Joe Swash reveals he wanted to film a final series of I’m A Celeb with Ant McPartlin despite fans thinking they had a feud

JOE Swash wishes he could have filmed a final I’m A Celebrity Extra Camp with Ant McPartlin after fans previously accused them of having a secret feud.

Cheeky presenter Joe, 37, has given up his gig in the jungle after 10 successful years following the birth of his and Stacey Solomon’s son Rex.


jOE Swash wishes he could have filmed a final I’m A Celebrity Extra Camp with Ant McPartlin[/caption]


Joe said he missed Ant being on the set last year[/caption]

His last run on I’m A Celeb’s sister show coincided with Holly Willoughby stepping in for Ant while the Geordie star overcame his alcohol and prescription medication addiction.

Joe had intended to step down from the show next year, but Rex’s birth in May brought forward his plans.

When asked if he wished he could have had a swansong with Ant and Dec, he said: “Yeah, obviously we really missed Ant last year. But the show was in such safe hands with Holly and she done an amazing job.

“It would have been nice to go back this year because of Ant, but none of it would have been a big enough reason for me to go out there.”

Back in 2017 fans claimed the pair shared a frosty encounter during one show Down Under, questioning if there was unrest behind the scenes. But Joe and Ant quickly laughed off any issues,  joking any awkwardness was down to a sexual chemistry between them.


Joe credits I’m A Celeb with reinvigorating his career[/caption]

Stacey Solomon/Instagram

Joe and Stacey Solomon welcomed baby Rex into the world in May[/caption]

The former EastEnders star credits the show with transforming his life and is emotional to say goodbye to it.

He continued: “I’m going to miss it so much. It was a really tough decision, but there was only ever going to be one winner and that’s the family.

“The boys have just started new schools each of them, so they won’t be able to come out there. Originally Stacey and the boys were going to come and stay, but that weren’t going to be possible.

“I just couldn’t be away from Rex for three months. I love the job. Honestly, it’s like a part of me. I come out of EastEnders, and it’s very difficult to be an actor coming out of it, and the jungle sort of opened up a whole world of opportunities with presenting and stuff like that.

Joe has a cameo role in new animated film UglyDolls


Holly Willoughby stepped in for Ant in the last series of I’m A Celeb[/caption]

“I owe the jungle everything and I’m so happy and pleased that the jungle stood by me for so long. But it will go on and it’ll be amazing, it’ll be really weird to watch it in England. I haven’t spent a November in England for nearly 11 years. So it’s going to be weird, but it’ll be so nice to be around the family.”

Stacey recently joked that Joe needed to up his game after Kylie Jenner was surprised with a housefull of roses from boyfriend Travis Scott.

But romance is on the backburner for now, with Joe admitting raising a three-month-old is exhausting work.

“At the moment I could not feel less romantic,” said Joe. “Up to our elbows in nappies and baby poo. No sleep at all. When we get through this period we can start doing some romantic things but, honestly, if I put all of them roses in our bedroom the first thing she’d say to me was are you going to clean these up?

Rex Features

Joe is emotional at saying goodbye to the jungle[/caption]

“So as much as she wants them, she’ll definitely, definitely have a go at me for doing something like that.”

One of the opportunities Joe has seized following his jungle fame is a cameo role in new animated film UglyDolls, which also sees Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton and Nick Jonas among the vocal talent.

Joe said: “I’m totally honoured to be apart of it. I’m only a little part of it, a tiny part of it, but even that, I was honoured, it’s a lovely thing.

“It’s a great cast, it’s something that the kids will watch as well, so some brownie points!”

Since leaving Walford in 2008, Joe has focused on presenting instead of acting, but with his instantly recognisable gravelly voice, he is excited by the potential of more voiceover work.

“Once I worked with the jungle, that sort of took me in a whole different direction and I sort of just went with it and I haven’t done any acting or anything since I left EastEnders.

“My strange voice seems to work really well with cartoons so I’m starting to do quite a few voiceovers which I’ve never really done before. It’s weird because I always get recognised by my voice. So it’s about time I start using it I think.”

He’s also expressed a desire to work on hardhitting documentaries, citing louis Theroux as an inspiration.

“I love documentaries. I love watching documentaries and Louis Theroux. One of my friends, Reggie Yates, does a lot of documentaries so I’d like to do some documentaries on social issues.

“One of my big passions is fathers. I think it’s important. I don’t think fathers get enough rights and it’s very easy for fathers in their roles to be forgotten.

“I’ve been through some stuff with my first kid, so I wouldn’t mind having a look into that where the laws are in different countries. Over in Iceland and Sweden when you break up, it’s automatically 50/50 access. I think that there’s better ways around it then going to court and paying fortunes for access.”

We’re sure that Joe’s charisma and drive will keep him on our screens for years to come.

UglyDolls is in cinemas now.

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