RIP, Instagram ‘Like’ Counts. These Influencers Won’t Miss You.

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For nearly a decade, Instagram like counts have been a source of pride—and more than a little mental anguish—to the app’s users. Influencers, or people trying desperately hard to be one, rely on the amount of double-taps they receive to gauge their popularity and rack in sponsored content deals.

But earlier this year, the photo-sharing platform began testing out “hidden likes” in countries like Canada, Japan, and Australia. On Friday, CEO Adam Mosseri confirmed the controversial feature will hit certain U.S. users’ phones beginning this week.

Cue mass hysteria, with celebrities and so-called content creators upset over the change. The rapper Nicki Minaj threatened to begin a one-woman protest, musing on Twitter: “Think of all the time I’ll have with my life now.”  Cardi B echoed the sentiment, adding that the unaffected comments section is also toxic. And Bachelor alum and grid obsessive Caila Quinn told Allure, “The like is a powerful thing and we shouldn’t take that for granted.” 

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