A Notorious Father, a Marriage Gone Wrong and a Whole Lot of Loss: Inside Victoria Gotti’s Life in Her Own Words

Victoria Gotti, My Father's DaughterVictoria Gotti is setting the record straight. Again.
A decade after the daughter of the infamous mob boss John Gotti put paper to pen to tell her family’s story as she saw it in her…

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Wrong Woman Is Kidnapped and Killed in Alleged Murder-for-Hire Plot: Police

A Florida woman was kidnapped and killed in what police are calling a murder-for-hire plot gone awry.

In a press conference held on Friday night, Osceola County Sheriff Russ Gibson revealed that the plot began after Ishnar Marie Lopez-Ramos, 35, allegedly hired Alexis Ramos-Rivera, 22, and his girlfriend Glorianmarie Quinones-Montes, 22, to murder a woman who was in a relationship with a man that Lopez-Ramos was in love with, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

The murder was planned and executed between Jan. 7 and “the early morning hours of the 8th.”

According to police, the suspects were able to track the woman to a store at a shopping center in Osceola County. However, once there, the suspects mistakenly identified Janice Zengotita-Torres, 42, as the “intended target when she left the store.”

PEOPLE’s request for additional comment from the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office was not immediately returned.

Not realizing their mistake, “the suspects followed the victim to her apartment and in the parking lot they forcibly put the victim into the back of her own vehicle and they drove away,” Osceola County Sheriff Russ Gibson explained.

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The suspects then allegedly drove to a nearby bank where they obtained Zengotita-Torres’ ATM card and pin code.

After Lopez-Ramos allegedly “withdrew money from the victim’s account,” the suspects drove back to the victim’s apartment in Orlando. While Quinones-Montes went into the victim’s apartment, Lopez-Ramos and Ramos-Rivera “realized that they had mistakingly taken the wrong person.”

“However, the suspects continued with their plan of murder and allegedly tied the victim with zip ties and then her head in duct tape and garbage bags,” Gibson continued.

After Ramos-Rivera allegedly “began beating the victim until she was unconscious,” the three suspects drove the victim’s vehicle to Ormond Beach, where they dumped her body. They then allegedly drove back to Orlando before leaving the victim’s vehicle in Orange County.

According to police, the victim died “from suffocation.”

Police said Zengotita-Torres’ husband contacted the sheriff’s office on the morning of Jan. 8 to report her missing.

The body of a woman found at Ormond Beach on Jan. 8 was “positively identified as Janice Zengotita-Torres” two days later, police said.

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Police said the first suspect they apprehended was Lopez-Ramos, who was caught “while she was attempting to use the ATM card of the victim.” After she was brought back to the sheriff’s office, Lopez-Ramos gave “a full confession” and named the two other suspects.

After the police apprehended Ramos-Rivera and Quinones-Montes, they also gave full confessions.

According to police, “all three confirmed that this was a murder-for-hire and the victim was mistakingly targeted and murdered.”

“I get emotional because it touches me so deeply that one of our citizens was killed in such a manner over a mistaken identification and in the end it appears to be a lover’s triangle,” Osceola County Sheriff Russ Gibson continued at the press conference held on Friday.

According to online jail records, Lopez-Ramos, Ramos-Rivera and Quinones-Montes are currently housed in Osceola County Jail and face charges of premeditated first-degree murder. No attorneys are listed for all three suspects.


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Why Everything Negative You Think About Pit Bulls Is Wrong

On National Pit Bull Awareness Day, it’s important that people know the negative stereotypes surrounding this breed are wrong.

Aggressive. Dangerous. Angry.

People who aren’t familiar with them describe pit bulls as a lot of things — mostly negative. But as PEOPLE Pet Vet Dr. Evan Antin explains above, pit bulls are actually “some of the sweetest, most loyal, special, amazing dogs.”

While some people breed pit bulls specifically to use as fighting dogs, the truth, Dr. Antin says, is that “99.999 percent of the pit bulls you see in the rescues and shelters are super sweet.” In fact, Chihuahuas are actually more aggressive as a breed than pit bulls — they just don’t have that extra strength that comes with being a big dog.

If you’re at a shelter and considering a pit bull, there are simple ways to tell if he or she might be overly aggressive. Hear more on that from Dr. Antin in the clip above.


Fashion Deals Update:

Alexa Chung Presents ‘Prom Gone Wrong’

PARIS — Fog machines, a live band playing cheesy Eighties hits against a gold metallic fringe curtain marked with “Class of 2017,” with one wonky S hanging down. A bunch of kids slow dancing surrounded by knocked-over chairs, an explosion of glitter and confetti, and pastel party balloons stuck to the ceiling.
That was the setting for the Paris launch of the second collection of Alexa Chung’s signature line, dubbed Prom Gone Wrong, held in the hall of the Jacques-Decour high school during Paris Fashion Week.
See all the looks from Alexa Chung’s see-now, buy-now fall 2017 collection here >>
Channeling “Molly Ringwald and Eighties teen flick utopia meets a Tatleresque Liz Hurley when she was younger,” highlights from the young-at-heart see-now-buy-now line, which is already on sale, include a black velvet jacquard suit, fun slogan T-shirts, tailored shirts, oversized trench coats — and Chung’s favorite piece: the “Dorothy” ruffled gingham dress.
Here Chung, whose own look for the night was a black satin bustier dress and chunky pearl choker, talks to WWD about her career path and inspirations.

Follow WWD on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook.

Read More…
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A 22-Year-Old YouTuber Was Shot Dead by His Girlfriend in a Video Stunt Gone Wrong

They were looking to grow their following and become famous with their increasingly dangerous stunts.

Lifestyle – Esquire


‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant Gives Hilariously Smutty Wrong Answer

So close, yet so far.

A “Wheel of Fortune” contestant came one letter away from the win, but spectacularly blew his chance with a somewhat smutty wrong answer.

On Tuesday’s episode of the show, Kevin had to complete the clue: “A Streetcar Na-ed Desire.” But instead of using the letter “M” to give the name of Tennessee Williams’ 1947 play, he opted to use a “K.”

“A Streetcar Naked Desire?” Nope, us neither.

“Nooooo,” said host Pat Sajak, before Kevin’s opponent Lisa answers correctly.

Sajak later jokingly confessed, however, that he’d “rather see Kevin’s play.”

Twitter users were equally stunned by the blunder:

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5 Simple Exercises You’re Probably Doing Wrong

And how do them correctly.

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Waterfall Wedding Proposal Goes Horribly Wrong

Be real careful about where you pop the question. 

Isaiah Adams recently proposed to his girlfriend, Grace, in what no doubt seemed like a picture-perfect setting: Maryland’s Cunningham Falls.

Then, in a flash, the ring was gone, falling into the cold waters below.

I was crying with happiness but then I was crying with fear at the same time. I looked up and his face was just shock,” Grace told “Inside Edition.”

The ring was never found, but the show reported that the couple plans to get married anyway. 

At least they still have their love, right? Here’s hoping Adams didn’t take that two months’ salary thing too seriously. 

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The Easiest Trick to Breaking Out of Wrong Ideas

Written by Max Harms
Image credits: Randall Munroe


This article first appeared on the blog of Intentional Insights, a nonprofit organization that empowers people to refine and reach their goals by providing research-based content to help improve thinking, feeling, and behavior patterns.

Right now you have something within your reach with an almost magical ability to break out of wrong ideas. You can use it to process data and identify patterns and trends. What do you think it is? Take a guess before reading onward.

Did you guess your computer or your phone? Then you’re wrong! What I’m talking about is much, much more powerful than that. It’s more powerful than the fastest supercomputer on the planet.

