Virgil Abloh and Takashi Murakami Talk Making Art Via WhatsApp

SEEING IN TECHNICOLOR: Don’t let staging his first men’s show for Louis Vuitton on Thursday, the day after presenting the latest collection under his own line, Off-White, slow Virgil Abloh down. The designer was on fine form at the inauguration of his show, “Murakami & Abloh, Technicolor 2,” at the Gagosian gallery in Paris on Friday night.
Asked how he was feeling having created such a happy moment at Vuitton, with his Technicolor runway, he replied: “A bit of humanity in our industry can always go a long way.”
He reiterated that it felt like his first real show. “There’s only a few moments in a fashion designer’s career where this opportunity for a perfect storm, where the right platform, the right attention, the right time in our society to do something like that comes along. I have the feeling my intention came through,” he said.
He described the basis of the exhibition as “basically a conversation that Takashi Murakami and I have daily and we produce work out of that conversation. We make paintings, digital works, sculptures, that report our time. We’re both from different fields: I’m multidisciplinary, he practices his art and so where we meet in the middle are these

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