to show children the potential in themselves that Harrison helped Wilson to see.

“He was always a big dreamer. He gave me an imagination, and he allowed me to dream,” Wilson says. “He used to ask me, ‘Why not you?’ and that was really the fundamental core question of my life, of my growth, and it still is today.”

Just like his father, Wilson is still dreaming big, and his next goal is to raise more than a billion dollars for Strong Against Cancer through his foundation.

For kids who are struggling to find motivation or confidence within themselves, Wilson has two suggestions for them: surrender and surround.

“Surrender to what you believe in, whether it’s your faith or what you want to be successful in. You have to strive for that every day. To be really great at something you have to strive for it every day and believe that you can make it,” he says. “And then surround yourself with those people who will encourage you.”

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Watching Sunglasses Being Made Is as Cool as the Sunglasses Themselves

Lowercase NYC crafts their shades in Brooklyn.

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Brands Distancing Themselves From Louise Linton Instagram Post

Valentino has no qualms in denying any ties to Louise Linton after the new wife of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin posted on Instagram an image of herself exiting a government plane and provided a slew of designer hashtags.
A spokeswoman said plainly that “Louise Linton did not receive any gifted merchandise, compensation or loans from Valentino” when asked whether the company had any formal business interest in being tagged in a late Monday post by Linton.
The actress, whose most high-profile role to date is a 2007 appearance on “CSI: NY,” is also not affiliated in any way with and has received no free merchandise from Tom Ford, a brand she also mentioned in her post.
With tags like “#rolandmouret pants,” “#tomford sunnies,” “#hermesscarf,” and “#valentinorockstudheels #valentino,” it seemed like Linton was taking after the growing droves of digital influencers that are compensated for mentioning brands and their products on social media. Instagram is particularly popular for branded influencer-created content.

A screenshot of Linton’s Instagram post, before it was deleted. 

Representatives of Roland Mouret and Hermès could not be reached for comment on the post.
Linton has since deleted the post and made her account private after a response to an Instagram comment critical of

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David Beckham and UNICEF Fight Back Over Alleged Hacked Emails: ‘Let the Facts Speak for Themselves’

David Beckham is responding to reports he allegedly used his UNICEF charity work to campaign for a knighthood.

“This story is based on outdated material taken out of context from hacked and doctored private emails from a third party server and gives a deliberately inaccurate picture,” a spokesperson for Beckham tells PEOPLE in a statement. 

“David and UNICEF have had a powerful partnership in support of children for over 15 years. The David Beckham 7 Fund specifically has raised millions of pounds and helped millions of vulnerable children around the world,” the statement continued.

Beckham has been a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador since 2005.

On Friday, British newspaper The Sun published reportedly leaked emails between Beckham and his publicist from 2013 where they discussed the soccer star working on securing a knighthood in 2013. (Beckham was awarded an OBE, or Order of the British Empire, in 2003.) After Beckham allegedly complained that British singer Katherine Jenkins was awarded an OBE and calling it “a f—— joke,” Beckham’s rep urged him to focus his energy on his charitable efforts.

Beckham also allegedly railed against the committee who decides who get the honors, calling them “a bunch of c—-” and saying he “expected nothing less.”

“It’s a disgrace to be honest and if I was American I would of got something like this ten years ago,” Beckham allegedly said.

In February 2015, Beckham launched the 7 Fund to raise funds and awareness for vulnerable children by focusing on seven different countries and seven different initiatives.

“David has given significant time and energy and has made personal financial donations to the 7 Fund and this commitment will continue long term,” the statement added. “Before establishing the 7 Fund, David had supported UNICEF and a number of other charities over many years, including donating his entire earnings from PSG during his time playing there.”

Concluding, “David and UNICEF are rightly proud of what they have and will continue to achieve together and are happy to let the facts speak for themselves.”

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On Friday, UNICEF released a statement, defending their partnership with Beckham.