I’m talking about your brain.

Humans didn’t spread out to rule the entire planet because of bigger muscles or sharper claws. Intelligence, the kind of intelligence that all humans have, is our superpower. It’s what separates us from other animals, and it is your greatest resource.

But most people don’t really use their brain to its full potential. Do you?

You certainly weren’t taught to use its real potential in school. Children are taught facts that will pass tests, but the skills that are most important in life usually don’t involve stuff that’s on an exam. How do I make plans? How should I decide between places to live? What’s the best way to negotiate for higher pay? All of these questions involve thinking about and modeling the future. Imagine how many fewer poor decisions you will make and how much better off your life will be if you learn how to unlock your brain’s true potential and gain agency over your life!

Want to know a secret? It’s actually pretty easy to make big improvements to how you think. A few quick tricks can make a world of difference and boost your future-predicting power. I’ll share one of them right now.

Have you ever heard of Confirmation Bias? It’s one of the known problems that scientists have discovered about how we naturally think. Imagine a friend suggests that people who drive red cars are bad drivers. At first you don’t think that’s true, but after hearing a few stories of bad drivers in red cars from your friend, you think he might be onto something. The next time you’re on the road you notice a red car swerving around like a maniac… proof! You’re a believer now. You start seeing reckless drivers in red cars all the time.

If you don’t believe me, I challenge you to try it out. Drive for a month looking for reckless drivers in red cars. You’ll see them everywhere. Or you can save yourself the time and trouble. This perception would only be in your head!

If you actually use science you’ll find this is false. What happens is that if you look for something you’ll find it, but you’ll also end up ignoring things that don’t fit the pattern. If a blue car does something dangerous you won’t think about it. If a red car drives safely then maybe it’s just a fluke or maybe you’ll interpret it as reckless anyway.

Confirmation Bias affects all sorts of things, from racial prejudices to conspiracy theories to personal relationships. If you expect someone you know to act sad, you’ll notice their sadness and ignore their happiness. And importantly, it can hurt your ability to predict the future.

Imagine a gambler who loses five games of poker in a row. She thinks “I’ve been getting bad luck for a long time… surely my next hand will have to be good to balance it out!” Have you ever thought something like that? I have. After two more bad hands she finally gets a good hand and thinks to herself “I knew it!” But she was wrong twice before being right! With that sort of sloppy thinking it would’ve been smarter just to walk away.

There are several tricks to avoiding this bias and being a better thinker. The one I’m going to share today is to visualize alternate universes regularly. An alternate universe is just a world exactly like this one but where one or two things are different.


Let’s use the example of drivers of red cars being reckless. There are two alternate universes here. One alternate universe is where drivers of red cars are *safer* than normal. The other is where red car-drivers are just as good at driving as anyone else. Take a moment to visualize these alternatives and imagine what they look like. Can you see how that would help? Just like focusing on red cars being dangerous causes you notice examples that fit the story, focusing on the opposite lets you catch examples you might otherwise miss. It’s all about controlling where you put your attention.

Let me give an example from my personal life. I once met someone who I had heard was “obnoxious.” Indeed, when I first met him I could immediately see why: the man had almost no social skills. With the seed of “obnoxious” sown in my mind I began to get annoyed when around him. I noticed every time he said the wrong thing or didn’t seem to understand what the topic of conversation was. But then I remembered what I had learned from my research into psychology and I flipped my thinking: I imagined the alternate universe where this guy was cool and easy to be around.

Did my visualization of the alternate universe mean my friend suddenly became suave and charming? Not at all. But it did make him not obnoxious! Specifically, I realized that having weak social skills did not mean I had to find spending time with him unpleasant, and I began to enjoy my time with him much more. I also noticed that his social skills weren’t as bad as I had initially thought. There were a few times when, not trapped by “small talk” or the pressure of meeting someone new, I noticed him acting much more like his alternate-universe counterpart than I would have otherwise expected.

I don’t invite this friend to parties very often (I doubt he’d even enjoy the experience), but we still talk fairly regularly and he’s someone I know that I can turn to if I have a difficult problem in his field. Without the technique of visualizing alternate universes I would have worse social interactions, fewer friends, and be generally less wise. This simple trick has brought many, many people success in their relationships, their work, and elsewhere!

This is just one step on the path to being a better thinker about the future, and as we move forward I think you’ll see how the technique of visualizing alternate universes can be used for becoming more intelligent, effective, and happy!

What do you think?

Have you had success in improving your life through visualizations before?
Do you know anyone in your personal life that seems just convinced about something that isn’t true?
Can you think of any areas of your life where you might have an incorrect perception of the world?
What are specific steps you can take to apply the techniques in this article to improve your perception of the world?


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Bio: Dr. Gleb Tsipursky is an author, speaker, consultant, coach, scholar, and social entrepreneur specializing in science-based strategies for effective decision-making, goal achievement, emotional and social intelligence, meaning and purpose, and altruism – for more information or to hire him, see his website, GlebTsipursky.com.

He runs a nonprofit that helps people use science-based strategies to make effective decisions and reach their goals, so as to build an altruistic and flourishing world, Intentional Insights. He also serves as a tenure-track professor at Ohio State in the History of Behavioral Science and the Decision Sciences Collaborative. A best-selling author, he wrote Find Your Purpose Using Science among other books, and regular contributes to prominent venues, such as Time, The Conversation, Salon, The Huffington Post, and elsewhere. He appears regularly on network TV, such as affiliates of ABC and Fox, radio stations such as NPR and Sunny 95, and elsewhere.

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5 Powerful Questions to Ask When Things Seem to be Going Wrong

When things seem to be going wrong and you’re stuck in a pit of fear, start getting curious and ask yourself some of these questions:

1. What opportunity is this giving me for growth, healing, evolution, or learning?
2. What would happen If I didn’t label this as bad?
3. What meaning am I adding to what’s happening?
4. Am I letting this situation define me?
5. What action is this situation asking me to take?

Using awareness to respond instead of react to the situations of your life creates the magic, change, shift or transformation you desire. Keeping yourself awake inside a mindset of curiosity, positivity and possibility will guide you. The five questions above can be used when you feel stuck or paralyzed about something that’s happening and you want a fresh perspective.

If something happens to you and the reaction in your mind is negative, judgmental or otherwise gloomy, take a giant step back and observe what’s happening. There might be a better way to think, believe or act that’ll serve your desire for health and happiness. There’s a giant spectrum of intensity when it comes to life’s events and the reactions they invoke, but if you look at things with awareness and curiosity, you’ll begin to have the secret to your joy.

The questions above all create more awareness, which is how you’ll be able to choose different thoughts, beliefs or actions in response to a situation. I tend to look at most of my daily events, especially the ones that feel negative, with this kind of curiosity. When I begin to feel sad, depressed, angry, fearful or frustrated I know that’s a signal to slow down and get more curious. It’s the slowing down and feeling that’s the key here.

After speaking with my almost ex-husband on the phone the other day I found myself triggered by his words. Our conversations are strained. Attempting to sort out custody and financial issues after twenty years of marriage is enough to test both of us. But this time I found myself feeling different. Even though my little powerless girl was sitting inside, ready to run and hide when she was told she was wrong, my current day warrior goddess stood firm and used awareness as her weapon.

I asked myself, “What if you don’t react but just listen instead? What if you don’t need to be right today, but instead chose to be love?” I asked some powerful questions that instantly shifted the feeling of powerlessness to confidence. This was a game changer for me, and for our conversation, which actually ended abruptly when he hung up, frustrated with my unwillingness to back down.

