Exclusive: Hollywood Stars Like You’ve Never Seen Them

Randall Slavin

I wanted to remember everything. I was a terrible journal keeper, never being disciplined enough to keep it up more than a week or two. I was young and full of wonder and passion and I felt that all of my friends were so talented and cool and beautiful. I wanted to remember these adventures I was having. I wanted to remember the late Hollywood nights in forgotten clubs, studio apartments, and dimly lit street corners. Picking up a camera didn’t start out as an artistic pursuit for me. It began as a way to cement life in my faulty memory. If I had a picture of a moment in time, I knew I would never—could never—forget it

I kept a little pocket camera with me most of the time when I was running around L.A. in my twenties and would click away thinking that, someday, all of these people were going to rule the world.

(Spoiler: they did, and still do, rule the world. And I was there to capture the purity, the madness, the many distinct moments of our world.)

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