“Some reports relate to alleged private correspondence between our ambassador and other parties, which we have not seen and cannot comment upon,” the statement read. “David Beckham has been a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador since 2005, and as well as generously giving his time, energy and support to help raise awareness and funds for UNICEF’s work for children, David has given significant funds personally.”

The organization also noted Beckham’s last UNICEF trip in June 2016 when he traveled to Africa to visit children living with HIV, who are receiving support from his charity 7 and UNICEF.

In addition to his reported complaints about not getting a knighthood, the alleged emails also included Beckham’s supposed reluctance to donate his own money to charity and his rep urging the soccer star not to post a photo of his gold-plated laptop on social media so as not to ruin his “man of the people” reputation.

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5 Things the Bride and Groom Must Do for Themselves Even if They Have a Wedding Planner

A wedding will not plan itself with little attention from the bride and/or groom, even if you hire an experienced, professional wedding planner. I’m sorry, but that’s the facts of life. You can find the best planner in the world and pay her a ton of money and give her an unlimited budget (which rarely, if ever, happens), and she can do the vast majority of the planning for you; however, there are some decisions the bride and groom must make.

Some couples reading this must think it sounds crazy that some brides and grooms have so little interest in their own wedding details because they’re up to their necks in every last detail of their own wedding plans. But some engaged couples don’t have time — legitimately — to take on the minutia of dealing with all the decisions, contracts, vendors, etc. They want to hire somebody to do everything for them.

And we can do most of it. While it makes me uncomfortable to choose certain things on behalf of a client whom I’ve never met that lives thousands of miles away, if they tell me it’s my choice and they don’t want to deal with it, it’s my job. With that said, there are five things that brides and grooms MUST do for themselves, even if they have a wedding planner:

1. You must plan your own wedding ceremony. We give our clients a planning guide that’s easier than Mad Libs but some of them still put it off to the very last minute and are surprised they have to do it themselves. I cannot choose the vows a couple will exchange during the wedding ceremony. These are serious promises you’re making before your friends and God (or whatever/whoever you believe in) and you have to decide what you want to say. The “charge to the couple” — basically the instructions for married life — is something else important for the couple to select based on their own beliefs about marriage. The one and only time I was left with absolutely no vows from a groom, the bride and I substituted some Dr. Seuss vows that were hilarious. It worked, but did it really mean anything for their lives together?

2. You have to decide whether you’re taking your spouse’s last name or not, and how you want to be introduced to your guests at the conclusion of the ceremony and when you make your grand entrance at the reception. I can name you if you want me to, but seriously folks, that’s a pretty major thing. If she’s not taking his last name, there can be blowback from older, more traditional guests if we make it obvious so there are ways around that. And with same-sex weddings, it’s even trickier because they have more options. I have to know what you want to be called or I can’t do it properly at your wedding. Neither can the minister.

3. Even if you don’t know anything about flowers, you have to show me a picture of a bridal bouquet you like, and give me some sort of clue about how you want your wedding décor to be planned. There are literally thousands of example pictures on our Facebook, Instagram and other social media pages — look and pick something you like. You can really send me a picture of anything from anywhere and I’ll work with you on that, but telling me that you want it to be “simple” and you “hate pink” does not give me enough information to plan a “dream wedding” you’ll have to look at in pictures for the rest of your married life.

4. Honorees who are being asked to give toasts at your wedding must be selected by the bride and groom, in advance. Otherwise, you’ll have a never-ending, round robin of wasted guests jumping up to grab the microphone and add their two cents about you in front of all your family and friends. After a few cocktails, everyone thinks they’re a comedian. Toasts become roasts. And it can go on forever, burning up precious dance and party time at the reception. Obviously, as the wedding planner, I have no idea who you’d like to have toast and without that information, I have no way to control what will actually go down at your wedding. You should discuss your selections AS A COUPLE and give your wedding planner the exact names of who you’d like to have say a few words. If this is hard for you, stick to tradition and have the best man, maid of honor, parents of the groom and parents of the bride offer toasts, in that order. And of course, the bride and groom should toast and thank their guests when everyone is finished.