A feeling fully felt is the pathway through that feeling to something better. If we shove it down, numb it up or ignore it chances are it’s just laying dormant waiting for the next opportunity to trigger us. So I’ve learned to stop and feel when certain emotions, feelings, or symptoms show up. Slowing down and feeling before I rush to react is magic when it comes to dealing with the most difficult situations.

Because most of us were taught in some way that we shouldn’t feel, or that we should tough it out or not cry – feeling has become very difficult. We associate feeling with weakness, when it’s really this very vulnerability that’s our strength. We avoid it at all costs and are embarrassed when we can’t help ourselves and the tears fall.

Reality is, when we’re brave enough to feel everything, we end up having the most direct path to healing and experiencing the relief, shift or transformation we seek. So looking at the tough situations as opportunities for brave healing is how I roll…because I know it’s what I need to do to gain a perspective everyone else is missing.

Asking big questions is one way to practice this badass kind of awareness. Rather than shouting out the first thing that comes to your mind, try getting more interested in the feeling you’re having, and asking some of these questions to help you shift your perspective. “Wow, this is making me really mad, I wonder what’s up with that?” Is one I ask myself a lot. Observing yourself and your thoughts this way really changes how you respond because you’re taking responsibility for how you feel.

When we label things as bad we put extra meaning on it that may not be the truth. Look to your situations and figure out when and where you do this the most. What are your worst triggers or patterns of unconscious behavior? When do you react without thinking? Where are you so boxed into your feelings you can’t slow down? What triggers you so badly you react without thinking?

Many times the events of our lives feel like defining moments. Something we achieved, or failed at becomes who we are. This’s a chance to step back and be curious. Is this (event, situation or result) really who I am? The answer will always be no. It’s your attachment to it that makes it feel that way. The roles we play and the successes or failures we experience become who we are and when that ceases to be the case, we fall apart. What if who we are is way more than these things? (Another powerful question).

And lastly, in many situations that seem wrong, bad or negative, we’re instantly paralyzed, feeling out of control in our lives, depressed about our lack of influence on our own situation and made to feel worthless. The problem here is we aren’t seeing the nudge for action. Many times fear takes over and we forget we can move through it just by using awareness, choosing different thoughts, calling a friend, journaling about it, meditating, breathing, or moving our butts.

Action is the magic potion for all desires and for all pain. The definition of action is what gets us confused. Sometimes action is just slowing down, clearing our minds, feeling our feelings and processing what’s happening in a more calm, grounded, centered way. That’s some powerful action. And sometimes it’s getting motivated to speak or express ourselves. Action can be about reaching out to someone and it can be about drawing or painting through your feelings.

When things are going wrong and you realize you’re stuck in a pit of desperation, sadness or fear; remember to get curious. Feel what’s there. Step outside of yourself and observe your thoughts. Start to ask questions that’ll shift your perspective, and create healthier ways to think, believe and act. Then make the most powerful move you can make; take positive, on-purpose, inspired action, and sit back and wait for the shift.

Join me in the comments and let me know what other big questions you like to use!

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Apple Airpods review: You're worrying about the wrong thing

Apple Airpods review: You're worrying about the wrong thingIn 2010, when a customer wrote Apple (AAPL) to complain about his iPhone 4 dropping calls, Steve Jobs himself emailed back. Here they are: Apple’s wireless, $ 160 AirPods. Starting with the iPhone 7, Apple joined a growing list of phone makers that are eliminating the headphone jack.

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Best Buy Co, Inc.

What Back to the Future Got Right… and Wrong


By Peter Diamandis

Twenty-six years ago, Marty McFly and Doc Brown climbed into their time-traveling flying DeLorean and set the controls to the distant future — October 21, 2015 — which happens to be today.

This is a fun blog about the predictions that Back to the Future got right, the predictions they got wrong, and the amazing technologies we have today that they just completely left out.

For a $ 40 million budget, it’s pretty amazing what they achieved. So as you read these correct predictions, think about how you might have profited from these areas if you took action on them 26 years ago.


Brain controlled / wireless video games

“You have to use your hands? That’s like a baby’s toy!”

3D movies

McFly being eaten by a holographic “Jaws.”

Handheld tablet computers

McFly gets handed a tablet.


McFly videoconferencing with a coworker.

Augmented & Virtual Reality wearable technology

Marty Jr. viewing an incoming phone call in his glasses.

Wall mounted widescreen TVs with multiple TV channels

Marty Jr. watching six TV channels simultaneously.


Marty Jr. reaching for fruit from the retractable garden in his kitchen.

Biometric Scanners (fingerprint scanners as locks)

“Thumbing” to pay for the taxi fare.


Here are the technologies that aren’t quite here (yet).

Flying cars: While there are a number of companies like Zee.aero, Terrafugia and AeroMobil hard at work, this still may need an XPRIZE to give us the flying car.

Power clothing (self-drying, self-tying shoelaces): While not released, Nike claims it will release a pair of self-tying laces this year (2015) in commemoration of the movie.

Ubiquitous fax machines: For whatever reason, fax machines were a big deal in Back to the Future. They are basically a relic of the past now.

Hoverboards: Though a few companies have rigged gigantic magnets to simulate real life hoverboards, we haven’t found a way to make a practical, scalable version yet…


Mr. Fusion: While many teams are claiming to get close to net-positive energy fusion, no one has yet… and even when they do, it’s unlikely to fit in the back of my car.

Well… a time machine: Though I wish we could all drive DeLoreans rigged with time machines, unfortunately, the laws of physics still prevent us from jumping around the space-time continuum at will.


So what did Back to the Future (potentially) miss? At least, what amazing technology do we have today that they didn’t highlight?

Rapid, cheap whole genome sequencing and editing: We now have the ability to sequence a full human genome for under $ 1,000. The technology is developing at 3x the rate of Moore’s Law. We now have the ability to cheaply and precisely edit the genome with CRISPR/CAS 9. This will open up a new frontier of health and longevity that will have enormous implications on the future.

3D Printing: You can 3D print just about anything these days from 300 different materials (including plastics, metals, concrete, chocolate and human cells) Complexity is free and scalability is inherent.

Emergence of AI: We are in the early days of Artificial Intelligence. Tens of billions of capital are being poured into an AI “arms race” over the last decade. One fun recent example is Tesla’s “autopilot” software upgrade that just came out. It can drive you autonomously on the highway.

On-Demand Economy: Amazon is working on same-day delivery mechanisms (possibly using drones). Uber has become ubiquitous as the simplest, most reliable way to get around.

GPS: We really take for granted how good the GPS units in our phones really are. They receive up-to-the-second traffic data, route us to the shortest path, and even give us “street view” or satellite imagery to investigate what a place looks like before we get there.

Private Spaceflight and Hyperloop: While Back to the Future flaunted flying DeLoreans, I’m proud of where we are with private spaceflight and the start of Hyperloop.

Visit XPRIZE at xprize.org; follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+; and get our newsletter to stay informed.

Peter Diamandis is the Chairman and CEO of XPRIZE.

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Where Keynes Went Wrong: And Why World Governments Keep Creating Inflation, Bubbles, and Busts

Where Keynes Went Wrong: And Why World Governments Keep Creating Inflation, Bubbles, and Busts

In responding to the financial crash of 2008, both the Bush Administration and the Obama Administration have relied on prescriptions developed by John Maynard Keynes, the most important economist since Marx. But should we be relying on Keynes? What did Keynes actually say? Did he make his case? Hunter Lewis concludes that he did not. If Keynes was wrong then so are the economic policies of virtually all world governments today.
List Price:

Where Keynes Went Wrong

Where Keynes Went Wrong

In responding to the financial crash of 2008, both the Bush Administration and the Obama Administration have relied on prescriptions developed by John Maynard Keynes, the most important economist since Marx. But should we be relying on Keynes? What did Keynes actually say? Did he make his case? Hunter Lewis concludes that he did not. If Keynes was wrong then so are the economic policies of virtually all world governments today. Now with linked endnotes and index.
List Price:

You Have Giving All Wrong

Think you are a giver? If you do, most likely you have it all wrong. I know I did, until recently.

