Scouted: Treehuggers Like Me Will Love These Patagonia Cold Weather Waterproof Jackets Made From Recycled Materials

Cold weather. Brrr. Don’t get me started. Parts of the western U.S. have already sloshed through an early winter storm and there’s something in the air for this weekend. That “something” is cold, wet, and sticky. Not good. I’m all about preparedness, so I’m already scouting for winter apparel, jackets, gloves…anything to protect me from the cold and snow. I’m also an environmentalist and naturalist — I like to get outside no matter how much snow is on the ground, and I like to make sure the planet is still there. 

That’s why I was happy to find out that Patagonia reached a major milestone for this upcoming winter season: All of their waterproof shells are now made of 100% recycled materials. That’s a high-five moment for gloved outdoorsy types for sure.

So, a quick environmental lesson on that. It turns out the individual products we buy are not really the problem in terms of negatively impacting the planet. A jacket made by Patagonia, for example, only accounts for only 3% of harmful carbon emissions. The remaining 97%? Experts say it’s from manufacturing the fabrics and components. In other words, it’s the supply chain that’s the real problem. That and coal-burning plants.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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