GoT Season 8 Premiere’s Best Stunt Was… Nuts for Kit Harrington

Kit Harington experienced a rather uncomfortable incident while filming one of the Game of Thrones Season 8 premiere’s biggest stunts.

Spoiler warning: episode details follow this video.

While filming the first episode of Season 8’s dragon riding sequence, Kit Harington was required to mount a ‘buck’; a mechanical moving stand-in for a dragon that is later transformed via the magic of visual effects. But while riding the buck during one take, Harrington suffered a… painful incident.

“There is a bit where Jon almost falls off the dragon and swings around really violently,” he describes in a YouTube video on the official Game of Thrones channel. “And my right ball got trapped and I didn’t have time to say ‘stop’.”

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Brad Pitt ‘Was Dreaming About Being a Dad’ Years Before He Met Angelina Jolie: Source

Brad Pitt is feeling better now that he gets to spend more time with his kids.

The actor, 54, is in London now — where ex Angelina Jolie is currently filming Maleficent 2  — to see his children for a second time in recent weeks after a judge presiding over the former couple’s divorce proceedings established a detailed schedule for him to spend time with Pax, 14, Zahara, 13, Shiloh, 12, and 9-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox. The kids are currently living in London with Jolie as she films the Disney movie.

And being with the kids is already brightening his mood.

“Having kids was always very special to him. He wanted kids for years before he met Angie,” a source tells PEOPLE. “He was dreaming about being a dad. And he has always been a great dad. Very involved and present. He talks about the kids nonstop now. He brought gifts back to England.”

The court papers obtained by PEOPLE stated, “the children not having a relationship with their father is harmful to them,” and that Jolie, 43, could lose full custody of the kids if she doesn’t allow them to grow their relationships with Pitt.

Maddox, 16, their oldest son, isn’t included in the timetable. That’s because, according to the court, Maddox is old enough to decide for himself how much time he wants to spend with his father.

A spokesperson for Jolie called the court paper leak “misleading” and “not in the best interests of the children.”

The new ruling has made a significant impact in Pitt’s life as he was struggling with not knowing when he would have time with the kids.

“Brad has been in the best mood,” the source says. “Although he was away from the kids for a week, it seems just the fact that he now knows when he will see them, makes him very happy. He couldn’t wait to get back to England. Not following a proper custody schedule was very difficult for him. And very sad as well.”

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John Legend Opens Up About Playing Jesus: He ‘Was a Bit of a Revolutionary’

He sang about “Ordinary People,” but John Legend is taking on an extraordinary role.

The Grammy, Oscar and Tony winner, 39, will play the title role in NBC’s upcoming Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert — and PEOPLE caught up with Legend before he takes the stage on Easter Sunday to talk growing up in church and how he got into character for the beloved rock opera.

“ imagined what a real human being would think going through betrayal and the challenge of joining together with your friends to fight against oppression. My job is to embody that,” Legend, 39, tells PEOPLE of playing the Son of God alongside Sara Bareilles (Mary Magdalene) and Alice Cooper (King Herod).

Adds the performer: “I think Jesus in real life was a bit of a revolutionary — he was somebody who was disrupting the status quo and provided an example for how we could all love each other, how we think about people who have been looked down upon and what it means to sacrifice oneself for something that you believe in.”

Legend grew up in a “very Christian” home in Springfield, Ohio, where his mother was a choir director, his grandmother a church organist and his grandfather a pastor.

“The message I took from growing up in church was the idea of loving your neighbor, giving to others and treating people as you would want to be treated,” says Legend. “You can learn those things in any religion or without religion, but that’s where I did.”

And the star says his childhood in the church changed his life.

“I was in choir rehearsals every week as a kid, and I took over the choir when I was older,” he says. “That was the foundation of my career; I wouldn’t be where I am without playing gospel music in church.”

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Already parents to daughter Luna, 23, months, Legend and cookbook author wife Chrissy Teigen, 32, will welcome a son in June.

Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert airs Easter Sunday, April 1 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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