Giving has always meant, to me, being able to give a gift or listen to someone by giving my time and energy. But I had no idea the path I would take — as a result of one simple idea I had — that would fundamentally change my outlook on life.

Late last year, I decided I was going to give something away each day of 2015. I was inspired by all the giving that was taking place from the end of November through the end of the year and I didn’t want it to end. There we so many stories that touched my heart, and just about every person and brand had some element of giving happening. I didn’t want it to stop. I wanted to live in a world where giving wasn’t attached to a time of year.

I imagined how I could give something away every day and created a project and called it #365DaysOfGiving. I invited people to be part of it by receiving an email from me each day in which I would offer to give something away. I launched it and waited to see what happened along the way.


It has been 223 days since the launch and the lessons I’ve learned, so far, have been many. Perhaps the biggest lesson is that it isn’t about what I am giving away that people respond to but the stories I share as to why I am giving it away. Responses like this come in regularly:

This email in particularly resonated with me because I am currently gaining clarity on who I am and recently realized that I had stop waiting for others to choose me, and choose myself.

It wasn’t until the last 30 days that I’ve realized we have giving all wrong.

Learn to receive in order to give.

Early in the year, I had about a dozen people receiving my emails. Even though I was offering something every day, many items went unclaimed. I was crushed. How could I give something away if nobody was receiving what I offered? I started to realize that the act of receiving was as much a part of the process as giving was. To give, someone must receive. The feeling you get from giving feels so good because you know there is another person who receives what you give. In other words, they are actually giving you something by receiving. You both end up being a receiver and a giver regardless of who started the process. In giving, both parties walk away receiving. And many people don’t know how to receive. That’s what I learned.

Taking is not receiving.

One of the main reasons people told me they didn’t want to receive what I was giving away, was because the felt like they were acting like a taker and not a giver. After reading Adam Grant’s book Give and Take, where he classifies people into three groups: givers, takers and matchers, I felt like you were either one or the other, a giver or a taker, not both. But then I had a conversation that made me realize, taking and receiving are two different things. When you take, you gain and someone loses. When you receive, both parties end up gaining something. it’s not give and take, it’s give and receive.

To give is to love.

That feeling you receive when you give something is better than getting money. It’s difficult to put into words because it’s an emotion and not logical or rational. I was at the Gratitude and Trust Summit in NYC this summer and heard one of the speakers talk about the Hebrew word for love, ahavah, which also means to give. This explained it! To give is to love. It’s an emotion and feeling that transcends words. Here is to a world of living to give and love in receiving.

Please join me in #365DaysOfGiving by signing up to receive what I give away each day. And if you give something and recognize that you are also receiving, share the experience using the hashtag #365DaysOfGivng. To give is to love. To love is to give.

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You’re Washing Your Swimsuit All Wrong: Here’s How to Extend The Life of It


You’ve found the perfect swimsuit. OK, well maybe it’s more like the perfect collection of swimsuits (hey, when they’re this cute, who can stop at one?). Now it’s time to take care of them and make sure they don’t fade, stretch out, or get grimy.

Making a suit last all summer and beyond is all in the washing, says John Mahdessian, owner of Madame Paulette, where New Yorkers send their finest clothes to be dry-cleaned (you also might recognize his name if you watch The Real Housewives of New York. He’s Dorinda Medley’s beau!) Mahdessian told us that women tend to do all the wrong things when it comes to laundering their swimsuits, ruining them by (or even before) summer’s end. Here are his tips and tricks for extending the life of your suit:

1. Before you jump in: Rinse off any body oils or body makeup, which will ruin your swimsuit over time.

2. Hand-washing is your best bet: “I prefer the hand-washing and soaking technique with a neutral detergent, like Palmolive or Ivory soap,” said Mahdessian. First, rinse the suit with water to flush out any chlorine or debris, then add soap and rub gently. Be sure to rinse out all of the soap and lay flat to dry.

3. If you can’t hand-wash: “Buy a mesh laundry bag and put the suit in there before throwing it into the machine on a gentle cycle,” said Mahdessian. “Otherwise, the mechanical action will stretch the fabric and it can get bungled, twisted, and tied up.”

4. Don’t leave it to dry in the sun: Lay your suit flat on a towel to dry so it doesn’t stretch out—and do so in the shade. If you leave your suit out to bake in the sun for more than a couple of hours, it will begin to fade. And whatever you do, don’t put it in the dryer.

5. If you’ve got a stain: If the stain is wet, lightly dab it, then start the hand-washing process when you get home. If the stain is dry, do not scratch it off. If you do, you can scratch out some of the dye, which can never be repaired. If you can’t get the stain out, head to your local dry cleaner.

6. Can’t get those little particles sand out of the fibers of your swimsuit? First, try hand-washing and soaking it for a bit in water. If that doesn’t work, wait until the swimsuit dries completely and grab your hair-dryer. Blow out the sand particles on a light and cool setting.

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Sill haven’t bought a swimsuit for summer? We can help with that:

Shop Women’s Sales & Values at macys.com

The Writing of the Wrong

The Writing of the Wrong

Action Adventure – The Writing of the Wrong is the sequel novel to the action adventure novel “No Crimes Beyond Forgiveness.” Forgiveness – the secret government within a government – is dead; killed by the giant, Joshua Olivion. High in the Sierra Madre mountains in Central California, a forest ranger attempts to sneak up on Joshua and his wife, Angela as they campout on their annual fishing trip. Caught by the giant – his senses finely honed – the ranger brings ominous news. General Taylor has been trying to find Joshua and as the forest ranger relays Joshua’s coordinates, Joshua and Angela watch pensively as Taylor exits his helicopter and reveals a new enemy – one that is stalking his son, Chad and Chad’s family. Is this payback? Is this revenge? Or is it a copycat organization of the secret committee Forgiveness? Joshua decides to go look for himself but Angela sees the giant stirring and so does Taylor. Soon it will awaken and turn the Middle East into a boiling cauldron. real soon! The Writing of the Wrong is a publisher book brought to you by ePubWealth.com. It is the fourth book in a series of 6 online fiction novels involving Joshua’s post-war life. You may download books online and enjoy the complete series: Common Ground, Until the Next Time, No Crimes Beyond Forgiveness, The Writing of the Wrong, We Own the Night, and Who Hoards More Thieves or Popes. Read a novel online and enjoy all of ePubWealth’s fiction books online with a wide selection in many different genres.

Price: $
Sold by Wordery

My Husband Was Living in the Wrong Body

My husband has felt like he was living in the wrong body for as long as he can remember. As a little boy, he always wanted to be a girl. He wanted to wear girls’ clothes and have long hair that could be styled in curls and pinned back with pink plastic barrettes. He wanted to roll strawberry lip gloss onto his lips. He wanted to be pretty.

My husband mustered up the courage to share this innermost part of himself with me back in 1984, one year after we got married. As a young bride, I was confused and did not understand what was wrong with him. I was angry and hurt that he would have such desires. I hoped he wasn’t a sexual deviant. I wondered why being married to me and starting a new life wasn’t enough for him. I simply did not know about a condition known as gender dysphoria. My husband was at odds with his birth gender. At the time, we had no resources. There was no Internet to turn to. His secret had become ours, and we continued wrestling with his unexplained desire to dress as a woman, a need so great it was unstoppable.