5. Your wedding planner cannot choose your wedding music. I will not take responsibility for selecting the songs you will process and recess to at your wedding ceremony. I won’t choose your entrance or first dance song for your reception. If you forget a last dance, I’ll figure something out, but the others are too meaningful for a complete stranger (because that’s really what I am even if you have met with me once in person when you visited the island) to choose them for you. Beware the wedding planner who leaves your blanks in the hands of a bad DJ — you could suddenly hear “Pour Some Sugar on Me” blasting after you cut the cake, or bonafide stripper music during the garter removal and toss. Funny as we think it is, you don’t want “Closing Time” to be your last dance song even if that’s how the staff is feeling when your event finally ends. But if you didn’t take the time to fill out the music request forms (and the “do not play” list) ahead of time, you just never know what you’ll hear playing at your wedding.

Trust me when I say this blog is oversimplified — I have a lot of clients who eventually do want to make decisions they initially put into my hands. And then we have to redo all the work we’ve already done. Be sure that you truly don’t care when you say you “don’t care” or you’re putting everybody through hell planning, and re-planning, your wedding details.

And just for the record, the next time a bride tells me that she “doesn’t care” what her wedding cake looks like or what flavor it is, I’m going for something incredibly weird and whacky just so I can blog about it and prove a point. Maybe chocolate with peanut butter filling, decorated with their names and wedding date spelled out in mini Reese’s cups would be fun? Enough of me being nice and finding them neutral cakes I can decorate with pretty flowers. They said it was up to me, right? I’m going to have some fun with it.

Until next time, happy wedding planning from Weddings in Vieques and Sandy Malone Weddings & Events.
Weddings – The Huffington Post
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New Look At Leonardo da Vinci Masterpiece Shows Even Geniuses Second-Guess Themselves

Leonardo da Vinci may have been called a genius, but that doesn’t mean he never second-guessed himself.

In a new book, optical engineer Pascal Cotte explains how a new imaging technology known as the layer amplification method (LAM) helped show that Leonardo painted two previous versions of his “Lady with an Ermine” masterpiece before settling on the version that we know today. One version of the 15th Century artwork didn’t even include the ermine at all.

“We’ve discovered that Leonardo is always changing his mind,” Cotte, CTO of the Lumiere Technology company in Paris, told BBC News. “This is someone who hesitates — he erases things, he adds things, he changes his mind again and again… The LAM technique gives us the capability to peel the painting like an onion, removing the surface to see what’s happening inside and behind the different layers of paint.”

pascal cotte
The three phases of Leonardo da Vinci’s “Lady with an Ermine” painting. Leonardo first painted the portrait without the ermine, and later added in two different versions of the animal. Credit: © Pascal Cotte

The LAM technique involves using the reflection of light to reveal images in different layers of paint, according to a statement from the company.

“It tells us a lot more about the way Leonardo’s mind worked when he was doing a painting,” Martin Kemp, emeritus professor of the history of art at the University of Oxford, told BBC News. “We know that he fiddled around a good deal at the beginning, but now we know that he kept fiddling around all the time and it helps explain why he had so much difficulty finishing paintings.”

As for the woman depicted in the painting, experts have long believed it to be Cecilia Gallerani, who was the mistress of Ludovico Sforza, the Duke of Milan. According to the Wall Street Journal, just before this portrait was painted, Sforza was awarded the insignia of the Order of the Ermine by the King of Naples, becoming known as “l’Ermellino.” Scholars believe the ermine symbolizes the Duke, or serves as a visual pun on Cecilia’s surname (ermine in Greek is galay.)

Cotte’s book, “Lumiere on the Lady with an Ermine,” was published on Sept. 1 and is available on Amazon.

Arts – The Huffington Post
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