Viewpoints: Warren Needs To Find New Way To Answer Question About ‘Medicare For All’ Costs; Finally, Mental Health Needs Of Children Get Important Boost During Opioid Epidemic

Opinion writers weigh in on these health care cost issues and other health topics, as well. Kaiser Health News BEST DEAL UPDATE:

Acting FDA chief inspects two international mail facilities for illicit vaping and opioid products

The inspection comes as federal authorities combat two public health crises: one from vaping and the other due to opioids. Health and Science U.S.HEALTHCARE UPDATE: SPECIAL NEWS UPDATE: Click today to request your free ACRX discount prescription card and save … Read more…

Symptom-triggered medication for neonatal opioid withdrawal yields shorter hospital stays

A study found that symptom-triggered medication dosing for neonatal opioid withdrawal syndrome instead of infants receiving a fixed schedule of medication with a long taper reduced the length of their hospital stay. Parenting News — ScienceDaily SPECIAL CHILDREN DEAL UPDATE:

Legalizing medical marijuana doesn’t curb opioid overdose deaths, study says

Lawmakers and marijuana advocates have argued that legalizing weed to manage chronic paid can help reduce opioid addiction, but researchers at Stanford University's School of Medicine say otherwise. Health and Science U.S.HEALTHCARE UPDATE: Click today to request your free ACRX … Read more…