Our marriage became one that had two stories. One story was the story of success shown to the outside world — the story that unfolds with two beautiful sons, accomplished careers, vacations, cars and the house on the hill. And then there is the other story, a private tale of confusion, hurt feelings and resentment. There are chapters of our marriage when my husband’s desire to cross-dress was too great not to act out on, followed by dark periods of depression for having to live a life that felt wrong; times when I was threatened as a wife by the woman inside of my husband; moments when I was angry at this inner woman that dwelled within him, and lashed out at him because I didn’t know how to get to her. We had a story that was kept private, unable to share with the outside world.


After 25 years of marriage, our two stories had become blurry and it had become emotionally draining to keep the narratives defined. Our worlds were changing, and more information regarding gender dysphoria and transgender individuals had become available. I was able to understand better that there was nothing wrong with me, or with us. The only thing wrong was that my husband strongly felt he was a woman, and that fact was slowly destroying his spirit. The need to be a woman had become too great.

Together, we decided to rewrite our marriage and to live one true story. We agreed that my husband would transition fully into a woman. In the last three years, the husband that I married revolved into a woman with the use of hormones and surgery. It has been a whirlwind of couples therapy, legal papers and name changes. There have been many conversations with friends, coworkers and family members, both positive and negative. It has been a time of many changes.

My life as the wife of a transgender person is a roller coaster. There are many ups and downs, yet not once have I felt like I want to get off this ride. I am still in love with the person I married back in 1984. A person who today is a she. She has transitioned successfully into a woman both physically and emotionally. Most importantly, she is who she is today, and because of that, I have witnessed true joy in the person I’ve grown a life with — a person whose blue eyes shine because she feels right in her own skin.

Our story is still being written, and is far from over. This essay is just a blurb to the deeper story. There are more words to come. Words of how I feel as the wife. Words of love and acceptance as well as words of complicated grief while I stood by the person I married and wanted more than anything to have this story finish with a happy ending. Words I will write that will continue to tell our story, our one true story, for the world to see.


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Everyone Is Mad at Beyoncé, But for the Wrong Reasons

Mondays tend to be disorienting enough. But the events that transpired in the pop culture sphere this week set a particularly confusing tone to the day, forcing innocent consumers to question their loyalties and even, shockingly, suspect that the media may in fact not have the purest of intentions.

The action actually began on Sunday, when an unlikely source fiercely declared herself as a feminist, taking to social media to unleash an impassioned essay regarding the media’s dehumanizing depiction of women as mere arm candy accessorizing the appendages of successful men. “I… do not. belong. to anyone. but myself. and neither do you,” she wrote, chastising media outlets for perpetuating stale double standards and explicit misogyny. She name-dropped the likes of Gloria Steinem, called out the injustice of female slut-shaming and beseeched young women to recognize their truth worth and inherent value.

Ariana Grande: badass feminist.

Color me old (it’s cool, I am, what with being over 30and all that), but I am not intimately familiar with the nuances of Grande’s public persona. Perhaps she’s long been hailed a feminist icon, and I’ve simply been in the dark, but her essay felt groundbreaking, if not a little shocking (in the best way possible) when it came across my feed yesterday morning. In the context of famous young women continuously denying their right (obligation?) to identify as feminists, Grande stood up loud and proud and sent an incredibly important message to her young, impressionable fans, and to women all around the world: the media is fucked up, and you deserve better.

With the unexpected arrival of this declaration, things started out well on Monday. But quickly took a turn. It was early yet — just after 8 a.m. — and the day was filled with so much promise. But then Beyoncé appeared on my television screen and spent the next several minutes extolling the benefits of a vegan diet. Not the health benefits or the environmental payoff, however. No, Beyoncé really just wanted viewers to know that veganism is how she triumphed over her body, achieving that fit, trim figure admired the world over, and that we can follow in her dainty footsteps — all for the price of one best-selling diet book.

That’s right, just as Ariana Grande — pop princess, wearer of cat ears — revealed herself to the world as a strong, self-possessed female standing up for the empowerment of other women and girls, Beyoncé — fierce, outspoken feminist, champion of equality — told us her secret to flatter abs.

It was a confusing day, indeed.

I experience an overwhelming, almost visceral sense of uneasiness when I morally disagree on any issue with Beyoncé. I’m a superfan. I worship at her altar. I drink the Bey Kool-Aid. And she’s given me good reason to do so: Besides being a mind-blowing performer and entertainer, she’s an activist, arguably doing more to further the conversation on equality than any celebrity with her expansive influence. She drops speeches on feminism from Nigerian writer Chimamamda Ngozi Adichie smack dab in the middle of radio-friendly tracks. She performs proudly on MTV in front of a towering backdrop boldly emblazoned with the word “FEMINIST.” She’s dominated a notoriously male-run industry, successfully standing atop her own empire and supporting women every step of the way.

So when she has a slip-up, I wince a little.

And I wasn’t alone yesterday. I was heartened to log into Facebook and see a trending news story regarding the outrage Beyoncé fans were expressing over her morning announcement. I felt validated to know that others stood up and took notice, calling out the hypocrisy and degradation of this impossibly strong female role model taking to the airwaves to shill out a diet book.

But I quickly learned the legions of angry Beyhive members weren’t up in arms over the decidedly disempowering move. They were pissed because they expected a bigger announcement.

In fairness, the irritation is understandable.”Good Morning America” teased the three-minutes-and-change segment as if the singer were about to unveil a new album, tour, baby, documentary series and cure for cancer, all in one breath. The endorsement of a diet book she’d already publicly supported for months felt underwhelming to some, and insulting to many.

But I have yet to see any ire over the endorsement itself. The fact that a woman who has stood for so much more substance has stooped to plugging diet advice. A woman who has taken on society’s soul-crushing, oppressive beauty ideals in her song “Pretty Hurts,” is advocating veganism as a vehicle for sustained weight loss. A woman with over 35 million Instagram followers and sold-out stadiums worth of male and female fans is using her platform to sheepishly confess, “I am not naturally the thinnest,” on national television and that she’s finally found a food plan that “keeps the weight off.”

This isn’t the Beyoncé I know, love and admire, and the stumble is hard to stomach. It would be a flat-out lie to deny the fact that much of her fame has undoubtedly been influenced by her iconic body. But the agency Beyoncé took in displaying, flaunting, concealing and using her body onstage and onscreen differentiated her from other female performers who have seemingly been positioned as scantily-clad puppets selling iTunes singles. Beyoncé owned her body in a way that felt powerful. And surrendering that power in order to promote a diet book doesn’t feel relatable or real; it feels weak.

I’m grateful for the empowering messages Beyoncé and women like her have fearlessly put forward in the name of feminism. And I’m happily surprised to find that others in the public eye like Grande are opting to own their feminist convictions and unapologetically stand for something more than their looks, weight, or carefully-contoured faces. I just hope Beyoncé doesn’t continue to disappoint — the world is confusing enough.

This article originally appeared on the author’s website: www.michellekmedia.com. Follow Michelle on Twitter @michellekmedia.

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Still Not Sure What to Get Dad for Father’s Day? You Can’t Go Wrong With These Winning Grooming Gifts


This article was written by Ahmed Zambarakji and was originally published on AskMen.

