Kauai, Hawaii: A Tourist’s Guide

Kauai, Hawaii: A Tourist’s Guide

This book covers several topics including: Chapter 1: An Introduction To Kauai Vacation Chapter 2: How To Choose The Perfect Kauai Vacation Rental Chapter 3: 5 Must Visit Kauai Attractions Chapter 4: Kauai Travel Chapter 5: Discovering Famous Kauai Historical Sites Chapter 6: Delectable Dishes: Finding The Best Kauai Restaurant Chapter 7: Getting To Know The Best Kauai Beach Destinations Chapter 8: First Class Getaways: The Best Kauai Hotels Chapter 9: Getting The Best Deals At Kauai Shopping Districts Chapter 10: For The Party People: Finding The Best Kauai Luaus Chapter 11: Frequently Asked Questions About Kauai Life Chapter 12: Cultural Heritage At Its Natural Best: Revealing Kauai State Parks Chapter 13: Going Green: Featuring The Magnificent Kauai Gardens Chapter 14: Hawaiian Heritage: The History Of Kauai Island Chapter 15: Hawaiian Holidays: Experience Unforgettable Kauai Festivals Chapter 16: Practicing Kauai Safety Guidelines For A Vacation To Remember Chapter 17: How To Plan Your Kauai Wedding And Honeymoon Chapter 18: Humble Beginnings: Getting To Know Kauai Plantation And Railways Chapter 19: Kauai Travel Tips For Lone Visitors And Big Families Chapter 20: Sacred Sites: Getting A Glimpse Of Kauai Heiaus Chapter 21: Pacific Perfection: The Great Kauai Beaches Chapter 22: Vital Kauai Tips For A Stress-free And Relaxing Vacation Chapter 23: Hawaiian Travel Guide: Your Ultimate Kauai Plan Chapter 24: The Golfer’s Paradise: World-class Kauai Golf Destinations Chapter 25: The Great Kauai Tour: Interesting Facts In The Pacific Chapter 26: The Top Kauai Activities You Should Not Miss Chapter 27: Nature At Its Best: The Famous Kauai Trails Chapter 28: Walk Back Through Time: Spotting Kauai Museums Scroll up. and click on “Buy Now” to deliver almost instantly to your Kobo or other reading device.

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Jimmy Fallon, Cameron Diaz Photobomb Tourists On ‘The Tonight Show’

Jimmy Fallon and Cameron Diaz pranked unsuspecting tourists at the Top of the Rock, popping up in the background of photos.

The result? Some of the best photobombs ever, which you can see in the video above from Wednesday night’s “Tonight Show.”

Fallon and Jon Hamm pulled the same prank in March… and the results were every bit as hilarious.
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