NASA’s next great space telescope finally has a name

roman space telescope

  • NASA named its new space telescope after Nancy Grace Roman, the “Mother of Hubble.”
  • The telescope will have greater capabilities than Hubble and will be specially tuned to hunt for nearby exoplanets.
  • Nancy Grace Roman was the first woman to hold an executive position at NASA and is considered to be instrumental in the Hubble program.
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We don’t like to admit it, but NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope won’t be around forever. Sure, the joint NASA/ESA partnership that keeps Hubble’s observations going says it could last another decade or maybe longer, but eventually, a successor will be shot skyward to offer new perspectives on the cosmos.

The Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope is that successor, and NASA just gave it a very fitting name. The spacecraft, which is still in development, has been named the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope, or just Roman Space Telescope for brevity’s sake.

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