Still waiting on that nod of validation from your dad? You could be waiting a long time… but with Father’s Day around the corner, there are countless ways to bribe him into bonding with you again with these great father’s day gift ideas. Express your gratitude with a luxury shaving set, a fine fragrance or one of the other straightforward, upmarket and dad-friendly grooming options we’ve picked out.

Ultra-light Bai Ji Hydrator by Molton Brown


Molton Brown’s guy-friendly — and, crucially, age-appropriate — bestseller gets a rethink in time for Father’s Day. The Bai Ji moisturizer now comes in three different versions (an ultra-light cream, an extra-rich cream and a as an anti-fatigue eye gel), all formulated without parabens. Better yet, go the extra mile and get one of the beautifully packaged gift sets for men.

$ 38.00 at MoltonBrown.com

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Incense & Cedrat Cologne by Jo Malone


Jo Malone juxtaposes smoky incense with a luminous citrus accord to striking effect in this new release. Elegant and deeply sensual, this fragrance has an oriental air to it that won’t go unnoticed. In order to protect the Boswellia Sacra (Frankincense) tree, which has been harvested for incense for thousands of years, the brand employed a new technology called NaturePrint to capture the scent without harming the environment.

Available at JoMalone.com

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Oliver Peoples Box Set by Byredo


Cooler (potentially younger) dads will already know about niche fragrance house Byredo and optical enthusiasts Oliver Peoples. The two brands have collaborated in a “synesthetic” project that demonstrates the influence of color on smell.

The new Oliver Peoples box set includes a pair of limited edition specs along with a bottle of Byredo’s new eau de parfum (also named Oliver Peoples — natch). The specs are available in three different photochromic lens colors including Indigo, Champagne and Green; the bottle will match the lens color you chose. The idea here is that the color you pick out will invariably have an effect on what you smell most in the multi-faceted fragrance. Weird but true. You may pick out anything from the juniper berries and Californian Lemon in the top of the fragrance to the musks, warm sand and patchouli that are deeper in the mix. And if the sensory illusion is completely lost on you, you can always buy the fragrance separately — it smells just as good without tinted specs.

Available at Byredo.com

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Collezione Barbiere by Acqua di Parma


Instantly upgrade his shaving ritual with Acqua di Parma’s Collezione Barbiere range, which now includes three new products. In addition to the existing creams and soaps is a lightly scented airless shaving gel, a revitalizing face serum and a hand-made razor that takes Gillette Proglide blades.

Available at Amazon.com

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Oxford & Cambridge Travel Shaving Set by Czech & Speake


One for traditional dads and/or Anglophiles, this set from London institution Czech & Speake contains a travel-sized shaving brush, shaving soap and aftershave, scented with the brand’s signature lavender fragrance.

Available at CzechandSpeakeFragrance.com

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Eau Sauvage Cologne by Christian Dior


Dior’s legendary fragrance for men is reinvented in cologne form for 2015. Fans of the 60s original will recognize the signature accord nestled at the core of a modernized composition that now features Mandarin, Calabrian Bergamot, Grapefruit and Vetiver. Not a radical departure from the original so much as a 21st century update.

$ 84.91 at Amazon.com

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Still unsure which grooming products are worth the investment? Sign him up for Birchbox, a personalized grooming service that delivers samples (plus one full-size product) of the latest and most popular grooming unguents straight to his door for a mere $ 20 per month. All the top men’s brands from Anthony to Zirh are on board, so you’re unlikely to ever lose out.

Starting at $ 20.00 at Birchbox.com

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The Right and Wrong Way to Become a Professional Wedding Planner

There’s a right way and a wrong way to gain experience in the wedding planning career field. The right way is to get involved in planning events (of any kind) and get an internship or a job that gives you the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of wedding planning so you actually have the experience you need to flawlessly execute the most important day of brides and grooms lives.

But let’s start out with the wrong way to learn how to plan a destination wedding – lying or faking it will destroy your reputation (before you even have one) and ruin the first most important day in a couple’s life.

It is not uncommon for wedding planners to refer clients to one another when a planner encounters a client who wants something she doesn’t know how to do. In most cases, this happens when an engaged couple goes to their hometown wedding planner or a trusted travel agent and asks for direction.

For a travel agent, the logical thing to do is direct the clients to a reputable wedding planner at their destination and stick to the travel logistics. Trying to use this as an opportunity to get your foot in the door as a wedding planner is a very bad idea. Experienced professional destination wedding planners are busy people. We have plenty of legitimate clients calling us to plan their weddings. I have less than zero desire to teach or mentor a travel agent who might, eventually, become a competitor. I spend plenty of time teaching my interns, thank you very much.

More disturbingly, I’ve received a number of what, at first, appeared to be legitimate referrals (yes, we get those) from hometown wedding planners with clients who wanted to get married someplace else. For that sort of referral, we play a flat “thank you” fee if the client hires us, and then our company takes it from there. Unfortunately, unethical wanna-be destination wedding planners with absolutely no experience use the same tactic to try to learn how to do their job through somebody else. That’s not ethical and I won’t work with them.

Let me explain more clearly for anybody who thinks this sounds mean or unfair. This doesn’t just happen to me, as other colleagues in the industry have complained about it as well.

Contacting a pro and saying you are a “wedding planner” with a destination client and you want to “work together” is fine if you are actually a wedding planner. But if I can’t find you online, you’re not on WeddingWire, and your Facebook page has eight likes (all from your family), you aren’t a wedding planner. Someday you might be, but right now, you’re not. And if you’re advertising your services as such, you are a big fat liar and a fraud. You might want to check out the truth-in-advertising laws too before one of your victims (aka clients) realizes they’ve been duped and sues you for everything you do not have.

I have spent almost eight years honing my skills as a destination wedding planner. I worked hard to learn how to do an excellent job with all sorts of clients in a variety of destinations in the Caribbean, and I do not plan to give any of my tips and tricks away to a competitor, no matter how she sugar-coats it as a request to “work together.” I mentor interns year-round and trust me, those girls leave my company with the tools to plan a wedding just about anywhere. In exchange, they work their butts off for me while they’re here. We give them housing near the beach and a stipend, but they give us their heart and soul as they struggle to make each client’s day as perfect as possible. They want to succeed and make my company look good in the process. It’s win-win for me and the interns.

There is literally zero upside to me helping another wedding planner impress her clients in my own neighborhood, so to speak. “Working together” to plan a wedding when one of us has a clue – and the other does not – means that I’ll have to do triple the number of conference calls (she’ll want to discuss everything before and after the client call) and get half the credit for the final result, if that. In fact, that planner may well call herself “experienced” after I plan that initial wedding and start advertising her services as a destination wedding planner. She is not. And I won’t be a part of her ruse. Planning one destination wedding while somebody else does all the heavy lifting, and flying in a few days beforehand to enjoy the events, doesn’t make you a wedding planner. It makes you an annoying guest who wants to have input once she’s arrived. We get enough of those already, thank you anyway.

When I first started getting these inquiries from other planners, I got excited, I thought it was going to open up a whole new marketing opportunity for me, working with wedding pros all over the United States. Instead, I found that most of the planners who were contacting me weren’t really wedding planners at all. Having a “wedding planning certification” (what is that anyway?) and claiming you’ve successfully executed lots of weddings (even if they were all family members or besties and not a one of them actually paid you), does not make you a “professional” or “experienced” wedding planner. Sure, it’s great for your resume and sounds good in interview when you’re telling them how much you do know, but it doesn’t qualify you to handle a wedding and tens of thousands of dollars of a bride and groom’s money.

I’ll just say it – pretending you’re a destination wedding planner to get the client, and then calling somebody who really is a wedding planner to try and split the fee so they can do all the work or teach you how to do it, is total and utter bullshit. And you will get busted. Oh, you might make it to the actual wedding. But when the shit hits the fan and you don’t have the right permits, can’t figure out the marriage license paperwork, or don’t know what to do in that destination when a guest has a medical emergency, you’ll be outed for the fraud you are and destroyed on social media by your clients and their guests. 2015-05-21-1432242793-5033039-110813_SandyMalonePortraits422640x427.jpg

A couple of years ago my staff and I dropped everything to fix a wedding in distress because of a wanna-be wedding planner from Louisiana that got herself in over her head. We were hired by a nearly hysterical Mother of the Bride less than two months before the big day, and we had to start from scratch.

The planner (who it turned out had a full-time day job in a totally different field because she wasn’t actually a wedding planner) had been hired to plan a wedding in Mexico, assuring the clients that passports weren’t necessary for U.S. residents. Wrong. That’s how the wedding ended up in Puerto Rico.

Because the planner knew even less about the Caribbean than Mexico (is that even possible?), she’d put the guests in a hotel more than an hour away from the wedding venue where the wedding party was staying, and they’d all have to travel by bus – and not via a scenic route – to and from all of the wedding events at a cost of literally thousands of dollars to the wedding couple. The first thing we did was move all of the guests to a hotel a few minutes from the wedding venue. And then we fixed everything else that was a mess. I’d name and shame that planner except she had a clause in her contract forbidding her clients to review here ANYWHERE – a huge red flag when you’re hiring somebody – and I don’t want to cause my happy clients any grief.

My point is that misleading clients about your level of wedding planning experience is a ridiculous thing to do. You’ll get busted fast. And trying to get an experienced professional to plan it for you so you can take the credit is shady, at best. Anybody with sense isn’t going to let you take advantage of them like that.

If you want to be a wedding planner – hometown or destination – you have to get experience before you advertise yourself as a “professional.” If you’re don’t qualify for an internship because of your age (lots of folks are doing middle-age career changes), that’s not a non-starter for your new career. Believe it or not, there are literally tons of opportunities in your own community to help you learn how to plan events – fundraisers, fun runs, food drives, carnivals – all of these sorts of activities have planning committees that do all the work to make them happen. While they’re not likely to hand over the reins to you the first time you volunteer, prove your value and the next time you’ll have more responsibility.

If you’re lucky enough to be young and still in school when you’re reading this, you are literally surrounded by event planning opportunities. From Student Government, to Greek organizations, to religious clubs, to athletic booster clubs, literally everywhere you look, there’s something going on. All you have to do is sign up and get involved. That way, when you apply for a wedding planning internship or job later on, you already have legitimate event planning experience on your resume.

Experience is what will teach you how to be a wedding planner, and it’s what is going to give you the confidence (and make your clients feel confident about your ability) to stand at the helm and steer the ship. Because to a large degree, that’s what you’re doing. Not only do you have to do all the pre-planning and vendor coordination ahead of a wedding, it’s your job to keep the trains running on time, do quality control, and supervise all the vendors and perfect the little details on the wedding weekend. If you don’t know how to trouble-shoot real problems at a wedding, you’re not ready to be in charge. Period. A university degree in hospitality or tourism will give you a lot more foundation for a future career running events than some useless, undefined “Wedding Planner Certification,” but even with a diploma, you have to have the practical experience (and legitimate references for it) on your resume or nobody is going to be interested.

The moral of the story here is that you cannot cheat to become a good wedding planner. You can’t steal somebody else’s work as your own, you can’t subcontract the work to another planner and tell your client you’re doing the work, and most importantly, you cannot fake your way through it. If you try, you might end up with a lot of unhappy folks stuck in Mexico without passports.

Until next time, happy wedding planning from Weddings in Vieques and Sandy Malone Weddings & Events. And by the way, actual brides can hire us to consult for them on DIY weddings at home or away, but we won’t babysit somebody who claims to be a wedding planner.

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Weddings – The Huffington Post
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Spinal Tap Whats Wrong With Being Sexy Kids T-Shirt (White) (7-8 Years)

Spinal Tap Whats Wrong With Being Sexy Kids T-Shirt (White) (7-8 Years)

This Spinal Tap Whats Wrong With Being Sexy t-shirt is an original design from My Icon Art & Clothing. This t-shirt can also be bought in Mens & Womens styles and is available in a wide variety of sizes & colours. All t-shirts are in stock and ready to ship with free postage within the UK and fast worldwide shipping. This is an original design & is not intended to breach any intellectual properties under UK law. It is 100% unofficial merchandise & is not authorised by any person or group.

Price: $
Sold by Rakuten Play.com

Live Without Pain: A New Theory on What’s Wrong With You and How to Fix It.

Live Without Pain: A New Theory on What’s Wrong With You and How to Fix It.

This is the US version, UK version also available. Do you have an illness or injury that just won’t heal? Do you suffer from unexplained aches, pains, stiffness, or fatigue that won’t go away, no matter what you try? The culprit may literally be right under your nose or hanging around your neck. Simon King explains his theory, based on careful observation, that many necklaces, rings, watches, piercings, and dental work affect your sensory nervous system and muscle reflexes – whether you can feel anything happening or not! Based on a well-known but under-appreciated mechanism called ‘Proprioception,’ Live without Pain reveals how many common items activate proprioceptive mechanisms which leave you vulnerable to pain, and how you can remedy these without drugs, surgery or exercises. It offers individuals and health practitioners alike simple solutions that build health; sometimes resolving even long-term health issues in the process. For more information, go to www. live-without-pain.com

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8 Things Married Couples Get Wrong When It Comes To Sex

By Jillian Kramer, BRIDES

Photo: Getty Images

“A healthy sex life is a key ingredient to a happy, loving, and lasting marriage,” says sex expert Nikki Ransom-Alfred. Yet, “after the excitement of the wedding day and settling into marriage, couples will often find that the quantity and quality of sex will take a downturn.” So what’s a married couple to do? Check out these eight things you’re likely doing wrong without even knowing it, and have fun correcting the problems beginning tonight!

You’re not doing the deed often enough.
“Sex is how you express love and desire for each other, and connects the two of you on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level,” Ransom-Alfred says. What’s more, when you orgasm, your brain releases dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin — the love hormone — that keeps you crazy about your guy. “Discuss with your partner how often he would like to have sex and then see how you two can compromise so that all parties are satisfied,” Ransom-Alfred suggests. Hint: The more often, the merrier you both will be.

You’re not openly discussing what you want.
“Couples are often embarrassed to discuss sex with each other, even though they have it with each other,” explains Ransom-Alfred. “Some are nervous to talk about their wants and desires for fear of being judged or turned down by the other.” Start by telling your significant other that discussion about sex and sexual desires are a safe zone. Then, “talk with each other about sex acts that you’ve always wanted to try, new sex positions, what turns you on, what turns you off, and more,” Ransom-Alfred says. “This will only enhance your sex life together and enhance your marriage overall.”

You’re playing it safe — and repetitive — when it comes to sex.
“It’s common to become so comfortable in our relationship that we neglect we need to keep our sex lives new, fresh and exciting,” says Ransom-Alfred. “Marriage is forever, and you can’t expect to have the same kind of sex for the rest of your lives. You will indeed get bored in the bedroom and that spells trouble for the marriage.” Ransom-Alfred suggests cracking open the Kama Sutra for inspiration and new positions you could try.

You’re wearing your sweats to bed.
“We definitely need to keep it sexy in the bedroom, whether we’ve been married for two months or two decades,” insists Ransom-Alfred. “Taking the time to be appealing for your partner shows them that you really care about them, about looking good for them and about your marriage.” Make it a habit to slip into something silky when you get under the sheets. “Or wear one of his T-shirts to bed if that’s what he finds sexy,” she says. Of course, you can also go naked, too, and we doubt your husband will complain!

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You’re not taking your time with foreplay.
“Discuss foreplay with your partner and ask what they like, what really gets them hot and also how long he wants foreplay,” suggests Ransom-Alfred. “Sexiness starts in the mind, so foreplay should begin well before taking your clothes off.”

You’re not spontaneous enough.
“Sex does not always have to happen at night, nor does it always have to be in the bedroom,” Ransom-Alfred says. “Keep things spontaneous by surprising your partner with a sex session in the morning, in the shower while you two are getting ready, or the middle of the day.” Another tip to keep things extra-hot? “Call your spouse right before lunch and have them meet you at home for a quickie!” she suggests.

You’re not making your bedroom a pleasant place to make love.
“Many couples do not realize it, but the décor in your room will have either a positive or negative effect on your mood,” explains Ransom-Alfred. “If your bedroom looks bland and boring, you will feel the same when you enter it. Your bedroom is your sensual space, so you want to feel sensual when you walk inside of it.” Up the sex factor in your personal space by investing in fresh flowers, scented candles and plush pillows that beckon for romance.

You’re not showing enough non-sexual affection.
“While a slap on the bottom or a sexual grope is hot, be sure to still show your partner affection and love in non-sexual ways such as hugging, massaging and holding them,” advises Ransom-Alfred. That kind of physical love and affection translates outside the bedroom, and last until your next sex session. “The more loved a spouse feels, the more open he or she will be sexually.”

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‘SNL’s ‘Drunk Uncle’ Tells Us Exactly What’s Wrong With Halloween


On Saturday’s Halloween edition of “Saturday Night Live,” Bobby Moynihan’s “Drunk Uncle” made an appearance on “Weekend Update” to school everyone on why Halloween — and, frankly, AMERICA — just isn’t the same anymore.

Hey, so maybe he’s not a “Jack of all lanterns,” but give Drunk Uncle a break! Listen to his Halloween rant above and you’ll be asking for goji berries in your Dropbox before you know it.

“Saturday Night Live” airs Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.
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Elizabeth Gilbert Explains What Everyone Gets Wrong About ‘Soul Mates’ (VIDEO)

How many times have you heard people say they’re looking for their “soul mate?” When she embarked on her now-famous Eat, Pray, Love journey, author Elizabeth Gilbert did end up falling deeply in love with her now-husband — but he isn’t the “soul mate” that so many people search for. And that’s exactly why Gilbert says their relationship has a lasting future.

“People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that’s what everyone wants,” Gilbert wrote in Eat, Pray, Love. “But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that’s holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life. A true soul mate is probably the most important person you will ever meet, because they tear down your walls and smack you awake.”

Before she journeyed to Italy, India and Bali for her book, Gilbert couldn’t make sense of the fact that she had found and subsequently lost a man she had believed to be her soul mate. Then, a friend of Gilbert’s carefully explained what a soul mate is — and why you don’t always want to marry him.

“He told me about somebody who I had lost — who I thought was my soul mate — he said, ‘He probably was. But you don’t understand what a soul mate is,'” Gilbert recalls her friend saying. “‘You think it’s all roses and happiness. A soul mate is somebody who changes you. And then, sometimes, they have to leave because the intensity of the relationship is so much that you can’t actually have [stability].'”

Rather than look to a “soul mate” for lasting love or marriage, Gilbert now believes in looking for something different.

“Your partner is something else,” Gilbert says. “That’s your friend. My husband is my best friend. He’s not the mirror that holds up my flaws. He’s just the guy who’s like, ‘I think you’re terrific’… It’s just simple, showing up for each other.”

Gilbert still admits that the fire and intensity of a soul mate isn’t without its merits. “Whatever they fired up in you, you might have needed fired up,” she says. “And then you might need them to go, so that you can go on your journey.”

The second part of Elizabeth Gilbert’s conversation with Oprah airs on “Super Soul Sunday” this Sunday, Oct. 12, on OWN at 11 a.m. ET, during which it also streams live on Oprah.com, Facebook.com/owntv and Facebook.com/supersoulsunday.

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18 Times No One Asked, ‘What Could Possibly Go Wrong?’

It seemed like a good idea at the time, right?

Wait, no it didn’t. It wasn’t a good idea at all. And deep down you knew. But you forged ahead anyway, fairly positive that — based on years of not dying while doing stupid stuff — everything would work out just fine in the end.

The following people apparently had that same thought. As if you needed to be reminded, please, don’t try this at home.

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Did This Dutch Interview Just Go Horribly Wrong?

When conducting an interview, it’s often best to test the waters.

Then again, if you’re looking to make a splash, the all-in method is surprisingly effective. Just ask this Dutch host, who was filming a promo for “Sail Kampen,” a ship festival in the Netherlands, when things went horribly wrong.

As the clip above shows, after filming the introductory portion of the promo on the aft section of a ship, the unnamed interviewer approaches Kampen Mayor Bort Koelewijn to ask a couple of questions about the festival. Halfway through, though, she seems to lose her balance and proceeds to flail, then fall, into the water below.

The panicked mayor drops to his knees and seems to offers her his medallion, while a member of the film crew offers the boom mic. Someone then throws her a life preserver.

It’s an attention-grabbing video, no doubt — so good that some are questioning its authenticity. Rotterdam’s Algemeen Dagblad newspaper was quick to point out the host works for IJsseldelta Marketing, which, conveniently, is helping promote Sail Kampen.

What do you think: real or fake?
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Jim Gaffigan Goes On A Kale Rant On ‘Conan,’ And He’s Not Wrong

Between this and Jon Stewart’s incredible Chicago pizza rant, last night was a great one for food diatribes on late night TV. For anyone annoyed with the newfound popularity of kale and other healthy-yet-tasteless foods that dominate culinary trends, you have a prophet in Jim Gaffigan.

The “Dad is Fat” author stopped by “Conan” last night to express his displeasure that Whole Foods devotees are trying to force him to eat leafy vegetables that taste like bug spray. “I looked at a can of bug spray, and it said, ‘Made with real kale.'”

Check out the clip above to find out why he hates kale, almond milk and secretly thinks that people who don’t eat gluten are un-American.
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Astronaut Chris Hadfield Says ‘Gravity’ Got Sandra Bullock’s Underwear Wrong, But That’s Okay (VIDEO)

Astronaut Chris Hadfield dropped by “Conan” where he talked about the hit film “Gravity,” starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. As one of the most critically acclaimed films of the year, Conan O’Brien wanted to get a genuine astronaut’s take on the movie’s depictions of space. And while Hadfield said that visually “Gravity” was the most realistic and stunning take on spacewalks yet seen, there was one scene he had to take issue with.

O’Brien pointed out a scene where Sandra Bullock’s character takes off her spacesuit and is floating around in black underwear and a tank top. It turns out this wasn’t even close to the truth. “Inside our space suits, we’re wearing like a Halloween costume which is a liquid cooling garment,” Hadfield explained. “We’re wearing … big boy kind of Pull-Up diapers underneath. And you come out; you’ve been sweating in there for eight hours. Your hair looks like rat fur.”

“We do not look like an underwear model when we come out,” Hadfield concluded. But we’re going to agree with O’Brien that Hollywood made the right call. Some poetic license is to be expected in the movies, and in some cases, even preferred.

“Conan” airs weeknights at 11 p.m. EST on TBS.

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